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More Mounting Options for your Equipment!

  • Fairing Mounts
  • Dash Shelf for Gadgets
  • Great for the touring rider
  • Secure attachment
  • Minimizes sun glare on dash instruments
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Smooth surface allows easy attachment using suction cup or Velcro mounts
  • Fits MY '96 to current Electra Glides
  • Very Easy installation

Part Number
Price plus S&H
Center Fairing Mount A
Fairing Mount System, Phone
$69.99 - $109.99

USB Port
Model Year

Side Fairing Mount
Fairing Mount System, Left, MY '14+

Fairing Mount System, Left, MY '96 - '13

Fairing Mount System, Right, MY '96 - '13

Fairing Mount, MY '10 - current, Victory

Center Fairing Mount B 
Center Fairing Mount, MY '96 - '13

$79.99 - $159.99

Out of Production 

Ball Mount Accessory


Out of Production 

Block Extension Accessory


Out of Production 

Dash Mount
Dash Shelf


Out of Production

Dash Shelf Gadget Mount, single hole mounting

Dash Shelf Gadget Mount, 2 hole mounting

360 Moto Compass, Black Face

360 Moto Compass, White Face

Center Fairing Mount A:

C3D-PHF: The new C3D-PHF is designed to be quick and simple, just flip the lever to lock your smartphone into the secure rubber molded fingers. Has option: Never worry about draining your phone battery while riding again! This option has a built in 1.3 amp USB plug-in (cable not included) so you'll be able to charge as you ride. Designed to be quick and simple, just flip the lever to lock your smartphone into the secure rubber molded fingers.

  • Option: USB port for on-board charging.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • One-time adjustment for your phone or GPS.
  • Infinite adjustment with ball mount design.
  • Intuitive ball mounting system allows for a broad range of angle adjustment.
  • Fits devices from 2 1/8" to 3 1/2" wide.


Side Fairing Mounts:

1686: Perfect for iPhone®! Easily mount and secure an iPhone®, iPod®, smartphone, GPS or small device right off your fairing for easy access! An adjustable swivel head allows movement for perfect positioning and disconnects in seconds! Each system includes the device holder of your choosing and a Standard Accessory Mount. Holds devices from 1-5/8" to 3-5/8". Fits: '14-'15 Electra Glides, Street Glides & Tri-Glides. Left side.

1697: Similar to above for left side for model years '96-'13 Electra Glides, Street Glides & Trikes.

1687: Similar to above for right side for model years '96-'13 Electra Glides, Street Glides & Trikes.

1796: This Fairing Mount for Victory allows positioning of iPhones, iPods, GPS, smartphones and other small electronic device strategically on Victory inner dashes for easy access and visibility while on the road. The adjustable swivel head offers perfect positioning for any rider and disconnects in seconds when you reach your destination. The included Standard Device Holder will accommodate devices measuring 1-5/8" to 3-5/8" Wide. Designed to mount behind the windshield mounting screw on Cross Country and Magnum models. Fits All '10 to current Victory Cross Country, Cross Country Tour & Magnum Models.

Center Fairing Mounts B:

TTF-MOUNT: Standard single fairing mount installs in minutes with factory hardware. Made of stainless steel with a powder coated finish. Made in the USA. AMPS and diamond hole pattern. This pattern will allow you to install nearly all cradles and devises including the Garmin Zumo/Road tech models that have a bolted connection, Ram cradles and other commonly found adapters. Does not include phone/GPS cradle. Mount allows you to run the power and aux wires cleanly beside the mount and are almost undetectable. Fits with all air deflectors and wind shields. This part will work with all 2013 and earlier model year Harley Davidson Ultra, Classic, Street Glide and Trike models. Hog tunes requires our adapter block sold separately. Special order item.

Pouch Option: Single Pouch adds a Single Pouch accessory for a clean minimal look when need to store your glasses. Can be installed in the center, left or right position. These bag(s) are made from real hand crafted leather. Made in the USA. Double Pouch adds a Dual Pouch accessory. Triple Pouch adds a Triple Pouch accessory.

Model Option: Standard allows you to install GPS/ smart phone on the market with a cradle, excluding ZUMO Road Tech 660 & newer models.  Zumo/Road tech: Works with Zumo/Road Tech models 660 and newer.

