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Chronologically Listed (most recent on top)

Road Glide Glove Box Door Detent Kit

2015 Road Glide Upper Glove Box Holder Kit These detents add the needed support to hold the factory glovebox doors open continuously when fully opened.
Passenger Phone Mount

Passenger Phone Mount - Now a phone mount for your passenger.

Tie Down Brackets

Tie Down Brackets - Easy access mounting point when strapping your bike down for maintenance or transporting.

Chopped Touring Style Backrest Pad

Chopped Touring Style Backrest Pad - Add comfort and security for your passenger with this chopped style wrap-around backrest pad. Fits Sissy Bars.

Rear Fender Racks

1st Rear Fender Racks & 2nd Rear Fender Racks - Pillion seat replacement that allows you to take more gear.

Let's go camping!

Quick Detach Camping Grill - Going camping? Take your grill along with you. Quick detach for touring bikes.

Protect your chrome!

Footboard Guards - Protection for the underneath of your footboards in a side drop or high lean angle turn. Black powder-coat.

V85TT Tool Box

Tool Box - A nice upgrade for the V85TT in Silver or Black. Extra storage space for tools or other misc. items.

Wrap-around Backrest Pad Adapter Conversion Kit

Wrap-around Backrest Adapter - Converts tour-pak wrap-around backrest pad for sissy bar use - maintaining your passenger's security, comfort & piece of mind.

Steering Damper

Steering Damper for M8 - Attaches to the lower fork stem and crash bar for M8 models.

Switch Shift Lever

Switch Shift Lever - Switch-Shift Lever can be used in the toe or heel position - and whichever position you choose.

Tiny LED Turn Signals

LED Tiny Turn Signal Kits - Super small, amazingly bright amber turn signals.

Premium Touring Style Backrest Pad

Touring Style Backrest Pad - Add comfort and security for your passenger with this touring style backrest pad. Fits H-D & after-market Sissy Bars for Touring models.

Tiny LED Turn Signals

LED Tiny Turn Signal Kits - Super small, amazingly bright amber turn signal with smoked lenses.

Premium Touring Style Backrest Pad

Touring Style Backrest Pad for Indian - Add comfort and security for your passenger with this touring style backrest pad. Fits Indian Sissy Bars for Touring models.

Engine Guard Protectors

Motorcycle Guard Protectors - Premium Style Kits protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches.

Tour-pak Rack for Switcback, Dyna, Softail & Cruisers

Tour-pak Rack for Sport Glide, Switchback - Adjustable trunk rack for Dynas or Softails. Adjustable Base-Plate for more stability for your tour-pak or touring bag!

Top-Box Ultra Brace for V85TT

Ultra Brace for Top-Box - Upgrade your V85TT Top-Box, making it easier to open -- lid stays in place, no flop-over. Works especially well with touring bag on the back seat.

Mid Frame Deflector Fans

Mid Frame Deflector Fans - Ride in comfort! These mid frame mounted mounted fans fit touring model for MY '09 to current.

Wind Deflectors

Fork Wind Deflectors for the Indian - When you hit bad weather; keep weather from hitting you. Cold air and rain are deflected out.

Soft Lower for Challenger
2020+ Indian Challenger Soft Lowers - Now for the 2020 Indian Challenger. Add weather coverage and comfort to for your legs and feet.

Face Gaiter with Filter

Face Gaiter with Filter -Use during this Coronavirus period & also in times heavy traffic, dirt or other air pollution. Take care of your lungs and breath easy.

LED Fairing Lower Grills

LED Fairing Lower Grills - Lighting with full-time white running lights and amber switchback turn signals when activated.

Handlebar Bags for Adventure Touring

Handlebar Bags - Need a space for your garage door opener, sunglasses or ear plugs. Our Handlebar Bag is excellent.

Fender Risers

Fender Risers - Our fender risers fit 14-18 Touring models with 21" or 23" wheels.

Glove Box Door Lock Kit Challenger

2020+ Indian Challenger Glove Box Door Lock Kit - Now for the 2020 Indian Challenger. Add security to your upper fairing glove boxes!
Top Box Inner-Liner

Top Box Inner-Liner for V85TT - Class-up your Moto Guzzi V85TT top box for touring by installing our TX-1 premium inner-liner.

Sealed Glove Box Door for 2019 Electra Glide Standard

Glove Box Door for 2019+ Electra Glide Standard - Seal and secure you glove box area with keyed barrel lock or quick access knob.

New Cover in Blue over Black

Full Bagger Cover in Blue over Black  - Protect your ride with this new color for our riders.

