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Less risk of damage with more garage space!

  • Horizontal or Vertical
  • Wall Mounts for Tour-paks  
  • Less risk of damage to expensive accessories
  • Reduce garage clutter
  • For Electra Glides, Road Glides & Road Kings
  • Mount for Softail platform
  • Saddlebag Service Stands

Part Number
plus S/H
Part Number
plus S/H

Detachable Tour-pak Wall Mount



Detachable Tour-pak Wall Mount, black



Detachable Tour-pak Wall Mount w/Accessory Tube



Detachable Tour-pak Wall Mount w/Accessory Tube, black


Part Number
plus S/H
Verticle Tour-pak Wall Mount, MY '94 to '13, black

Verticle Tour-pak Wall Mount, all model years, black

Verticle Tour-pak Wall Mount, adjustable for all model years, black

Verticle Tour-pak Wall Mount, adjustable for all model years, silver vein


No Longer Available 

Part Number
plus S/H
Saddlebag Service Stand

Saddlebag Service Stand

Saddlebag Service Stand


 Out of Production

Saddlebag Service Stand

Part Number
Jackets & Helmets
plus S/H
Jacket & Helmet Rack

Horizontal Tour-pak Racks:

TMK-14: Made out of  6" aluminum channel, milled to exact dimensions to effortlessly work with all Harley Davidson Tour Packs from 94 thru present.  The wall mount and the tubes are Anodized for a clean smooth finish. This is buy far the EZest tour pak storage rack to install and use.  All necessary hardware is included with the unit and only one stud needed. Note: The 2nd tube is not intented to fit in the front slots of the tour-pak mount. The tour-pak should simply rest on the face of the 2nd tube to keep it off the wall. Includes the following: detailed instructions, 1 wall mount, 2 mounting tubes with rubber end caps, 2 lag bolts with washers.

TMK-14B: Similar to above but in black.

TMK-14-3: Includes the following: detailed instructions, 1 wall mount, 3 mounting tubes with rubber end caps, 2 lag bolts with washers.

TMK-14-3B: Similar to above but in black.

Verticle Tour-pak/Accessories Wall Mounts:

TM-BP: Custom baggers are being seen everywhere and nothing set off that custom look better than removal of the tour pack. Now you can remove your tour pack and know that nothing will damage it. The Tour Pack Rack mounts confidently to a garage wall or entryway and keeps kids and pets away. This TM-BP uses the existing detach hardware to lock it in place. There is also a mounting location for your detach sissy bar. This Tour Pack Rack come complete and is made out of 1 inch square tubing. The cross bars are made out of 1/2  inch solid round stock and the complete rack is powder coated gloss black. The frame is TIG welded for strength and assembly is easy. Simple tightening the stainless steel screws which are provided and it is ready to mount. Constructed to be able to mount to any studs surface that is 16 inches on center. Anyone who owns a Harley Davidson Touring bike knows the convenience of riding a passenger while having a tour-pak, you also know that while riding with your tour-pak the handling of the bike is not as agile. Well, this tour pack rack will help provide the best of both worlds. Fits all 1994 - '13 touring bike with Harley's Detachable Two-Up Tour-Pak Mounting Rack (1994-2008 P/N 53276-04 and 2009-2010 P/N 53276-09A.  Customer supplies mounting hardware for your specific wall type.

TM-XT: Black Wall Mount Storage Rack for Harley Touring Trunk. Fits H-D Tour Pak.

  • Mounts confidently to garage wall or entryway
  • Stores tour-pak, backrests and any other detachable touring accessory
  • Two hooks that are convenient for hanging your jacket, helmet etc.
  • Assembly is required, Mounting hardware is included

TM-V Series: Effective way to store your Tour Pak and detachable accessories while not in use. Securely holds one Tour Pak, one back rest, and two helmets at the same time. Fully adjustable to fit all H-D detachable products. Shipped preassembled for 1996 and up Bagger models so it's ready to use. Made of solid steel and finished in fine textured black powdercoat for long term durability. Comes completely assembled ready for use.

