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Add another storage option! 

  • Black or silver
  • Quick detach
  • Holds extra luggage bag or cooler 
  • Increases luggage carrying capacity 
  • Easy to install
  • Add rack bag & locking dowels
  • Add License Plate Mount & Lights
  • Sports Caddy Attachment
  • Fits 1990 through current

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number
Black Model
plus S&H


Trailer Hitch Rack



Part Number
Silver Model
plus S&H


Quick Detach Luggage/Cooler Rack

(requires one of hardware kits below)



Quick Detach Luggage/Cooler Rack for Trailer Hitch

(requires the FH-HWK10 below)



Quick Detach Luggage/Cooler Rack for Trailer Hitch, black

(requires the FH-HWK10 below)



Hardware kit for QDLC, MY '14 to current

Shipping April 2014


Hardware kit for QDLC, MY '09 to '13

Hardware kit for QDLC, MY '90 to '08

Hardware kit for trailer hitch


Waterproof rack bag for QDLC


Rack Bag Dowel Rods (sold separately)


License Plate Mount & LED Lights


Sports Caddy Attachment

Out of Production 



Isolator Harness

Black Model

THK-43: Bring a fully loaded cooler or those extra items with you that just don't seem to fit in your trunk. Simply install the mounting plate beneath your trailer hitch ball & this rack quickly attaches or detaches in seconds. Fits: Trailer Hitches & Universal Applications: Mounts Under Hitch Ball & Requires a Flat/Unrestricted Area 5" Wide x 2-1/2" Long & Ball Stud Able to Accept a 1/4" Spacer.

Dim: 18" wide x 12" long x 1-1/2" deep, weight = 6-1/2 lbs

Note: This product is not intended to be used while pulling a trailer. Suggested weight limit is 35lbs. for appropriate handling & cornering. *Universal mounting under hitch ball requires a flat/unrestricted area 5" wide x 2-1/2" long & ball stud able to accept a 1/4" thick spacer.

TH-43B: Compact, versatile and ideal for everyday commuters, day-trippers or minimalist weekend wanderers. Removable base pad provides a contoured recessed bottom for a wide variety of fitment on virtually any passenger seats or luggage racks.


  • Dims: 16" wide x 11" deep x 11.5" tall
  • Cubic Inches: 2,024
  • Liters: 33
  • Removable base pad provides multiple mounting options on a variety of bikes
  • Main compartment large enough to store a full-face helmet plus other small items
  • Top and side zippered openings for multiple access points to main storage
  • Built-in coat flap with adjustable G-Hook for quick and easy external storage
  • Padded device storage for up to a 12" tablet and two other small devices
  • Integrated heavy-duty welded D-Rings, sissy bar and mounting straps to mount to additional bags, luggage racks or passenger seats
  • Laser-cut low-profile MOLLE for modular attachment options
  • Multiple quick-access stash pockets for the small essentials
  • Thermoformed construction and components for strength, security and shape retention
  • Reflective accents for enhanced visibility
  • UV-rated and weather-resistant 1680 denier textile material, with included rain cover
  • Glove-friendly, weather-resistant zippers
  • Premium lined interior with multiple pockets and compartments
  • Heavy-duty ergonomic carrying handle

Silver Model

QDLC: This 11" X 16" quick detach rack comes with two chrome receiver brackets which bolt on between the saddlebags and fender where they are hidden from sight. The rack can then be installed or removed in seconds by slipping the male pins on the rack into the receiver brackets and securing with the supplied locking pins. As with our other racks it is made from strong, lightweight aircraft aluminum and powder coated in bright silver. While it has been tested to 250 pounds, it is rated at a 35 pound maxium load capacity to maintain good handling characteristics. It will easily accommodate small to medium sized luggage and coolers.  NOTE: The use of LPL-1 LED tail lights and license plate mount is strongly recommended all but the smallest of bags may cover the tail light, license plate and turn signals.

FH-HWK24: Kit contains the chromed receiver brackets & hardware required for mounting QDLC (or our FH_PF1 Parade Flag Holder) on 2014 & later Harley® FLH or FLT models*. *NOTE: Factory filler panels between rear fenders & saddle bags, need to be modified on 2014 & newer FLH & FLHX models.

FH-HWK20: Kit contains the chromed receiver brackets & hardware required for mounting QDLC (or our FH_PF1 Parade Flag Holder) on 2009 to 2013 Harley® FLH or FLT models*. *NOTE: Factory filler panels between rear fenders & saddle bags, need to be modified on 2009 to 2013 FLH & FLHX models.

FH-HWK15: Kit contains the chromed receiver brackets and all hardware required for mounting the QDLC (or our FH-PF1 Parade Flag Holder) on Harley-Davidson® FLH or FLT models. Kit attaches directly to the your motorcycle’s frame, and includes complete photo-detailed instructions for easy installation. Fits 1990 to 2008.

