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Enjoy the ride!

Listed by category

Note: The list below is not complete. For a more comprehensive view of our offerings, see the Categories to the left or also our new store

Comfort & Ergonomics
Ultra Brace for Tour-paks

Ultra Brace for Tour-Paks

Ergonomics: applied science concerned with designing things people use so that the people & things interact efficiently. The TB-3 makes opening a tour-pak easier. No more flop-over! ...more >> 

Stock and Custom Windshields

 Electra Glide & Road King  Windshields

The stock shield interferes with the natural line-of-sight.  We offer a line of regular and super-step-contoured replacements to solve the problem for Electra Glides, Street Glides & Road Kings.  ...more>>

Stock and Custom Windshields

 Road Glide  Windshields

Now new updates for the Road Glide.  We offer a line of regular and super-step-contoured replacements to solve the problem for Road Glides & Tour Glides.  ...more>>

Ride in Comfort!

Improve cooling to your upper body with our Vent Kit or Vented Windshields.  You can open or close, adjust the vent for all weather conditions. Ride in comfort! ...more >>

Powershield Fairing

Adjust your windshield height with a touch of your finger. Push button adjustment from 5" to 12" with high performance audio. ...more>>

Bagger Shades

Integrate your Bat Wing fairing with the standard 4 inch windshield. The Shade fits FLHT's from 1996 to current, and all Street Glides.  ...more>>

Ride in Comfort

Ultra Vent for Lowers

Legs ever get hot when your fairing lowers are installed?  The Ultra Vent is an open and closable air-chute that captures and directs fresh air to your legs. Compliment with Saddle Shields. ...more >>

Adjustable Freedom Wings

 Adjustable and Stock Air Deflectors

Easy replacement and/or upgrade for Air Deflectors found on Ultra Classics.  Large surface directs air flow....stock and adjustable.  ...more>>

Ride in Comfort with Bottle Caddy!

Very attractive upgrade with function! Improve cooling to your legs and add a convenient easy access bottle caddy for those long rides. Ride in comfort! ...more >>

Ride in Comfort!

Adjustable Air Wings for Lowers
Another option to bring fresh air into the rider.  Adjustable Air Wings can be either opened for fresh air or closed to shut off air.  ...more>>

Saddle Shields

 Saddle Shield Heat Deflectors
These frame mounted polycarbonate shields position to help to re-direct heat away from your thighs. New versioin for MY '09. ...more>>

Road Glide Wind Deflectors

Reduce and redirect the air flow that rises between the fairing and fork tubes. Resulting reduction in updraft dramatically reduces buffeting.  ...more>>

Aftermarket Fairing Lowers with and withtout Speaker Housings

Protect you legs and feet from the elements!  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these after-market alternative.  Option w/speaker housings.  ...more>>

Soft Lowers

These soft lowers provide wind and mud protection for the legs and boots of riders for the Electra Glide Classic, Standard and Road King and other bikes.  ...more>>


Fork Mounted Wind Deflectors 

Chrome bolt-on air deflectors provide just the right amount of air. The sliding vents can be opened or closed depending on conditions. ...more>>

Wind Deflectors

 Fork & Triple Tree Mounted Wind Deflectors

When you hit bad weather, Wind Deflectors keep weather from hitting you.  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these sleek chrome accessories.  ...more>>

Heel Guard

 Heel Guard & Undercovers for Footboards 

Tired of a burned boot heel from contact with the heat shield?  Does your foot slide off the back of the footboard?  We have a solution to those problems.  ...more>>

Folding Heel Shift Lever

Heel shift peg can quickly be tucked away with the flick of your heel.  Extended front or rear shift leverl. Also eliminator spacers.  ...more>>

Quicker Shift Action, Full use of Floor-board

Improve the shift action and control with this innovative Heel/Toe Shifter on H-D Touring models .  ...more>>

Lower your Electra Glide

Designed to lower the front and rear of your Electra Glide, Road Glide, Street Glide or Road King without affecting the shock angle.  Kickstand Wedge kits, Lowered kickstands and accessories...  ...more>>

Air Suspension Systems

Designed to work accordingly with its comfortable cruising and smooth handling, our system is complemented with our load-leveling technology for better highway handling...  ...more>>

Highway Mounts, Boards and Pegs

Highway Mounts/Pegs, Boards & Extension Kits

Add comfort for the long haul with this assortment of quality highway mounts, pegs and boards.  Full adjustability and compatibility with fairing lowers.  A great upgrade for the touring rider.  ...more>>

Ride in Comfort

Engine Guards

The best, classiest, most comfortable engine guards on the market!  Add form and function to your bike.  Fold-in or fold-out build in highway pegs.  ...more>>

Passenger Foot Comfort Options

Passenger Comfort!  Tour-pak backrest pads. Retractable passenger pegs, adjustable floorboard mounts, adjusable offsets.  Easily position feet up or down. ...more>>

Adjustable and Standard Handlebars

Multi-adjustable handlebars, standard Buryly bars and Ape Hangers for Electra Glides, Street Glide and Road Kings.  ...more>>

Custom Ape Hangers, Custom Cable Kits

Custom Ape Hangers & Cable Kits 

Custom Ape Hangers in chrome and black for Touring Bikes. Stainless or black cable kits. ...more>>