Lite Pressure Clutch

Lite Pressure Clutch Kits for Project Rushmore - Reduce clutch pull. For Twin Cam & Milwaukee-Eight w/no modification. Fits behind stock derby cover.  ...more>>

Windshield for Moto Guzzi's new V85TT

Windshields for Moto Guzzi V85TT - Remove the buffeting or streamline for a more sporty look. Various windshield and heights.

VT85TT Windshield Adjustment Knob Kit

Windshield Adjustment Knob Kit - Adjust your Moto Guzzi VT85TT windshield on the fly, without tools. Glove friendly ergonomic knob.

LED Fender Blades for Trike

LED Fender Blades - One of thecleanest ways to add a splash of light to the back of your Trike. The low profile light housing sits right below the fender.

Full Cover for Tri-Glide, Trike

Full Cover for Trike - Now a full cover for the H-D Tri-Glide in a great color. And now vailable in Blue over Black.

Retractable Seat Shade

Retractable Seat Shade - Keep your back-side cool! Extremely quick-and-easy to use to keep your seat cool at stops along the way.

LED Saddlebag Hinge Covers

Saddlebag LED Hinge Accents - Ditch the factory saddlebag hinge reflectors for these ultra-bright form-fitted replacements that offer significantly increased visibility.

Footboard Relocation Kits

Footboard Relocation Kits - The Kit moves the footboards forward 2", lowering them 2" and moving the footboards downward a total of 2 ½" in the heal.


Professional Riding Skills DVD'S - Your Riding Skills and Safety are about to Change Forever. Experience the #1 Selling Motorcycle Training Video!

EZ Install Handlebar Kits

EZ Install Handlebar Kits - Revolutionary interlocking bolt-together, two-piece design that makes installation a breeze.

Mechanical Reverse Pulley

Mechanical Reverse Pulley - The system is unlike any other on the market – it utilizes a mechanical reverse pulley system.

Motorcycle Speake Systems

Motorcyel Speaker Systems - Listen to music on your Road King with this Chrome Speaker System. Smart compact design!

WD-46 Wind Deflector

Fork Wind Deflectors - Dress your bike for comfort and style. New Wind Deflectors extend the windshield's coverage for superior protection in any weather.

Narrow Profile Outer Primary Covers

Narrow Profile Outer Primary Covers - 1" narrower than the stock outer primary that will allow easier reach to the ground, shaped to slim the bike profile.

Light Force Clutch Slave Cylinder

Light Force Clutch Slave Cylinder - A new clutch slave cylinder for the 2017 and up Touring models to help combat the heavy and horrible feeling clutch lever.

On-Board Oil Drip Catcher

On-Board Oil Drip Catcher - Stays with your early FLH motorcycle to capture and absorb oil leaks dripping from the engine to keep your bike and garage floor clean.

Tour-pak Liners

Liners for Tour-Paks - Protect your stowed gear and upgrade your Tour-Pak with custom beige diamond stitching.

Touring Saddlebag Storage Pouches
Storage Pockets for Saddlebag Guards - These handy pouches securely attach to Harley-Davidson models equipped with saddlebag guards.
Reflective Seat Cover

Reflective Seat Shades - Keep your back-side cool! Heat-reflective, water-resistant, compact, durable motorcycle seat cover/shade.

Reduced Reach Levers

Reduced Reach Levers - Reduces reach 1″ less than stock, smoother, easier operation. Great for riders that are use to the older cable clutches or with smaller hands.

Extended Brake Levers

Extended Comfort Brake Lever  - The answer to more leg room! Levers move the location of the brake pedal lower and 1" or 2" extended.

Engine Guard Protectors

Engine Guard Protectors - Now metal alternatives are available along with our fitting plastic versions.

Frame Mounted Highway Pegs

Frame Mounted Highway Pegs - Revolutionary solution to the challenge of adding comfortable highway pegs on a bike with fairing lowers.

Smoked Tour-pak Lens Kits

Smoke Lens Kits - Smoke and clear, also available with LEDs.  Fits model years 2014 to current.  Customize your tour-pak!


Adjustable Passenger Comfort Pegs - Allows you to provide your passenger with the same freedom of movement and comfort you enjoy with your highway pegs.

Tour-pak Lid Light

Tour-pak Lid Light - Additional rear lighting is a good thing! Delivers a triple dose of run-turn-brake functionality to significantly enhance rider visibility.

Tour-pak Lid Covers

Tour-pak Lid Covers - Protect your Tour-pak from scratches and other with style.

Passenger Armrests for Indian

Passenger Armrests for Indian - Provides your passenger with even more comfort for your Indian that has a backrest.

Saddlebag Latch Handles

Saddlebag Latch Handles - Improved ergonomics and easy operation with integrated rubber pad for sure-fingered grip.