TM-VB: Vertical tour-pak and accessories mount, adjustable for all model years in black.

TM-VS: Same as above in silver vein.

Saddlebag Service Stand:

SSS-SM: Are you tired of having to find a piece of carpet or a towel to lay your saddle bags down on, hoping the paint does not get scratched? We now offer another option to remedy these problems.
Stand is constructed with U.S.A. made mild steel. The SSS-SM is powdercoated with a high gloss black finish. Stainless fasteners and rubber bumpers are included. Stand will accept Harley stock and all aftermarket standard and extended length bags.
Special sale item.

SSS-HD: Never set your saddlebags on the ground again. This convenient folding rack holds Touring hard saddlebags while you wash or work on your bike, and utilizes the bag's quarter-turn quick-disconnect fasteners to securely lock them in place. Strong, lightweight rack features 4 adjustable feet to level the stand and keep the bags off the ground. You can wash, dry, detail and re-install the bags with minimal handling. Stand accommodates both standard and extended hard saddlebags. Special sale item.

SSS-BP: If you have hard saddlebags on your Harley, you have struggled with finding a good place to put them when cleaning or servicing your bike? Setting them in the grass or somewhere else that you think may be safe is not the answer. The SSS-BP is here and ready to keep your bags safe during the cleaning and servicing of your touring bike. The Saddlebag Stand is compact and easy to use. Simply open the stand and set the saddlebags in place. Don't be afraid to wash and wax your saddlebags right on the stand, it comes with a black powder coated finish and will last for years. A damaged saddlebag could cost hundreds of dollars to repair correctly. The Saddlebag Stand could pay for itself the first time you use it. You wouldn't want to see a mechanic lay your bike on its side to change the oil, and you shouldn’t throw your clean saddlebags on a grimy workbench or on the ground while working on your bike. The Saddlebag Stand requires no assembly or additional hardware. Special sale item.

SSS-KS: Saddle Bag Floor Stand for cleaning and or maintenance of Saddlebag. This stand hinges so it can be hung on the wall when not in use. Works with Saddle Bags up to and including the 4” drop bag. Special sale item.

Jackets & Helmets Rack:

KPK-01: Coat & Helmet Rack installs under 5 minutes and only Requires one stud.

Horizontal Mount Photos:

Easy to install!
Horizontal Mount Tour-Pak Rack

Horizontal Mounting
View of Mounted Tour-pak

Horizontal Mounting
View of Mounted Tour-pak Rack

Horizontal Mounting
Close-up View of Mounted Tour-pak

Easy storage solution!
TMK-14 Horizontal Mount Tour-Pak Rack

Easy storage solution!
TMK-14-3 Horizontal Mount Tour-Pak Rack

Easy storage solution!
TMK-14-3 Horizontal Mount Tour-Pak Rack

Easy storage solution!
TMK-14-3B Horizontal Mount Tour-Pak Rack

Easy to install!
TMK-01A Horizontal Mount Tour-Pak Rack

Vertical Mount Photos:

Garage storage for your tour-pak!
TM-BP Verticle Tour-pak Rack

Easy Storage!
TM-XT verticle tour-pak/accessories mount in black

Easy Storage!
TM-XT verticle tour-pak/accessories mount in black

Adjustable to all model years!
TM-VB verticle tour-pak/accessories mount in black

Fits all model years!
TM-VS vertical tour-pak/accessories wall mount


Shown with two saddlebags
SSS-SM Saddlebag Service Stand

Shown with two saddlebags
SSS-HD Saddlebag Service Stand
Shown with two saddlebags
SSS-BP Saddlebag Service Stand

Shown with one saddlebag
SSS-BP Saddle Bag Service Stand

SO-1 Liner Shown in Saddlebag
SSS-BP shown with Saddlebag and our SO-1 Saddlebag Liner

Works w/Saddle Bags up to and including the 4 drop bag
SSS-KS Saddlebag Stand

Jackets & Helmets:

Easy to install!
KPK-01 Jacket and Helmet Rack

Easy to install!
Jackets & Helmets Rack

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