TTF-BALL: A Ball Mount that was strong enough to withstand the harsh road conditions you encounter on every ride. Slightly larger than the stock Garmin ball giving it a snug fit that will prevent you device from moving every time you hit a bump in the road. Will allow you to mount any Garmin GPS or any products with a Garmin ball connection such as a phone cradle to our products. Made of stainless steal and powder coated black for long lasting durability. Additionally this ball adapter can be mounted to any thing you can think of with four screws.

TTF-EXT: This Extension Block will allow you to mount the hog tunes tweeter pods system or Harley dash pad. 1" thick and is made from solid aluminum that was water jetted to perfection and powder coated to shine. Comes with all hardware needed to mount your products.

Additional Storage Pouches

Dash Mounts:

DS-1: This dash shelf provides another mounting option for your electronic accessories.  Easily mount devices such as GPS units, computers, compasses, PDA's, etc.  The DS-1 attaches to the Electra Glide securely with no fairing modification and provides a handsome location to mount anything that you want up close with ready access.  Braces are also provided that attach from the shelf to the stock handlebar switch housings to provide additional support for heavier items. The DS-1 comes complete with the dash shelf, adhesive backed neoprene to protect your fairing and windshield, brace arms and stainless hardware.  Very easy installation!

Many attachments options can be used such as Heavy Duty Velco, Dual Lock or the GM-07B below.

GM-DS: This general purpose Dash Shelf Gadget Mount can be mounted in any location on the DS-1 by simply drilling one hole at the desired location and tightening the bolt and nut to install.  The GM-DS has the industry standard 2.25" x 3" top for mounting many of the standard gadget as well as any of our Gadget Mount Accessories. The ball and socket design used on this mount allows a wide range of movement making installation at complex angles possible. The top plate can be rotated 360 degrees, as well as offset left, right or center.

GM-07B: Same as above but with 2 hole mounting positions.

CP-1:  A simple but straight forward accessory for the DS-1.  The 360 Moto Compass can be calibrated, meaning any interference from the bike (radios, etc.) can be compensated for directly on the compass for the most accurate readings ever.  Use the aircraft type adjusters on the bottom of the compass to accurately compensate the compass against false readings from metal areas and/or adjacent magnetic fields.  Compensators have been set at the factory to the neutral position and may be perfectly calibrated right out of the box.  Solid brass and stainless steel construction, a carefully designed compass ball housing combine to give years of service and eliminate possibility of compass oil fluid leaking from the housing.  42mm (1.65") Diameter Chrome Base.  35mm (1.37") Compass Ball.  38mm (1.49") Height

Center Fairing Mount A:

Easy Installation!
C3D-PHF Center Fairing Mount System

Easy Installation!
C3D-PHF Center Fairing Mount w/USB

Easy Installation!
C3D-PHF Center Fairing Mount

Easy Installation!
C3D-PHF Center Fairing Mount Only Shown

Side Fairing Mount:

Model Year 2014+
1686 Left Side Fairing Mount System

Easy installation!
1697 Left Fairing Mount System

Easy installation!
1687 Right Fairing Mount System

Left or Right side!
1686 Fairing Mount System

Easy installation!
1796 Fairing Mount for Victory

Easy installation!
1796 Fairing Mount for Victory

Center Fairing Mount B:

Easy installation!
TTF-MOUNT Center Fairing Mount

Easy installation!
TTF-MOUNT Center Fairing Mount

Easy installation!
TTF-MOUNT with Single Pouch Option

Easy installation!
TTF-MOUNT with Dual Pouch Option

Easy installation!
TTF-MOUNT with Triple Pouch Option

Easy installation!
TTF-MOUNT with Dual Pouch Option

TTF-Mount Easy Install Video Below:

Easy installation!
TTF-BALL Ball Mount Accessory

Easy installation!
TTF-EXT Fairing Mount Block Extension

Easy installation!
TTF-MOUNT Center Fairing Mount

Dash Mount:

More Mounting Options
Dash Shelf with Touring Equipment

Dash Shelf Only

Close up view of DS-1 Dash Shelf

DS-1 Dash Shelf Kit

Mounts gadgets to Dash Shelf
Dash Shelf Gadget Mount, single hole mounting

Mounts Gadgets to DS-1
Dash Shelf Gadget Mount, two hole mounting

Know where you are going!
CP-1B Compass

Know where you are going!
CP-1W Compass

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