M8 True Dual Header Kit

True Dual Header Kit for M8 - kit includes 30" straight fishtail set, without baffles.

Yamaha Continental Tourer Venture

New Products - for the Yamaha Star Venture & Eluder V-Twin platforms.

Tour-pak Rack for Sport Glide

Tour-pak Rack for Sport Glide - Switch from a comfortable passenger backrest to load-hauling Tour-Pak® luggage in seconds.

Ajustable Road Glide Fairing Mount

Adjustable Fairing Mount for Road Glides - Dramatically increase your field of vision by lowering your fairing, while achieving a more "custom" look by varying yoru bike's silhouette.

LOL.....very funny!!

Quick Shift Heel/Toe Shifter for Dyna Switchback - Improve the shift action and control with this innovative Heel/Toe Shifter on H-D Touring and Switchback models.

Spark Plug Wire Cover
Spark Plug Wire Cover - Clean up the coil area on the Milwaukee-Eight by concealing unsightly spark plug wires.
Upright Motorcycle Jacks

Over and Back Up Motorcycle Jacks  - There is a better and easier way to lift your bike without risk of injury.

Mesh Air Dam

Mesh Air Dam and Oil Cooler Cover  - The Mesh Airdam gives the lower frame and dull factory oil cooler a completely custom look.

Handbook/Map Holder
Handbook/Map Holder - Finally a place to keep your valuable HOG Membership Handbook/Map safe and at your fingertips. 
Manuals, Paper-work & Records Pocket
Manuals & Records Pocket - Finally a nice organizer for your H-D manuals, paper-work and records. 
Saddlebag Organizers
Saddlebag Organizer - No more fumbling through that abyss of a saddlebag to find your tools, phone or whatever inevitably ends up at the bottom
Saddlebag Cooler
Saddlebag Cooler - As summer-riding temps push triple digits, this Saddlebag Cooler keeps your favorite fluids frosty and at the ready
Soft Lower for H-D Chopped Engine Guard
Soft Lowers for H-D Chopped Engine Guard - Customer Soft Lowers for fit new low profile engine guard.
stereo jack to 7 pin DIN cable
Stero Jack Cable - Stereo jack to 7 pin DIN cable for 1998-later Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic. Works with Sena SM10 Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter.
Glove Box Storage Pockets
Storage Pockets for Fairing Lowers - Add extra storage to you lower fairing glove boxes for Project Rushmore models.
Dash Twin Pouch Kit for Indian

Dash Storage Pouch Kit - Available in Desert Tan or Black. Pouch mounts securely with hook andloop to the top of the fairing dash.

Heel Shift Lever for Indian

Heel Shift Lever for Indians - Convenience of a heel shift option without minimizing all-important floorboard space...for Indians!

Air Scoop

Air Scoop - Designed to provide heat relief for the rear cylinder and the riders of V-twin air-cooled engines with the football-shaped air cleaners.

Locking Glove Box Doors for Project Rushmore
Locking Glove Box Doors w/Cup Holder Accessory - Add security to your glove boxes! These Lockable Doors allow you to lock valuable items up front.
Touring Seat Bag
Touring Seat Bag - Padded face/front for additional back support for the rider.
Tank Pouch for Indian

Tank Pouch for Indian - The generous storage pouch accommodates most cell phones behind a clear pocket that allows you to swipe easily.

Backrest Light Strip

Backrest Light Strip - Low profile light strip fits between your backrest & tour pack to blend right in; adds bright sequential turn signals, running lights, & center brake light.

Trike Wings

Trike Air Wings - Provide protection to your rear fenders from bugs, rocks, and other road debris. Helps deflect rain and water from the riders ankles and feet.

Rider Backrests for Indian

Rider Backrest for Indian - Fitment on the 2014 and newer Indians. The generous full support pad provides superior comfort and support.

Saddlebag Lid Covers

Saddlebag Lid Covers - Form-fitted lid covers made from quality expanded vinyl & uniquely designed to fit snugly with no wrinkles, unsightly straps or Velcro tabs.

Premium Shocks

Premium Street Shocks - It's a proven fact that a gas charged shock with a coil over spring is the way to go.

Saddlebag Organizer for Victory

Saddlebag Organizer for Victory - Nine storage compartments and easily mounts to the Victory Cross Country, Cross Country Tour, Magnum and Hardball.

Slide Mounts

Slide Gadget Mount - The most secure mount for phones, GPS and other devices. Its flexible design accommodates a variety of devices and makes it safer and more convenient.

Trunk Rack Bag

Trunk Rack Bag - The most versatile trunk rack bag in the business...take all you need with you on tour!


