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The ultimate in luxury and comfort!

  • Road Sofa LS or Road Sofa
  • Seated Heater option
  • Customize to your size
  • Designed for the Electra Glide
  • Cradle yourself in comfort with SaddleGel
  • Air adjustable rider backrest
  • Matching passenger backrest
  • Unique "Split-cushion" design
  • Genuine leather surface, plush velour, Saddlehyde or Vinyl in black or colors to match your bike
  • New Black Magic foam

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number
LS in Leather


Road Sofa LS in Leather

Model & Model Year


Road Sofa LS in Leather, Heated

Model & Model Year


Drive Backrest for LS


Passenger Backrest Pad Cover for LS

Part Number


Road Sofa in Saddlehyde

Model & Model Year


Road Sofa in Saddlehyde w/Driver Backrest

Model & Model Year

Part Number
Leather Surface


Road Sofa w/Leather Seating Surface

Model & Model Year


Road Sofa w/Leather Seating Surface & Driver Backrest

Model & Model Year

Part Number


Matching Backrest Cover in Saddlehyde


Matching Backrest Cover in Leather

Part Number
Heated Option


Heated Seat Option

Part Number
Rain Covers


Rain Cover for Road Sofa W/O Driver Backrest


Rain Cover for Road Sofa Solo Seat (includes storage bag)


 Rain Cover for Road Sofa W/Driver Backrest (Passenger backrest cover included, folds into itself for storage)

Popular Options and Accessories
Seat Heater Option
Email for Quote
Road  Sofas without SaddleGel for Driver & Passenger
Narrow seat nose for shorter riders
Modifications for height, weight, leg length and riding style
Short seat nose for Screaming Eagle Electra Glide available
Custom modifications not listed above

Send us an email at Contact Us for a custom price quote!

RDSF-67LS: There's nothing like touring on a Harley™. Now, with the addition of Road Sofa™ LS, trips can be as comfortable as the bike is stylish. The newly refined, unique split cushion design, which separates the lumbar support from the seating platform, and Gel mean no more hot spots or tail bone pressure. The new style in the Road Sofa family of seats, this seat offers legendary long-distance comfort. Large and comfortable rider-and-passenger saddles with smooth, wide contours have been carefully developed over years of testing, providing mile after mile of riding pleasure. When it comes to day-long comfortable control, you simply cannot get a better fusion of technology, materials and design. Features ventilated leather seating which enhances the luxurious styling. Get show bike appearance and touring comfort at the same time. Fits: FLHR, FLHT, FLHX & FLTR (TOURING MODELS) - INCLUDES TRIKES (09-13)**
Year Fitment: 2008-2015. Will work w/ OEM or Saddlemen Backrest. **NOTE: TRIKE MODELS will not allow for use of our Driver's Backrest.

  • Ventilated soft upholstery seating leather provides the most luxurious look and ride.
  • Refined split-cushion design separates the seating surface from the lumbar support, reducing tailbone and back pressure from maximum long-range comfort.
  • Accommodates the Harley-Davidson® Back-Rest Option.
  • Matching  passenger backrest/ Tour-Pak pad cover completes the custom look (for models that require) – SOLD SEPARATELY
  • The optional driver’s backrest has independent adjustments for fore-aft position, height and angle, and folds forward – SOLD SEPARATELY (will not fit on 2009-2015 Harley Davidson Trike models)
  • Fitted rain cover specially designed to protect your seat from water and dirt 
  • The tall lumbar support and wide driver saddle supports the back and legs for superior comfort, while the streamlined nose improves the rider's reach to the ground
  • Gel in front and rear reduces tailbone pressure and increases circulation and comfort for both driver and passenger
  • Made in the U.S.A.

RDSF-67BR: Driver Backrest for LS

  • Matching backrest pad provides excellent lumbar support
  • The pad’s ventilated leather cover perfectly matches seat design
  • Hardware mounts directly onto your fender and can be adjusted fore and aft
  • Can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to the rider’s back
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.
  • NOTE: This optional backrest is compatible with the Road Sofa LS, but will not work on Harley-Davidson Trike models.

RDSF-67PC: Passenger Backrest Pad Cover with Road Sofa styling. Gives your bike a unified look, matching seat cover material and patterns (available as noted for Harley-Davidson Touring Models equipped with a Tour Pak).Fits: FLHR, FLHT, FLHX & FLTR (TOURING MODELS) - EXCLUDES TRIKES. Year Fitment: 2014-2015.

