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Enjoy the ride!

What our customers have said...

Thank you placed my order. Just want to add that this is a very good part (GGV85-12 Moto Guzzi Gadget Mount) although it was very hard to find and I was lucky to stumble upon it. I will put this out to some of my groups and forums. Thanks again!

Steven P., February 2023 

Thanks so much for all the personal attention on this...once complete (adding TPBP-01 Slim-Ergo Backrest Pad) I ‘ll send you a pic of it on my's the bike it will be going on (as you can see the tour pack is blank).

Road Glide Ultra before TPBP-01

Attached are the pics!! Looks great!! 


MGySgt Timothy G. (Ret)

United States Marine Corps

Hello a couple of months ago I bought one of you tour pack brace (TB-3). For a 14 triglide. It is a wonderful product.

Paul R., January 2023 


Finally backrest (BP-T3C) for both.


Angel T., November 2022 (purchased from our Dealer Dennis Kirk)

Thanks so much! I appreciate that you were able to take care of this! Can't wait to get them (WD-UC Wind Deflectors) on my tri glide.

Paul E., November 2022

Thank you for the are some pics of my ride. (with BP-S3P Wrap-around Sissy Bar Pad Installed)



Chris D., November 2022 

That would be great, thank you! That would be awesome, we really do like the setup (BP-S3 Sissy Bar Wrap-around Backrest Pad on Freewheeler), she likes it better than my other bike with a tour pack, says there's more room, greatly appreciated.

Chris D., October 2022

I received the pods the other day (SP-F87), I was a little apprehensive about the fit, once I figured it out I liked them even better... all that said I would like to thank you again,and I am very happy with this product!! Kudos to you guys.


Jay D., October, 2022 

Good Evening, I received my Gadget Mount Bar for my V85TT (Item# GGV85-12) and I am very impressed with it... Thank you...much obliged.

Joshua S., July 2022

The 7-pin DIN to 3.5mm audio jack adapter (EPS-Y1) arrived today, thank you very much for expediting this order. Superior customer service, and will help to make my ride scheduled for Wednesday morning a much more enjoyable trip at highway speeds as I can use my S-Plug earphones for cleaner sound without wind noise. Still a huge fan.

Erik G., May 2022

Thank you Patrick for the quick response. I have received notification that the order is on the way (EGP-DG Drop Guards for Indian). You guys are awesome.

Peter M., April 2022

Thank you Patrick I really appreciate your customer service and support absolutely amazing!!! Can't wait to put this (PT-EB Police Trunk) on my bike!!!

Police Trunk Installed 

Freddie V., April 2022

Yes the GD-3R (Glove Box Door) has been received and it btw.

Jeff H., April 2022

I received my order (4 piece Saddle bag Tool Pouch Set, IS-1) and am very pleased. Quality product, fits perfect, really is an excellent use of the bottom of the saddle bag space! Thanks again,

Steve B., April 2022

No problem at all! It was a long shot! But due to your communication, fast response, and honesty, I'll be coming to your website for more parts in the near future! Thank you!

Eric E., April 2022

One of our earlier model year riders researching fitment for our BP-T3 Wrap-around Sissy Bar Backrest Pad..."Well I certainly want to make it work. You folks have to be one of the most helpful online vendors I've encountered. Let me do some checking. Thanks for the help."

Mark, April 2022

I received the lowers. They fit relatively well on the bars (custom order, Dyna Low Rider w/After-market Engine Guard). There is a slight wrinkle in the middle, but I assume between adjustments and time they will work themselves out.

Jeff C., March 2022


Thanks for prompt (purchased GD-3R Glove Box Door kit)... and wonderful customer service!

Brad S., February 2022 

I just wanted to send some follow up from our back and forth about a month ago about mounting a Power Vision on a GD-3R glove box door.

1. The GD-3R is just a very cool piece of kit - super easy to install and solid!

2. As you can see from the attached photo, I had to tool on the RAM mount a little bit to get it to fit around the key way. I also had to file down one of the keys to get it to fit behind the ball mount and into the key hole.

3. Time will tell if the screws that mount the glove box door inside the glove box will be strong enough to withstand all the road bumps with the added weight of the Power Vision. I think they will but if not, I will just come in from behind the glove box and use a nut/bolt to secure it all.

4. All and all, real happy with how it turned out. Thanks again for your assist!

GD-3R with Modification

Mike, December 2021

Hello and hope all is well! Just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I had a great time at Sturgis this year and that your glove box cover (GB-3R) for the Electra Glide Standard was a hit. I had multiple people a day asking me the HD part number for your door kit or if there was a vendor there for them to get it. I referred them to your website...

Salvado V., August 2021 

SIR: I currently have a 2020 harley davidson triglide ultra. i originally purchased the deflector kit (WD-UC) for my 2012 ultra classic, then transfered it to my 2014 triglide. now transfering it to my 2020 triglide. i really love these wind deflectors.

Dennis H., August 2021

I work in shipping and all I can say is your customer service and turn around time is amazing. I already have a tracking number emailed from Paypal saying its on the way and I placed the order like than an hour ago. You guys are awesome! My wife and I are super excited to have more storage and her for the wrap around backrest she has always wanted on our 2012 Switchback (DR-1B & TT-1A) and you saved me the cost of a new bigger bike with a tour pack. Thank you so much!

Frank B., July 2021 

Fantastic ! Thank you for the awesome customer service.

Mike A., July 2021 

" 5 Stars: great (BP-T3 Wrap-around Backrest Pad) ...makes her feel like there is still a tour pack back there..."

Don N., June 2021 

Thank you. I think this is my 3 rd extra wide (WR-WIDE windshield), I like the look and fit.

Mike M., June 2021 

Thank you... as always, love your products!!

Robert P., June 2021 

I ordered 2, one for a friend...its a good product! (Ultra Brace, TB-3 for the tour-pak)

Kelly P., June 2021 

Fits perfectly easy install thanks (GD-3 Glove Box Door)! Looking at the website for another purchase.

Richard C. May 2021 

I had this wonderful part (TB-3) on my last harley for several years & Never a new harley, installed same bracket.

J&P Cycles Customer, May 2021 

... Very happy with it (GD-3 Glove Box Door). ... It works like a gem now. I'm probably not the typical customer, buying this for a 2006 Electra Glide Standard. Thanks for what you offer to the community of motorcycle riders. Other more experienced owners probably had a more efficient experience than I. I just wanted to offer a little feedback.

Jack C., April 2021

Thanks very much for the closure on the original query I had. I have to say it is refreshing to have someone listen and act so promptly on a query. It really is greatly appreciated...

Dave L., April 2021

Good morning, Well I feel like an ass, all I had to do was turn over the original direction sheet to see the text and do it right. Thank you ALL for your quick responses and getting me put in the right direction... LOL

Ron M., April 2021

Thank you looks 100% better! (EGP-DG Gloss Black)


Christopher S., Motor-Officer, March 2021 

Received everything in good order and installed it. Very happy with it (GD-3R). Only thing to find out is the hole to make for the cb wire from the sirene... I saw the glovebox by Jerry Palladino..the motorman from " ride like a pro" on you tube...

Police Bike Installation

Eric W., Netherlands, March 2021 

BP-T3C Sissy Bar Backrest Pad on customer's H-D Freewheeler Trike

BP-T3C on Freewheeler Trike

Keith W., Ontario Canada, March 2021 

YEAH, the bracket (GGV85-AS Gadget Bar for Moto Guzzi) arrived today and I have installed it. I'm happy. A little patience paid off. I won't hold the delay against you folks, as I believe the delivery problem lies with the USPS. They don't function as well as they used to. Thanks for a great product.

Hank P., March 2021

Hello Patrick...just to tell you that I got the package right. It's just perfect!!! (Trunk Rack for Indian Chieftain, Large) fits perfectly am very happy thanks again and when I can I will advertise for your company. I wish you good luck and take good care of all of you. Friendly

Daniel J. France, January 2021

Thank you for the Lowers (INC-SLB) for my (Indian) Challenger... 

Glenn H., January 2021

Received the tethers. I understand mistakes are made, and I'm totally okay with it. But I am more than grateful for the excellent customer service you have given me. Thank you so much for all the help, and you and your hard work have earned a returning customer. Happy holidays and God bless. Respectfully,

Andrew A., December 2020

Aloha kakahiaka eGlideGoodies Ohana,

Got my flag holder set up (FH-FP1, FH-92, FH-PFP, FH0HWK24) on my 2020 Harley Davidson Road Glide and flew my flags on Veterans Day. It was very windy that day, winds were about 35 mph but it handled well. Flags I flew was American, Hawai'i, POW/MIA and Fallen Soldier.

Patriotic Rider!

Mahalo nui loa, Hiwahiwa K. November 2020

Thank you. This is perfect. 2019 Road King. Wife feels so much safer with the addition of the BP-T3C. Easy to install, 5 minutes. Already have friends asking where I got this. Referred to your website.


Myles D., October 2020 

Hello eGlideGoodies, ...I wanted to say thank you. I appreciate your exceptional business and your staff's dedicated and great service. Looking forward to ordering from you in the future. Have a great day.

Kristy S., October 2020

...Thanks for the awesome customer service it is not common these days!...Thanks (BP-T3)

Ride in comfort!

Chris L., October 2020

Thank you so much. I really do appreciate all your efforts! I'll most definitely keep eGlideGoodies in mind for my future bike parts. Thanks again,

Kristy S., October 2020

Thank you for sending the TB-3 so quickly. Very easy install. I do believe that I will be a repeat customer, GOOD STUFF!

Miles L., October 2020

Thank you, Patrick. ...You guys have never failed me and I have been buying from you since 2004. From now on, you're my go to store... Thanks again!

Frank V., October 2020

Hello, Just an update, the rear light arrived. Fit and finish is great, all lights work, and it looks great on my bike. Thank you.

Ben D., September 2020

...the dash cover (GD-3R Glove Box Door), lining (GB-4R Glove Box Liner), and bike protectors (EGP-FC,RC Engine Guard Protectors) were absolutely perfect. Have been looking for things like this for a while. Saw a video from Motorman (Ride Like a Pro) that lead me to you. Very appreciative that you have captured these niche items... Sincerely,

Bradley D., September 2020

Thank you. I got the part today. ...I appreciate the great customer service.

Todd C., September 2020

...I must say, after "drilling new holes" they (SP-1RB 6.5" Speaker Pods) now fit my 1992 Ultra, beautifully! ...for those Riders looking to upgrade to 6.5" Speakers, for their older Ultra's with OEM 4.25" Speakers.

James C., September 2020 

I received it and installed it. It's a great product (GD-3R Glove Box Door for Electa Glide Standard). ...Thanks!

Bobby G., August 2020 


Customer's GD-3R 

Yoshioshinori H., Soka, Japan, August '20 

So I ordered the wrong glove box door for my 2019 electra glide police. Sent an email and I am already set up to send back the part I ordered wrong and exchange it for the correct one (GD-3 --> GD-3R). These guys are on it! Can't thank you enough!

Phil V., August 2020 

Thanks man! Great product! (FP-312 Filler Panels)

FP-312 FP-312

Michael C., July 2020

Wanted to follow up and let you know I got the switches today and they were an exact fit. Almost plug-and-play, just needed to swap the amp plug housing to the new assembly. Dash looks a lot better now! Thank you for the support!

Rocker SwitchesRocker Switches

Richard C., July 2020

Thank you for great customer service (replace clips on WAR-1 Saddlebag Organizer).

Rob N., July 2020

I've ran your soft lowers on my Roadglide for about 12 years. Loved every minute. Great product. Now I have a new Indian Challenger and need that rain spray protection. When can I expect availability? Need a tester? Waiting patiently... (We now have Soft Lowers for the Indian Challenger!)

Ray S., May 2020

Thanks eGlideGoodies. I received my keys and lock, and I appreciate all your help in fixing my key situation (add key-to-ignition to his GD-3R). You will definitely be relayed to other bikers for your products. Thanks again.

Darvin O., May 2020

I purchased a Tour-Pak last summer. I've looked everywhere and was not able to find the proper lock. A friend of mine was the one who told me how to find a lock for my Tour-Pak from you...

Doug T., May 2020

Transferred mine (TB-3 Ultra Brace) over to my new ‘17 CVO SE Limited after it worked so well on my previous the product and how it performs. One less think I have to worry about.


Rob K. April 2020, (Thanks again Rob!)

(via Facebook) Just bought this gorgeous 2017 CVO, taking the tour brace (TB-3 Ultra Brace) from my 2011 Ultra Glide Limited and putting it on the new bike as soon as it's delivered. I love what this tour pak brace does.

CVO 2017 with Ultra Brace 

Rob K., April 2020

...I just placed my order for the (TB-3 Ultra Brace) for 2005 and earlier tour-paks. I finally got everything back from the paint shop. Hopefully this ... will solve the problem of the tour-pak cracking near the front hinge. The weight of the lid causes the shell to flex when it "flops over" and hangs by that cable. Besides, Jerry Palladino (Motorman) raved about this product on one of his videos. Thanks again for your help with my questions. Take care.

Hi... I received the bracket this afternoon and installed per instructions in the existing holes as you said would be the case in response to my first e-mail. It looks great and I like the way it supports the lid...  

TB-3 Early Model Year 

Bob H., March 2020

Feedback on Facebook from our customer regarding our DR-1 for the Dyna Switchback...
Facebook Post 
Nathan M., March 2020 

I finally received my custom windshield (extra tall touring shield) and my wife and I really like it. It installed easily, and may very well be the largest size ever placed on an Electra Glide! Yvonne doesn't feel any wind buffeting at all and the incredible height of the shield sends the wind blast well over her head. Thanks for the hard work and all the time spent communicating about this order.

If I were you I'd advertise this unique size as the JUMBO WIFEYOLA PLEASER model and market this product to co-riders! Yes it's BIG and TALL and some may say ridiculous, especially for a Harley, but compared to my vintage Suzuki Cavalcade and Yamaha Venture windshields, it's no larger. Nothing like this is being made any more for stock bikes, and it's a shame too, because co-riders are not happy much of the time.

This thing is crystal clear, has no recurve, and is, in fact, practically invisible. So it does not spoil the image and style of my Harley. Yvonne and I are very satisfied customers. Thanks, buddy! Ride safe!