Plug-In Adjustable Backrest

The most economical Driver Backrest in the industry.  Adjustable height.  Great touring comfort!  ...more>>

Adjustable Rider Backrests

The most adjustable rider backrests in the industry.  Fully adjustable, also folds down for passenger mounting.  Several styles available.  ...more>>

Rider Backrests

Add back support for the long haul. Also has adjustability for different riding positions. Several styles available.  ...more>>

Police Air Bladder Seat Backrest

Police Seat Backrest 

Excellent ergonomic product for discriminating owners of Harley Police bikes with air bladder solo seat. Fits with absolutely no modifications. ...more>>

Multipurpose Driver and Passenger Backrest

Driver & Passenger Backrest 

Multipurpose for Driver and Passenger. Easily adjusts back and forth. Incorporated luggage rack. Ships April 2012. ...more>>

Back Rests and Sissy Bars

Add comfort and security for your passenger with these detachable sissy bars, back rests & integrated luggage rack.  Multiple varieties available.  ...more>>

Passenger Comfort!

Travel in comfort and style with these passenger armrests.  Swing away design with built in cup holder.  Now available for regular AND detachable tour-paks.  Also passenger hand rails.  ...more>>

Road Sofa or Cyclepedic Seat

For the ultimate in luxury and comfort, there's nothing like these touring seats!  Designed for H-D's entire line or touring motorcycles .  ...more>>

Seat Pads for the Electra Glide and Road Glide

Seat Pads for H-D Electra Glides & Road Glides
Designed specifically for the Electra Glide and Road Glide, these Seat Pads reduce fatigue by minimizing thigh and buttocks pressure points.  ...more>>

Easier Operation

Slim Levers and Trigger Levers for Clutch and Brake
These levers are slimmer or have triggers and make it easier to operate the clutch and brake. They incorporate inovative needle bearings in the pivot to reduce friction for smoother operation...more>>

Simplify Turn Signal Actuation

Makes turn signal actuation simple for rides...even while manipulating clutch or brake.  ...more>>

Hand Deflectors!

Tired of rocks stinging you in the hands? Hands freezing from the windchill factor? And your gloves just aren't doing the job for you... Made of Lexan® polycarbonate.  ...more>>

Grips, Warmers and Accessories

Keep you hands warm in the winter! Various Grips, Guards, Warmers and Accessories for your Electra Glide, Road Glide or Road King.  ...more>>

Fairing/Frame/Engine                             back to top
Custom Motor Hardware Sets

Custom Motor Hardware

Replacements for side covers, lifter blocks, timing plug, inner primary, motor mounts & rocker boxes. Header mount, point cover or generator mount, washers & nuts supplied where applicable. ...more>>

Cafe Fairing for Road King

 Road King Cafe Fairing

Custom look cafe fairing for Road Kings. Functional smooth air flow.  Mounts to stock windshield grommets.  ...more>>

SportTech Fairing for Road Kings

Easily detachable.  Includes storage compartment. While not losing touch with traditional styling, our fairing adds subtle & classy styling improvements.  ...more>>

Road King Batwing Fairing

 Road King Batwing Fairing

Available with Audio System.  Includes functional Glove Box. While not losing touch with traditional styling, our fairing adds subtle & classy styling improvements.  ...more>>

Powershield Fairing

Adjust your windshield height with a touch of your finger. Push button adjustment from 5" to 12" with high performance audio. ...more>>

Fairing Bra's for Electra Glide & Road Glide

Protection from the elements or riders w/custom look for Electra Glide or Road Glide.  ...more>>

Batwing Fairing Bumper

Batwing Fairing Bumper 

Never again have to deal with scuffed or chipped paint from the dangers of hauling. ...more>>

Fairing Dash Pad

A custom look...adds a recessed cockpit look to inner fairing, top stitched leather. Inner/outer fairing accents.  ...more>>

Windshield Trim, Chrome Cover-UP

Beautiful windshield trim for a distinctive look and functional cover-up for storage pouches.  ...more>>

Windshield Mount Mirrors, Signals and Mirror Caps

Turn Signal or Ellipse mirror heads are positioned just above the upper edge of the fairing to provide great rearward visibility.  Also Mirror Caps for FLHX.  Also Blind Spot Mirrors.  ...more>>

Give your Road Glide a Facelift

  Road Glide Headlight Products

Give your Road Glide a facelift with our illuminated bezel with integrated run and turn signals.  Also Faceplates, stealthy Headlight Guards and Grills available.  ...more>>

Front & Rear Fender Trim

Give your Road Glide, Road King Custom, Street Glide and many CVO bikes some flash and added protection.  Also Saddlebag Accents available.  ...more>>

Center Stands

Give yourself the same parking options as other brand touring bikes.  A true Center-Stand for Electra Glides in chrome or black.  Bolts directly to the frame and installs in less than 10 minutes. Park-n-Move allow you to easily transport your bike around garage.  ...more>>

Remove or re-install in 2 to 3 minutes

Quick Detach Kit for Fairing Lowers
Great for seasonal riding conditions! This kit installs in minutes and then allows you to remove or re-install your lower leg fairings in 2 to 3 minutes, NO TOOLS REQUIRED!!.  ...more>>

Fairing Rocker Switch Kits

Includes backlit switch symbols...custom chrome or black fit perfectly in inner fairing...  ...more>>

Radio Accents, Switch Covers, Misc. Covers & Heat Shields

Fills those nasty "black holes" and other gaps on your Electra Glide, Road Glide or Road King.  Trim, Switch Covers & Nacelle accents and New "gap" cover for space between heat shields...  ...more>>

Chrome Dresser Cover

Chrome right & left side covers oil tank on '65 - '84 FLH Dressers. Knobs, brackets & hardware ...more>>

Undercovers for Floorboards

Floorboard Undercovers 

The underside of floorboards is an often-overlooked detail. Black ABS plastic, snap-in-place inserts smooth out the underside of your floorboards. ...more>>

Fill the gap!