Receiver Hitch for Project Rushmore - Ensure smooth sailing and eliminate any fear of the "trailer shimmy" with our sturdy forged and welded steel receiver hitch.

Adjustable Passenger Boards & Mounts

Adjustable Passenger Mini Boards - Streamlined 3" and 4" mini boards for your passenger. Give you bike that Street Glide profile.

Windshield Pouch Bag for Project Rushmore
Fairing Pouch Bag - Designed for storage with an integrated channel to allow uninterrupted airflow from the Slipstream vent; full access to the vent adjustment button. 
Relocator Kit for Indian
Trunk Relocator Kit for Inidan - Improves passenger ergonomics and once installed can be easily adjusted with simple hand tools to locate ideal positioing.
Essentials Tank Bag
Essentials Tank Bag - A great little bag to keep those daily riding essentials at your fingertips no mater what you ride.
Customer Touring Seat
Custom Touring Seat - Build your custom seat using your own seat pan. Ride in comfort with custom seat positioning changes so your seat  is comfortable for the long haul!
Inner Fairing Trim Kit
Inner Fairing Trim Kit - Inner fairing trim kit includes complete chrome trim for dressing all gauges, radio faceplate, & speakers, & a gloss black dash fascia.
Progressive Lowered Shocks
Progressive Lowered Shocks - These touring shocks are designed to deliver a comfortable ride at a 1" or 2" lowered stance.
Tour-pal Slim-Ergo Backrest Pad
Slim-Ergo Backrest Pad - Lighten the load on your tour-pak lid when you ride without a passenger.
Front Fairing Handlebar Antenna Mount
Fairing Handlebar Antenna Relocation Kit - More ergonomic antenna profile!  Relocate your tour-pak or saddlebag mount antenna to the front of your bike.
Black Satin Luggage Rack
Satin Black Luggage Rack - Deluxe Trunk Luggage Rack for the Harley FLH tour trunk is now offered in a Black Satin finish.
Mesh Fairing Intake Vent Accent
Mesh Fairing Intake Vent Accent - Aluminum outer frame secures stainless steel mesh insert via exposed socket head cap screws for a tough, industrial look.
Road Glide Fairing Wind Deflector
Road Glide Fairing Wind Deflectors - Adjustable spring-loaded deflectors are easy to operate, locking securely in four positions to direct airflow just how you want it.
Premium Adjustable Levers
Premium Adjustable Levers - The ability to adjust clutch and brake lever locations to suit the size of your hands is extremely important for riding comfort and safety.
Heel Guard
Heel Guard - Keeps boots away form hot exhaust heat shields in show chrome.
Tour-pak Luggage Liner
Tour-pak Luggage Liner - The rider can stack two in a King Tour Pack which equals the volume of the typical large bag, but in a much more manageable form.
Saddlebag Suitcase Liner
Saddlebag Suitcase Liner - This liner unzips around three sides with opposing zippers, just like a suitcase, making packing (and unpacking) a breeze.
Kick Stand Extension

Kickstand Extension - Jiffy Stand Extension kits have been ergonomically designed to simplify the deployment and retraction of the jiffy stand.

Glove Box Storage Pouches
Storage Pouch for Fairing Lowers - Add extra storage to you lower fairing glove boxes for both standard and twin-cam liquid cooled models.
Reverse Gear Option 3

Reverse Gear Option 3 for H-D Touring Bikes - The system is unlike any other on the market – it works off the stock shift lever.

Tour-pak Rack for Indian

Tour-pak Rack - Allows you to mount tour-pak to your Indian with style. Precision machine cut for perfect symmetrical lines.

Smartphone or GPS Case & Mount

Smartphone/GPS Case & Mount - Water resistant case with sun visor and interior pads.

Cycle Pedic Seat for Touring
Cycle Pedic Seat - Ergonomic motorcycle seat for all motorcycle riders, designed to relieve pressure from your prostate and tailbone.
Plug-n-Go Drive Backrest for Victory
Plug-n-Go Driver Backrest - Must-have for any serious rider. A snap to take on & off, while the removable pouch allows you to store & take all your trip essentials.

Road Glide Fairing Pouch for Project Rushmore

Road Glide Fairing Pouch - Two pocket Fairing Pouch is ideal for storing mobile devices, sunglasses and other small items. Contoured for a custom fit on 2015+ Road Glides!

Two Pocket Storage Pouches
Two Pocket Storage Pouch - Unique style allows venting on Project Rushmore motorcycles.

LED Fairing Vent  Accent

LED Vent Trim Accent - This L.E.D. Fairing Vent Accent adds a soft glow, increasing visibility while enhancing the look of the Rushmore batwing fairing.