Don C., March 2020 

GD-3R customer installation photo:

GD-3R Installation 

Scott G., February 2020 

I had a 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited CVO 2 wheel motorcycle which I had purchased and installed one of your ultra braces (TB-3) on it. I really liked it. I just traded the 2017 in for a 2020 TRI-Glide CVO. I'm wanting to know if the Ultra Brace fits my new 2020 Tri-Glide CVO prior to my ordering one. I'm just wanting to make sure. Thank You, (yes it fits)

Larry W. February 2020

Great video (TB-3 Ultra Brace for Tour-pak). I noticed the bracket with the lessor bend goes on the bottom. Maybe I missed that on the instructions.Thanks!! Everythings on, everythings perfect! Thanks!!

Tom A., February 2020

Installation photos from one of our customer of the GD-3R Glove Box Door with Black Quick Access Knob option.

Installation Photo Installation Photo

Mark B., January 2020 

Just wanted to send a photo of my 07 Street Bob after mounting a tour pak using your application (DR-1A).

DR-1A Installation 

Derrick W., January 2020

Hello Patrick, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Awesome work on fairing. Well worth the wait. Hope all is well with fabricator and family. God bless. Thank you.

Cafe Fairing 

Chris R., December 2019

Got my tour pak brace yesterday that I ordered and installed it the same day onto my 2011 Ultra Glide Limited. It works perfectly, no more tour pak lid flopping open wildly. I kept the tether for additional stability (not that it needs it anymore). The instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow (the directions are year specific....thank you for that). Great product! Looks amazing, we'll done.

Ultra Brace

Rob K., December 2019

I bought one of your tour pack braces (TB-3 Ultra Brace) and it just came in my mail today......installing it tonight because the Kansas wind is brutal!

Rob K., December 2019

I got the tourpak brace (TB-3) awhile back , works much better then oem...

Kelly P., December 2019

I just received the flag pole and it is in perfect condition. It will work well on my bike. Thank you for investigating my order and getting it to me.

Steve H., September 2019

I'm good and the backrest (passenger Premium Backrest Pad BP-TR2) is everything you you said it would be. Thanks.

Steve W. July 2019

Patrick, The Speaker pods (SP-1 6.5") came in and they fit perfectly and work great.

Adam H., June 2019 

Good Deal Patrick, we've been married 43 years and I want and she deserves to fill secure (BP-TR2 Passenger Backrest Pad, not on bike yet). I just wish I would have thought of this sooner. You've gone the extra mile for me today and I appreciate it. Thanks Again,

Customer's Street Glide 

Steve W., June 2019

Thank you for the very quick reply. Have decided to change foot pegs, so please just send me the normal set I have ordered. Do not know if you realize it, but you are the only company I have found in searching the last 6 to 8 month that makes Soft Lowers (IN-3024MT) for the Indian Highway bar (normal or mustache) in tan. Have you ever considered advertising on the Indian Forums? Thank you again

Bill B., Indian Owner, June 2019

Hi guys. It's been a while - almost 7 years! but I need a new Ultra Brace (TB-3). Got a 2018 Harley Tri-Glide. So what model do I need . . . Thanks much.

Jerry, June 2019

Works PERFECT! (TB-3 Ultra Brace for Tour-pak)


Harlan W., June 2019 

I want to thank Patrick and the eGlideGoodies team for their outstanding customer support. I contacted them to ask about an Ultra Brace (TB-3) for Harley-Davidson Tour-pak with black hardware to match my bike. I received an email almost immediately stating: We do not have any black parts at this time, but if you purchase a TB-3, we'll add black hardware for you and paint a set of back plates in black for you. That way from the outside, the TB-3 hardware and backplates will be black. Just shoot us another email after your purchase and we'll flag it as a Special Order and make those alterations for you....Patrick  Not only did they accommodate my request, they also shipped the TB3 that same day. It arrived a few days later and looks/performs awesome. Thanks Again!

Jeff M., May 2019

My Brace (TB-3 Ultra Brace for tour-paks) arrived much earlier than expected, c'mon. That was a good surprise! Y'all can imagine my elation when the Brace installation was just as quick & easy as the videos showed. The included instructions were quite detailed. Although a bit spendy, when y'all consider what a replacement tour pak body, lid & hinges would cost, the price for the Brace becomes a good value! I can already see that the installed Brace takes the pressure/tension off the hinges on my 2011 Ultra Limited. Can't wait to show it to my fellow riders. Quality product, y'all. YEEHAW GIT-ER-DONE! ... It's truly unique to find a company these days that produces a product that is EXACTLY WHAT they say it is & then back it up with video sources to make it simple to utilize/install. Respectfully submitted.

Lee G., April 2019

I bought one (TB-3 Ultra Brace for Tour-paks) for my Limited and love it. Jerry is right. This isn't a cheap hardware store item, like you'd find with a metal tool box lid brace. The mounting brackets have angled portions to match the angles on the box body and lid that tool boxes don't have. The two angles arent the same. This brace is a quality, well machined, well thought out piece. It includes curved spring washers for each pivot point. I liked the allen head screws. I added a touch of blue Loctite from a stick to each screw. I've had it over a year now, without a single problem. I got rid of the pain in the rear cable tether. Yes, it's $80. But I'd spend it again in a heart beat.

Curt G., April 2019, via Ride Like a Pro on YouTube 

I had these on my 2014 HD limited (WD-US Wind Deflectors), and you talking about a GREAT add-on, not only are they perfect wind management but the rain is blocked as well. Since I have traded for a 2019 CVO limited and will be ordering another set. I looked for this company at bike week but couldn't find you. Thank God for YouTube.

Alfonso D., March '19 

I had ordered Harley accessories a couple of years ago and received good prompt service then so I was more than happy to order through you again. Cheers

Ian B., March '19, Australia

Thank you and your tech for looking into this (SP-1 Speaker Pod speaker sizing) and for your timely responses! Nice to see a company that will take the time to do this.

Chris B., February 2019

Thank you so much for your response. I will be placing my order shortly! You have displayed wonderful customer service...thank you for your help!

Joey K., February '19

...the lever (SB-LEC) and wind deflectors (WD-PR) work as advertised and I love them. Thank you for providing a place to get touring bike parts.

Brian L., February '19

Hi guys thanks for the prompt reply have ordered sugested parts i look foward to shopping with eGlideGoodies to bilng the new trike out. ...Hi guys received all bits ordered thanks for the prompt service. Cheerz, Regards

Andrew A., September 2018

Thanks much! You customer service is outstanding! Your help is Greatly appreciated.

Don D., August 2018

I just wanted to let you know that the liners (SBL-1SM Premium Saddlebag Liners) arrived last Wednesday as promised. We left Thursday morning on America's 911 Foundation Ride visiting all three of the 9/11 Memorial sites over the weekend along with about 750 other bikes. Our annual ride honors the 9/11 victims and raises funds to support First Responders around the country. The liners worked great and made our travels much easier. Thanks again for all of your assistance. 

Steve T., August 2018

Thank you. I would love to be able to buy these. By the way I spent more than 2 hours just browsing your website. You guys certainly have some unique and awesome products.

Steve J., August 2018

Thanks you all are the best. I will keep looking at your site for my next purchase. Nice selection. Be safe out there.

Alan P. August 2018 

A shout out to one of our Ultra Brace dealers, Boar's Nest Choppers. They did service on the eG '79 FLH and solved the most unusual problem. Bike is now back and running again. Find them on our Dealers page in Oceanside, CA. 

1979 FLH is fixed Boars Nest Choppers

eGlideGoodies, July '18 

Hi Patrick, hope you're doing just fine! This is to let you know that I received the pouches (GP-4) yesterday. They look great on my bike and as soon as I can (kinda of busy today) I'll take the pictures and send them to you. Once again, thank you so much!....Here you will find ... the pictures of my H-D with the pouches. Hope you like it as much as I do. ... I was on a ride yesterday and pouches called the attention of my friends. I gave them your email.

GP-4 installed GP-4 installed GP-4 installed

Nelson P., July 2018

This was for a 2008 dyna streest bob (DR-1). Your plate works great and looks good! ...i will send in a few pictures in case you want them for your site or to send other customers with similar questions. Thanks for the fasy shipping!!!!

John S., July '18 

Customer server representative: I ordered it on Jun 27 2016 (TB-3). I have ridden about 21,550 miles since it was installed. It has worked great and has served its purpose very well and has saved the lid on one occasion. I have even recommended it to friends...

Mark M., July '18 

...I finally got my tourpak (using DR-1A) on my Dyna. I also bought that brace you recommended (TB-3 Ultra Brace), as I watched my buddie's CVO lid break right off the hinges...... put that order in yesterday. I wanted to send you a pic... Feel free to use on the website. Thanks for your innovation.

DR-1A installed on Dyna 

Greg M., June '18 

Thank you Patrick. And yes you do. At least two in my club. Why I knew about your site and shop. You have a loot of goodies to choose between.

Lars B., Norway, June '18

I'm happy with the trunk and definitely glad I went with eGlide (small Police Trunk PT-SB) versus paying $1300 for the stock Harley one...


Mike, B., June 2018

Just received the parts (DR-1A Trunk for Dyna). Worth the wait. Thanks nice product.

Allan P., June '18

You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for checking for me (PT-SW Police Trunk)

Mike B., June '18

Thank you for handling the fact that you were out of original item and got me a similar item that will work (RG-GC motorcycle shade). Awesome will be doing business again you Patrick and staff get it. 

Jerry C., May '18 

Excellent support!! (EGP-FR Engine Guard Protectors shipped to Switzerland)

Dieter B., April '18, Switzerland 

I have a 2014 SwitchBack (FLD). When I bought it, I noticed that it didn't have a heel/toe shifter, but didn't consider it to be a deal breaker. What I didn't know was that H-D never made a H/T shifter for it and there wasn't one available aftermarket. Until now! I found eGlideGoodies back in November. There website said that they were prototyping a H/T shifter for FLD and it would be ready in a few months. I emailed them and they told me they would email me back when it was ready. To my surprise, THEY DID! I have had the Quick Shift on my bike for 500+ miles and I absolutely LOVE it. It is MORE than just a H/T shifter. This is a complete upgrade to HD's H/T shifter. A H/T is not a want for me, it is a NEED. Due to a run-in on my bike with Bambi, my left ankle does not work as well as it used to. H/T shifter makes riding comfortable. But the Quick Shift is even better. All the linkage is moved to under the floorboard. And I was even able to adjust it to fit MY needs perfectly. AND shifting into Once I got used to it, shifting from 2nd to neutral, piece of cake. And shifting from 1st to neutral, which used to be a painful thing for me, is just as easy AND you don't slide your foot under shifter and raise up. You use your heel and push down on rear peg. REALLY. Try that with your H/T setup!! I could go on and on... And when your buddies see it on your bike, they won't be pointing at it and laughing. They will be asking questions and begging to borrow your bike. I already have a list of friends that want to try it out. P.S. And your buddies with big feet, look at their bike. I bet either the heel shifter is no longer on their bike, or they have some kind of swing-out-of-the-way add on. Ride Safe

HT-2SB on Dyna Switchback 

Paul W., March '18 

Love my new arm rest (PALH-2)!!! Thank you!!! Please share!!

Customer Photo Customer Photo Customer Photo

Larry G., March 2018 

Yup, just got invoice and paid (PALH-2 Adjustable Curved Passenger Armrests). Now I'm excited again and you guys rock!!!!! Thank you!!! 

Larry G., March 2018 

I found your product (TB-3) after the Harley tether on the tourpak lid of my 2008 CVO ultra broke. The lid crashed down and cracked the tour pack around the hinges. As I am sure you have heard many times it would have been crazy expensive to replace and re-paint (especially CVO paint} I was able to reinforce the area that cracked with epoxy and change the hinges to the sturdier ones that Harley offers. It wasn't perfect, but I think only I noticed it and it was good enough.

I then did an internet search and combed the forums for a better mousetrap. Your bracket (Ultra Brace TB-3) was it. I installed it on my bike and love it. I showed two of my friends and they got it also. I helped them install. My new 2018 has a heavier tether but I don't feel comfortable with a tether at all and I don't like how far me or my wife has to reach to open the lid so that it stays open. Then I find myself pulling on the tether to help close the lid rather than walking around the back of the bike to reach it.

Very glad you offer this product. Thank you,

Greg K., March 2018 

The brace works great (our TB-3 Ultra Brace). This is the 2nd bike I have used one on and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks.

Greg K., March 2018 

...A bit of praise....we put the armrests (our AM-94-14) on mine this weekend. My dad is now very disappointed in the Harley armrests he has on his. Mine look better and are more user friendly. Harley's are stationary, they don't swing. They're also covered with black leather so they blend, rather than pop like the chrome. They are drilled and mounted into his trunk....otherwise he was swapping out. Another bit of praise....we got your website as the best place to order aftermarket from our local dealer. Carlton Harley Davidson in Mantua. Your company must have made an impression on them and they share it. Thank you for everything,

Amy S., March 2018 

Anyway the product costs much more in France so thanks it is great and I would not fail to recommend on your site thank you very much (TT-1B).

Jagaille C., France, February 2018 

Thank you very much for the generous gift of the saddle bag organizers, SWEET! ..... I looked at your site...I will be making a purchase or two in the next couple of weeks. .... Ride it like it's paid for! But Ride Safe!

Paul W., Januray 2018 

Patrick, I ordered it yesterday (DR-1A tour-pak rack)! Really excited. Website worked just fine... ordered a tourpak. My bike is a real interesting project. I'll sent you picks when it is all done.

Greg M., December '17

Thank you very much for your help (ship GP-4 expedited). I ride with several folks and travel alot on my Ultra from New York to Fla. Do you have a paper catalog I can get and show folks... Thanks again. I'll just give them your web site... You will be getting orders from me.

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP. My package arrived this morning at 10:12 Eastern Time. You will be getting orders from me when I get back from the TOY RUN for children in a hospital in Virginia Beach, VA. I also will be giving your web site to my friends that live down there that ride Harleys. Thank you again for the quick service. If You wish to show this or forward this to your supervisor please do. 

D.W. C., December '17


Hey. Success. My tablet went thru first try. Thank you so much for following up. That's awesome service. I have ur tour pak bracket (TB-3 Ultra Brace) on my old ultra limited. It worked great. Never any issues. Thanks David I got ur H-200 saddlebags holster coming.

David B., November '17 

Hi. I received the lowers and they look great. (picture attached, pn SL-CH for H-D Chopped Engine Guard)


Richard M., November '17 

Part (BP-TR2) arrived early, fitment was perfect, of high quality in materials and design, and response from you was prompt. One very happy customer thx. 

Merle W. October '17 

The windshield came in Monday afternoon (WCV-EM for Road Glide). Installed it the next morning. It's a very nice windshield. I especially like the plastic washer for the backside of the windshield. Along the round mounting holes. Factory has slots. The whole setup seems well throught out. With along improvements from the factory. Thanks again.

