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Increase HP from the box to your bike!

 Beast Oval Mufflers:

  • Large volume & innovative baffle 
  • No blueing or discoloration 
  • Shrouded with formed heat shields
  • Distinctive look...two versions

Crusher Mufflers:

  • High tech stainless steel packing
  • Acoustically tuned for deep rumble
  • Lower decibels at cruising speeds
  • Authorative growl at open throttle
  • Performance through the RPM range

Powermaster Mufflers:

  • Quad chrome plated slip-ons 
  • Interchangable baffles
  • Best sound on the market
  • No dealer downloads
  • No retunes
  • No bluing

Vintage Mufflers:

  • Fishtail
  • Turnout 
  • Chrome
  • Slash cut

Part Number
Price plus S&H
Beast Oval
Beast Oval Mufflers - Pair

Streamliner Tip Mufflers - Pair

Crusher Mufflers, Chrome w/Black Tips

Model Year

Crusher Mufflers, Black w/Black Tips

Model Year

Crusher Mufflers w/Slip Stream Tips - Pair

Crusher Mufflers w/Trident Tips - Pair

Crusher Mufflers w/Slip Stream Tips - Pair in Black & Chrome

Powermaster Mufflers - Pair, chrome

Baffle Size

Powermaster Mufflers - Pair, black

Baffle Size

Additional Powermaster Baffles - pair

Baffle Size

Powermaster EFI Module

Model Year

Free Flow Air Filter

Model Year

Fishtail mufflers, MY '61 - '66, pair

Turn out mufflers, MY '67 - '69, pair

Turn out muffler, MY '67 - '69, each

Straight cut mufflers, MY '70 - '84, pair

Slash cut muffler, MY '70 - '84, each

 * All mufflers are special order and not returnable...see Policies.

Beast Oval Mufflers: Beast Oval Mufflers maximize the horsepower potential of your bike while providing a mellow, deep tone! Beast Ovals make great sound without waking the neighbors or drowning out your bike’s stereo. Large volume & innovative baffle design lay waste to the theory that loud pipes make more power. Bluing or discoloration won’t be a problem - these new mufflers are shrouded with formed heat shields. ’95 - '14 Electra Glides, Road Glides (except ’09 FLTRSE & '12-'13 FLTRXSE), Street Glides (except ‘10-'12 FLHXSE), Tour Glides, & Road Kings (except '13 FLHRSE).

CM-SO: Crusher Mufflers, Chrome with Black Tips. Command authority. A deep, low roar you'll love at wide-open throttle with lower decibel levels at cruising speeds. Precision-machined billet aluminum tips. High-flow louvered baffles are maintenance-free and never need repacking. Fits: '95-'09 & '11-'16 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, Tour Glides & '17 Trikes (except '15-'17 FLRT), '17 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings & Street Glides

  • Solid horsepower and torque gains
  • 4" diameter
  • Chrome or matte black high-temp ceramic
  • CNC-machined billet end caps with black high-temp ceramic coating
  • Brushed stainless steel banding featuring the Crusher emblem
  • Made in the U.S.A
CM-SB: Similar to above but Black with Black Tips.

Crusher Mufflers: The Crusher name has become synonymous with performance, their beauty and quality! Put the two together, add a sweet exhaust tone, and you have the fabulous Crusher Exhaust Systems! The design team put their full effort into this project to create a premium quality exhaust to rival all others in every way. Designers used their artistic flair and computer aided design to come up with some of the hottest looking head pipes and mufflers ever offered for a Harley Touring bike.  The design achieves all the performance characteristics wanted. Sound was right up there with performance. A low deep rumble with no swishing, tweeting or tinny noise was the goal along with a mellower sound level when cruising. Under full power the mufflers had to talk though, and what they needed to say was this was no bike to be messed with. Fits: '95 - '14 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Street Glides, Tour Glides, Road Kings, & Trikes. * Installation on ‘10 FLHX or FLTRX requires conversion to True Dual or Crusher Dual head pipes.