Clean up the rear of your dresser by filling the gap. Chrome ABS or Fiberglass models.  Also add an additional lighting options!  ...more>>

Bagless Skirts

 Bagless Skirts for Baggers
Remove your saddlebags and cover the area with a custom and finished appearance.  No modification required.   Easy on/off.  Why not go's like having two bikes.  ...more>>

Bagless Products

Spruce up your bike when running with or without your saddlebags! Side Covers, Shock Covers, Kits and more.  ...more>>

Muffler and Exhaust Systems

Upgrade the quality, performance and exhaust sound of your Electra Glide, Road Glide or Road King with various slip-on Muffler Systems.  Several to choose from.  ...more>>

EFI Performance Module

The total answer to electronic fuel injection tuning.  Use in conjuction with our Powermaster slip on mufflers.  ...more>>

Variable Pressure Clutch

Reduce clutch pull up to 50%.  Models for Evolution, Twin Cam, Screaming Eagle engines.  Fits behind stock derby cover.  Easy installation  ...more>>

Plus One Oil Pan

Plus 1 Oil Pan 

Increase oil capacity by 1 or 1.5 quarts and reduce engine running temperatures. ...more>>

Reverse Gear for 5 and 6 Speeds

 Reverse Gear Options for H-D Touring Bikes

Back-out with EASE!  Two model options. Upgrade your Electra Glide with a reverse gear like most of the other big touring bikes.  Increase your parking options.  Now for 6-Speed...  ...more>>

Stabilizing Systems for Dressers

  Stabilizer Systems for Baggers

Minimize side-to-side movement and stabilize your bike for a better ride.  ...more>>

Detachable Racks and Relocator Kits for Sissy Bars/Tour-paks

Fixed, Detachable racks/kits & Docking hardware, move the Tour Pak back to provide more room for passenger. Added space makes things more comfortable, makes climbing on & off easier.  ...more>>

Trike Rear Light Bars

Trike Rear Light Bars & Fender Products

Sculptured housings with run, turn and brake lighting. Fender Accents & Mud Flaps. ...more>>

Storage/Luggage/Security                     back to top
Ultra 2014 Glove Box Lock Kit

Add security to your 2014 and later Ultra Glove Boxes!  Like other premium touring bikes, upgrade your Ultra to be able to lock up valuables in your glove boxes up top. ...more >>

Sealed Glove Box Doors
 Locking Glove Box Door Kits for Ultra Classic

Several options. Add security, water tightness and convenience to your glove boxes! Three styles, flush-mount hinged-side, hinged-bottom & removable. ...more >>

Sealed Glove Box Door for 2019 Electra Glide Standard

Glove Box Door for 2019+ Electra Glide Standard 

Seal and secure you glove box area with keyed barrel lock or quick access knob. ...more>>

Glove Box Door for Standard

Fill that empty hole! Add security, water tightness and convenience to your glove box!  This Glove Box Door give you the option to lock valuable items up front. ...more >>

Sealed Glove Box Doors for Road Glide
Sealed Glove Box Doors for Road Glides

Add security, water tightness and convenience to your glove boxes! Like other premium touring bikes, these Lockable and Non-Lockable Doors allow you to lock valuable items up front. ...more >>

Road Glide Glove Box Door Lock Kit
Road Glide Upper Fairing Glove Box Door Lock Kit
Add security to your Road Glide's upper fairing glove boxes!  Like other premium touring bikes, upgrade your Road Glide to be able to lock up valuables in your glove boxes up top. ...more >>
Stash Dash for Touring Models
 Stash Dash for Touring Models

Clean up your baggers console appear while at the same time providing for extra storage capacity at your finger tips. ...more >>

Add security to your Road King Classic!

Add security to your semi-rigid leather Road King Classic saddlebags and tour-pak.  Also acts as extra helmet lock!  ...more >> 

Custom Fitted Saddlebags

 Custom Fitted Saddlebags
Custom fitted saddlebags for all H-D touring bikes.  Designed to accomodate shocks and battery.  Heavy duty leather!  ...more >> 

Ultra Brace for Tour-paks

Ultra Brace for Tour-Paks

The Ultra Brace™ provides a functional upgrade to your 1979 through current Tour-Pak by replacing the stock cable or accessory tether that goes between the lid and body.  No more flop-overl!  ...more >> 

Chrome Billet Tour-pak Hinges

Upgrade the fit and finish of your H-D tour-pak with these show chrome billet hinges, Covers and replacement Latches!  Beautiful appearance with functional reinforcement. ...more >> 