Rae R., September '17 

I received the bracket in time and my mechanic was able to put it on. It worked out perfect. Thank you very much. 

Damean H., July '17 

Got the new back rest BP-TR2 on my HD Freewheeler,love the way it looks and my girlfriend loves the way it feels with her not so good back,,,Thanks a lot! 

Dave E., July '17 

Could've used that two years ago when that flimsy strap and plastic retainer gave way while in Paris. (reference: feeback from a facebook friend about his need for our TB-3 Ultra Brace)

 European Rider

Brian H., Europe 

Thanks again for processing this order so quickly. It will not be forgotten that is for sure.

Scott L., June '17

Thank you! Your Customer Service is outstanding. I have some other purchases that I will be making when I get back from my trip and I will be sure to let my friends know about you. Thank you again

John S., June '17

Thank you for the reply... Box ordered and I am sure in the future there will be more orders made... You have been a favorite site of my for several years. Just had to wait until I got the bike to order the stuff I wanted. Enjoy Your Day!

Mark B., May '17

Hi, I received the new adjustable fsiring wings (WD-44) for the 2014+ Road Glide. I wanted to let you know that they work incredibly well. Would recommend them to any looking for a better way to control the wind flow around the rider.

Stew K., April '17

Hi, Just to let you know the OB-CC (adjustable) levers showed up. The fit and finish is perfect and the over all riding experience is more comfortable with less hand fatigue. Thx

Steve F., March '17

Thanks much.....always great service from your company. .... Have several of my riders looking at same I will let them know...outstanding service..have a great day.

Dave C., February '17 

...we are both impressed with the Ultra Brace. You have a good product and it's a easy install. Thanks

Bill S., February '17

Your brace is working very nice (TB-3 Ultra Brace)

Michael R., January '17 

I want you to know that the windshield came this morning. It is on the bike (WR-15 for 2009 CVO Roadglide-Orange/black). My husband, John, wants you to know that this windshield is of the utmost quality and craftsmanship he has ever seen, including stock Harley. The smoothed edging, thickness, and fit is unsurpassed by far! He says it was well worth the wait... This is coming from a body man/mechanic who spent his life building classic cars for a private collector and who is extremely fussy about quality. He has ordered many windshields for bikes over the years and none can compare to this one. He wanted me to be sure to tell you guys that, which is saying a lot!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Diane I., October '16 

I have your Tour Pak Brace for my 2004 Electra Glide Classic, LOVE IT. ...Thx, 

Mike H., October '16

I got my rocker switches the other day. Thank you so much. I appreciate your effort and all the help and understanding.... Once again thank you. 

Edward C., August '16 

Thank you. You guys came highly recommended. Can't wait to put some tunes in the tour pak. 

Matt G., July '16

For your info, I was on a ride to support Veterans in May from Calif to DC and several riders saw the lever on my tour pak (TB-3 Ultra Brace). I heard that several ordered them from you. This one is for my new bike. Thanks again,

Bob M., June '16

Thanks guys you are awesome! 

Charlie E., June '16

I've always been happy with eGlideGoodies... Take care ill be back...

Dennis C., May '16

Thanks, I have always enjoyed the items that I have purchased from you for my bike. 

Gary C., April '16

I was wondering if you ever mail out decals, patches, stickers, etc...If you do I would love to have one.Thank you very much. 

Jason J., April '16

Just installed the TB-3 Ultra Brace and can't for the life of me understand why I didn't get one years ago! Easy to install, took 30-45 minutes or so. Thanks again! I have attached two pics.

Philip R., April '16

TB-3 installed in 2014+ Tour-pak

Yes, that will work for me and thanks for the “deal” ! Out-standing customer service, it don’t get any better than that. Thanks again !!!   

Lynn W., February '16

Thanks Patrick, awesome, I appreciate you changing this order. First class service.

Russell D., January '16

I appreciate that and will definitely be ordering guys in the future, I have to admit I'm not used to this level of customer service and it's a very nice surprise...thanks.

Mike H., December '15 

Thank You! Keep providing great products for us!

Jim C., October '15

Excellent. Thank you so much for letting me know it arrived. I had a note to myself to email asking that, b/c I am so used to poor to mediocre customer service from businesses. I am beginning to get the impression, eGlidegoodies is a cut-above! Thank you (key to ignition service for GL-3B)

Douglas R., October '15

Greetings, I just ordered the CVO floor board extenders for my 2015 Road Glide. I've had your products on two previous FLHs and appreciate the extra room for my long legs. The HD Forums is where I first heard of your product. Best Regards

Jason W., September '15 

Thank you for the update, shows great customer service. (our new DR-1A Adjustable Tour-pak Rack for Dyna platform)

Dave B., September '15

Ok got the bag today (MTD-MDA) I LOVE it thanks.

Douglas D ., September '15

Sounds good. I just placed another order. Love your store! Thank you!

Tandi B., Military, August '15

Sorry to hear you won't be at Sturgis this year. Would have been nice to meet everyone fro eGlideGoodies. I just completed the invoice and paid via Pay Pal. Hope everyone at eGlide Goodies has a great week.

Michael U., July '15

I just received these today (AM-94-14 Passenger Armrests) and just wanted to say, Thank you for all of your help. I am very satisfied with your support team. It's nice to know that there are still places out there that still have good customer service. I started to think it was a lost art. Well done and Thank you for making this a pleasant experience!! 

Shannon A., July '15

You folks are awesome on keeping me posted. Keep up the good work and hope to hear you all have a solution. Have to respect a company like you all that is responsive and keeps you posted, NOT all do that.  Kuddos!!! 

Tim H., July '15

Hey eGlideGoodies, Just wanted to say first, great site with amazing products! 

Dylan L., July '15

I have purchased several items from you in the past and have always been thoroughly satisfied. Thanks!

Asher G., June '15

Just installed my new TB-3 Ultra Brace on my 2005 Ultra Classic.  Install went off without a hitch, love it.

Bruce G., June '15 

...I find this is a more stable and secure way of mounting the touring trunk. ...on my 2014 Harley Dyna Super Glide Custom FXDC. (our DR-1 Tour-pak Rack)

K., June '15


I installed the Pulsating Brake Controller and it works PERFECT. Love it, I feel safer now. Great product. (STR-CAN with the Can-Bus BCM computer on 2014 Dyna Fat Bob)

Robert C., June '15

Hey there, I'm a happy customer of your guy's flush mount system (PL-KY-FL) on my '05 Road King Police. Such a great solution the hockey puck. Love it...

Tyson O., May '15 

DANG IT ALL… that’s customer service baby !!!!! you guys are the friggin bomb!!!!  thank you!!!!

Hank H., May '15

Have one and love it!! Talked a friend into getting one when his cable broke and his tour-pak lid fell off. This will cost a lot less than a new tour-pak lid!!

Debbie F., facebook, May '15 

Never really liked the cable idea. Got one of these and trust it 1000% more than the old cable (TB-3).

William Q., facebook, May '15 

Thank you so much for your prompt response, you folks are great. You have become my go-to for all things for my bike and I tell everyone I come across about you. When my new bike arrives, I will be ordering about $1k of add-one from you... Thanks.

David O., May '15 

Hallo Patrick, Thanks fo the delivery, today everything is well received by mjir. Thanks you for shirt. I'll start at the weekend coinciding with the Montage (...I look forward to the parts in June's trip to Albania, Türky .....;-) mit new Pack!).  Thank you and accident-free driving. (STP-08 Sliding Tour-pak Rack)

Rene H., April '15, Germany

Customer's Bike

Sent from my iPhone just letting you know the wind deflectors for my road glide showed up (WD-RG). I've installed them and the work well. Can now hear the stereo at hiway speeds and the air turbulence is gone.

Rob R., April '15 

I FOUND THEM! Thanks for your help anyhow. Guess I’ll just have to order something else from you guys now.

John C., April '15, Canada

Customer's Bike

eGlideGoodies' customer service is one of the best I've seen in this industry. I requested information on shipping of a recent order and within the hour had a response. Not the response I wanted to hear, nonetheless they were prompt. The ordered part was on back order and didn't look like they were going to be able to fill my required timeline and I asked if they could cancel the order. The person on the other end of the email researched the situation and noticed how close the shipping address was to their shop and asked if they could try to meet the time requirements. Not to many shops in this industry who would take the time to try to do what they could to meet the customers requirements. Thanks eGlideGoodies. 

Jeff L., March '13

Guy's got the windshield in the mail yesterday, looks good on the bike. Thanks for your help in getting a 12' windshield (WCFT-T) for my 2015 batwing fairing.

Michael M., March '15 

I received the backrest (1606, 1634 & 1635) and it fit great, also looks fantastic. Thank you :) 

Archie S., March '15

Thank You as I said this is my second windshield, I really liked the first one. Have a GREAT DAY !!

Michael M., March '15 

Hello I just purchased a 2015 RG and was interested in getting the glove box lock kit. I would like the key match option. my question is do I pay for the locks and key match option and then send you the spare key? if so, do I need to send the receipt along with the spare key...and just a little off the subject.I love this site and I can tell that yall are going to become my best friends.

Vincent G., February '15

Just received the pair of chaps for my FLD Switchback : fits perfectly well my bike, really great product, thanks :)

Soft Lower for Dyna Switchback

Serge A., February '15, France 


Thanks for the quick reply.  They seem to work great compared to the stock antennas. (SU9-B19H Quad Band antennas)

Jeff G., January '15 

Thank you so much.  What great customer service!!  You certainly have a return customer.  Glad I found out about you folks.

Jeff G., January '15 

Thank you. The answers were fast and precise and gives me as result, that I can order 2 pairs. Great Service!! 

Mirko H., December '14, Switzerland

Good morning, I wanted to take a moment to say how satisfied I am with the module I purchased to work with my aftermarket stereo and the hand controls on my bike. It was easy to install and works great! Thanks,

Gary C., December '14

Just received our floorboard extensions, thank you! Great products, great prices ans super fast shipping! Thanks again, will definetly order from you again.

Adriana L., November '14 

Perfect, thanks for your prompt response to my questions, will suggest your site to others based on that.

David D. , Director of Sales, Western Region, November '14 

We received the windshield (Tour-Glide version).  My husband is very happy with it. Once he has the bike back together we will send you a picture. Thank you!

Amanda S., November '14 

I googled "tour pack relocation kits". and you guys had the absolute best products.

Kirk C., October '14 

OK Thank You, I will be watching for the brown truck now.  I do appreciate your dedication to customer service.

Roy C., October '14 

eG…the parts arrived on saturday. Now that’s what I call efficiency :-)
Neil T., September '14, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for your quick response...excellent customer service...Thank you. 

Manny G., September '14 

Heck, where have you guys been all my life! You're just what ive needed for a long time!

Neil T., September '14 

Thanks for the info. (WAR-1R Saddlebag Trays) Products look great and the website is great also.

Kevin P., August '14 

Thank you so much for your diligence and excellent customer service! 

Patrick K., August '14 

Great! Thank you very much for the update and information leading up to the purchase (GL-1B w/GKY-L1). You have some of the absolute best customer service I have ever seen in any industry. Thanks again!

Michael S., August '14 

...the first reason why I bought these is there also, comfort! This is much better, more of my feet are naturally resting on the floor boards now. (HG450CVL Floorboard Extenders) ...I just want to let everyone there know that you saved my day. The ride to Faaker See will be great!

Jeffrey P., August '14, Military Overseas

We got this (RK-SE-14 Tour-Pak Relocator), put it on the bike over the weekend and LOVE IT!!  Thanks so much it was worth the wait.  Hope to do business with you again in the future.  :)  Have a great week!!

Karen M., August '14

Great customer service. I'm a customer for life now.

Bob S., July '14

Dear Sirs, I got the "IS-1 Saddle Bag Organizer for saddlebag bottom" today. Absolutely super. I'm totally thrilled. Thank you so much. Greetings.

Klaus M., July '14, Germany 

Ok, thank you for the info! I want to express my appreciation for the Tour Pack brace (TB-3), it seems that this model is a rare one, worth money, simple and genius! I am very happy with this item! Regards.

Ilia S., May '14, Russia

Hey Guys, wanted to let you know I installed my Ultra Brace the other day. ( easy as pie) I been wanting to order it for some time, but finally pulled the trigger. Glad I did. Sure makes a difference in how nice the lid closes and opens. I’ve attached some photos of my 09 FLHX. 60,000 miles on it so far. Plan to put over 150,000 on this one before either it or me wears out. Nice to know I won’t have to worry about the damn lid flopping around anymore. Thanks for a great product!!!! 

Kevin C. , Marion, Indiana, April '14

Hi, I bought the Glove Box kit a while back and just think they are great. Everything stays dry in the locked and non locked box. 

George C., April '14 

You guys are awesome thank you so much for your help. You have no idea how hard it was to find someone who makes a kit for a '95. You guys are the only one I will be ordering this shortly thank you so much. 

US Army Serviceman, March '14

Items have arrived and both are excellent. Despite the lack of early communication, your more recent communication was very good and I will be recommending your company to my friends. Thank you and take care.

Marshall M. February '14

All righty then.  I just ordered the CS-WC9 for my bike.  By the way, I just installed the Ultra Brace on my 2014 CVO Limited and it works great. I had installed your Ultra Brace on my 2004 Ultra after the lid flopped over and cost me better than a grand for a new tour pack. Your Ultra Brace was the first accessory I ordered for my Limited.  I cannot believe you pay 40K for a bike and it has that chinsey tether!  Thanks for the added peace of mind!

Frank V., Januray '14

By the way, I put this (TB-3 Ultra Brace for tour-paks) on my 2005 Ultra and it was on the bike when I traded it in, 85,000 miles later.  It was the first thing I ordered for my new bike (2014 Project Rushmore Electra Glide).  I have short arms and the stock system puts the lid out of reach, this is sturdy and makes opening and closing the lid much easier. 

Terry D., January '14

Hello, Just to let you know I received the amp (a few weeks back now) and have had it installed by my local Harley dealer Warrs of Chelsea here in London, UK.  I have to say the amp performed much better than I expected. We have set the gain correctly and we don’t use more than 50% volume as its too loud! Sounds really good too with the 6.5inch after market speakers I also have fitted. Many thanks for you help with this. Kind regards.

Malcolm T., December '13, UK

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with this product! I could never use the ear phones that came with my iPhone because of their size. Your product fits within the ear channel and is completely out of the way of the helmet when pulling it on & off. I had never wanted to spend the money on the custom fit type and I'm completely happy with this product. I bought them five years ago.