Relocator Kit for Tour-paks, Project Rushmore

Adjustable Relocator Kit - Give passenger the freedom they deserve. Allows adjustment of the Tour-Pak from 1" forward to 3" back from the stock position without tools.

Top Dash Accent

Top Dash Accent - Enhance your view by transforming the dull black inner fairing upper dash panel and vent into a whole new landscape for your Road Glide.

Adjustable Spring Loaded Air Deflectos

Adjustable Air Deflectors - Features stylish smoke finish; easy to operate, locking securely into place in a multitude of positions to direct airflow.

Beverage Holder

Beverage Holder - The beverage holder conveniently holds most beverages in its tapered steel design. A rubber coated inside helps secure your beverage.

Passenger Armrests for Sissy Bars

Passenger Armrests - Provides your passenger with even more comfort for almost any motorcycle that has a backrest.

Gadget Bar

Gadget Bar - A convenient 4 ½’’width to mount with any 7/8’’ clamp, making this a truly universal attachment for most any accessories.

Frame Down Tube Drink Holder

Frame Down Tube Drink Holder - Shaped to blend with the contours of your motorcycle, this unique cup holder is easy to reach without cluttering the handlebar.

Phone Mount

Phone Mount - The expandable smart phone/GPS mount will easily accept units up to 3 ½’’ wide. A rubber gripped back and foamside tabs hold devices securely in place.

Motorcycle Dolly

Motorcycle Dolly - Motorcycle dolly lift holds up to 1250 lbs.

Shorty Spiral Antenna

Mini Tank Bra's - Great way to help protect your gas tank from buckle, zipper, and knee scratches with their new Gas Tank Mini Bra. Made in the USA.

Mini Tank Bra for Victory Cruisers

Mini Tank Bra's - Great way to help protect your gas tank from buckle, zipper, and knee scratches with their new Gas Tank Mini Bra. Made in the USA.

Windshield Pouch for Victory
Windshield Pouch for Victory - New design for the Victory Cross Country. This Tri-Pouch incorporates a large clear cell phone pocket on a generous center compartment.
GPS Holder
GPS Holder - Universal GPS Holder with easy lock mount. Accomodates up to 4" x 6 1/2" Units.
Sound Bar for Handlebars
Sound Bar Audio - Produces exceptional sound quality from the convenience of your handlebars.
Mini Tank Bra

Mini Tank Bras - Protection from the elements or riders w/custom look for Electra Glide or Road Glide.

Soft Lowers for Victory

Soft Lowers - For the Victory forged square highway bars found on Cross Country, Cross Roads, and Magnum models. Includes Storage Pouches.

Fairing Dash Panel, Lighted
Lighted Fairing Dash Accents - Chrome fairing dash panet in lighted or non-lighted versions. 21 available colors.
Vent Trim with Lighting
Vent Trim w/Lighting - The vent trim will not affect the flow of the fairing vent. Chrome plated or black painted ABS. Available in lit or unlit version.
Passenger Drink Holder for Indian

Passenger Drink Holder - For Indian easily mount to the right side of the trunk and features a quick-detach design that leaves only a small satin black bracket when not in use.

Glove Box Speakers 6-1/2"

 6-1/2" Fairing Lower Speakers  - Complete kit includes speaker adapters, grilles, 2 ohm speakers and all required wiring to go in fairing lowers!

Passenger Drink Holder for Victory

Passenger Drink Holder

Features a basket-style cup holder and easily mounts to the trunk hinge location to provide perfect positioning and easy access for your partner. ...more>>

LED Rear Fender Strip Lights
LED Rear Fender Strip Lights - Look great on Indian models with or without saddlebags. Function as additional run-brake lighting to significantly enhance visibility.
Ajustable Rider Backrest for Indian
Adjustable Rider Backrest for Indian - Plug-N-Go for Indian models offers enhanced comfort for long hauls and custom styling at a price that can't be beat. Black or Tan.
Magnetic Phone/GPS Pouch

Magnetic Phone/GPS Pouch  - Pouch 4 1/2" x 7 1/2", To hold today's cellphones, Ultrastrong Magnet.

Windshield Trim w/Turn Signals

Windshield Trim w/Turn Signals  - Add more turn signal notification...get the attention of others on the road.

New Amplifiers, Kit and Speakers

New Amp Kits  - Based on the original digital amplifier design, these new versions are the smallest, most powerful yet.

Lowering Kits

Adjustable Lowering Kit  - Installs in 15 minutes to adjust your bike 1"-2" lowered. Fits: '02-'14 Road Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra Glide, Road King (w/hard bags), Street Glide.