Tour-pak & Saddlebag Light Kits

 Interior Light Kits for Tour-Pak & Saddlebags

Don't be left in the dark! Interior light kits for tour-pak and ligth pods to illuminate saddlebags.  Bulb or LED white light. ...more >>

Tour-pak Organizer Tray

Video Glove Box Door 

Organize your smaller items. Custom molded plastic orgnizer that fits 1993 to present H-D tour-paks. ...more>>

Road King Classic Leather Tour-pak

Add cross-county luggage capacity to your Road King Classic. A cavernous interior will hold one full-face helmet or two half helmets. ...more>>

Razor-Pak Trunk

 Razor-Pak Trunk

Upgrade your bagger to add trunk storage capacity in a slim line custom design!  Fits detachable or rigid mount racks.    ...more >> 

OEM Style Aftermarket Tour-pak

OEM Style Vivid Black Tour-pak 

Aftermarket OEM styling in vivid black with backrest, inner plastic liner and smoked lens. ...more>>

Winged or Standard King & Chopped Tour-paks

Winged Tour-paks 

Add a custom look! Tour-paks with or without Lid Wing, in King and Chopped styles. All hardware included. ...more>>

Touring Trunks

Upgrade your Electra Glide Standard, Road Glide, Road King or Police Bike to add trunk storage capacity!  These Touring Trunks are an economical alternative to the H-D Tour-pak.    ...more >> 

Tour-pak Wall Mount

Easily mount your detachable Tour-pak, luggage rack or back-rest onto the wall in your garage when it is not on the bike.  Less risk of damage!  More space in garage.  ...more >> 

Windshield Wall Mount

Easily mount your windshield onto the wall in your garage when it is off the bike.  Less risk of damage!  More garage space.  ...more>>

Sliding Tour-pak Rack....solor or passenger backrest!

Sliding Tour-pak Rack 

Slide forward for a single rider or backward for a 2-up ride. PLUS, offers 2” more space for the passenger as compared to a stock tour pack! ...more>>

Relocator Kits

Fixed, Detachable racks/kits & Docking hardware, move the Tour Pak back to provide more room for passenger. Added space makes things more comfortable, makes climbing on & off easier.  ...more>>

Detachables Lock

Barrel lock security for your H-D detachables: tour-pak rack, sissy bar/backrest, luggage racks. Security and peace of mind. Also lock kit for your hard or soft saddlebags. ...more>>

Solo Tour-pak Rack

Solo Rider Detachable Racks for Tour-paks add that custom look and give you another touring option when riding without a passenger.  ...more>>

Tour-Pak Luggage Racks

Luggage Racks, Lid & Guard Rails for Rear, Tour-pak &  Saddlebags

A nice upgrade for riders needing extra luggage capacity.  Air Wing LED Luggage Racks & models that provide a more functional "flat" base for heavy cargo for the rear, tour-paks and saddlebag lids.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Lid Rails

Saddlebag Lid Rails 

Add style and function. Standard and model with unique insignias. Protects your saddlebags from scuffs. ...more>>

Luggage Rack and Seatback Bags

Are you out of room when you tour?  These luggage rack and seatback bags provide additional/convenient storage for the long haul.  Great when touring with or without a passenger.  ...more>>

Lid Organizer

 Tour-Pak Organizers for Lid & Wall & Tike

Keep smaller items conveniently located under your Tour-Pak lid or along the inside wall.  Features two zippered pockets, two expandable pockets, with or without vanity mirror.  ...more>>

Tour-pak Liners and Luggage Options

Premium Luggage Liners and Luggage Optons for on top and inside your tour-pak.  Nice carry-all for items from bike to hotel room.  ...more>>

Chopped Tour-Pak Liner

 Liners for Tour-Paks, Saddlebags & Glove Boxes
Protect your stowed gear and upgrade your Tour-Pak, Saddlebags and Glove Boxes like the Ultra Classic Electra Glide.  ...more>>

Tour-pak Bra and Bra Bags

Protect your King or Chopped Tour-pak and also have extra storage options.  Bras and Bra Bags for extra room to carry items for the long haul.  ...more>>

Tank Bag w/Map Pocket

Map Pockets and Tank Bags w/Map Pocket.  Extra storage with a convenient map pocket for easy viewing while on tour.   Severa; varieties to choose from.  ...more>>

Storage Pouches

Pouches for Dressers & Windshield Bags

Keep CD's, cassettes and other misc. items at your finger tips with this assortment of upper and lower fairing pouches for the Electra Glide & Windshield Bag for Road Kings.  ...more>>

Trike Saddlebags

Trike Saddlebags

Add additional storage at your fingertips.  Contoured to fit under passenger's legs.  Fits Trike models. ...more>>

Curved Fender Racks

Curved Fender Racks

Beautiful chrome fender rack designed specifically for the Trike. Curved styling. ...more>>

Saddlebag Liners

Premium saddlebag liners fit like a glove in your Electra Glide or Road fiberglass saddlebags.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Organizer

Store small items and organize the interior of your hard saddlebags.  Tools, pouches...several product options.  ...more>>

Saddlebag & Tour-pak Chaps

 Saddlebag & Tour-pak Chaps Lid Covers & Storage
Protect your saddlebags and tour-pak and add extra storage for the long haul.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Lid Cargo Products

Lid Haulers
Increase your storage capacity for the long haul.  Double your saddlebag capacity. Out of production.