Wayne D., December '13, (Long Distance Touring Rider)

This is a great add on. (TB-3 Ultra Brace)

Joe G., October '13 

I recently purchased two ultra braces for my Harley tour packs.  Love your product.  I now feel like I can open my tour pak lid without worrying about it falling off or breaking off. Thanks a million. I also have an additional lid for my 2012 ultra that I have converted into a dog carrier.  I was wondering if it is possible to buy only the lid bracket and backing plate for use on that lid.  If so please email me the price and ordering instructions. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Jim C., September "13 

@eGlideGoodies you rock thanks for the great parts.

@StreetglideHD, July '13

I have ordered from you in the past. Very pleased.

Mike, July '13 

ok thank you. that was the fastest response I ever got. I read the reviews and they were right. great customer service. I will buy from you and will continue to buy from you for my shop. thanks alo

Gene K., July '13 

Thank you Patrick! Just received an email from pay pal that the shields are on their way and I got refunded for the price dif. ...The bar/shields actually match the bike better in the end. I will recommend you to others and keep you in mind for future upgrades of this old police bike. I appreciate the fast response and support and will be sure to recommend eGlideGoodies to others. Thx

Matt, July '13

...latches work great. (Police Saddlebag, pn:PL-CH-PW) Thanks! 

Matt H., July '13 

Installed the GH-2-11 (Flush Mount Glove Box Doors) last night. Very nice look and function. It looks like it is OEM. Thanks,

Ron S., July '13

Wow! Didn't expect an answer till tomorrow! ...your service rocks in a grand way! Thanks! Get some sleep, 

Edward I., June '13, Hawaii

Hi, I found information about your website on Now I have cheared info about your website to Norwegian bikers at  and You have a really nice webshop with parts that suits me. Looking forward to receive my first delivery from you. Cheers!

John G., June '13, Norway

You have the best customer service. I really appreciate your communication.

John D., June '13 

I love this product! (TB-3 Ultra Brace for Tour-paks)

Darrell C., June '13 

Good Joob I order and recieve from USA in 15 day !!!! Perfekt 

Frank M., May '13, Italy 

Outstanding!!!!  Thanks for the quick response and I greatly appreciate your excellent customer service. You have a new customer and I will spread the word!!!

Mike S., May '13

Thanks a trillion Patrick for your extremely prompt response. This is my first eGlideGoodies product purchase. If the way you handled my question represents the attention given to your customers, then you can bet I will be a repeat customer! Keep up the good work……………..Ride easy Bro

Darrell C., May '13 

Thank You in advance for your help. P.S GREAT PRODUCT! (TB-3 Ultra Brace for Tour-paks)

Darrell C., May '13 

Patrick, Received the arm in the mail yesterday, and I just wanted to say "thank you" for your help and in the timely manner in which you responded to my request. Have a great day,

Bob R., May '13

I purchased the GD-3 (Glove Box Door, Standard) a couple of years ago and I really like it. It is an excellent product. I purchased the unit with just the "black knob option" key lock...

Robert R., May '13 

...please ship today asap and I am very thankful for you cooperation in this matter. I will spread the good word amongst our Harley hog group at the rally this weekend.

Noel M., May '13

You guys are awsome thanx , fantastic product support will buy from you again thanx. 

Tim G., April, '13

You guys are the BEST!!! Thank you so much!!! Best customer service experience EVER!!  Can't wait to get this thing (TK-1 Tachometer) installed! Thanks again!!!

Mike M., April '13

Your website is great and I look forward to buying more from you. Thank you.

Adam T., March '13

Thank you!!! Can’t wait. Also your web site is AWESOME for help with getting the right shield for a ROAD GLIDE!!! Received today its awesome thanks!!! (Road Glide, WRCD-14 , Year: '04 - Current , Finish: Light Grey)

Dennis B., February '13 

Best service ever! I will be certain to get the word out on the forums. Yall are awesome! From now on I shop you first.

Keith J., Janurary '13 

Dear Sir,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how GREAT your Ultra Brace Kit (TB-3) is and how glad I am to have one on my new bike!!!

I had read good reviews on message boards before, but never had the desire to throw that many bucks at my old tour pak. I recently purchased a new Anniversary model Road King, and outfitted it with a brand new tour pak with all the bells and whistles I could put on it, and felt that it was as good a time as any to spring for the Ultra Brace Kit. I am totally impressed with the rock solid feel of the lid and am glad to rid myself of that annoying and very intimidating cable!!!

Thank you for a fantastic product! It’s worth every penny!!

Mike C., January '13


I already purchased and installed your locking glove box doors on my bike and they really work great.

Steve G., January '13 


I just recently did business with E-Glide Goodies and I am thoroughly satisfied with the quick transactions, affordable prices and excellent communications! I will certainly spread the word to all my riding buddies about your terrific company. Wished more were like yours. I'll be a return customer!!

Mike H., December '12 


Thank you guys for your help and for the great product.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Koby L., December '12 


Wow...what a nice website. Looks very impressive.

Lars B., December '12


Thank you very very much!! Great company you have here!

Mike H., December '12 

Now that is pretty slick. If Santa doesn't get it for me, I think I'll celebrate the new year with it! (ref: Bagger Gadget Bar)

Peter S., December '12

The GD-3 Glove Box Door looks great, is easy to install...

Steve S., October '12

Good afternoon! Your shipment (LW-1 Wiper for Windshields) JUST arrived today! WOW, so fast. Just in time in case we get rain for the Milwaukee Rally of 2012. Kind regards.

Roger R., August '12 

Many thanks for the fast dispatch of order. I received the MTB-1 Map Pocket today and it is perfect for my Softail tank. I am touring France, Switzerland and Italy in a couple of weeks and have searched everywhere for a decent map pocket to fit the bike and was running out of time. I really appreciate you sending this so quickly. That was great service and I'll recommend you to everyone I meet !! Cheers guys

Colin A., August '12, England

Awesome!  Just got it installed (TB-3 Ultra Brace). Thanks for such a great product. When I got my new CVO Ultra I thought that retractable tether looked awfully weak. After a friend's tether broke I decided to get your Ultra Brace. So glad I did.

Jerry R., August '12 

Hi E-glide, Got all of the items, and installed them (TB-3, WP-S, RB-1670, GC-42) .... great back rest !!  Almost 600 miles yesterday, STURGIS OR BUST.... thanks forgetting the items shipped out to me in time for this trip!

Dave R. July '12

Hello, I'm a returning customer. I purchased a set of glove box locks (GL-1) from you for my 2007 Harley Road glide and have be totally satisfied with them. Which is why I'm now ordering another set. However, the first time I ordered them online i just went with the locks and keys you provided, Now I would like to have them key matched to my Harley key...

George R., June '12

First of all I want to commend you on a great web site, with more useful/practical touring products for Electra Glides than I have ever seen in one place. Great concept, great job! ...It’s obvious from your site, that you are a real long haul rider who has logged lots of miles, which most have not, so your opinion is valuable. I have ridden to Alaska, all of the lower 48 and all of Canada and some of Mexico in the last 42 years totaling well over 300k miles on 4 Harleys...

John P., June '12

We received the windshield yesterday (1989 Tour Glide windshield) and are very happy. It looks good!! We can tell you took the time and care into making the windshield. If we ever hear someone else looking for one you name and number will be given. Thank you very much!!

Gary and Michelle B., June '12 

Hey Patrick, I put the lower fairing doors on this weekend and they work and look great!! Regards,

Chuck H., May '12

Already own the deck that works with this kit!!! Thanks for making sure.  Great, super customer service!!! Awesome ..... you guys have more than earned my business and anyone else I can send your way!!!

Eric R., May '12 

OK, just returned from a week on the road after installing the BN-090 Passenger floorboard mounts and I have to say "Thank You" again! We covered almost 2000 miles and my wife never complained once and said this was by far the most comfortable she had ever been on the bike. We even figured out that I can set the left board flat for her to step on then I just reach down and pull the pin and she "tilts" her foot to the desired position and off we go. PERFECT! 

Kary C., May '12

...I am very satisfied of Eglidegoodies for seven or height years and I look at your website almost every day; three years ago, I have already proposed to you the "park and move" system. I guess we have to share the good ideas. Thanks again. Friendly.

Claude R., April '12, France

Got the mounts on Friday and installed them that evening. Fit them to my lady yesterday and she LOVEs them. The worked perfectly! Thanks! You guys are the BEST.

Kary D. C., April '12

I just discovered your website and it’s awesome!  You guys have some great stuff for Ultra Classics.

Henry Q., April '12

U R the Greatest... Thank you.

Philip M., April '12

Hello, as you can see, my adress is located in France, even if I am deployed abroad sincerely yours a very satisfied customer of you.

Marie-Christine R., March '12, France

Cool. Thanks again for being so quick! Even though I wasn't able to get the part I want I still appreciate the great customer service!

Scott M., February '12 


Patrick, That beauty was just delivered. I want to thank you for your help and understanding with me. I am going to buy some led lights from you probably next week but no hurry on delivery for those. You guys are the kind of people I like to deal with. Thanks.

Russell W., February '12 


Got your reply about shipping thanks for that. Have been viewing your web page as I constantly look for new gear for my Ultra classic and some other mates of mine from Australia are already buying goodies from you. So I will certainly being buying more stuff once this shipment arrives.

William H., February '12, Australia

Hi, Just to let you know that I collected my goods today, can't wait to see how the screen looks. Thanks for the great service, much appreciated.

Andy S., January '12

Good store and good service. I like it. 

Jose A., January '12, Brazil

I have ordered from you before. Just received my latest order. You Guys ROCK. Thank You.              

Randy C., December '11

New Windshield arrived today. order to delivery in three days.  Fantastic!! I'll be back. 

Clive H., December '11

This is my second purchase with the seller. In the first, was very well attended with delivery within the time promised, I have not had any problem, so my note.

Ailton Q., November '11, Brazil 

Thanks. By the way, the Highway Boards are awesome.  Tested them for the first time today! 
Richard M., November '11, London, England 

Thanks you guys are always good to deal with, been a customer since the start, Have a good day !!!

Roger W., October '11

Last september I ordered via your website the following articles, which were meant to be attached to my 1992-model Electra Glide Classic: Cruise buddy, Tour Pak brace, tail-running-brakelight kit for king tour paks, 2 LED-strips running-brakelight. The mounting of the cruise buddy as well as the tour-pak brace didn’t cause any problems and has been completed in less than 1h ...also the LED-strips were easy to install, once I have found their good placement at the rear of my bike.  .....the articles are worth their prices and I will recommend eglidegoodies to all my pals. Here, fall has started and soon we will be caressing our Harleys in the warm garage during wintertime! So what better opportunity to go browsing on your website! Kind regards from Switzerland,

Beat D., Switzerland, October '11

I want to tell you how overwhelmingly satisfied I am with my very first experience with eGlideGoodies…your customer service rep, Patrick, is first-rate!!  I needed a power outlet for my Harley that was easy to install and I wanted something that looked sleek and inconspicuous. And did I mention I needed it in a hurry?? Patrick made all that happen for me…thank you, Patrick!!  The part (PP-83) came the day before my big trip and I installed it in less than 30 minutes…it looks great…I’m so pleased! I have already told several of my riding friends to check out your website if they need anything for their rides…I will definitely be back! Sincerely,

Carla K., October '11

Thanks for your prompt reply. .....J J You guys have some great products, keep up the good work.

Thomas M., October '11

You guys are great...thank you! I give you a great big 10 for customer service!!

Carla K., October '11

You guys are great,thank you so much for your service and I will tell all my friends about your web site. I will also be ordering all my stuff from you.

James B., September '11 

You folks ROCK! Thanks!!

Andrew F., September '11 

I bought the WMM-53, Windshield Mounted Ellipse mirrors, the Saddle Shield Heat Deflectors and Adjustable Passenger Foot Options. All high quality...and still using them. I have told many friends about your website.

Rod, August '11

Hi, The liner for my tour-pak was delivered at work today. I wanted say thanks for taking care of the address correction (big help) and I am looking forward to getting more goodies. Thanks again.

Greg W., August '11

Exellent products and service, fast delivery. Highly recomended.

Craig W., Australia, July '11

Just wanted to say thankyou I have received my new windscreen (WSL-12) it was exactly what I expected. Your service and assistance has been excellent. Regards

Ian Fisher from Adelaide Sth Australia, July '11

Please UPS overnight (AR-59 Passenger Armrests for Tri-Glide), I am a disabled rider and I need the trunk to move back ....... I have to get onto the passenger seat first to be able to swing my stiff leg over the tank, and need to be safe while doing it. Thank you so much for everything. Will certainly let Harley Forum in Australia know of your wonderful service! Cheers

Annie C., July '11

I heard thru a friend and im glad he told me about your site, and im real pleased about your product (PL-CH-FL Push Button Latch for Police Bikes). it looks great on my bike and instalation was a snap, thank you !! and i will order more items in the future. Many thanks.

John S., July '11

Great response to customer's problem!

Tom A., July '11

I have been looking for a small tank bag for my Ultra. I have a connection on the side of my consol for my communications gear. When I talked to your customer rep, I was told that the MTD-GPSM bag may not work on the Ultra. I decide to take a chance and ordered one. I just returned from a 1700 mile trip and the bag worked fine. You should not be so hesitant about recommending the bag for Ultras. P.S. I was also impressed with the quality/workmanship of the product.

John W., July '11

Guys, I just wanted to close the loop with eGlideGoodies. I received the parts this week and just swapped them out. Took me literally 1-minute. The Adjustable peg now works perfectly. Thank you very much for your assistance in resolving the issue! I'm one very happy customer. Regards,

Dave B., June '11

Ok thank you guys very much!  EGlideGoodies is the very BEST!

Eric E., June '11

Hi, Thanks for the response - they both arrived today.  As I said before - you folks are the best in the business.  Will certainly be doing more business with you!

Tom J., June '11 

 ... I ll send some pics once i get it on the bike (custom Explorer leather seat w/Rider Backrest & Passenger backrest cover). You all have been great doing busness with and going the extra mile in getting this seat made. Thank you. I think you guys just became my go to shopping place for my bike needs. Great stuff.

Kevin H., May '11

Thank you. I think you guys just became my go to shopping place for my bike needs. Great stuff. Thank

Eddie G., May '11

hi there,  today i got my item (Dagmar Lights). SUPERB. thank you for this nice and fast deal. if i need any goodies again for my beauty ( my bike, not my wife) surly with your company. thank you, good bey

Thorsten R., May '11, Germany

Thank you very much sir. Also, I must say, that I appreciate a site that is dedicated to touring bikes. I tell every friend that I have about your site. Even if they don't have touring bikes, you still have items that they can use.