Powermaster Mufflers: With premium sound and performance for Harley-Davidsons, PowerMaster™ mufflers are the result of comprehensive design, dyno-testing, and real world road tests, delivered with the best sound, performance and guarantees available anywhere. For '95 and later FLHT (all Electra Glide models), FLHR (all Road King models), and FLTR (All Road Glide models).

With a choice of four different size baffles, the PowerMaster™ range of products allows you to choose the performance and sound level you want. Our heavy gauge steel baffles are wrapped with sound and heat diffusing ceramic matting, which is held in place with a breakthrough clamping method. (Most baffle mats dislodge in the first 100 miles, but not these.) Combining those innovations with a proprietary high temperature inner coating and premium 4 step chroming process allows us to offer not only a one year limited warranty against manufacturers defects in chrome plating and blueing, but also a amazing limited lifetime warranty* against blueing for the bodies of the mufflers. These mufflers crank out 5 additional horsepower from the moment you slip them on, and require no fuel injection modifications like re-jetting, "race tuning" additional EFI modules, "re-mapping", or "dealer-downloads" when used with the 1.75" or 2.00" baffles.

To use the 2.25" or 2.50" baffles, additional fuel must be supplied to engine. The best solution is the addition of a PowerMaster™ EFI module, which are easy to install and adjust. Ten or more horsepower can be gained by combining the muffler, baffle and EFI module with a K&N Hi Flow Air Filter. For great sound and the power you want, without any of the problems of re-tuning, and a unbeatable warranty, choose PowerMaster™ Mufflers.

When ordering choose the muffler style you want and the part number of the baffle size you would like installed in them. Choose from one of four different size baffles for variable sound and power, and the baffles can be easily replaced by removing one screw.

HD6175 (Pair) 1.75" baffles and mat kit. Quietest (Does not require the use of an EFI performance fuel module or any fuel system modifications.) Gains of 2-4 horsepower can be expected.

HD6200 (Pair) 2.00" baffles and mat kit (recommended for best sound and power without needing any fuel system modifications, "downloads", or re-tuning). Gains of 4-5 horsepower can be expected.

HD6225 (Pair) 2.25" baffles and mat kit. Louder (requires the use of PowerMaster™ EFI Performance Module or re-jetting). Gains of 6-8 horsepower can be expected.

HD6250 (Pair) 2.50" and mat kit. Loudest (requires the use of PowerMaster™ EFI Performance Module or re-jetting). Gains of 6-8 horsepower can be expected.

NOTE: Gains of an additional 2-3 horsepower will be seen with the use of a K&N Free Flow air filter. (Recommended for use with PowerMaster EFI Module no matter what size baffle is used).

NO BLUEING GUARANTEE *Limited lifetime warranty against blueing is limited to the original purchaser and subject to the following conditions. If installing mufflers only, they must be used with 1.75" or 2.00" baffles. If installing 2.25" or 2.50" baffles or a high flow air filter, or any other performance engine modification, you MUST use a PowerMaster EFI Performance Module, dealer "download", or some other means of supplying additional fuel.(Failure to use these fuel supply options VOIDS the no blueing guarantee.) OEM replacement the mufflers one time only. Blueing of the mufflers is caused solely by excessive heat due to a "lean running condition" lack of fuel. This condition must be corrected before using any replacement mufflers.

EFI Modules: The total answer to electronic fuel injection tuning. Many Harley owners would like to install an aftermarket set of mufflers and a free flow air cleaner to get the sound they want and an extra ten horsepower that the bikes could use. Misleading information about what needs to be done to the EFI system is what scares most people away from installing aftermarket mufflers and/or an air cleaner, and it's a fact that the stock engine's air flow is restricted and not getting enough fuel, "running lean" in order to meet EPA noise and emissions regulations.

Now even stock bikes will see gains in horsepower, run cooler, and run smoother with this module installed. It features easy plug-and-play installation with simple push button adjustments. Comes preset for most applications and can be adjusted further by you in seconds. No danger of making a mistake, and if you are not happy with the changes, simply return to the previous setting. No need to go back to the shop for another expensive "download" or connect to a laptop computer like some other units. With the PowerMaster™ EFI Performance Module you can have complete control and the confidence to "dial in" the EFI like a pro. Get the sound and power you want from your Harley!