Hard Saddlebags

 Extended, Oversized & Stock Size Hard Saddlebags

Increase your storage capacity as much as 30% or 40% for the long haul with oversized hard saddlebags.  Stock size also available.  ...more>>

Saddlebad & Side Cover Accents & Bumpers

Accents and rotection for your saddlebags, lids & side covers without resorting to the stock saddlebag rails.  Great for the Standard, Classic, Road King or Road Glide.  ...more>>

Police Bike Accessories!

Now for your Police Puck Covers, Saddlebag Inserts. Many chrome options to choose from.  ...more>>

Police Saddlebag Latches

Flush and non-flush mount, push button saddlebag latches. Get rid of the puck with chrome or black latches.  ...more>>

Convenient use locks!

License Plate Helmet Locks & Bike Disc Locks
Unique License Plate Helmet Lock and misc. bike disc locks.  Secure your helmet when your tour-pak is full.  ...more>>

 Ultra Touring                                               back to top
Headlight & Running Light Armor

Headlight & Running Light Armor 

Protect your headlight from costly damage. With the cost of a new head light being hundreds of dollars...pretty inexpensive insurance. ...more>>

Dash Shelf

Need extra space for your GPS unit and other devices when on tour?  This Dash Shelf mounts easily and provides additional mounting options for your Electra Glide.  ...more>>

Gadget Mounts

Another option for mounting equipment.  Compliment your Dash Shelf with available mounts for every gadget.  Also full integration kits.  Great for touring.  ...more>>

Running Lights for Electra Glides and Road Glides

 Running and Driving Lights for Touring models

Halogen caliper mount, fork, turn signal and engine mount running lights will provide you with a lighting edge at night, increasing your visibility and looking great while doing it.  ...more>>

Another Luggage Option!

Add yet another option to increase your luggage hauling capacity when needed.  Luagge racks or coolers can be mounted.  Silver or black.  Sport caddy attachment.  ...more>>

Waterproof Rack Bag

Waterproof Rack Bag 

Add Ultra storage capacity for the real long haul.  Works in tadem with our QDLC luggage/cooler rack.  Water-resistant nylon. ...more>>

Trailer Hitch Products & Accessories

Upgrade for the long haul!  Trailer Hitch(s), receptables, covers and wiring harnesses.  ...more>>

Trailer Covers

This lightweight polyester urethane coated cover not only protects your trailer from bird droppings, tree sap, bugs and debris, but it keeps prying eyes away from your rig.  ...more>>

Trailer Options for the H-D Touring Platform

A motorcycle cargo trailer that is compact, lightweight and offers plenty of cargo room. Aluminum motorcycle utility and cargo trailers for use behind your motorcycle.  ...more>>

Tour Camping Tent, Bag and Stool PAC

No motels availabe...or just want to be closer to nature?  Quality motorcycle camping with compact size and light weight tent...sleeping bag and stool in one PAC.  ...more>>

Touring Bag Mounts

No sagging luggage bags.  Provides more support and balanced load for the long haul.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Gas Can

Saddlebag Can & Transfer System for Touring

Never run out of gas again!  Fits nicely in saddlebag....1 gallon capacity.  ...more>>

Auxillary Fuel Tank Kit for Touring

  Auxillary Fuel Tank Kit for Touring

Extend your touring range between fuel stops!  All aluminum with internal baffle.  ...more>>

Falcon Seatback Bag

Falcon Seatback Bag 

Another option to increase your storage capacity for the long haul.  Add the Top Bag if needed. ...more>>

 Audio                                                            back to top
Audio Source for Fairing

Rock Box Audio Source 

Tired of that wore out radio, but don’t want to loose the factory audio steering controls? Wired for HD controller integration and Bezel. ...more>>

Cell Phone, GPR and Radar Integration Kit

This component terminal will integrate the audio signals from a cell phone, GPS and/or radar detector with the driver's helmet headset. Great for touring.  ...more>>

Integrated Audio I-product Dash Mounts

Integrated Dash Mounts for Iphone 

Integrate your I-product's audio with stylish dashboards tol keep your iPod secure and easily accessible for even the longest rides. ...more>> 

Satellite Radio Mounting Kits

Mount most XM or Sirius Radio receivers on the left or right handlebar position!  ...more>>

Bluetooth AUX Input Integration Terminal

Allows you to capture stereo music, navigation commands and/or cell phone calls , via Bluetooth, from your favorite Bluetooth enabled gadget...more>>

Safety and Convenience

Not only talk more safely on your cell phone, but also listen to the radio and passenger!  And also...Bike-to-Bike communication!!  ...more>>

Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Headsets

Wireless Bluetooth headset kits for open, full and flip-front helmets. OEM connection. No cables to get in the way!  ...more>>

Harley Helmet Headset Kits

Headset kits for half, open-face and modular helmets. OEM connection. Special low noise microphone!  ...more>>

Wired Intercom System

Now an affordable intercom system for your Road King.  Incorporates many of the same feature you find on the Ultra Classic  ...more>>

Ear Plug Speaker Phones

Single and dual speakers per ear.  Smallest & most comfortable for motorcycling.  Comfortable inside motorcycle helmets. ...more>>

