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Protect your Electra Glide at home, at work or on tour!

Seat Shades

  • Retractable, Easy to use 
  • Reflective, covers seat
  • Stows quickly

Stretchable Motorcycle Covers

  • Sunbuster Cover
  • Install antenna openings via simple procedure
  • Others custom built per exact bike model
  • Towable on an Open Trailer
  • Designed for Daily Outdoor Use and Traveling
  • 95+ mph tow speed rating
  • 7,500 + miles/yr. tow distance
  • Breathable – eliminates condensation / sun / engine heat 
  • 100% Scratch-Proof 
  • Extreme Rain Resistance
  • High UV Block
  • Compact and Easily Portable
  • Machine Wash and Dry
  • Made in the USA

Touring Bike Shades

  • Reflective Seat Shades
  • Shades for bikes with or without tour-pak 
  • Combo models include gauge cover
  • Guarge cover also sold separately 
  • Protects from sun damage, moisture 
  • Protects from bird droppings
  • Keeps things out of sight 
  • Made from quality materials

Part Number
plus S/H
Part Number
Seat Shades
plus S/H

Retractable Seat Shade



Reflective Seat Shade, Large



Reflective Seat Shade, Extra Large


Part Number
TriGlide Series
plus S/H

Strechable fairing & tour-pak only, sun buster, HD Trike

$149.99 - $299.99

Material Quality


Strechable fairing, tour-pak only & partial rear fenders, sun buster, HD Trike

$179.99 - $399.99

Material Quality


Strechable full front fender & fairing, tour-pak only & full rear fenders, sun buster, HD Trike

$249.99 - $549.99

Material Quality

Part Number
Sunbuster Series
Freewheeler Trike
plus S/H

Strechable, sun buster, HD Freewheeler Trike with or without windshield, sissy bar


Part Number
Sunbuster Series
plus S/H

Strechable fairing & tour-pak only, sun buster, Electra Glide or Road Glide

(Shipped w/antenna openings)



Strechable windshield & seat, sun buster, Road King



Strechable fairing, tour-pak & saddlebag tops, sun buster2, Electra Glide or Road Glide

(Shipped w/simple procedure to make antenna openings)



Strechable windshield & entire saddlebags, sun buster2, Road King

(Shipped w/simple procedure to make antenna openings)



Strechable fairing, tour-pak,saddlebags & top of lowers, sun buster3, Electra Glide or Road Glide

(Shipped w/simple procedure to make antenna openings)



Strechable fairing, tour-pak,saddlebags & top of lowers, sun buster3, Road King

(Shipped w/simple procedure to make antenna openings)


Optional fender cover for any of above Sunbuster covers

Part Number
plus S/H
Strechable saddlebags only, pro series

Strechable saddlebags & tour-pak, pro series

Strechable saddlebags only, pro plus series

Strechable saddlebags & tour-pak, pro plus series

Strechable saddlebags only, elite series

Strechable saddlebags & tour-pak, elite series

Strechable saddlebags only, elite plus series

Strechable saddlebags & tour-pak, elite plus series

Part Number
plus S/H
Cycle Shade Touring Bike w/o Tour-pak

Cycle Shade Touring Bike w/o Tour-pak plus Small Gauge Cover

Cycle Shade Touring Bike w/o Tour-pak plus Road Glide Gauge Cover

Cycle Shade Touring Bike w/Tour-pak plus Large Gauge Cover

Cycle Shade Touring Bike w/Tour-pak

Cycle Shade Touring Bike w/Tour-pak plus Road Glide Gauge Cover

Cycle Shade Touring Bike w/Tour-pak plus Full Front Cover

Gauge Cover, windshield 2" to 8"

Gauge Cover, windshield 8" to 24"

Gauge Cover for Road Glide, model year 2013 and earlier

Gauge Cover for Road Glide, model year 2015 and later

Gauge Cover for Electra Glide

Part Number
plus S/H
Optional Custom Bag for any of above GZ Stretchable Covers

Part Number of Cover

Replacment or Extra Hook for CS Shades

Grommet for above covers for AM/FM or small CB size antenna, 3/4 inch dia.

Grommet for above covers for early model large CB size antenna w/coil, 1 inch dia.

Retractable Seat Shade

RSS-1: Very easy to install and use. Attach and secure the quick-release retainer clips to your seat's passenger grab strap then snap the Retractable Seat Shade in place. At you next stop, simply extend the Retractable Seat Shade and attach with the suction-cup to the bottom of your gas tank panel. When you're ready to ride, simply retract using the button and ride; or you can opt to pop off the Shade and stow in your tour-pak or saddlebag. Snap it back on the next time you seat will be in the sun at your next stop. Ride in comfort on those hot days! Fits: Electra Glides, Street Glides, Road Glides. Special order item.