Extra Wide Vented Windshield

Vented Panoramic Windshield  - Our new windshield brings venting, a curved upper lip, and extra width together to create a breakthrough in rider and passenger experience.

Side Panel Scoops

Side Panel Scoops  - Mask the rear motor mounts and instantly transform the look of your bagger with the Side Panel Scoops for Victory.

Saddlebag Filler Panels

Saddlebag Filler Panels  - Now for model year 2014+! Elegantly fill the wide-open gap and exposed hardware in the rear saddlebag support.

Road Glide Reflector LED Fog Light Mounts

Reflector LED Fog Light Mounts  - Replaces the OEM turn signal mount, and positions separate Reflector LED Fog Lamps and turn signals close to the fairing.

Trailer Hitches

Trailer Hitches  - Entirely new seris of receiver trailer hitches for the H-D touring bikes and Trike. Take what you need on the long haul!

Speaker Pods for Project Rushmore

Tour-Pak Speaker Pods  - Now for 2014+ tour-paks! These pods hold 6 1/2" speakers, giving your stereo system a richer and deeper sound.

Tour-pak Bag

Full Size Tour-pak Liner - Simply lift your bag out of the tour-pak to move your cargo easily into the hotel, campground or to unload fast once you're home.

Saddlebag Full Size Liners

Full Size Saddlebag Liners - Full size saddlebag Bags have concealed carry pockets in both bags. They will fit inside your OEM saddlebags.

Passenger Armrests

Passenger Armrests - Deluxe Armrest System, black, for Harley FLH Passenger, Tour Pak 2014+.

Motorcycle Dolly

Motorcycle Dolly - The solution for parking in your crowded garage. Allows you to fit your ride into the tightest of spaces.

Tour-pak Lid w/Integraded Speaker Pods

Tour-Pak Lid w/Integrated Speaker Pods- Add rear speaker pods w high-quality audio that accepts 6-1/2” speakers for all-around sound.

Bagless Fender Skirts

Bagless Fender Skirts for Baggers - Remove your saddlebags and cover the area with a custom and finished appearance. Why not go's like having two bikes.

Project Rushmore Retroradio Kit

Radio Adapter Kit - Radio install kit for 2014+. Includes new control module, anodized mounting plate, radio support bracket and removable splash cover.

Passenger Drink Holder for Victory

Passenger Drink Holder - Pamper your passenger; features a basket-style cup holder and easily mounts to the trunk hinge location for easy access for your partner.

Fairing Mount for Victory

Fairing Mount for Victory - Allows positioning of iPhones, iPods, GPS, smartphones and other small electronic device on Victory inner dashes for easy access and visibility.

LED Inserts for Saddlebag Supports

LED Inserts for Saddlebag Supports - Dress up the rear of your bike and add some additional lighting by filling in the rear facing opening on touring models.

Tour-pak Lid Grips

Tour-pak Lid Grip - The compact and stylish Tour-Pak Lid Grip provides a convenient lifting point to grasp when opening the lid.

Tour-pak Lid Grips

Tour-pak Lid Grip - The compact and stylish Tour-Pak Lid Grip provides a convenient lifting point to grasp when opening the lid.

Valve Stem Extension

Valve Stem Extension - It can be frustrating to reach that hard to get to tire valve stem to get the air chuck on to check and add air. Try this Lock-On Valve Stem Extension.

Skull Drink Holders

SKULL Style Cup Holders - Cup finished in custom skull styling for both handlebar and switch mounts.

Extended Brake Levers

 Extended Brake Lever - The answer to more leg room on floorboard equipped H-D Models! Levers move the location of the brake pedal pad while flattening the angle of the pad.

Adjustable Levers

Adjustable Levers - Easily adjust lever to bar reach for individual riders. CNC machined from high quality aluminum. Available in black, chrome.

Seat & Rack Bag

Seat & Rack Bag - The ultimate travel bag with endless packing capabilities. Fits luggage racks with sissy bar, or passenger seat with or without sissy bar.

Saddlebag Face Plates

Saddlebag Face Plates - Chrome face plate set is for the right and left sides to fit OEM bags. Set features smooth design.

Large Saddlebag Gas Can

Large Saddlebag Gas Can- Holds 2 gallons so you are prepared for the long haul tour with backup. Also a smaller version with special internal spout.

Speaker Grills

Speaker Grills - Feature a clean outer frame with a satin black aluminum mesh screen that offers a drastic improvement in appearance versus stock plastic.

Lower Triple Tree Wind Deflector

Triple Tree Mounted Wind Deflectors - Direct wind passing through the fork legs downward to reduce upward airflow between the tank and fairing on H-D Touring models.