Fairing Lower/Glove Box Speaker Kits

 Glove Box Speakers Kits for Electra Glides

Convert those Electra Glide glove boxes in your lower fairing into speaker cabinets.  No longer do you need rear speaker pods to enjoy 4 speaker audio!  ...more>>

Road King Media System

 Media System for the Road King

120 watts of power for your media player, satellite radio or portable audio device. 2 wire harness for plug-n-play installation!  ...more>>

Road Radio

 Audio for the Road King

Listen to music on your Road King with the Chrome Speakers & Ipod or Road Radio with CD or tape player.  Smart compact design installed easily onto the windshield mount!  ...more>>

Audio Packages and Kits

Affordable path to in-dash CD/MP3 upgrade audio. Plug-in module lets you tap into the latest audio technology! SONY CD/MP3 AM-FM Radio Packages. XM or Sirius ready adapter kits also available.  ...more>>

Radio Adapter Kits and Accessories

 Universal Radio Adapter Kits & Accessories

The features of a new radio without loosing your handle bar controls. These adapter kit allows you to plug-n-play supported Sony, Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, JVC & Clarion decks directly into your stock wiring harness.  ...more>>

New LCD Stereo Upgrade Package

Upgrade from your factory H-D Electra Glide or Road Glide stereo system to our new LCD plug-n-play, 6-1/2" Speaker Audio upgrade system.  Plug-n-play install.  ...more>>

Dash Tweeter Kits

Tweeter Pod Kits for Electra Glide & Road Glide

Also Gauge Tweeter kits! Unlike bass, high frequency has a very hard time playing around objects in front of it like... handle bars, master cylinders, GPS units, etc. Re-experience your music for the first time.  ...more>>

Overside 6-1/2" Upgrade Speaker Kit

Oversize Upgrade Speaker Kit for Dressers

Electra Glide & Road Glide. Increase in speaker size from 6-1/2" to 7-1/4" and increase your bass, mid and high range sound quality.  Includes speaker adapters...bolt on installation!  ...more>>

High Performance Speakers

High Performance Speakers and Grills

If you want to make the most dramatic change possible to the volume level and clarity of the music from your speakers, then replace those weak stock units with a set of high-performance models!  ...more>>

Fairing Speaker Acoustic Pads

 Fairing Speaker Acoustic Pads

For Batwing fairing or Road Glide fairing. In-fairing acoustic pads are one of the easiest things you can do to tighten-up-the-bass and improve the overall sound quality of your fairing mounted speakers.  ...more>>

Kicker Audio Amplifier

Features ultra slim, compact design, mounts directly to the top of your bike’s factory radio & has the capability to produce the highest quality sound. ...more>>

Amplifier Systems, Kits and Speakers

Ready to get serious about your bike's sound system? Don't like the idea of giving up your saddlebags to do it? Fits inside of the fairing, consumes less power than typical systems.  ...more>>

High Power Audio

Transform your motorcycle audio experience with more teeth-clenching, high-quality sound than you'll ever need.  Amp and speaker kit.  ...more>>

250W In Fairing Amplifier Kit

Upgrade your motorcycle audio experience with 250 or 500 watts of high-quality sound.  Fit '06 to current Electra Glide batwing or Road Glide fairing.  ...more>>

Tour-pak Sub-woofer Speaker & Amp Kit

Add depth and punch to your audio system.  8" sub-woofer and 500 watt amplifier kit designed to fit into your King Tour-pak. Or more economically...Bass Booster Port Kit.  ...more>>

Speaker Pod Kits

 Tour-Pak Speaker Pod Kits

5 1/4" Speaker Pod Kits, 6 1/2" Speaker Pod Kits and Amplifiers. Upgrade you Bagger to the Ultra audio level.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Speaker Lid System

Another audio option for the rear.  Purpose built Lid Speaker System retains classic lines of touring models.  ...more>>

Soft Saddlebag Speaker Kits

Another audio option for your Road King Classic.  Transforms your soft saddlebags and retains the look of the classic bags.  ...more>>

Shorty  Antennas

  Shorty Antennas for AM/FM/WB and CB

Now available...Shorty Antennas for AM/FM/WB and now CB for the Ultra, that provide performance, functionality and that custom look in 6 to 19 inch lengths  ...more>>

Hidden Antennas

 Hidden Antennas for AM/FM/WB & CB

Going for a clean look or have a detachable Tour-Pak, these Hidden Antennas fit underneath the batwing fairing while still providing exceptional performance for AM/FM, Weather Band and CB.  ...more>>

Lighting & Safety                                        back to top
Headlight Kits and Headlight/Running Light Armor

Add improved visibility at a fraction of the cost compared to HID or incandescent headlamps. Add protection and enhanced visibility up front to your headlight and running lights.  ...more>>

Running Lights for Electra Glides and Road Glides

 Running and Driving Lights for Touring models

Halogen caliper mount, fork, turn signal and engine mount running lights will provide you with a lighting edge at night, increasing your visibility and looking great while doing it.  ...more>>

Bullet Front Turn Signal Conversion Kit

Add streamline front end...lighter and more proportionate, clean installation.  ...more>>

Deep Dish Bezel for Flat Turn Signals

Add depth & style to your stock flat pancake style turn signals. Fits 3-1/4" flat turn signals. ...more>>

