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For solor, passenger or bike-to-bike!


  • Bike to Bike communication option
  • Talk more safely on cell phone
  • And listen to the integrated FM radio
  • Accept or reject incoming calls
  • No need to fuss w/speaker volume
  • Sensors choose optimum volume
  • Hands free communication for riders
  • Talk with passenger
  • Hold conference calls
  • All while hands on the handlebars

Part Number
plus S&H


Rider Bluetooth Headset Kit (single unit)


Rider Bluetooth Teamset Kit (two units for Rider & Passenger)


Rider Bluetooth Bike to Bike Set (single unit)


Rider Q2 Multi-Set

BTH-1 Rider Bluetooth FM Headset: Not only talk more safely on your cell phone - but also listen to the integrated FM radio that is part of the unit! Accept or reject incoming calls by voice-control and don't fuss with speaker volume either. Embedded sensors choose the optimum volume while your hands stay on the handlebars.

BTH-2 Rider Bluetooth Teamset: Perfect hands-free communication tool for riders. Talk with your passenger, accept or reject incoming calls - and even hold conference calls all while keeping your hands on the handlebars. Two ultra-thin speakers hidden inside your helmet automatically adjust the volume as you increase speed or your environment gets louder.

BTH-2Q Bike to Bike Communications: Bike-to-bike Intercom up to 1,640 ft, Cellphone communication, FM and more! Go for the latest and greatest: The new BTH-Q2 offers "buddy chat" for biker-to-biker intercom communication at a range of up to 500 m / 1,640 ft.* plus all the other advanced features in this line of products. Receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with your passenger, conduct calls on your mobile phone, and listen to the embedded FM radio (dual speakers). (* in wide open terrain)

BTH-33 Q2 Multi-Set: Includes two pre-paired headsets in one package. Bike to Bike Intercom Communication up to 1,640ft/500 yards. Each headset includes MP3 Jack which allows hook up to an MP3 player for wired stereo music. Compatible with Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, GPS, or another Scala Rider headset. Talk time up to 8 hours, Standby time up to 10 days. AGC Technology- automatically adjusts own volume based on ambient noise.

Fits both full face and open face helmets.

BTH-2Q Detail:

Designed and Engineered for Heavy-Duty Performance

  • Bike-to-Bike intercom communications among up to three bikers within a range* of up to 500 m / 1,640 ft.
  • Rider-to-Passenger communications:Passenger may also conduct mobile phone calls or listen to the FM radio independently.
  • Full Duplex: No longer the walkie-talkie syndrome where one party can only speak when the other is silent. The BTH-2Q allows simultaneous speaking and listening between bikers and passengers.


  • To a Mobile Phone – receive incoming calls by voice command and initiate calls by one-button push and voice command
  • To a GPS unit – receive audio instructions via headset
  • To other BTH-2Q Headsets – Communicate in parallel with up to two other BTH-2Q headsets within a range of up to -
    500 m / 1,640 ft
  • Communicate with a SCALA RIDER headset within range of 10 m / 33 ft.
  • To the embedded FM Radio

Easy recharge and re-installation!

After recharging from any outlet, the headset is easily re-attached to the helmet. Just slide it in and out. Attach the clamp to the bottom of the helmet, and slide onto the holding reel. Attaching and releasing happens in a matter of seconds. The kit offers not only superb features, ease of use and assembly but also looks great and is universally compatible with Bluetooth™ cell phones or PDA phones. The wind-resistant microphone provides clear communication even at relatively high-speed driving conditions. The super slim speaker fits even into tight helmets while advanced electronic components lets users initiate, receive or reject calls by voice-control. No other such product offers that many features and functions.


Safety and Convenience
Bluetooth FM Kit

Safety and Convenience
Bluetooth FM Kit on Helmet

Also talk with your Passenger
Bluetooth Teamset Kit

Full Face or Open Face Helmets
Rider to Passenger Communications

Stay connected!
BTH-2Q Bike to Bike Communications

Safety and Convenience
Bluetooth Teamset Kit on Helmets

Stay Connected
BTH-2Q Detail

Bluetooth Technology!
BTH-33 Kit

  1. Wind-resistant microphone also works at high-speeds
  2. Large, easy-to-reach control button
  3. Ultra-slim speaker fits any helmet and adjusts volume automatically
  4. Quick-release clamp to attach or detach headset within seconds
  5. Multi-connection (MC) button for the FM Radio or initiating steady audio link with other bikers or with passenger

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