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Freedom from high speed wobble! 

  • Three systems 
  • Also steering dampers
  • Minimize side-to-side movement
  • Steady the ride
  • Minimize high speed "wobble"

Part Number
plus S&H
Rake Kit


Easy Steering Rake Kit

Model & Model Year



Fork Steering Damper Kit for M8


Parallel Steering Damper for FLH


Perpendicular Steering Damper for FLH w/Fork Truss


Not Yet Available 



Chassis Stabilizer for 4-quart oil pans, MY '09 - current

Model & Model Year


Tour Link Chassis Stabilizer, MY '93 - '08


Tour Link Chassis Stabilizer, MY '09 - '13


Stabilizing System for Baggers, Brushed Aluminum


Stabilizing System for Baggers, Black Powder-coat


GP stabilizing System, MY '87 - '01


GP stabilizing System, MY '02 - '08


GP stabilizing System, MY '09 to current


Engine Stabilizer, MY '02 to '08 Touring

C-EZ-S: The Easy Steer Rake kit adds 5+ degrees to the stock rake which creates a large reduction in trail. Users often report that it's like having power steering. Innovative styling, solid engineering and ease-of-installation provide customers with enhanced recreational and traveling experiences by delivering distinctive, quality motorcycle products and accessories. Fits touring and softail platforms. 

FSD-80: Fork steering damper kit attaches to the lower fork stem and crash bar for M8 models. Includes damper and correct mounting hardware. NOTE: Will not work with lower fairing covers. FITS FLT 2017-UP

CCE-SDS: The first and only steering damper system for the Harley-Davidson Dresser models up through model year 2008. Custom designed clamps and brackets position in the optimum location so the damper can be installed with minimum effort. The installation stabilizes the front fork and helps with front end wobble.

Two systems are available. The first style is mounted parallel to the frame and only requires a slight relocation of the horn (brackets provided). The second system is mounted perpendicular to the frame and is located in a less conspicuous location. The perpendicular system requires the elimination of the stainless steel "Cow Bells" and installation of rubber "accordian" fork boots. The perpendicular steering damper also facilitates the use of a fork truss or brace for maximum fork stability.

TLCS-397: Finally, an inexpensive and easy installation solution to the handling challenges faced by most Touring models. Doesn't hang below the frame or impede ground clearance. Keeps motor/swingarm assembly aligned with chassis without introducing unnecessary vibration to the rider. The simple connection between chassis & motor allows both to stay in alignment without  introducing unnecessary vibration to the rider. The forged steel side plate links the rear of the motor/ transmission to the frame with precision bearing rod ends & grade 8 hardware. May interfere with stock exhaust. TLCS-E fits touring models 1993 - 2008. TLCS-397L fits touring models 2009 - 2013.

UR-20: A safe, smooth ride at any speed can be achieved with our "New and Improved" Ultra-Ride II (UR-20).

The Ultra-Ride II was re-engineered by centering the bracket and turn buckle in the middle of the frame. This allows maximum ground clearance for extreme cornering on stock or lowered custom baggers.

If you ever felt that unstable wobble when cutting back in after passing a big rig or have experianced the rear end wag its tail in sweeping turns, the Ultra-Ride II will accomplish maximum stability.

Our system connects the rear of the power train to the cross member between the frame rails. This allows the natural motion of the rubber mount to move forward, while eliminating any side to side movement.

Fits '93 to '08 H-D Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings...the H-D touring platform.

Not compatible with bikes equipped with a Center Stand.

UR-21: Same as above but in beautiful black powder-coat.

GP Stabilizing System: The GP Stabilizing System tightens the swing arm for superior stability and cornering at all speeds.  It dampens the ability for the swingarm to oscillate while attempting to not transfer the vibration.  The System includes the swingarm kit and front motor mount.  After months of design and compound research and development and a few thousand miles of testing on different bikes it has been found that the performance of this swingarm shaft and bushings are noticeablyimproved when used in combination with our new front motor mount and is part of the kit. GPSS-01: MY '81 to '01, GPSS-02: MY '02 to '08. GPSS-03: MY '09 to current .

GCES-396: The Missing Link is designed to eliminate uncomfortable & dangerous riding conditions know as tank slap, rear steer or high speed wooble on rubber mounted Touring Models. It works just like the top & front stabilizer links to keep the engine centered in the frame by preventing the rear rubber mounts from compressing & moving.

Key Features:

• All steel construction & powder-coated finish for years of worry-free use

• Mounts out of the way above the transmission

• Instructions provide an easy do-it-yourself installation in 30 minutes or less 

Rake Kit

Like power steering for your bike!
C-EZ-S Easy Steer


Fit M8
FSD-80 Fork Steering Damper Kit

Only one on the market!
CCE-SDS1 Parallel Steering Damper for FLH

Only one on the market!
CCE-SDS2 Perpendicular Steering Damper for FLH W/Fork Truss


Fits 4-quart oil pans!
TT-09 Stabilitzer for Touring Models

Wobbles lately?
TLCS-397 Touring Link Chassis Stabilizer

Does not impede ground clearance!
TLCS-397 Tour Link Chassis Stabilizer

View from under motorcycle
TLCS-397 Shown Installed

Steady the ride!
Ultra Ride Stabilizing System II Kit

Includes Front Motor Mount
GPSS Stabilizing System

Included in GPSS System
Motor Mount

Missing Link Stabilizer
GCES-396 Engine Stabilizer

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