Jason M., May '11

Hi Guys, Package arrived today, SBY-B6 , great shape. Easy to install, very happy with product. Regards

Bob E., April '11

Thanks for all your help with my inquiry. I will be purchasing the switches. You now have a customer for life.........

Marshall D., April '11

Hey, Eglidegoodie guys, I really like the locking doors. But the tweeter pods are absolutely awesome!  A snap to install and sound terrific.  I totally recommend them. Thanks!

Ken W., April '11

I got my package today. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Sincerely.

Brad V., March '11

Thanx Guy's. Received my Six Items I ordered today! Everything in perfect condition and correct! (Kick stand extension, Drink Holder, Switch Blade floor board extensions, Studded Passenger back rest, Trunk Lid Holder, 1 gal emergency gas tank) All in perfect shape. Thanx,

Larry P., March '11

My first exposure to eGlideGoodies was through American Bagger Magazine ad for some of your products. I was looking for a cost effective alternative for a tour pack. I bought that in 2009 and will be back to purchase a few more things shortly when I have the funds. I have been very pleased with the products I have purchased. Thank you,

Michael S. March '11

I got my doors today. (GD-1 Glove Box Doors for Lowers) They are already on and they work great. Love the doors.

Bob D., March '11

Thanx for the update. Ordered a reverse gear setup from eGlideGoodies a couple of years ago and installed it myself on my 2006 Ultra Classic. Looks good and works great. Thanx.

Larry P., March '11

Btw, your products are outstanding and the format of your website is so easy to navigate.

Robert P., March '11

Yes, please upgrade to the larger speakers!  Thank you so much!  Excellent customer service!

Robert P., February '11

Thanks guys. I've just upgraded to the big bike and I'm loving it. It was one of the Harley-Davidson sales guys who told me to search for eGlideGoodies. You guys are famous.

Ken W., February '11

Received my order today.  Thank you for the fast shipment.  I appreciate it!

Steve H., February '11

Hey guys, just wanted to make a comment here about eGlideGoodies. They were kind enough to give me a price adjustment when I ordered the ultra brace at regular price just before it went on sale for 69.99. They didn't have to do that, and I really do appreciate how they take care of their customers (me). I also wanted to mention that although I have not installed my ultra brace yet, I have looked it over and it appears to be very good quality and fairly easy to install. I will post more about it when I get to install it, someday when I can dig my way through the snow to the garage. Man I envy you guys with garages that are attached to the house.

Rumrunner, January '11

Dear support team,  First of all let me say, I've already bought some goodies from you guys and I'm pretty happy with it. Now, I'm helping a friend of mine to get a center stand like the one I got and I need your help in defining the right fitting one. I facts, ...I'm happy with mine...

Matteo M., January '11, Italy

I was impressed with your site I will continue to observe new updates. The filler panels are fantastic I would buy them instantly. Thank you for your reply GOD BLESS

Shane, January 2011

Hey gang, I was looking to upgrade the sound system on my roadglide and another vendor was out of a product that i wanted. Rather than order from various vendors , i did a search for roadglides and there you were. ... decided to go with eglidegoodies because you cater to glides and it's easier to buy from one site.

Joe F., January 2011

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I installed the unit today (LL-1 tour-pak light bar). All went well according to your directions... The light looks great on the back of the trunk... Thanks for all of your help!!!

Kenneth R., December '10

Thank you for great customer service. My order was filled promptly and the merchandise was top shelf. I will order from your company again and tell everyone how pleased I am with your service. thank you.

December '10

Than you guys, I realy appriciate your service. GOOD JOB! I wish you all a wonderful christmas, a happy new year and riding temperatures in march...OK, I forgot. you guys are from california. forget about the riding temperatures, I guess you guys ride all year long. lucky you :-) Thank you very much,

Peter G., December '10, Over-seas in Germany

Good day. Your company was highly recommended on website I monitor that site regularly and many times take the advice of the participants. To date, I have been very fortunate in dealing with the recommended companies – yours being one of them. Thank You.

Greg W., December '10, Canada

These lights look awesome on my bike (Dagmar Directional and Saddlebag Lights). I park it in front of my shop and get a lot of inquiries... I have now installed these lights on seven customers bikes.

H. O., December '10

WL-10 (Flared Lip Windshield) .... 'Bitchin!

Dallas M., November '10 

I’ll be gettin’ a new scooter (2011 Ultra) soon and rather than scavenging the brace (Ultra Brace TB-2) from my old bike I might just get a new one. I’ve had it since, geez, I guess 1999, or 2000 and I really like it. Anyway, youse guys got good stuff. See ya.

Philip S., November '10

Have just received the fairing ..(DSF-90).. and fitted to the bike and all is good. Thank you for your service.

Gerry L., November '10, Australia

You have some great products!  Will keep me busy (and you) over the winter.  Thanks.

Mike C., October '10

Thank you for the quick reply and no problem with this. I appreciate the fine products and services e-glidegoodies provides and would like to commend you on the high standards that are associated with your company. Keep up the good work. 

Terry R., October '10

Thanks for everything I will tell all in my hog chapter what an outstanding company you are to deal with.

Joe M., October '10

...I did want to thank you folks for prompt processing and delivery. Rare in this day and age, so thank you very much for that.

Jerome F., October '10

Hi, I recently purchased the Sony radio adapter kit HSA470. I installed it with a Sony CDX 740UI Deck, and a 4 channel Amp. To run in my Ultra Classic. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product! Fit and finish is perfect, and the black anodized din cover is top notch, the cradle makes installing a snap, and lets not forget about the adapter module, to have all my hand controls work with a head unit like the sony CDX 740, it ROCKS!! Thank you for a great product.

Jeff L., October '10

Cris G. here, I recently wrote to you about an order for my 2011 Road Glide Ultra. I ordered and received the THR-09 trailer hitch, the CS-WC9 center stand and the Ultra Brace. I had some concerns about the fitment of these products because the bike is so new. I am pleased to say that all fit without any problems. It is clear that you guys really know your stuff. Thanks for all the research that you did to insure that I got the right stuff. You guys are a great company; I have bought from you twice and will again when my wallet recovers from this purchase.

Cris G., September '10

Hello again, and thank you for the excellent parts (GD-3, GBL-4, WSL-8, AD-08) for my bilke. Well packed, high quality, and very functional. Now that the ugly hole has been converted to a styling glovebox, would you have a product that also plugs the speaker holes? I haven't found anything on your website, but I am hoping you may have something. Will be placing another order very soon. Thank you,

Roman (Vancouver, BC, Canada), September '10

...I got one (RQ-73 Quick Adjust Relocator Kit) from you guys for my '09 harley ultra classic. Anyway it fit great with no problems at all, the wife loves it. Thanks.

Harold D., September '10

Love you products!

William P., September '10

Hi ! The pods speakers (rear speaker pods) are at home since today  ! GREAT....... !!!! It's a very nice job, and I 'm very glad...

Bernard, August '10, France

Hi eGlideGoodieGuys.....My centre stand arrived yesterday, and I fitted it without too many snags. Initially, I found that the main bolts did not align sufficiently with the large holes in the existing cross-member, to get the bolts through!  However, it did seem that the edges of the cross-member had been knocked slightly over the years, and after bending them back slightly with a pair of large mole grips (the solution to most things), the stand bolted in perfectly. After that, the fitting was easy.

I think the stand looks fantastic!  It screams quality and strength, and I believe enhances the look of the bike too (more chrome!). It is effortless to lift onto the stand, and effortless to push off again!  I was really surprised how easy!

This has to be one of the best accessories I've ever bought for a bike.  It's now SO easy to check-out the tires pre-ride, and for cleaning.  The rear-wheel if off the ground by an inch or so.  It is so easy to lift the front fender and spin the front wheel too. I'm delighted :)) Thanks again.

Richard M, July '10, England

Awesome! Thanks for all the assistance with my order I am really grateful for the for all the help. Your guys customer service really rocks, especially with all you have been dealing with on your end.  I never went a whole day with out being contacted after sending an email. I really hope and pray that all of the medical issues that have arisen have been dealt with and are completely overcome. God Bless and Ride Safe!

John M. July '10

Hey, All our hopes and prayers go out to all of you and your families. As a customer we can say it has always been positive and everyone there at Eglide is awesome to deal with. Again we are concerned and please do not think twice about the business as family and friends come first..... We as loyal customers will always be there.

Frank, July '10

Dear Sir/Madam, I've dealt with Eglide Goodies in the past (purchase a Bootcase) and your service has been impeccable.

Kym M., June '10

I would like to thank you first for the items I recieved, BT1002 kit. It couldnt have been any easier to install and i couldnt be happier with the results. You folks sell a GREAT PRODUCT that I would reccomend to anyone wanting to save big bucks and put in the variety of whats available for systems, and not what comes with it stock. My stereo kicks ass from a stock system. Thank you again...

Todd D., April '10

Well i recieved the BT (BT-1002 audio upgrade kit) kit and love it cause it works so well and saved me a ton of cash.

Todd D., April '10

Hey guy's...thanks for the quick answer! I will be ordering the Road Sofa..... I want to thank you all very much for all your help! You sure do have a great cutomer service dept.!!!!!

Wayne M., March '10

Love the faceplate (Road Glide Face Plate HFP-GB).  Thanks.

Ray J., January '10

I am a long time satisfied customer.

Brad V., December '09

Received my locking boxes (glove box doors) today thanks. Great product.

Dave P., December '09

Madam, Sir, I have received the item I ordered (1199, Windshield Eagle Trim). It suits well. Thank you. Best regards.

J.J. A., December '09, France

I just purchased your SU9-B18 antennas and was really impressed when I opened the package. I was expecting some kind of standard antenna that everybody sells for Harley. I immediately noticed that they were not your ordinary antenna, these antennas were of high quality and very well looking on the back of my bike. Thank you. I'm am glad that I purchased these from eGlideGoodies and would not hesitate to spread the word. Thank you again. 

Danny, November '09

Rec'd the product I ordered today.  Very pleased.

Don S., October '09 

Heard about eGlide of a mate in Australia you have some good bits on your site we dont get much dresser aftermarket gear  here in OZ so its great to see a good site like yours keep up the good work.

Stewy N., Wahgunyah, Australia, October '09

Hi , well got the box today and put everything together , work's like a harley radio (perfect) !!!! Just writing you to let you know and to THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!  Regards

Jacques V., France, October '09

Hi, Just a quick note to say that I have already received my item and love it and I shall use it with pride – I cannot believe you managed to get it to me so quickly. Top marks to all at your company for a pristine service.. Many thanks,

David Q., United Kingdom, October '09

Guys...I finally received my T-Bags Boot Case last week. Over last weekend I rode down to the south coast on my Electra Glide to a mates holiday home.  I used the Boot case and I was very impressed.  I did not attach it to the top box rack but I used it in the top box. It is constructed well and it has plenty of pockets for those little nick nacks. I am very happy with it.

Cheers - Kym M., Australia, September '09

Hi, I just received my turn signal button extensions and they work awesome!  Thanks.  My friend is interested in them also but he has a Sportster. Do the button extensions work on Sportsters too? (eGlide: Yes they do.) Thank you. Love your web site!

Pete L., September '09

Thanks for the research on the starter cover! I also do want to thank you for the very fast delivery of the Saddlebag & Tour-pak Chaps (SC-454) that I just purchased! WOW!! EXCELLENT SERVICE ON THIS ITEM!! I am going to Ruidoso NM Sept 17th through the Sept 21st and was hoping to have these for the trip but when I ordered them it said there would be a two to three week wait for them but it only took you four days to ship them to me. These Tour-pak Chaps are very unique and just what I needed and I'll  make sure to recommend them to you to anybody who sees them and are interested! Thanks Again.

Tommy R., September '09

I got the PowerMaster Mufflers yesterday; that was fast shipping and just in time for my week long trip starting tomorrow!  Thank You!  I immediately put them on and went for a 100 mile ride from Fort Collins to Cheyenne and back and I am impressed.  I got the 2 inch baffles so I did not have to up grade the fuel and air.  The sound is about what I expected and I can still hear the radio on the highway.  Roll on the throttle and they have nice deep tone.  My mileage stayed the same which hovers around 50 MPG with no popping in the exhaust or intake so the stock fuel settings seem to be fine.  I don’t know about the additional HP but it certainly is not less so I’m very happy with the PowerMasters. My last bike was a 06 EG and I did the stage 1 with VH Ovals.  I ended up with a bike that went from 46 MPG down to 41 MPG, vibrated a lot at idle, and made it difficult to hear the radio.  Not to mention waking up the neighbors when I’d leave on an early weekend ride. I have ordered a fair bit from your website over the years and have found the service to be far above the rest.  Thank you again.

Jeff B., September '09

eGlideGoodies, Awhile back I had ordered the TB-2 Ultra Brace for my 2001 Classic’s King Tour Pack. I just wanted to drop you a line to say “Thanks for the great service and a truly awesome product”. The brace made a world of difference in the functionality of the tour pack lid. No more “flop over” or “slamming” when it is opened and closed, and can be done easily with one hand. As the saying goes “This is the best thing since sliced bread”. The brace was very easily installed,..  All-in-all I would still give this product “2 thumbs up”.

Greg W., August '09

I received the two cams yesterday. I will be installing them this weekend. Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous service.

Jerry R., July '09

I received and installed the Saddle Shields.  They work GREAT!

Greg B., Juley '09 

Hi There...A while back I rdered a cruise buddy (CB-1) from you for my friends road king, it arrived very promptly and he was over the moon with quality and effectivness of the product. Now i have had the chance to use it and was well impressed.

Al W., July '09

eGlideGoodies, thank you. I received my antenna (HA-2 Hidden Antenna) quick and without defect and installation was a breeze. I was without am/fm/wb for a year after removing my tour pack, now im rocking local stations again. Thank you. PEACHES, President, SURVIVORS M/C SF/ BAY AREA

Michael C., July '09

I was on another web site and saw your company name, so I pulled it up. Glad I did, thanks. I received the part yesterday, shipping was very fast for a weekend order, thanks again.

Ronnie G., June '09

This is a great web site. I have purchased from you in the past & both, your products and your service are top notch. I have, and will continue to recommend you to fellow bikers. Keep up the good work.

Robert G., June '09

I got the soft lowers (SL-1P) and they fit great, thank you for a nice products.  Also got the Super Step contour windshield and it performs as advertised, very nice and not bad looking either.

Jeff B., June '09

Hey guys, A truly great addition to my Anniversary Ultra Classic ElectraGlide (TB-2 Ulta Brace for Tour-paks).  Thanks eGlideGoodies for such a great idea. Our next long distance tour will be teather free without any fear of the lid falling over due  to a broken cable. Your website made it easy for us up here in the great white north of eastern Ontario to order on-line without a problem. Thanks again.