Windshield Turn Signal Trim

Be safe and be seen w/style.  Windshield trim with integrated sequential turn signals.  Plugs into stock harness.  ...more>>


 Run-Turn Edge Accents

A nice subtle touch of chrome & additional lighting to create a unique look. Auxiliary run & turn lighting make this a must have. Installation requires no drilling or modification to the fairing.   ...more>>

Signal Mirrors

Rider safer....Signal Mirrors ensure that drivers riding too close or in your "blind spot" can still see your signaling intentions.  ...more>>

Traction Control Braking

The TCB Brake System offers a retro fit brake system that is similar to ABS  or Anti-Lock brakes. Help reduce wheel lock-up mechanically.  ...more>>

Plug-in Lighting Control Modules

BE SAFE!  BE SEEN! Be heard! An assortment of plug-in and wired modules to allow for front running lights, spot-light blinkers and much more.  Simple wiring.  ...more>>

Smoked and Clear Tour-pak Lens Kits

Smoke and clear, also available with LEDs.  Fits model years '73 to current.  Customize your tour-pak!  ...more>>

Tour-pak Rear Lighting Options

Rearward Lighting enhances stock side lights or super bright self-modulating bulbs warns drivers behind you of your deceleration. Also tour-pak & saddlebag rail lighted trim. ...more>>

LED Light Bar

BE SAFE! BE SEEN! Mounts easily, simple electric hook-up. LED's, functions as a tail and brake light. Flexible LED light Strips.  Mounts to Tour-Pak.  Also for saddlebags.  ...more>>

Trike Rear Light Bars

Trike Rear Light Bars 

Sculptured housings with run, turn and brake lighting.  Plug 'n play wiring. Easy to install. ...more>>

LED Rear Bumper Insert

LED Rear Bumper Insert 

Our new Rear Bumper Insert is the true model of form & function. ...more>>

Rear Turn Signal Options

Streamlined rear turn signal bar is dramatically different than other turn signal bars. Sleeker & narrower than the stock piece, also gives you the option of relocating license plate below the taillight.  LED bulb kits. ...more>>

Panacea Lights

LED Conversions, Panacea Kits adn Laydown Lens.  Allows your rear taillight & turn signals to work together as running lights, brake lights & turn signals! ...more>>


 Dagmar Lights w/Bulbs or LEDs
When visibility is get noticed day or night with Dagmar Lights.  Distinctive lighting for front and rear directional signals.  Also available for saddle bags!   ...more>>

Air Horns

 Horns for HD Touring Platform

These Air & Electric Horns give a loud warning blast of up to 128 decibels to provide additional safety. Easy installation. Uses stock horn button.  Also hidden models.  ...more >>

Keep Deers Away!

Deer Alert for Electra Glides

Deer are the number one animal causing human deaths in this country!  Increase the riding safety of your Electra Glide with this most effective electronic operating deer alert.  ...more >>

Tire Pressuer Monitor System

 Tire Pressure Monitor System 

Completely wireless with unique valve cap sensors for real time monitoring of tire pressure & temperature. For motorcycles, trikes and w/trailers ...more >>

Prolong the life of your tires!

On-board & Porable Air Compressor for Baggers

Maintain safe tire pressure, fix flats and adjust shock load using this on-board 250 PSI air compressor/pump while on the road or in your own garage.  ...more >>

Better visibility when it rains!

 Motorcycle Two-Sided Windshield Wiper Blade
Ride with more visibility when it's raining.  Two-side Windshield Wiper blade has a handle for easy manual operation.  Nice safety upgrade.  ...more >>

LED Handlebar Switch Wiring Kits

LED Handlebar Switch Wiring Kits 

Available in chrome or black. Ready to install for FL, Softail and Dyna models. ...more>>

Maintenance/Power/Misc.                               back to top
No more sinking in soft ground or asphalt....Kick Shoe!

No more sinking in soft ground, gravel or asphalt. Installs in 5 minutes. ...more>>

High Beam Switch Garage Door Opener

Turns your existing Bagger headlight high beam switch into a transmitter for your automatic garage door opener.  ...more >>

License Plate Storage Box

 License Plate Storage Box 

Not a secure, lockable place to store important paper work or small misc. items. ...more>>

License Plate Frames

 License Plate Frames and Accessories

Lighted, laydown and multiple size license plate frames. Inspection plates. Accessories. Show chrome accessory.  ...more >>

Floorboard Puck, Kickstand Pad

The only kickstand pad at your fingertips!  Stores neatly inside your HD floorboards. Keeps bike from falling on shaky ground.  ...more >>

Smart Battery Chargers

Much better and safer than trickle chargers...these "Smart Technology" Battery Chargers will fully charge and maintain storage voltage.  ...more >>

Bike to Bike Jumper Cables

Bike to Bike Jumper Cables 

For the first time ever, you can jump-start one vehicle from another by plugging directly into the Battery Harnesses! ...more>>

Oil Filter Change Funnel

Tired of the spills and drippings when changing your front mounted oil filter?  These helpers/funnels allow oil (and primary oil, transmission/crankcase oil, fuel) and filter changes to proceed with NO MESS.  ...more >>

Oil Drain Pan for Harleys

Oil Drain Pan for Baggers

Reduce mess and cleanup required when changing the fluids on your motorcycle. This reusable Drain Pan is designed specifically for the Harley-Davidson®...more >>

Products to aid washing your bike!