FH-HWK10: Chrome receiver bracket bolts onto any trailer hitch and remains in place. The cooler rack (or our parade flag holder) can be attached or be removed in seconds using the locking pins. This additional bracket (racks come with one) can be used to mount on the front of your trailer or another bike so you can use your rack everywhere.

RB-100: For use with our QDLC 11" x 16" quick detach hitch racks. Heavy water-resistant nylon and measures 11" x 16" x 12" tall. Zippered outer storage compartments on three sides, carry handles, detachable shoulder strap, and a hidden water and dust proof cover. Slots in the bottom allow it to be locked to the rack using the optional dowel locking rods, RB-DL sold separately.

RB-DL: Used to secure and lock the Rack Bag to our 11” x 16” rack, the bag and rods can be installed or removed in seconds. This provides easy access to all compartments without having to fumble with clumsy bungees. Made from stainless steel, keyed-alike, and come with weatherproof covers. (Sold in pairs)

LPL-1: LED tail lights and license plate mount designed for use with our Quick Detach Luggage/Cooler rack. It will provide additional tail, brake and turn signal lights as well as license plate light and mounting location. Its use is recommended anytime time the luggage used on the rack covers any portion of the motorcycles stock lighting or license plate. The LED lights are extremely bright (even in direct sunlight), water and vibration proof. It attaches easily to the rack and includes quick release license plate screws. You can custom wire the LED lights yourself, or use our 07-IU Isolater Harness to wire them as if you were towing a trailer.

QDSC-1: Add this Sports Caddy Attachment and you'll discover a whole new dimension in motorcycling. How many times have you loaded up your golfing, fishing or hunting gear in your vehicle while thinking to yourself "Man its so nice out I wish I could take the bike". Well this is the way to "have your cake and eat it too". The Sports Caddy attachment bolts on quickly to the QDLC-1. It measures 10" wide at the cradle, is 30" tall and will accommodate most golf bags even with a wheeled caddy as well as most sporting gear. Included upper and lower web straps with positive locking quick release buckles. It weighs less than 2lbs. and is finished in the same durable bright silver powder coating as the rack.

THR-IU-07: When wiring your motorcycle trailer using an isolator is required to prevent damage to your factory motorcycle wiring and trailer wiring components. This universal isolator to be plug-n-play with sub-harnesses and converters. It has a 36" wire loom to reach your trailer hitch tongue and trailer plug. Wiring the unit is easy when you follow the included wiring diagrams and instructions. The small 3" x 1 ½" x 1" size of the isolator and the adhesive backing make it easy to mount in an out-of-sight location like under the seat for example. The kit is a universal isolator; meaning it works on any model trailer hitch.


Black Finish
THK-43 Trailer Hitch Rack

Black Finish
THK-43 Trailer Hitch Rack Kit

Take more with you on tour!
Trailer Hitch Rack

Shown attached to hitch
Trailer Hitch Rack

Take it with you!
Trailer Hitch Rack Bag

Take it with you!
Trailer Hitch Rack Bag


Shown on Project Rushmore Electra Glide
QDLC with latest LPL-1

Shown on Project Rushmore Electra Glide
QDLC with latest LPL-1

Another storage option!
Quick Detach Luggage/Cooler Rack on Bike

QDLC, FH-HWK20, RB-100, RB-DL & LPL-1
Rack Bag, Lock Rods, Cooler Rack & LED Light Set

Requires Hardware Kit for Installation!
QDLC Luggage/Cooler Rack

Select model year for Hardware Kit!
QDLC and Hardware Installation Kit

Easy installation or removal!
QDLC w/Hardware kit attached

Easy installation or removal!
QDLH w/Hardware kit attached

Easy installation or removal!
QDLHB w/Hardware kit attached

Easy installation on QDLC!
Current Model LPL-1 License Plate Mount & LED Lights

MY '09 to current
FH-HWK20 Hardware Kit

For MY '90 to '08
FH-HKW15 Hardware Kit

Ultra Touring
QDLC and LPL-1 shown together

Option Lowel Locking Rods sold separately
RB-100 Waterproof Rack Bag for QDLC

Option Lowel Locking Rods sold separately
RB-100 Waterproof Rack Bag for QDLC

RB-DL sold separately from RB-100
RB-100 shown with optional RB-DL Dowel Lock Rods

RB-DL sold separately from RB-100
RB-DL Rack Bag Dowel Lock Rods

Bolt to any trailer hitch!
FH-HWK10 Trailer Hitch Hardware Kit

Ride safe!
Obsolete model LPL-1

Be Safe!
Previous LPL-1 Installed

Carry golfs clubs and other items...
Sports Rack Attachment

Isolator Harness
THR-IU-07 Isolator Harness

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