Saddlebag Liner for Victory

Saddlebag Liner - Made from durable polyurethane backed polyester, this liner will not wear out and will provid excellent weather resistance to protect what is inside.

Phone Holder

Phone Holder - Designed specifically for iPhone, iPod, and many Android devices. Made of durable polycarbonate and stainless hardware.

Polycarbonate Drink Holder

Polycarbonate Drink Holder - Designed to accommodate almost any drink or beverage container you want to keep with you while riding.

Handlebar Control Bracket Cover
Handlebar Control Bracket Cover - Clean up the right-side control housing, mounting bracket and wiring with this Handlebar Control Bracket Cover for Victory.
Oil Panel Accent
Oil Panel Accent - Chrome cover that surrounds the oil filler cap and coverts the wrinkle black base of the motor to gleaming chrome. Made from quality die-cast aluminum.
Engine Guard Kick Outs
Engine Guard Kick Outs - Extend your Engine Guardsfor whatever reason you’ve got: like room for forward controls or Motorized Floorboards, extending your highway pegs, etc.
Extra Large Trike Covers
XL Trike Cover - With many of today’s trikes getting longer and wider, we now offer an extra-large trike cover for those rides. Also covers for the Can Am Spyder.
Speaker Grills
Speaker Grills - Dresh up and cover your cloth speakers with these Front and Rear alluminum mesh speaker grills.
LED & Halogen Driving Lights
LED & Halogen Driving Lights - Driving light kits for the 1996 and newer Harley FLH that mounts to the turn signal bracket attached to the front fork. LED or Halogen available.
Tri-Line Fuel Door - Made from high-quality aluminum, the direct replacement installs with simple hand tools reusing the factory hardware, lock and latch mechanisms.
Black Drink Holders w/Mesh Basket
Black Mesh Basket Drink Holders - Now available in black for 1" Handlebar mount and Brake or Clutch perch mount. 
Speaker Grills
Speaker Grills - Add some visual punch to your speakers. With these trick, easy-to-install grills, your speakers will look as good as they sound!
Rear Speaker Trim
Rear Speaker Trim - These bright chrome trim rings install easily over the stock black rear speakers & come complete with polished stainless hardware.
Saddlebag Lid Bra
Saddlebag Lid Bra - A tapered design leaves the saddlebag lids artfully exposed while protecting and covering thefront portion from marring.
Quick Change Oil Filter/Cooler
Quick Change Oil Filter/Cooler - Canister stays permanently mounted to the engine, you only need to remove the easy to accessed end cap to change the filter.
Saddlebag Lid Bras
Saddlebag Lid Bras - Stop the scratches and cover those that might be there with this Black Classic Lid Bra Set.
Saddlebag Latch Kit
Saddlebag Latch Kit - Convert your Harley Hardbag Lid Latches to open more like the 2014 and Newer Lids!
Fairing Bra
Fairing Bra - Supple looking, marine-grade looks great while keeping the road crud off of your fairing. A superb fit and special backing provides for light bra contact.
Radiator Grills
Radiator Grills - Pop out the old and snap in the new for a classy chrome upgrade to the fairing lowers that takes just minutes.
Coolant Pump Cover
Coolant Pump Cover - Pop out the old and snap in the new for a classy chrome upgrade to the fairing lowers that takes just minutes.
Trim and Accents

Trim and Accents - Sleek & streamlined trim & accent pieces give just enough attention to subtly accentuate the restyled inner fairings.

Road Glide Recurve Lip Windshields

Road Glide Recurve Lip Windshields - Functional designs that provide the Road Glide owner uncomprimised comfort from the harsh wind and the quietest ride in the industry.

New Helmet Headset

Helment Headset - Slim unobtrusive headset microphone is attached to a flexible boom for easy positioning in full face, open face and modular helmets.

LED Curved License Plate Frame & Mount

LED Curved License Plate Frame & Mount - Direct replacement that hugs the rear fender and complements surrounding OEM chrome accents, with built-in L.E.D.'s.

Saddle Shield for Indian

Saddle Shield for Indian - Beat the heat with tried-and-true Saddle Shields, now available for Indian Chief, Chieftain and Roadmaster models.

Backrest, Pad & Hardware Package

Touring Backrest, Pad & Hardware Package - Ultimate in passenger comfort! Package includes: detachable sissy bar, backrest pad & docking hardware.

Low Profile Valve Stems

Low Profile Valve Stems - Available in either silver or black anodized finish. Their low profile is only 1 3/16” in length, making them fit any tight space needing a compact stance.