Products to assist in keeping your Bagger clean. Drying blowers, drying towels and other misc. items to help maintain your bike.  ...more >>

Garage Air Compressor

Garage Air Compressor 

12V power supply, 10 amp max current consumption, 140 watt power. 28mm cylinder diameter.  And portable stop & go model. ...more>>

Reduce operating temps...increase power!

Increased surface area cools engine oil up to 20 degrees, power gains of 8-10 ft. lb., filters down to 4 microns.  Available in chrome, polished or black.  ...more >>

Oil Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench & misc. maintenance Tools

Tired of skinned knuckles and tools that don't work?  This ultra thin walled design really worked in tight spaces on your Electra Glide. Other misc. tool to maintain your Bagger! ...more >>

Cycle Skins for Tank, Saddlebags and Front Fender

Protection Skins 

Protect you paint while working or storing your bike. Covers for tank, saddlebags & front fender. ...more>>

Cruise Buddy

Cruise Mate & Cruise Control and Cruise Controls

Upgrade your thumb wheel to a Cruise Buddy so you can engage and disengage your throttle lock with a touch of your thumb. Also Cruise Control for Harleys.  ...more>>

Integrated Power Outlet

 Power Outlet for Side, Handlebar & Tour-pak

Upgrade your Bagger with an Integrated Power Outlet on the outside of the bike or inside your tour-pak.  Convenient hook-up location for cell phones, electric vests, audio systems and more.  ...more>>

Motorycle Cover Options

Full, Half & No-Contact Motorcycle Covers & Shades

Stetchable and non-stretchable. Protect your Electra Glide at home, at work or on tour against weathering and fading.  Several models to choose from, Full, Half and No-Contract w/Frame.  ...more>>

Full Cover for Tri-Glide, Trike

 Full Cover for Trike 

Now a full cover for the H-D Tri-Glide. Available in three color combinations. Protection from the elements! ...more>>

Gas Cap Cover for Electra Glides

Tired of using your keys to access the fuel door.  This cover or push button kits attaches to your stock gas cap...quick and no key required to Fill-R-Up.  ...more>>

Tie Down Brackets

 Tie-Down Brackets, Tie Downs & Straps
Tired of searching for good places to attach tie-down straps to your FLHT or Road King?  Excellent upgade option for this situation.  Tie downs and traps also available.  ...more>>

Do it yourself and save!

Touring Model Maintenance DVD

Learn from factory certified mechanics how to perform many maintenace/service tasks and save money.  Do it yourself!  ...more>>

Repair Manuals

Repair Manuals 

Contains hundreds of original photographs & illustrations developed from a complete disassembly and assembly. ...more>>

Clean and finished look!

 Add a clean and finished look to your touring bike's front forks.  Available in triple plated chrome or aluminum finish.  Also Head Bolt Covers.  ...more>>

Ear Plug Key Fob

Protect your hearing by having your riding ear plugs at your finger tips!  Beautifully machined key fob and key ring carrying case.  ...more>>

Cup and Drink Holders

Cup and Drink Holders for Rider and Passenger

Who says you can't take it with you? Several Premium and economical cup/drink holders for the H-D touring platform to choose from.  ...more>>

Crash Bar Bottle, Holder and Bag

Crash Bar Bag 

This combination bag includes the water bottle holder and water bottle and a separate compartment for additional storage. ...more>>

Engine Guard Protectors

Engine Guard Protectors 

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>

Electra Glide Saddlebag Chair

The ultimate for use on motorcycles. Remove from the case and use in a minute. Stows in saddlebag or tour-pac.  ...more>>

Flip-Up Face Shield

Flip Up Face Shield for 10Series/40Series DOT Helmets.  ...more>>

Frame Quick Repair Kit

Frame Quick Repair Kit

Cost a fraction of what it would be to replace the whole support frame. New improved version.  ...more>>

Flag Mounts and Flags

Multiple options to mount flags on your touring bike.  Saddle bag guard, tour-pak, license plate...universal.  ...more>>

Parade Flag Holder

Parade flag holder and hardware installation kits for frame or trailer hitch. Accessories.  ...more>>

Antenna Caps

Antenna Caps 

Functional and attractive caps to fit over the tour-pak or rail antenna mounting studs when using our Hidden Antennas. ...more>>

Motorcycle Replica Gifts

Vintage motorcycles from the past...these gift ideas are nice handmade all metal artwork pieces that make great gifts, mementos or keepsakes.  ...more>>

eGlideGoodies Riding Shirts

eGlideGoodies Apparel 

Riding shirts & caps for around town or the long haul. Pre-shrunk extra heavyweight 6.5 oz 100% ring spun cotton. ...more>>

Harley Hard Hat

Video Motorcycle Drop Guards 

Not a motorcycle helmet but a personal safety cap for use in your shop or work. ...more>>


Your Riding Skills and Safetyare about to Change Forever. Experience the #1 Selling Motorcycle Training Video!  ...more>>

Gift Certificates

Holiday Gift Certificate 

Not sure what to select as a gift? Give a gift certificate with value selectable from $5 to $1000. ...more>>

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