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Upgrade your Electra Glide or Road Glide Stereo System!

  • Saddlebag Speaker kit 
  • Waterproof mylar
  • Polycarbonate woofer cone
  • High-flux lite-weight dual-donut magnet
  • High efficiency VENTED voice-coil
  • Improved cooling when operating at high volume
  • Custom designed grillwork for mounting in the rear saddlebag position

Part Number
Price plus S&H
Part Number
Stereo Uprade Kit
Price plus S&H
Saddlebag Speaker Kit



6 x 9 Saddle Bag Speaker Kit



Part Number
Stereo Uprade Kit
Price plus S&H
LCD Screen Stereo Upgrade Kit, MY '98 to current



Part Number
Add-on Accessories
Price plus S&H
Sirrius Radio Receiver for the Kenwood Kit



Compass Module



Hidden AM/FM Antenna

HSWR-7252-XTC: Blow away those overly-heavy, inefficient bracket-breakin 6.5's ! NEW ROKKER XT series 7 ¼" round sub-woofers are large diameter dedicated low-frequency speakers, with cone volume and mass comparable to a 6X9" speaker. Spec'd at 2 ohms impedance, 40-3khz frequency response and 200 watts max power, these new subs provide the ultimate in bass response & low-frequency audio power. This custom kit allows these ne  sub-woofers to be mounted down into the rear portion of the stock Harley saddlebags, while leaving more than 75% of the saddlebag storage area available for normal luggage.

Designed to be connected to the rear channels of our 500w 4-channel ROKKER amplifier, which is then switched into LOW-FREQ mode, with proper cross-over frequency & gain adjustments. Located here:

500 Watt Amplifier

You won't be disappointed. Features of this new dual-subwoofer kit are:

  • Waterproof mylar/polycarbonate woofer cone.
  • High-flux strength but lite-weight dual-donut Neodymium magnet.
  • High efficiency VENTED voice-coil for improved cooling when operating at high volume levels for extended periods.
  • Custom designed grillwork for mounting in the rear saddlebag position, with mounting spacers, weatherproof gasket seals & protective rear luggage cowl.

SU-9: The ever popular Plug-and-Play Electra Glide Stereo Upgrade Kit now comes with the exclusive LCD Screen Stereo and 6 ½" Speakers and Adapters! The satellite radio ready, MP3 capable AM/FM tuner is equipped with a waterproof, chrome faced LCD screen display, providing clear visibility in direct sunlight or night.

The 1GB (1000MB) internal hard drive stores your MP3 files, holding 300-400 songs! Or just run the USB cable included into your saddlebag for easy plug-and-go MP3 players, no need to purchase a separate Ipod adapter.

Upgraded, JBL 6 ½" weather-resistant speakers with adapters are included, replacing your smaller, stock speakers. Interface module for using your stock stereo hand controls and all mounting hardware are still included. Plug right into your factory wiring harness and easily switch between all media on your handlebars!

SU-S: Never be on the road without commercial free tunes or a way to get the weather channel! (Fits new LCD Screen Stereo for detachable fairings, compatible with hand controls kits, SIRIUS subscription required).

SU-C: When you're riding out into uncharted territory, it always helps to have a compass! Keeps you on the right track by displaying one of 8 directions on the right side of the new LCD screen stereo. North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest. (Fits new LCD Screen Stereo for factory or detachable fairings).

SU-SBS: Want to add back speakers without spoiling the look of your stylish bagger with a tour pack and pods? Our 6x9 Saddlebag Speaker Kit will do the trick. Easy to use template allows fitment of one 6x9 at the rear of each saddlebag. Rubber trim molding keeps it clean. Cruising never sounded better! (Kit comes with pair 4-OHM 6x9 speakers with grills, rubber trim molding, speaker wire and template for cutting saddle bags, Fits HD and aftermarket hard bags)

HA-1: The HA-1 mounts to the inside of the front fairing using an adhesive strip on the back of the module.  The HA-1 uses dual active amplifiers to provide exceptional AM/FM reception.

Inside Saddlebag Speaker Kit:

Low Frequency!!
HSWR-7252-XTC Saddlebag Sub-Woofer Speaker kit

Another Speaker Location option!
SU-SBS Saddlebag Speaker Add-on Kit

Stereo Upgrade Kit:

LCD Screen Stereo
SU-09 Stereo Upgrade Kit

Plug 'n Play Installation
SU-09 Kit Components

Improved audio!
6-1/2" Upgrade Speakers

Add on Accessories:

Accessory for the SU-9 Kit
SU-S Sirius Tuner and Antenna

Add on accessory...know your location!
SU-C Compass Module

Exception Audio with Stealthy Look
Hidden Antenna

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