Road Sofa LS Model

Road Sofa LS - There's nothing like touring on a Harley. Now, with the addition of Road Sofa LS, trips can be as comfortable as the bike is stylish.

Inner Fairing Cover Plate

Inner Fairing Cover Plates - A simple solution to covering the holes left after removing fairing-mounted mirrors. Chrome or gloss black.

New Garage Door Openers for Motorcycles

Garage Door Opener Kits - Switch housing connects to the sender unit. Attaches anywhere on the front of the motorcycle.

Chrome Switch Cover Sets

Chrome Switch Cover Sets - Switch cover set is easily installed and does not require any rewiring. Features a chrome finish.

Frame Mounted Fairing for Dyna & Switchback

Frame-Mounted Fairing for Switchback & Dyna - Unique ABS frame-mounted fairing. Road Glide styling for the Switchback & Dyna platforms. Includes installation kit.

Passenger Floorboards

Passenger Floorboards - Three new styles of passenger floorboards available. New styles...same comfortable function!

TTF Fairing Mount Systems with Pouch Options

Fairing Mount Systems - Easily secure up front, in the middle where you want it. Add also single, dual and triple pouch options!

Adjustable Air Deflectors in Dark Grey

Adjustable Friction Hinge Air Deflectors - Easy replacement and/or upgrade for Air Deflectors found on Ultra Classics. Now available in Dark Grey.

Adjustable Dyna Switchback Tour-pak Rack

Adjustable Tour-pak Rack for Dyna - Now for all Dyna platforms....adjustability to fit all side plate dimensions. Take more with you for the long haul.

Saddlebag Latch Covers

Saddlebag Latch Covers - Perfect enhancement to elevate the redesigned lids on hard saddlebags. Forged and machined from premium aluminum.

Fairing Mount Systems

Fairing Mount Systems - Easily mount and secure an iPhone®, iPod®, smartphone, GPS or small device right off your fairing for easy access!

Fender Tip Lights

LED Fender Tip Lights - Next generation LED front and rear Fender Tip Lights. Multiple colors and finishes.

Flare Style Windshields for Indian

Windshields for Indian - Innovative design features “hips” at the outer edge of the shield that re-route the air to add downforce and aid stability.

Seatback Roller Luggage Bag

Roller Seatback Bag - Structurally designed for the rider to lean against it as a backrest while mounted on the passenger seat when equipped with a Tour-Pak or trunk.

Teardrop Mirrors

Teardrop Mirrors - Small, streamlined aluminum stems & heads provide a sleek custom appearance while keeping functionality intact thanks to the convex glass.

Tour-pak & Saddlebag Light Kits

Saddlebag Light Kit - Don't be left in the dark! Interior light kits for tour-pak, glove boxes and to illuminate saddlebags. Bulb or LED white light.

Saddlebag Top Trim

Saddlebag Top Trim - Accentuate the classic curves found on Indian hard saddlebags with this four-piece Saddlebag Top Trim accent.

Road Glide Headlight Accent

Road Glide Headlight Vent Accents - Enhance the headlight assembly on redesigned Road Glide™ fairings with ABS accent that carries a custom theme.

Amplified External Speakers

Amplified Lower Speakers - All-in-one amplified speaker cans with built in digital technology produce loud, crystal clear audio as well as look great on your bike.

Engine Cooling Fan System

Engine Cooling Fans - This Engine Cooling System will improve your bike’s engine heat issues, reduce oil temperatures and improve engine performance.

Chrome Aircraft Machined Aluminum Racks

Aircraft Machined Luggage Racks - If you are customizing your bagger, these pieces will set you apart from the rest. Matching companion Saddlebag Lid Racks.

Rider Touring Took Kit

Rider Touring Tool Kit - This tool kit will help the rider perform many general maintenence tasks for 1999-13 TC-88 & 2014+ FLT models!

Lower Police Bike Seat Bracket

Lowered Police Seat Bracket - Using stock seat...but lowers 2 inches and moved it back 1 & 1/2 inches. Easy less than 1-hour installation.

Top Dash Accent for Indian

Top Dash Accent - Carry the classic styling found on outer Indian fairings into the cockpit with this easy-to-install Top Dash Accent.

Fairing Mask for Electra Glide

Fairing Mask - Synthetic stretch fabric protection from the elements. Fairing and companion saddlebag Lid Covers.

Adjustable Windshield for Batwing Fairings

Adjustable Windshields Adjustable Flip available for models from '96 to '15. Dual shield is perfect for wind in your face town trips or quickly turning into touring shield.

Quick Detach Luggage Racks

Quick Detach Luggage Racks New rear luggage rack in polished stainless steel and black powder-coat steel.

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