Gary C., June '09

Dear Friends, You really impress me! Very reliable! I am looking forward to receiving your products. Thanks in advance.

Peter H. Germany, June '09

Hey guys ...(TB-2) brace is installed and I'm lovin it.  No more dangling stupid cable.  ( ...body man installed it for me after repairing the box and lid of my Tour Pak. The lid fell over one day when the cable broke.)   Thanks again guys - take care -

Gary C., May '09

Hello, I just recived my super step windshield...its on a 06 flhtci. Thank you very much for your time.. PS the windshield is...awsome!!!!!!

John O., May '09

Two of my four Harleys are dressers, and I read about your company in many of the bike magazines I subscribe to. I have also visited your vendors at different bike weeks. You have a great selsction of quality parts for Harley Dressers.
Frank P., May '09
Hello, Just want to say "Thank You".  I installed my Sony deck myself and have been looking for over a year to find something like this.  I received the Splash Cover on Friday, put it on and was happy that I didn't have to put any holes on my bike.  I'm sure I'll be ordering something from your website again.
Christopher V., May '09
The replacement arrived today - you guys are the best! Now that's great customer service. Have a great weekend - I'm going ridin'!!
Eric A., May '09
By the have one of the cleanest-looking, intuitive, user-friendly web sites I've ever seen.
Jeff H., April '09
Good afternoon. I received your Universal Radio Complete Kit HUA470 and it was very easy to fit with my Sony radio. Everything works a treat. Could not be happier, thank you. 
Peter T., April '09
Well done!! I received my package yesterday and I am happy. Many thanks again With best regards.
Reinhard K., Germany, April '09
Really appreciate you getting back to me fast and I have no hesitation in recomending your company to my fellow Glide riders.
Dave B., United Kingdom, April '09
I recently ordered your floorboard extenders and installed them.  Took about 45 minutes and 2 beers.  They work great and the fit and finish was excellent. Thanks again,
Tommy M. April '09
Thank you so much for all of your prompt responses.  I am going to make a point to give you my business whenever I can and also let me friends know about your great customer service.
JCP, April '09
Got it today!!!! (WP-T 3-Pocket Windshield Pouch)  Installed in less than 2 minutes!!!!  I love it!!!!  The wife already has one pocket filled with her crap! LOL...  thanks again!!!! Great service!!!!!
John  B., April '09
Thanks for the quick reply.  I am going to order them right now.  I've purchased from you guys in the past and am always happy with your products.  Keep up the great customer service.
Lloyd M., April '09
I first saw your ad in Bagger's Magazine a couple of years ago and have been a returning customer since then.  I've always been satisfied with all of the products that I've purchased.
Alvin B., March '09
I just wanted to thank you for your attention to my order. I received it today and everything was there and it fits great. After seeing how thin the trim pieces wee I can see how they could have slipped out of the original box. Again thank you for your integrity and making things right. I was telling the guys at church that I ride with about the product you have for scaring off deer and a bunch of them are interested in them. I hope you have a Blessed day and again thank you.
Randy A., February '09
Thanks for the very quick response. Has been a pleasure doing business with eGlideGoodies.
Garnett M., January '09
Thanks so much.  You guys are awesome.  I always know I can count on you for
quality products and really fantastic service.  We've never been disappointed yet!
Bonnie S. January '09
I heard about you from HDForums. Highly recommended by my fellow members. I found your (Glove Box)doors to be exactly what I needed unlike the idiotic doors that fall out into your hand when opening. Great job. Thanks. Can't wait to install them.
Jeff. B., January '09
If I remember correctly, I saw your ad. in a Motorcycle magazine. Don't remember which one. Your a great source for goodies, and I always pass your name around! Thanks again.
Mike W., October '08
Hi. Many thanks. I heard about you through a link posted on the Harley Riders GB forum. You have lots of great stuff on your site and I'm sure that I'll order from you in the future. Regards.
Peter H., United Kingdom, August '08
I checked out your site after reading about your license plate helmet lock in an article by Buzz Buzzelli in American Rider magazine.  He gave you a good review!Thanks,
Michael A., August '08
I've been over a year of searching for a helmet lock alternative that would fit in with the overall lines of my Road Glide, and I believe this product, the License Plate Helmet Lock, will fit the bill.  I will make my local Harley-Davidson Parts Department aware of your website, for there must be others that would also find the License Plate Helmet Lock, the perfect accessory for their ride.   Thanks for expediting my order.   Regards,

Lee K., July '08
I heard about your Co. from a friend I ride with.You have some great products and I will be doing more business with your Co.Very glad to have found you.
William L., June '08
I want to thank you for providing a very good source for things for my Road Glide!  I saw it in Hot Bike magazine. Best regards,
Nelson S., June '08
I learned  about eGlideGoodies a few years ago when I saw an ad in amagazine. I actually purchased a few items for my old bike. I was very satisfied at that time with the products and installation instructions. I hope that holds true for this purchase.
Sandy A. June '08
Learned about you from magazine ad - have ordered items in the past - very satisfied with your products.

Ted F., Undersheriff, Monmouth County Sheriff's Office, May '08
I first saw about egalide goodies in an add in "American Iron Magazine."   thanks for being a great resource for speciality parts for my Electraglides Ultras.
Mark S., May '08

Good morning. I received the windshield and I am very satisfied with your hardware. Also...surely I talk to my friends, I will also put a link on my website.  Thank you for everything.
Patrick M., France, May '08
WOW,   eGlidegoodies is FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I ordered this stuff Sunday and got it on Wednesday - standard shipping - they sent it USPS Priority - CA to WI. IMPRESSIVE. They will get more business from me for sure!!! Highly recommend them.

Dave H., May '08
I have the turn signal extensions and they work well.  I have had really good experiences with eglidegoodies - they quickly answer questions and ship promptly.
P.J., May '08
They (GD-1 Glove Box Door Kit keyed to ignition) arrived and are installed (very easy, 15 minutes max). Thanks for the great communication! Jerry B. said you would treat me right and you did! Thanks again.

Brett D., May '08
Just received my SDU-B18 Shorty Antennas. Put them on and absolutely no difference (reduction) in reception (from the stock antenna). Might even be a little better.  Thanks.

Craig L., May '08
Hello again,   Recieved all items and installed them today.  Everything is working fine and I thank you for the quick responses this past week.  I will be sure to return to the web site for more goodies.....
Barry S., May '08
eGlideGoodies, I want to commend your business for the excellent and easy to use website. I look forward to receiving my products. Please let me know what the status is on shipment. Thanks again for your excellent service and customer support. Thanks,
Matthew B., April '08
Heard about you through a friend.  Thanks for the ease of purchasing your products!
Marilyn R., April '08
Hi, again. The windshield arrived the other day, and it looks great on my electraglide... I've been used to looking through a 9.5 " clear windshield, and this WS-7 will certainly be different.  Thanks. 
Jon G., November '08
I received my Tour-pak wall mount yesterday. It is a nicer product than I expected from looking at the picture on the web. Thanks for all of your help!
S. N., October '08's great: I have received yesterday the two packages with the centre stand and the air horn you sent to me; thanks a lot for all; I shal install them on my bike and enjoy as soon as possible.  thanks again
Claude R., France, October '08
Your a great source for goodies, and I always pass your name around !  Thanks again.
Mike W. October '08
Hi guys,here are some pictures of my bike with the Jetpipe Exhausts. They are great, nice deep sound i am very happy with them. Thank you and till the next time i like more things on your site so in the future i order more stuff...greetings.
Felix R., Holland, October '08
Great products and company keep up the good work.
Chuck G., October '08
First, let me compliment you on your business etiquette.  I do a lot of business over the Internet and only a select few are as professional as you.  It is a pleasure doing business with a class act.
JB, September '08
Thanks for helping out... You have some GREAT PRODUCTS and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE...
Tom B., September '08
Unbelievably good service!!!
Rick O'.  September '08
Hi eGlideGoodie.  I am Felix from Holland, Europe.  The last 2 months I bought some stuff for my bike. Everything works very good. Thank you very much for the good service.
Felix C., Holland, September '08
Thanks for your help. As you can see, I plan to do alot to my bike.... Your online store is the best I've found for cool stuff for my FLHTC in one spot!  Thanks
Ron L, September '08
I just found your web site today searching google for electra glide accessories. I have only had my e-glide for about 2 months, and you have all the things I am looking to add, plus quite a few I never thought of adding ! I look forward to doing business with you. Thanks for a great selection.
Ray M. September '08
By the way, I like the Ultra Brace (TB-2).
George L., August '08
I have a 2002 FLHT Standard adn I really like the Glove Box door you folks make for it.
Richard Z., August '08
I purchased the tour-pack wall mount TM-05 and that works great...Thanks for the great products, I've purchased a few and they fit and work well.
Bob N., August '08
Got the tank bag (MTM-1) and it works great! Thanks for your quick service!
Mark B., August '08
I have your sealed glove box doors-latch on the LH side and key lock on the RH side.  They fit/work well and are quality made.
B. M., July '08
I've got the sealed glovebox doors with the non-lockable knob from on my Ultra. I think they're great. You can open and close them one-handed with ease. Pay for themselves the first time you need to get into them at a toll booth.
N. R., July '08
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order for the Black Mirror mount. Had it and my GPS installed on Saturday and it is working out great. The mount keeps my handlebars clean and gives me many option and choices for positioning my GPS. Looking forward to purchasing another for the other side and maybe some other goodies. Thanks again
Gary R., July '08
By the way: I LOVE my vented windshield
Doug W., July '08
Thanks for all the help and information. I will go on the site and order the mount and Great Customer Service is what sets one company apart from another.
Gary R., July '08
Hi. Thank you for great products and a good service.
Ingomar P., United Kingdom, July '08
Friends told me about your site and had positive feed back about quality and service.
Larry F., June '08
Dear Friends, reliable as usual. We checked in at our hotel and .....your parcel was already there. Perfect as always, everything was o.k. Thank you again.


Dr. Peter H., Germany, June '08

I want to thank you for providing a very good source for things for my  Road Glide!
Nelson S., June '08
Sorry for so many questions. I love your website. I have 2 orders in shipping now.  Thankyou.
Lonny K., June '08
Very fast service and shipping. Antennas look and work great (SDU-B18). Will shop here again and refer you to others. Thank you.
Terry T., May '08
Great product and very fast shipping...ordered on Friday and the Shorties were on the Bike the following Wednesday..thanks.
Harley T., May '08
I first saw about egalide goodies in an add in "American Iron Magazine."   thanks for being a great resource for speciality parts for my Electraglides Ultras.
Mark S., May '08

Good morning. I received the windshield and I am very satisfied with your hardware. Also...surely I talk to my friends, I will also put a link on my website.  Thank you for everything.
Patrick M., France, May '08
WOW,   eGlidegoodies is FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I ordered this stuff Sunday and got it on Wednesday - standard shipping - they sent it USPS Priority - CA to WI. IMPRESSIVE. They will get more business from me for sure!!! Highly recommend them.

Dave H., May '08
I have the turn signal extensions and they work well.  I have had really good experiences with eglidegoodies - they quickly answer questions and ship promptly.
P.J., May '08
They (GD-1 Glove Box Door Kit keyed to ignition) arrived and are installed (very easy, 15 minutes max). Thanks for the great communication! Jerry B. said you would treat me right and you did! Thanks again.

Brett D., May '08
Just received my SDU-B18 Shorty Antennas. Put them on and absolutely no difference (reduction) in reception (from the stock antenna). Might even be a little better.  Thanks.

Craig L., May '08
Hello again,   Recieved all items and installed them today.  Everything is working fine and I thank you for the quick responses this past week.  I will be sure to return to the web site for more goodies.....
Barry S., May '08
eGlideGoodies, I want to commend your business for the excellent and easy to use website. I look forward to receiving my products. Please let me know what the status is on shipment. Thanks again for your excellent service and customer support. Thanks,
Matthew B., April '08
Heard about you through a friend.  Thanks for the ease of purchasing your products!
Marilyn R., April '08
Hey, thanks for all the help.  You guys are great.  Looking forward to the radio and doing business with you guys in the future.

Matt M., April '08
What  the heck is going on?? I order stuff on Friday afternoon around 4 p.m. and it's setting on my front porch TUESDAY? What are you people trying to do? Make me a customer for life? O K it worked 2 orders so far and no fooling around , you guys deliver the goods double quick time . Thank you for the excellent service , I will definately come to Eglide Goodies for my scooters needs.
Dave C., April '08


Just a quick note to follow up....chalk one up for the happy folks!  I received the bag that was mis-directed yesterday all in perfect condition including the packaging. I gave it a quick once over and it is exactly what I need.  We will be loading it up and heading west this summer and I am very confident it will more than meet our needs.  Thanks for all the extra work, from answering my first questions, sending the stuff in a timely fashion and then tracking down the "traveling bag" as it's become known in my house.  I have already told a group of friends about eGlideGoodies and your service adn i'm pretty confident we will be doing more business.  Thank you again.


Scott T., April '08


Thanks for your prompt and curteous response to my inquiry about the electronic part I needed.  Customer service is weak everywhere today, and your assistance was appreciated.
Tom G., April '08
My glove box doors (GD-1) arrived and the installation was so easy I had them mounted on both sides in less than fifteen minutes. Great fit and finish ! They are a great addition to my Ultra. Thanks for a quality product.
D. B., April '08
I just received my front and rear lowering kit. I am very happy with the quality, and the price. No hidden charges upon delivery. I look forward to doing business with you in the very near future. I will recommend your name to others up here.
Chris B., March '08, Ontario, Canada
I received the rear shock lowerering kit (LK-2-2) and am happy with it.
Bruce G., March '08
ps: I love the locking glove boxes I purchased from you.
Rodney C., March '08
...And last but not least Thanks for a GREAT product! I have had the Cruise Buddy for just over a year now and I can’t imagine taking a long ride without these days.
Dale R., March '08
Hi Friends, everything has arrived in the Hotel and is fine. Again well done. Thank you very much and until my next stay in the USA I say "Auf Wiedersehen" and So Long.

Dr. Peter H., Germany, March '08

Thanks for the great website.  I'm excited to have found it and look forward to buying a number of items for my eglide (windshield, pegs, antenna kit, etc.). 