Road Sofa: There's nothing like touring on an Electra Glide or Trike. Now with the addition of a Saddlemen Road Sofa, trips can be as comfortable as the bike is stylish.  The unique split cushion design, which separates the lumbar support from the seating platform means no more hot spots or tail bone pressure. Contours have been painstakingly refined to provide the lowest and most comfortable ride possible.  Get show bike appearance and touring comfort at the same time.

Designed for top-of-the-line touring rigs, each Road Sofa can be made to order to your specifications.  Cradle yourself in comfort with SaddleGel, an air-adjustable rider's backrest, and the unique "Split-cushion" design.  Select from genuine leather, plush velour, black vinyl or Saddlehyde covernings, in black or colors to match your bike.

Split-cushion design eliminates the "hammock" effect of conventional saddles.  Driver's backrest is adjustable forward-back, up-down, and has a self-inflating air bladder inside.

Seats can be ordered to fit your exact height, weight, leg length and riding style at no extra charge.

Each Road Sofa is shipped complete with it specially reinforced base plate, ready for immediate installation.  You need only the tools in your bike's tool kit and about 15 minutes.

Matching Passenger Backrest Covers complete the custom look for the passenger backrest/trunk. Speaker covers available. Shown at right with optional studs and colored welting.

Adjustable Backrest hits another milestone for comfort! The internal bladder automatically fills when the valve is pressed to adjust both the thickness of the pad as well as the softness. Now the rider can change his riding position as he rides. The backrest also folds forward and adjusts vertically. Comfort couldn't be easier!

MY '97 through '07 Road Sofas are ~16" wide for Rider and ~15" wide for Passenger.  For MY '08 to current, the Road Sofa Deluxe rider width is ~18".

Rain covers also available for seats with or without Driver Backrest.

Now with Black Magic foam.  Traditional seat foam is white, which can present a very unsightly blemish if the cover is torn or damaged even slightly.  Black Magic foam maintains its black consistency throughout, while exhibiting the same durometer settings and comfort level as previous foam.

Difference between Road Sofa and Explorer: The Road Sofa lumbar area is slightly leaned back as compared to the Exporer seat.  The Explorer seat give you a slightly more vertical upright seating position where the Road Sofa gives you a more relaxed seating position. In comparison to the HD stock seat, the Road Sofa will position the rider about 1 to 1-1/2" further back and 1 to 1-1/2" down after the foam break-in period of 1,200 to 1,500 miles.

RDSF-HT: Seat heater option.l Using dual five position controllers, the rider and passenger heat level can be dialed independently of one another for the ultimate in riding pleasure.


Ride in comfort!
RDSF-67LS Road Sofa LS

Ride in comfort!
RDSF-67LS Road Sofa LS

Ride in comfort!
RDSF-67LS Road Sofa LS

Ride in Comfort!
Road Sofa Deluxe for MY '08 to Current

Ride in Comfort!
Road Sofa Deluxe w/Driver Backrest for MY '08 to Current

Ride in Comfort!
Road Sofa Deluxe on Trike Model

Ride in Comfort!
Road Sofa Deluxe w/Backrest on Trike Model

Contact Us for Pricing
Road Sofa on Road King w/Driver Backrest and Passenger Backrest

Road Sofa on Road King w/Passenger Backrest

Shown with Driver Backrest
Pre '08 Model Year Road Sofa Deluxe

Ultimate in Touring Comfort!
Pre '08 Model Year Road Sofa without Driver Backrest

Road Sofa on Road King
Road Sofa on Road KIng

Road Sofa on Road King
Early Model Year Road Sofa on Road KIng

Premium Comfort
Early Model Year Road Sofa in Leather

Plush Velour in Black
Road Sofa in Plush Velour

Passenger Backrest Cover

Protection from the elements!
Road Sofa Rain Cover

Seat Construction

Split Cushion Design

The Split Cushion separates  the seat surface from the lumbar support eliminating the "hammock effect by conventional seating. Saddlemen solves the annoying problem of repositioning constantly for a better riding position.

Slit Cushion Design

Traditional "hammock" of stock and aftermarket seats creates blood flow restriction which cause discomfort & hot spots.

Hammock Effect

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