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Chief Mechanic from LAPD tested the TCB!

Two Wheel Safety with Traction Controlled Braking   


My name is Scott Sauder and I’m compelled to tell you about a product I just tested. First, let me tell you that I am an automotive/motorcycle technician, NOT a journalist or a columnist. I’m a wrench, and have been for over 35 years, with factory training and certifications through G.M. Ford, Chrysler, and Audi, on the automotive side, as well as, numerous ASE certifications.  On the two wheel side, I have had the pleasure of working with and gaining factory recognition from Kawasaki, BMW, and Harley Davidson. With that said, it’s probably safe to say I’ve been around the block a time or two. I have currently spent more than the last decade testing, servicing, maintaining, and outfitting motorcycles with the Los Angeles Police Department, possibly one of the largest and most demanding fleets in the United States.  I believe them to be a pioneer in the safety, outfitting, and equipping of their motor fleet. 


I’ve seen and tested a LOT of products through out the years and truth be told, I’m a sucker for snake oil with a good sales pitch. But this product is different, it  WORKS and it works remarkably well. The product is called T.C.B. which stands for Traction Control Braking.  The unit is installed into the brake system and acts as an accumulator, causing a pulsation effect which in turns helps control wheel  lock up and allowing for greater steering stability during  severe  braking conditions.  And yes,  it is similar to an  ABS effect, although not ABS.  It is however a VERY effective alterative when so many of us ride pre-abs manufactured bikes.


It seemed hard to believe that something this relatively simple and inexpensive could actually simulate an ABS type braking system, but it does!  ...I was supplied with three units for my personal bike, a 1995 Road King mildly built and my second love. I’ve been a rider since I was 12 and in relation to my age now? Let’s just say I have a fair amount of time in the saddle and consider myself an experienced and somewhat seasoned rider with enough experience to give a fair and accurate judgment.


I installed one unit at the rear master cylinder and the other two directly into the front calipers.  I also had just installed a new front tire and as I’m sure most of you know am extremely “slippery” and prone to washing out, so needless to say I was more then a bit apprehensive to attempt a full force brake with the possibility of a wheel lock. But on the same token, what a great test for traction control and stability. I headed up the street and at approximately 55 mph I grabbed a hand full for front brake, lightly at first to the point of what should have been a front wheel lock up to full pressure, and to my surprise the front end maintained complete control with out locking up. Now feeling a bit more confidant and “test pilot” like I did several more passes at high speeds with full brake pressure, as if to simulate a panic situation and I have to say “incredible.” I believe this simple add -on unit provides better braking and quicker stops while still maintaining front end control and maneuverability away from or around an obstacle or situation that could otherwise create a dangerous or even fatal situation.  In other words, this T.C.B. unit could save your butt.



                                                                Safe Riding

                                                                S. Sauder         

S. Sauder

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