NOTE: Use of a PowerMaster™ EFI Performance Module or some other means of supplying additional fuel is required for use with PowerMaster™ Mufflers when used with 2.25" baffles or 2.50" baffles.

Free Flow Air Filter: A K&N Free Flow lifetime performance air filter will give added performance and save you money. The filter is made of a very fine cloth gauze fabric laid over a fine wire mesh. This material is oiled to stop more dirt than the original paper filter while at the same time taking in more air than stock. When dirty it can be easily washed out and re-oiled to keep its peak air flow performance. It will last the lifetime of the motorcycle, saving you many times its original price over the years.

You will also gain 1 ½ to 3 horsepower without making any changes to the fuel injection or carburetors. Gains of as much as 5 horsepower can be had when installed on bikes having free flow mufflers and Total-Fuel Injection modules. Fits all 1999 to current 1450CC models except Screamin' Eagles. NOTE: Use of a K&N Free Flow Filter is recommended for use with Powermaster™ Mufflers

VM-186: Replica 26-3/4"chrome fishtail muffler set features a seamless body design. Muffler has a 3-1/4" diameter. Includes two mufflers and four clamps. Muffler fits over 1-3/4" inlet, single or dual applications. Note: These exhaust products are not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. These products are intended for non-highway only. Fits: FL 1961-1966.

VM-187: Replica chrome 28" turnout muffler pair features a seamless body design. Mufflers have a 3-1/4" diameter with a 1-3/4" inlet for use on single or dual applications. Includes two mufflers and four clamps. Note: These exhaust products are not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. These products are intended for non-highway only. Fits:FL 1967-1969.

VM-218: Single 28" turnout chrome muffler. Clamps not included. 1 - EA.

VM-188: Replica chrome muffler set includes four clamps. The muffler has an outside diameter of 3-1/4" and is 27-7/8" long. Note: These exhaust products are not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. These products are intended for non-highway only. Fits:FL 1970-1984.

VM-346: Replica slash cut chrome 27-1/2" muffler has an outer diameter of 3-1/2". The inlet inside diameter is 1-3/4". Note: These exhaust products are not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. These products are intended for non-highway only. Fits:FL 1970-1984 . 1 - EA.

Beast Oval:

Mellow, deep tone!
479 Beast Oval Mufflers

Maximize horsepower potential!
479 Beast Oval Mufflers on Bike

Maximize horsepower potential!
4765 Streamliner Tip Mufflers on Bike


Select Model Year
CM-SO Crusher Mufflers, Chrome

Select Model Year
CM-SO Crusher Mufflers, Chrome

Select Model Year
CM-SB Crusher Mufflers, Black

Deep Mellow Sound
Crusher Mufflers w/Slip Stream Tips

Stainless Steel Packing
Crushers on bike

Deep Mellow Sound
Crusher Mufflers w/Trident Tips

Stainless Steel Packing
Crusher 499 on bike


No retunes, No bluing, guaranteed!
Powermaster Mufflers Straight Cut

No retunes, No bluing, guaranteed!
Powermaster Mufflers Slash Cut Long on Bottom

No retunes, No bluing, guaranteed!
Powermaster Mufflers Slash Cut Long on Top

Quad Chrome Plated
Powermaster Muffler Slip-ons

Select Baffle Size
Baffle Options for More or Less Sound

Performance module for Harley Davidsons
Powermaster EFI Module

Free Flow!
K&N Air Filter


MY 1961 - 1966
VM-186 Fishtail Muffler Pair Kit

MY 1967 - 1969
VM-187 Replica Turnout Muffler Pair Kit

MY 1967 - 1969
VM-218 Replica Turnout Muffler

MY 1970 - 1984
VM-188 Chrome Replica Muffer Pair Kit

MY 1970 - 1984
VM-346 Chrome Slash Cut Muffler

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