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Reduces Wheel-Lock Up, Safer Stops...Stay in Control!


  • Helps prevent wheel lock-up
  • No wires or sensors
  • One size fits all
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Installs in minutes
  • Works everytime you brake at any speed

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Part Number
Traction Control Braking

Non-Brembo Brakes, 3/8-24 Thread (each)

Out of Production 


Brembo Brakes, 10mmx100 Thread (each)

Out of Production 



How it works

  • As the brake pedal or lever is activated brake fluid pressures increase dramatically.
  • Without TCB, pressures increase to the calipers causing wheel lock-up and "out of control conditions".
  • With the TCB, brake fluid pressure spikes are absorbed like a shock absorber for a smoother braking action.
  • The TCB allows the wheel to maintain rotation while braking for a controlled stop!

TCB-1: Easily replace your existing banjo bolts on the brake calipers.  With the installaton of the TCB, a controlled compressibility factor takes over to help prevent wheel lock-up.  Unlike ABS or factory anti-lock brakes, the TCB helps prevent lock-up before it occurs, not after.  Prevention of wheel lock-up keeps you in control!  The TCB system can be installed on any year or model with disc brakes.  Although many people have installed the TCB on the front master cylinder, the recommended installation is directly on each of the brake calipers (three required for two front and one rear caliper). Custom special order.

TCB-1B: Same as above but for Brembo brakes.

Benefits of TCB Braking System

  • Helps Avoid Premature Wheel Lockup which Helps You Maintain Control
  • Automatically Increases Your Ability to Regulate Your Braking in Panic Stops
  • Increases the range you feel during braking in your brake levers giving you confidence to fully utilize BOTH front and back brakes
  • Reasonably Priced and Easily Installed

How the TCB Unit Helps Avoid Wheel Lock Up

The TCB unit is separated into two chambers by a rubber diaphragm. The top chamber is filled and sealed with air and the bottom chamber has an opening that allows your brake fluid to fill the chamber. Normally the brake fluid acts like a steel rod and there is no give/flexibility in your brake system; with our patented Air over Hydraulics system your brake pads will have enough flexibility to float over the high and lows spots on the rotors preventing premature wheel lock-up.

The Traction Controlled Braking System DOES NOT Allow Air Into Your Braking System! The top part of the TCB unit does have air in it, but the air is sealed in this upper compartment. The bottom part of the TCB unit is filled with brake fluid.

The TCB unit acts like a shock absorber that allows the brake pads to float and/or drag over the rotors natural high and low spots (we are not referring to warped rotors, just feel your rotor and you will feel that they are not perfectly smooth) where normal brakes most often lock. This give/flexibility helps prevent premature wheel lock-up not only during panic braking but every time you brake.

Are Traction Control Brakes Preferable to Anti-Lock Brakes?

ABS/Anti-Lock Brake Systems lock and release the brakes with sensors and pumps electronically to avoid wheel lock-up only after the wheel has already locked.The TCB system helps prevent lock-up before it happens!

When your brakes lock-up with a motorcycle you can dump your bike.

TCB Brake Systems Improved Responsiveness

Many front brakes and most back brakes are difficult to regulate the amount of braking because they often feel like they are either on or off. It is easy to either lock or drastically underutilize your brakes because you are afraid of locking your wheels. The TCB actually helps modulate the brakes for you to help avoid premature locking of the wheels.

With our Traction Control Brake Systems you will feel more range in your brakes and have an improved ability to regulate the amount of braking you apply. Subsequently you can get more stopping power out of your brakes and Emergency Brake with Confidence!

A Traction Control Braking unit costs less than most helmets and it is quick and easy to install. Finally, there is an option to Help You Avoid Accidents!

Sounds to Good to be True?

People thought the same about seat belts and airbags. We say "Revolutionary" because Traction Control Brakes will arguably be the Biggest Invention in the Motor Sports Industry since the Helmet.


One TCB-1 Shown
TCB Traction Control Braking

One TCB-1 Shown
TCB Traction Control Braking

TCB Braking System
TCB Installed on Customer's Bike

Safer stops!
TCB-1 Traction Control Brake Valve Installed

Easy installation!
TCB not installed, rear caliper

Three required for one front and two rear calipers.
Typical installation requires 3 TCB-1's

Testamonials: See what others are saying about Traction Control Brakes. Feel free to go to our Contact Us page to send us your pictures and testimonials.

Click here for: Chief Mechanic from LAPD tested the TCB!

We are also excited to have Rogue’s thumbs up: "…The following day, I had an unexpected opportunity to really try out my brakes when a car pulled out in front of me. They worked great! I am not going to take it off. I LIKE IT!"   

Rogue - Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame Freedom Fighters Member 2005, Photojournalist for National Motorcycle Magazines for 35 Years as a contributor to Paisano Publications (Easyriders, Biker, In The Wind, etc) Motorcycle Industry Consultant for 35 years

"Better than Motorcycle ABS!!!" "YES, I SAID IT and IT IS TRUE! I own two motorcycles, a BMW with ABS and a HD Deuce with TCBs, I was going around a corner in the foothills while going too fast into a curve on my Deuce where the only thing between me and a 500 foot drop was a guardrail. I was left with the choice, grab the brake hard or go over the edge; I grabbed the brakes hard and my brakes did not lock up. I can tell you that if I was on my BMW in a turn with ABS that I would not be here today. Amazing! Thank you,

Steve Flores
I started racing motocross at the age of 6. By the time I entered Junior High School I was riding in the Expert Class. During this time I raced bikes for Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Sometimes in the same day I would race in both the125cc class and the 250cc class and I continued this until I was 20 years old."

"I finally settled in with Honda where I continued a professional racing career for a total of 6 years with full sponsorship on the Honda Racing Team riding in the GNC-National Supercross Pro-series 250cc class."

"I am now 44 years old and I continue my passion with motorcycles. I stay involved in the motorcycle industry by consulting with manufacturers and dealers with new product evaluations."
New – 04-02-08: "Right after I installed this product on the front and rear brakes of my CRF 450, the bike felt like it would track better as I was braking hard into rough turns. I tried to come into turns too hot and blow through them, but each time I made the turn and the bike tracked to the ground in a controlled manner. There was not as much twitching in the front end when braking either, it's like the bike could feel where it was braking and compensated for the rough terrain"

Carter Gurnee - Pro Rider

"As a female biker keeping my bike in total control is a constant concern…the traction braking unit is AMAZING because I now hit my brakes hard with confidence and even in urgent circumstances I can feel how much brake I am using."

"I was riding on the highway and a lady talking on her cell changed lanes without looking, I braked hard and thank God my wheels did not lock up. Without the TCB I probably would have dumped my bike. I can’t thank you enough and love the feeling of the total control I get from your braking upgrade."

Shawna Franklin

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