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  • Strong, true reverse transmission
  • No case modifications required for reverse gearset installation
  • No reaching near hot pipes or auxiliary levers to work
  • No "accidentally" shifting into reverse due to the safety lever mechanism that locks out reverse when the solenoid is not energized

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number
Reverse Gear
plus S&H


Reverse Gear for 2007 and Up Touring Bikes
$1,949.99 - $2,099.99

Solenoid Position
Bike Model & Model Year


Reverse Switch
$39.99 - $179.99


BK-F6R: New for this year we proudly introduce the BK-F6R reverse kit for the 2009-Later factory Cruise Drive 6-speeds. Kit includes the door, side cover, countershaft, reverse gears and shift system, safety solenoid and related hardware.The kit adds a reverse gear to any existing 2006-later factory big twin 6 speed. The system is unlike any other on the market – it works off the stock shift lever. With a simple flip of the handlebar or dash mounted safety toggle switch and a kick of the shift lever you’re in reverse. It’s that simple. No reaching near hot pipes to put your bike in reverse by hand. With the reverse system you’ll be able to safely shift from 1st to reverse and back with no risk of engaging both gears at once. You’ll also find it’s much easier to find neutral than on a stock bike. These reverse gears are fully heat treated, with diamond ground tooth profiles and cut from gear grade 8620 steel. The gear ratios were chosen to make it easy for you to maneuver your bike in reverse. The overall 4.98:1 gear ratio in reverse is essentially a creeper gear, which is 45% shorter than the stock 3.34:1 first gear.


  • Adds a reverse gear to the stock Cruise Drive 6-speed Transmission
  • Full complement of parts and detailed instructions included for an easy installation
  • Reverse is designed as a creeper gear for the safest operation possible
  • Reverse selection controlled by foot shift lever. Shift into reverse like any other gear. (R-1-N-2-3-4-5-6 Shift Pattern) Electronic reverse safety lock out solenoid is energized with the handlebar or inner fairing mounted momentary toggle switch
  • Redundant spring system on the safety lever assembly make it is the safest reverse system on the market today
  • Included shift drum improves shift quality and the ability to find neutral, every time
  • True ‘plug & play’ wiring harness. No using the starter motor for reverse maneuvers either
  • Backed by a 2 year limited warranty


Any existing 2006-later factory Big Twin 6-speed 


2007-08 Touring Model Exhaust Installation Notes: The stock exhaust will clear the F6R front facing solenoid side cover and solenoid. An exhaust that follows the path of stock exhaust or true duals where the rear pipe travels directly to the left side of the motorcycle over the top of the transmission will work. Two-into-one  style pipes where the rear head pipe goes down the front of the stock transmission side cover require the use of the rear facing solenoid side cover.

2009-Later Touring Model Exhaust Installation Notes: The stock exhaust two-into-one-into-two design requires the use of the rear facing solenoid side covers.

2013 Big Twin Hydraulic Clutch Kit:

Customers installing a BK-R6 on Screaming Eagle bikes with factory installed hydraulic side covers will need to purchase the 2013 hydraulic clutch kit. This kit includes one center push rod, one screw adjuster, one release plate, one internal retaining ring, and one jam nut. These parts retro-fit the clutch rod and adjustment to a mechanical ball and ramp. The side cover is set-up to work with the BK-R6 1.5” piston and push rod in the BK-R6 side cover.


  • 4.98:1 ratio reverse gear in the gearset, which is 45% shorter than the stock 1st gear ( 3.34:1). Making it essentially a creeper gear
  • Reverse gears and dogs made of 8620 gear steel, fully case hardened to 58-62 Rockwell C. Ground tooth profiles with diamond coating tooling
  • Billet (6061-T6) Aluminum bearing door and side covers. Available in polished or chrome finishes
  • Pre heat treated 4140 billet steel shift fork (28-32 Rockwell C) rides on a case hardened, ground finish fork rod
  • Hydraulic side cover (1.5″ Piston) works with stock and aftermarket 11/16″ bore hydraulic clutch lever assemblies
  • All included bolts are polished stainless steel
  • Included shift drum is machined from 12L14 billet steel, then case hardened to 48-52 Rockwell C (R-1-N-2-3-4-5-6 Shift Pattern)
  • Adds a reverse gear to the stock Cruise Drive 6 Speed Transmision
  • Typical install time is 6-9 hours depending on the model of motorcycle, exhaust and installed accessories

Reverse Gear

Back out with EASE!
BK-F6R Reverse Gear Installed (rear facing solenoid)

Back out with EASE!
BK-F6R Reverse Gear (front facing solenoid)

Back out with EASE!
BK-F6R Reverse Gear

Back out with EASE!
BK-F6R Reverse Gear

Back out with EASE!
BK-F6R Reverse Gear

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Back up with EASE!

Back up with EASE!

Back up with EASE!

Back up with ease!
BK-F6R Kit

Easy installation!
BK-SW Frame Mounted Switch

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