Reflective Seat Shades

The product idea came from watching fellow bikers put towels, helmets, & jackets on their seats to help keep them cool and dry. The material itself is a layered metalized polyester. The incredible poly film is layered with UV protectant and several clear laminates for strength and heat-resistance and finally fused to a soft, non-woven, fabric-based backing. They are sewn with braided elastic, inspected, packaged in their special micro-fiber pouches.

  • Keeps saddles cooler. An unprotected seat can reach temperatures over 150º. Seats rarely get warmer than what an outdoor thermometer would read.
  • Keeps saddles dry. Water-proof, although we say it is water-resistant. This is because the metalized polyester side is water-proof, but the fabric backing can and does absorb water. Under normal conditions, the backing will not be exposed to rain, dew or moisture.
  • Protects saddles from fading and cracking with exposure to the elements over time.
  • Minimizes the need to treat saddles with leather or vinyl conditioners, and helps protect from damaging salt spray near oceans and salt lakes. Very inexpensive way to stay protected.
  • Compact. Stores in minimal space. About the size of a soda or spray paint can.
  • Drawstring micro-fiber storage pouch doubles as a glasses cleaner or protective bag for sunglasses.

CAS-L: Our most popular and most ordered size for motorcycles. Over 60% of worldwide sales are for the CAS-L. This is the right fit for most Harleys, including Road King, Heritage, V-Rod and Dyna. Also, buy the CAS-L for Honda cruisers, including 1300 and VTX 1800, as well as nearly every Yamaha Star and Kawasaki Vulcan, to name but a few.

The CAS-L measures about 22" x 31", when laid flat, with a drawn elastic perimeter of about 56". Average depth is roughly 5". If the distance around your seat is between 60 and 102", the CAS-L may be the best fit!

CAS-EX: This is the size that fits the really large dual queen and dual king saddles; like on Harley Electra Glide Ultras, Goldwings*, Yamaha Royal Venture and most other large v-twin touring bikes. This also fits the Spyder ST, RS and RT, along with most large sport bikes like the Honda NT 700V.

The CAS-EX measures about 26"x 39", when laid flat, with a drawn elastic perimeter of about 80". Average depth is roughly 6". If the distance around your seat is between 80 and 130", the CAS-EX may fit the best!

* Fits the bottom portion of saddles, not specifically designed for the passenger backrests or large driver backrest configurations.

Stretchable Covers:

Pro-Stretch Motorcycle Covers are truly unique. Not only are they True Custom Made in the USA to perfectly fit your exact Harley Davidson model, but they are also designed for towing on an open trailer while still being compact and portable for daily use and traveling. Every cover is cut and sewn from patented designs and meticulously constructed from one solid piece of patented fabric to achieve a flawless and protective form fit. Special order item, as we make them up per customer order. Note: Between March and August it can take between 3-4 weeks to make up the covers, unless it is a special rush request.

Now also available for the Harley-Davidson TriGlide.

Antenna openings: GZ-SB1, GZ-SB2, GZ-SB3 and other models come complete with a simple procedure to add antenna opening where needed. We do this so that the customer can precisely position the openings on the larger account for tour-pak luggage racks, etc. 

We have options to fit Electra Glides, Road Glides and Road Kings with saddlebags, and/or tour-packs. Further, you have a choice of three patented high performance materials to have your cover built from. This way, not only do you get an exact fitting cover, but you also get a cover made from the ideal material of your choosing to meet your exact needs.

For 20 years Geza been known for the extreme quality and durability of their perfectly fitting covers. This is no exception with their new SunBuster cover distributed exclusively through eGlideGoodies. The new SunBuster packs a wallop of pro features such as:

  • Install antenna openings via simple procedure
  • Compact and easily portable. Takes up no more room than half a loaf of bread
  • Blocks 98% of UV Rays.
  • Machine wash and dry.
  • 100% Scratch-Proof!
  • Can withstand winds up to 65 mph without flapping or rubbing.
  • 100% anti-static. No worries around fuel vapors.
  • 4 year warranty on fabric and all stitching. 
  •  Easy fit - 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off

Fabric Series: 

GZ-SB Sun Buster

  • Generic size for H-D Ultra or TriGlide
  • Complete w/antenna openings for GZ-SB1,1R
  • Simple procedure to make antenna opening for GZ-SB2,3
  • GZ-SB1 covers fairing to tour-pak
  • GZ-SB2 covers fairing, tour-pak & saddlebag tops
  • GZ-SB3 covers fairing, tour-pak, saddlebags & top of lowers
  • Size: smaller than 1/2 bread loaf
  • Ships quickly