John T., March '08
Dear eGlideGoodies   I have received the tie down brackets (928) and have installed them and put them to the test and I am very happy with them and wanted to say Thank you and keep up the good work.
Bob S., February '08
By the way, I really like the ones (Sealed Glove Box Doors, GD-1) I had on my 2005 Ultra.  We rode that bike through all 48 states (no ship-and-ride) in one year, 3 separate trips.  Many, many miles of thunderstorms and your Glove Box Doors kept my iPod nice and dry - they never leaked.
Steve G., February '08
Hi, I just received the 928 tie down brackets, thank you as they work well. Thanks.
Dave K., February '08
I did get the tracking numbers...  I thank you very much and can't say enough about the support that your company provides.
Justin, February '08
Hello, Many thanks for the items. Quality super and prompt delivery. No problemo.
De Bondt Michel, February '08, Belgium


Thanks Guys.  The Windscreen has just turned up so all is good.  Thanks again for your help and I'll recommend your services to anyone over here who inquires about the Vented Windscreen, as I haven't seeen one on a Harley in Australia as yet.


Peter T., January '08, Australia

Dear eGlide,  I was a little concerned when I made an exchange of product. But I'll tell you guys you were on top of it. Very quick response to my e-mail and I got the correct item two days before my vacation, which I did not expect. Hats of to you. And as for the tank bag (MTM-1), I am extremely happy. It fits my Road King Police like a glove. The quality is unbelievable. I will be ordering again soon..Again thanks.
Dave M., January '08
Hey guys, just have to tell you how happy I am about my Retro Radio package. I installed it today and I am so happy you can't believe it. I have been looking for a CD radio for my 95 harley flhtc for many years and I finally found it. It installed so easy and everything fit. Looks like factory fit when its was finished and the sound is so much better then the radio I had..... Thanks so much ....
Bob T., January '08
I saw an article in American Iron Magazine a while back and I looked you up on the Web. I am glad that someone caters to the bagger crowd. Thanks, looking forward to my upgraded speakers and tour-pak wall mount.
Jeff W., January '08
Love the center stand that I purchased from you for my 08 Ultra.  Excellent product.
Jim M., Charlotte, NC, January '08
Hi...just recieved this order.  The bag liners are great quality....I can't wait for spring to try them out.  Thanks.
Keith, January '08
Again your professionalism is outstanding (in this day and age) i received my raincover for my seat on 11/29.  Thank you again.
William L., December '07
The doors arrived Friday (GD-1 Sealed Glove Box Doors) and I installed them on Saturday.  And they're absolutely fantastic!  Thanks.
Andy M., November '07
I ordered new antennas on Oct. 30 and they came in on Nov. 1. Unbelievably great service! The antennas are on my bike and look great. Thanks for the quick service. I will be recommend to all of my fellow riders.
Doug T., November '07
Thanks. I think you have great customer service!  Sent from my iPhone
Walter L., October '07
Dear Friends, I'd like to confirm that all ordered items have arrived in hotel precisely just in time as always. My compliments. Thank you very much. Kind Regards


Peter H., October '07


Freakin' Awesome!  These Shorties (SDU-B18 Shorty Antennas) are good quality, very easy to install, and I ordered them on Saturday and they got here on Monday!  I'm totally impressed by the whole experience.  I will always refer to EGlideGoodies first for anything else I need for my Ultra Classic from now on!  Thanks, E-Glide!

Kevin T., September '07
Thanks, I will get the spare key out today (GD-1 Key to Ignition Product).....  Thanks for your quick responses.  Unusual in this day of bad service, but you are right on the ball and it is greatly appreciated.
Donna M., September '07
I  recently purchased and installed left/right glove boxes for my Ultra Classic.  They installed with ease and I really like them.
R. C., September '07
I purchased the right and left side Sealed Glove Box Doors for my 2004 Electra Glide and have been very happy with them....   Thanks, you guys are great!
Jack D., September '07
Hey guys - third time I've bought form you. I get my merchandise on time w/o waiting weeks and everything is smooth. Will continue to do business with you. I have told others about you.
Walter L., September '07
Received my Centerstand yesterday and installed it right away on my 05 Roadking.   Wow - what great service from you folks at Eglide and what a great product... I only wish I had ordered this stand years ago.   Quality of the product is great, works even easier than I thought, looks great. The space I save parking between two cars in the garage is wonderful. Added benefit is the ease of cleaning the darn rear wheel.
Dan T., August '07
Repeat customer - was surprised how quickly my order arrived the first time. I appreciated that and will continue to do business with you guys!
Walter L., August '07
Hey guys, I have an 02 harley ultra classic and was looking for a site with stuff for my bike.  Found your site, hate the stock windsheild and wanted something smaller and your site was my answer. thank you very much  
Jerry M., August '07
Hello, the GM-97CM part came the same day I emailed you.  It works great, the XM looks like it was built in!  Very good idea!  I'll probably need another one for the GPS.  Thanks alot, I'm very happy with it!
Lee H., August '07
A big THANKS!!! I installed the radio (GT-510 Package) Thursday (same day radio delivered) before I started my 1400 mile journey the following morning from Manhattan, KS to Newport News, VA and it played awesome. Thanks again for your support. 
Steve B., August '07
I've recently placed an order with your company and was asked how I heard about your company.  I found your ad in "Bagger" magazine and went to the website listed in the ad.  Your pricing and service is very good in comparison to other internet companies offering the same products.  I like being notified of the status of my order.  Thanks!
Craig L., July '07
Saw your ad in American Iron. Really like a lot of your accessories!
PS - My wife liked your WP-2 better than Harley's offering!
Stan K., July '07
Dear Friends....everything has arrived on time! Excellent and precise service. Impressing. Good and reliable company. Useful products. Thank you again for this privileged service. I'm recommending you wherever and whenever I can. Kind Regards till next time


Peter H., Germany, June '07

What awesome folks to do business with! After looking at the H-D and the eGlideGoodies' Tour Pack Organizers, I decided that I liked the EGlide. So I placed an order on 6/6/07 for one. Didn't hear anything for awhile, so last week I sent them an e-mail. Wednesday I think. Asked if it had shipped  yet. They said it hadn't (...waiting on a production run to complete). I explained that I was leaving on a trip this coming Wednesday, and if they couldn't get it to me by Tuesday to go ahead and cancel.  I really wanted one for this trip. ....Well the folks at eGlideGoodies really came through big time. The sent it, at no extra cost to me, Priority Mail!  Got to me today! I received, and installed, it today!  Great quality!
Ken D., June '07
Hey Guys!  Got the new levers today..awesome! Thanks again for your assistance and support.   Later,
Dan U., June '07 


Hello from Portugal/Europe,  I got it in time and since some days my Harley is running with your parts in its best way. To implement the parts was very easy and I like to use my Sony radio from the handlebars!

Reinhard K., June '07


Guys!  Got the antenna I ordered (STY-B13) and am serious happy with it. Beats the old 3 ft whip that was on it and still gives great reception. Time from order to putting it on the bike was awesome.


Dan U., June '07

Hi, I would just like to thank you for your prompt and great service. The items I ordered arrived in 5 days, which is unbelievable as I live across the pond. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends, infact I already have! Thankyou all very much.

Alan G., May '07, England
Y'all returned my call the same day,answered my questions and shipped the same day !!  Product arrived in 2 days and was as expected. Thanks.
Jack W., May '07
You guys are awesome!  Thanks for getting the package here in time for my husbands birthday dinner this evening...
Genie C., May '07
This is my SECOND order - you got a good shop.
John C. May '07
I would like to thank all of you for the efforts in getting the Retro Radio kit (Sony Radio Adapter) to me. I had it installed and it was well worth the wait. Again thanks and I look forward to doing business with you all in the near future.
Riemie L., April '07
Order something.  So simple....turnsignal extender as I have an injured hand and fumble trying to reach the button on my 06 electra glide classic.  Wow,  thanks  for having a great more fumbling looking to hit the right switch button.  Fast shipping.....installed in minute....looks great,
Bob, April 07
I just received my antenna for my 2005 FLHTCSE2 adn was impressed with the speed of delivery and love the way it looks on teh bike.  As you predicted installation was a quick "screw-off" and "screw-on" scenario....
Dave F., April 07
Hello! The parts I booked arrived one week ago and I am very satisfied with the parts,eGlideGoodies and Paypal. Two years ago I was driving Route 66 and last year I was in Sturgis (ralley) We hired Harlyes in Chicago went a trip to Canada,to the ralley in Sturgis, and back to Chicago. We meet many nice bikers on the trip and I think somone told me about eGlideGoodis, or I read about you in a magazine. Hope you understand my bad english. Have a nice day!
Kjell A., April '07, Norway
Gentlemen, I received my new Road Sofa on the 4th as promised and installed that afternoon.  Of course that calls for a short road trip!  I did and wow what a difference it has made for me.  I am thoroughly enjoying my new seat!  Did about 650 miles on it this last weekend just to get the new seat "seated" to me.  I am enclosing a pic of my 1996 Electra Glide that has 148,000 miles on it and only on the first engine overhaul.  Hope you enjoy my pic as much as I am enjoying my new seat.  Once again teh wait was well worth it!
Sammy D., April '07 
I placed an order on line with your company on Monday 4-2-07.  The parts came in today.  I was extremely happy with the quick service, the product was packed well and arrived in good condition.  The part I ordered was your quick detach lowers kit # QD-04.
John M., April '07
I got my order on 4/4/07 (Retractable Passenger Pegs). Already got it installed. We will put it to use this Easter weekend. We are going on a group ride to Death Valley. Thanks.
Ken H., April '07
Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my email inquiry Re my product order with you.  Hope to be doing more busines with you in the future.
Greg M., April '07
Hi, You guys are great, and I'm putting together my third order.
Nichelle L., March '07
Hello: Your instructions on the full size cover with antenna grommets, requested my impressions of grommet installation and cover. I was pleasantly surprised after I cut the round holes for the rubber grommets that the grommets went in fairly easily and seemed to be secure once the cover fabric was tucked into the groove. Thanks.
Paul C. March '07
i've purchased a few items from you in the past for my road glide. i'm now riding an 07 street glide. i stopped by your site again this morning and you've added some very cool new products. just wanted to say looking good - i still send folks to you for speaker upgrades as i believe yours are higher quality....
Murray, March '07
I just received my shorty antennas and they were very easy to install. delivery was quick and I appreciate that. Iwill be doing business again real soon.
John A., March '07
I'm impressed by the layout and the varietyof product available.
John F., March '07
The SDY-B18 Shorty Antennas I put on my 2006 Ultra Classic work very well . The reception is great on the AM,FM,WB,and the CB. Thanks.
Eddy G., March '07, Texas
I am shipping the ignition key tomorrow (GL-1 Road Glide lock kit) as per this order. .....looking forward to buying more goodies before the winter is over. I sent inquiries concerning this product and was impressed....with how fast I got a response.
Moha J., January '07
As normal they did arrive on the 18th.  The center stand was very easy to install and works great.  Don't know why they are not standard, especially on baggers.  The thumbnail buttons are great as well.  You have great products adn great service.  Looking forward to seeing what new pops up on your website.  Thanks again for the great products for the eglide.
Gary C., January '07
Dear Friends, Good news! TL-1 arrived safely in Munich. Thank you once again for your perfect services. Product is good and surpasses my expectations. Well done. Really, I can recommend you. In summer I shall be again in the USA. Probably, I'll find another goody from you.  Auf Wiedersehen

Dr. Peter H., Germany, January '07


Great product. Just installed the shorty antenna on my tour pack. Product
looks and works fine and is much shorter than the whip that comes standard.
Have a ride in a couple of hours so I have to wait until tomorrow to install
my tour pack LED stop light. Your turn around time is the best I've seen.

Joe K., January '07


I bought a pair of heat shields from you last summer, which I am VERY
happy with . . .    I mailed my spare ignition key on 1/5/07.

Jeff A., January '07
I use some of your products and consider your business a leading edge product line.
Tom D., January '07
I found eGlideGoodies on the internet.  I have ordered from you previously and have been very satisfied with your service.  Thanks
Kenny, December '06
10 minutes after I sent you this message, UPS shows up. So disregard. Thanks
for the speedy delivery and the products look great!
David G., December '06
You guys are awesome and thanks.  A quote for your website or customer satisfaction metrics - "Found eGlide Goodies by accident while on the web looking for Harley accessories.  Many unique and interesting items.  Purchased from them and whem I had questions or an issue they responded with a good customer service attitude and support."
Lawrence H. November '06
Thanks for the quick supply of the highway boards. Quality product & good service.
Robert R., November '06, New South Wales, Australia
I have ordered several items from you and like your merchandise.
Wes, November '06
I heard about you through a mechnic at my local harley dealer.  I also have reccomended you to at least 30 new customers. Thanks,
Bruce C., October '06
Thanks for the prompt response. Forgot to tell you that wall mounts are great (TM-05, WM-05).  Mounted the one side in astud as recommended.  Everything worked perfectly.
Bruce L., October '06
Thanks for the prompt service. I installed the (#LO-1) Tour Pak Lid
Organizer and (#7993) Offset Mounts w/ Dually Peg items before an 800+ mile
loop with my wife in mid July. The attachments on the Tour Pak Lid Organizer
are amazing. No problems in 110+ degree heat! The Offset Mounts and Dually
Pegs made the trip much more enjoyable. I look forward to ordering more of
your high quality products soon.
Dean C., Sept. '06