  • Daily outdoor use: 6-8 hours of UV exposure/day
  • Very good Rain Repellency
  • High speed long distance towing
  • Tow/wind speed rating 75 mph
  • Tow distance rating 4,000 miles/yr


  • Daily outdoor use: 8 hours of UV exposure/day
  • Very good Rain Repellency
  • High speed long distance towing
  • Tow/wind speed rating 85 mph
  • Tow distance rating 7,000 miles/yr


  • Daily outdoor use: 10 hours of UV exposure/day
  • Excellent All Weather Exposure: Rain, Sun, Snow
  • Excellent Long Term Durability
  • High speed long distance towing
  • Tow/sind Speed Rating 95 mph
  • Tow distance rating 10,000 miles/yr

  • Daily outdoor use: 15 hours of UV exposure/day
  • Extreme all weather exposure: rain, sun, snow
  • A serious use and abuse material
  • Temperature rated from -25 to 140 F 
  • High speed long distance towing
  • Tow/Wind Speed Rating 110 mph
  • Tow distance rating 15,000 miles/yr

Cycle Shades:

Protect your motorcycle seat from sun damage, moisture, bird droppings and sap. The Shade adds years to the life of your seat, keeps it cool, and looks cool! Put helmets out of sight and out of the sun. Detours people and kids from sitting on your bike! Rolls up small to fit in it's own compartment. Made from quality materials. Attached using looped bungee.

Shades made to fit touring bikes with or without tour-pak.  Combo models with shade and gauge cover. 

Gauge Covers also available separately: 

  • GC-6: windshield 2" to 8"
  • GC-13: windshield 8" to 24"
  • RG-GC: windshields 11" to 25" Full Fairing for Road Glide
  • GC-FF: windshields 11" to 25" Full Fairing for Electra Glide


GRT-AMFM: Grommet that can be added for one AM/FM antenna or small similar diameter CB shorty antenna.  Installation instructions provided.

GRT-CB: Same as above for early model year large CB antenna w/coil.

Seat Shades:

Keep your back-side cool!
Get off the Hot Seat!

Ride in comfort!
RSS-1 Retractable Seat Shade Extended

Ride in comfort!
RSS-1 Retractable Seat Shade Retracted

Ride in comfort!
Quick Release Retaining Clips (Shade now stowed)

Keep your back-side cool!
CA-L Reflective Seat Shade on H-D Road King

Keep you rear cool!
CA-EX Reflective Seat Shade on H-D Ultra Classic

Keep you rear cool!
CA-L Reflective Seat Shade on Victory Freedom

Keep your bottom-side cool!
Customer Bike with Reflective Seat Cover

Keep your bottom-side cool!
Customer Bike with Reflective Seat Cover

Provides shade for your motorcycle seat!
Reflective Seat Cover

Sun Buster:

Trike Version
GZ-SB2T Sun Buster for the TriGlide

Complete with antenna openings!
GZ-SB1 Sun Buster (antenna openings included w/GZ-SB1)

Complete with simple procedure to make antenna openings!
GZ-SB2 Sun Buster

Complete with simple procedurel to make antenna openings!
GZ-SB3 Sun Buster w/GZ-F Fender Option


Complete with simple procedure to make antenna openings!
GZ-SB2 Sun Buster w/Customer installed antenna openings

Protect your motorcycle!
GZ-P-S Stretch Motocycle Cover

Protect your motorcycle!
GZ-P-S Motorcycle Cover, Rear View

Elite series cover!
GZ-E-S Motorcycle Cover

Complete with antenna openings!
GZ-P-ST Motorcycle Cover on Ultra Classic

Protect your motorcycle when trailered!
GZ-EP-ST Cover on Ultra with Trailer

Protect your motorcycle!
GZ Motorcycle Cover, Front View


Shown on a Road Glide, no Tour-pak
CS-1B Shade for Touring Bikes

CS-1B Shade for Touring Bikes

Electra Glide with Tour-pak
CS-3B-LGC Shade and Large Gauge Cover

CS-3B Shade for Touring Bike

Touring Bike w/Tour-pak
CS-3B Side View

Keep your bike cooler!
CS-3B-FFC Shade with Full Front

Shade and Gauge Cover
CS-1B-RGGC shown on Road Glide

Windshields 8" to 24" High
GC-13 Gauge Cover

Fit Road Glide Front Fairing Front End
RG-GC Gauge Cover on Road Glide

Shown on Electra Glide Front End
GC-FF Full Front End Gauge Cover on Electra Glide

Shown on Electra Glide Front End
GC-FF Full Front End Gauge Cover on Electra Glide

Easy installation!
Also fits Trikes!

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