Just received your antenna.  I did a before and after sound check between the original whip antenna and the STY-B13.  Where I live in Alaska radio reception can be an iffy thing, at best!  With your antenna I got wonderful reception (AM/FM).  Short is sometimes better!
Jeff in Alaska, Sept. '06
Yes, it installed super easy (Sony Radio Adapter Product). My biggest job was removing the outer fairing which is really no trouble. After I had the outer fairing off, I had the new radio installed and playing within 20 minutes. A friend of mine ordered one from you... I am still super satisfied with what I have. It is 10 times better than the Harley radio
David B., Sept. '06
I have purchased windshield, glove box locks and really enjoy working with your company.
C. L., Sept. '06
Installed the Windshield Vent today and tried it out on a ride.  It moves a lot of air towards the chest and it really does make the ride cooler.  Closed it for awhile and found myself wanting to always leave it open.  Nice product!  Was easy to install on my windshield with the metal template.  Used a dremel tool....only took about 20 minutes. 
C. W., Aug. '06
I received my Short Antennas STY-B13 took about 3 minutes to change this out with the stock whip antennas.  They work great equal to the long over bearing whip antenna.  I think my Ultra Classic looks better with the shorter antennas.  I don't know why Harley puts those long whips on, thanks to you there is a better solution.
Doug H., Aug. '06
Got my saddle guards Saturday. Thanx very much for you quick service
Steve H., Aug. '06
I received the liners today.  Thanks for the prompt shipping.  My friend will be back tomorrow and we will be able to install the entire shipment at the same time.  I use my lower fairing vents all the time and they sure make a difference.  Interesting to see that H-D now has their version.  You guys are definitely "on top of it".
Mert R., Aug. '06
I want to thank u 4 the lights (LL-1 LED Light Bar) i received it today and put it on it works great ....thank's.
H.H. July, '06
Thank you so much for making sure we received the air deflectors in plenty of time for our June 23rd trip. As it turned out this was the start of the hottest week in years, for this time of the year. When we started our trip at 7:30 am it was about 48 degrees and about 65 degrees when we arrived on the coast. It was a beautiful week on the coast, you never know how the weather will be on the Oregon coast during early summer. A few days later we started back into the valley, it was a little over 100 degrees and the pavement felt like 120. When having to ride in this type of heat I think that the AD-4 air deflectors was one of the BEST after market additions I could have installed on our Ultra Classic, they worked excellently bringing in a lot of extra air, HOT but lots of it! I think this is a good addition to any H.D. with our type of fairing. THANK YOU.
Tony T., July '06
My opinion as I just got done with a long ride. The VW-1 9" windshield was a perfect height for my tall body.  My old windshield was a 9 1/2" and it always seemed a little too tall. The position of the vent worked well with me. The only advice that I may have is if you have a any storage pouches on your fairing you would want to choose the VW-1B as it would vent above any storage pouches you may have. The vent works great. It gives forward air flow as well as it seems to minimize the back draft also. This is a great product and I recommend it to all my bat fairing friends. Thanks guys for all the great products you have for my enjoyment and make my riding experience more pleasurable.
Paul B., June '06
I just installed the Sealed Glove Box Doors, very nice addition to the lowers.
Larry B., June '06
Thanks for the Ultra tour pack brace.  Easy to install with very good instructions.   Works very well and no more tangled cable.  Should be standard from HD.
Bob L., June '06
Hello. The doors (GD-1 Sealed Glove Box Doors) are much better than expected.  Am very pleased with color match, texture, fit, finish, and operation.
Bob L., June '06
Dear eGlideGoodies.  My name is Mark and I run the Parts Dept. at Vandervest H-D.  I personnely bought your Hidden Antenna (HA-1) for my bike and it works a lot better than the Dakota Digital I had before.
Mark, Part Dept., Vandervest H-D
June '06
The bike cover I ordered last week from you fits well and as advertized.  Thanks for your help.
John H., May '06
You were right !! Installed and works fine (Ultra Brace for '06 Tour-Pak). Thanks for your help.
Dave. May '06
Dear friends, I have gotten the rest of my order delivered into the hotel just in
time. So everything went well. Thank you very much for your excellent services. I'll recommend you. Sorry, I couldn't answer your e-mail because I had already left for my bike-trip to Utah where I had no internet access. But you took the right decision.
Your parts are now with my dealer in Munich to be built in. Once again many thanks for your convincing job.  Kind Regards.

Dr. Peter H., Germany, May '06
Thanks for the GBL-1, great fit & also looks great  a very good product.
Elbert A., May '06
Thanks for the GD-1 lockable glove box doors, what a great fit & looks good also. I will be looking forward to the GBL-1.
Elbert A., May '06
Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your windshield. I've had many windshields in the past and none compare with yours! Thanks
John T., March '06
I wanted to let you guys know I received the RetroRadio kit for my 2005 FLTR and installed it (took about 2 hours) and it works like a charm. I added a XM Radio and am ready to cruise with class.
Dan L., Feb. '06
Just wanted to drop you a line about my Ultra Brace and Lid Organizer.  They each installed as simply as told and I absolutely love them both.  Thanks a ton.  I look forward to doing business with you guys again.
Rick H., Feb. '06
I recently purchased a DB235, DC235 and HSA150.  Excellent quality and great service.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.  Thank you.
Ed Q., Jan. '06
Just a line to thank you for your prompt action with a back ordered part. I understand that you can only send what you have in stock and sometimes you have to answer for your suppliers. Sales sells the first part but service sells the rest. Your excellent service has made me (and many friends) a customer for a long time. Again, thanks for treating me like someone, not a number.
Marty C., Dec. '05
As our summer hots up down here, I naturally think of you everyday as the cooling breeze blows around my ankles thank to your Ultra Vents.
Doc Robinson, Dec. '05
Technical Editor, Heavy Duty Magazine - Australia
Thanks a bunch!  Love the antenna I bought from you...outta sight!
Joni L., Dec.'05
I received BT-1000 last night (RetroRadio Kit). Thank you very much. Immediately I attached it for my '06 Electra Glides. It works well, hand controls too. My deck is CDX-R3310(Sony Japanese model) Yours very sincerely.

Miura S., Nov. '05
Hi eGlideGoodies, and especially Patrick...received my order yesterday, safe and sound, with no hassles. Many thanks for your prompt service, and sourcing the flag poles. The Ultra looks all the better for the extras.  Thankyou.
Geoff F., Sept. '05 
Feilding, New Zealand
Hi again Patrick, things have been hectic since getting back from Sturgis as we had to attend our own Bike Week held on Queensland's Gold Coast. However, I fitted the Ultra Vents and Lockable Glove Box Door/CD Pouch yesterday. They went in smooth as silk. Your instructions are excellent and I will make that point in my article. Thanks once again and feel free to refer any queries from Australia to me or use my name or the magazine's in any way you wish. Regards...
Doc Robinson, Sept. '05
Technical Editor, Heavy Duty Magazine - Australia
Hey guys, I just got the new speakers and antennas on Saturday, did the work immediately.  I'm actually amazed at how well your products work...many people make claims that just don't live up...yours do Thanks!
Curtis H., Aug. '05
Just a note to say thankyou for the manner in which my order was handled.  I received the Lockable Glove Box Doors that you sent on Friday July 22nd here in South Australia Wednesday 27 July, it arrived undamaged and has already been fitted.  Once again many thanks for your prompt attention, Doc R. also received his package of the Lockable Doors and Ultra Vents yesterday as well, the lucky bastard got on a plane for Sturgis this morning.
John F. - July '05, Australia
I am very happy with all the eGlideGoodies products from my previous order. They are best quality, functional and look good.
Adrian T. - July '05, Switzerland
I received my shorty antennas today.  I think that is outstanding service.  Can't wait to build up my funds for the next purchase from eGlideGoodies.  There will be more.  eGlideGoodies will be the first place I look for Goodies for my Harley from now on.   Thanks for such good Service.

Dale R. - July '05
I recently bought a 6" antenna from you for my H-D Road Glide...It fit without a problem on my existing mount and reception is equal to the long whip...All I had to do was unscrew the factory whip and spring and screw your antenna to the existing mount....The 6" antenna allows me to use my detachable backrest with luggage rack attached without interfering with the antenna. Thanks again for your help and for building a great product!
Ken J. - May '05
My speakers arrived yesterday and I threw them in within a half hour and the sound compared to the stock ones was amazing.  Excellent product.  Thanks again for a great product!
Ken K. - April '05
To Whom it May Concern: I just wanted to give my thanks for your good products.  I just installed the center stand, CD pouches and tail/brake light on my 2005 Ultra Classic.  I was most impressed with the centerstand.  Easy installation, good appearance and it is almost effortless to use.  The other items were also up to my expectations.  Thanks for the excellent products. 
Ken D. - March '05
I recently received a 9" Shorty Antenna for my 1998 Electric Glide Classic....used a drop of blue Loc-Tite and I think the antenna will withstand about anything.  And it looks good, too.
J. S. - March '05

By the way I have the Ultra Brace and really love it.
Gary W., March '05
I just installed a set of the lower fairing doors on my new 05 Electra Glide Screaming Eagle.  They fit perfectly and really make the bike look alot better.  Need I say more....very satisified with the doors.
Bernard G., February '05
Patrick:  Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the new Shorty antennas which you supplied me with last week.  I ordered two 12" antennas in solid black thinking it would help the overall look that I want for my bike.  Since I live on Galveston Island, I am used to not getting good FM reception at various points in my daily journey to and from Houston with the factory antenna.  I was blown away with better reception than I ever had after installing the Shorty antenna.  No flat points, and crystal clear reception no matter where I take her.  By the way, CB works fine.  Limited range, but that's normal on a Harley anyway. Very impressed with both the quick shipment, and the quality sound I now get thanks to your product.
Dick T., February '05
I received the Lockable Glove Box Doors today....the GD-105.  Looks fantastic.  I'll be sure to look at your product offerings in the future.
Jeff G., January '05
I'm sending this email to provide positive feedback regarding the quality of your product and the installation instructions.  Last year I purchased your Ultra Vent model LV-2D.  I specified that the kit I purchased be powder-coated black.  I didn't install it until this week.
I am a recently retired Federal law enforcement agent who is a relatively experienced home handyman, and I have accomplished considerable work on my own motorcycles for the past 40 years.  I'm relatively mechanically inclined, but reserve the tough stuff (engine and transmission rebuilds) to the experts.
I found the quality and consistency of manufacture of the hardware in your kit to be excellent.  The quality of the powder-coating was also excellent.  The installation instructions were also very, very thorough and easy to follow.  Again, the product craftmenship is excellent and the installation instructions are the best encountered to date.  By-the-way, I bought your Tour-Pak Ultra Brace last year too and installed it right away.  Three of my riding buddies have since bought them.  It's great being able to recommend a good product and to be able to tell my friends of your personal service too.
M. H. H. - October '04
As seen on the Screaming Eagle Electra Glide (SEEG) Forum:  If you guys are riding an '04 or earlier SEEG and you want the air vent in the leg fairings......something to consider.  The Ultra Vent is made by eGlideGoodies and are more functional in that when they're in the "open" position they actually have a scoop that collects and directs more air.  They also stay in the closed positon, when you have them closed and stay open (spring loaded) when you have them in the open position.  This is one area that H-D fell flat on quality on their '05 stock vent, in my opnion.
I have the polished stainless steel (had the chrome vents on my last Ultra Classic) and am very happy with them.


J.C.M. - September '04


I just returned from a two week ride up through central, northern and coastal California.  Man am I glad that I put the Ultra Vents on my '03 Bagger.  I received the polished stainless vents the night before we left and was able to install them in time.  It didn't hurt a bit.  Excellent assembly instructions and free tutoring over the phone.  Piece of cake!  Thank you for the over-nite delivery.  They got here just when you said they would, just in the nick of time.  Central California in late June and July is hotter than hell and moving through small towns at 35 mph the vents really helped out.  At higher speeds they work even better.  In colder situations with the vents closed the engine warmth is sufficient to keep your legs warm with low top boots.  Thanks!


Tim - Orange Cty, CA, July '04


I bought a set of your lower vents.  It has made a huge difference in rider comfort here in S. Florida.  I put them on in a couple of hours.  It's very simple even for the mechanically challenged.  I could install another set in under 20 minutes now that I've seen how it goes together. You don't even notice them in the powder coated black against my red bike, it just looks like something that came from the factory. They really push alot of air right at your feet and the general shape of the fairing still pushes all the air at the engine..... and you can close them for cooler riding..... Bonus, you get to keep the storage boxes for CD's, gloves, bandanas!!  I don't give any company a plug unless they really deserve it. Your product fits, looks right, and performs.  I called you after 5PM on a Wednesday, the package still went out overnight, and I installed them the following night. Now that’s customer service.  Thank you.


Pete S., June '04


I put on 740 miles this weekend and your Ultra Vents worked fine.  The temp was in the 70's but I could feel the air more concentrated on my legs unlike before.

Rich, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc., Tech Service, July '04 
I've ordered, received, and used my Oil Filter Change Helper (OH-1).  Great product!
Lew K., May '04
Just wanted you to know, I installed your J&M speakers about two weeks ago.  Couldn't be happier.  I can crank the radio all the way up and can still hear everything very clear.  Sure beats the H-D upgrade for $400.
Carl H., Sept. '04
I am very pleased with the vents for my Ultra. They are of very good construction and finish. They look like a factory installation, the black powder coat blending in with the black fairings very well.
The clear and concise instructions made the installation very easy. The "hardest part" was taking the cutting tool to my fairings on which I have lavished such attention!
A test ride quickly proved they work as good as they look. They immediately made a big difference in dissipating the engines heat away from your legs.  I'm sold!
Howard R., May '04



Well I'm now back in L.A. after a week in Laughlin and another in Furnace Creek (Death Valley).  The ultra vents that you installed for me in Laughlin worked perfectly and others who saw them were given your information.

Thanks for the installation.  It was truly a pleasure meeting you.

J. R. May '04
2004 Electra Glide Ultra Classic - Peace Officer Special Edition, Blue


"...I have the EGlides and am very happy.  Easy to install, and they are well made." (regarding eGlideGoodies' Ultra Vents)


M., March '04


"I'm very familiar with how the fairings come off......had a couple Ultra Classics before the Screamin Eagle Electra Glide......and I've rode tens of thousands of miles with and without the leg fairings. ...I had the leg fairing vents previously and they do work, quite well and that's the whole reason that I want another set.  This way, I keep the fairings year round, use the vents during the day and close them at night or anytime I'm in a location where it's cold."


J. M., March '04


"Mine are now installed..the chrome looks great.....  They work great. It is 75 in DFW today and had them open.  If you reach your hand down you can feel the air blastin thru."


Michael L., March - '04


"I purchased the CD Storage Pouch Set.  Very nice!!"


Ed S., November - '03


I just purchased a set of your Ultra Vents for my 2001 Harley Ultra Classic.  They were purchased from Lighthouse Harley-Davidson in Huntington Station, New York.  I installed them yesterday and thought your instructions were some of the best I've seen.  I had no problem with the installation.  My bike is the 'red pearl' and the black vents look nice."

Randy M., September-'03


"...the CD Storage Pouches are beautiful!"


Jim E., January-'04


"Well, yesterday I received the Ultra Vents.  Your instructions were almost perfect for someone like me.  Not too obscure or wordy and yet you put your ideas out a couple of times, saying them in a different way. That really helps guys like me to "see" what you want to be done.  The result is BEAUTIFUL!!!  The vents look wonderful, opened or closed."


"By the way...I took my Ultra out for a run last evening, post installation and I cannot believe the difference in air flow those two beautiful little vents make!  At speed, with them open there is almost the same comfort level for my feet as on my XV1100." 


"BOTTOM LINE:  Your vents look GREAT!  A nice touch of chrome in an unadorned area.  They WORK!  My motor's hot, the vents greatly increase comfort and all and all...installation is EASY!  Thank you for treating a customer "right".  I'm going out to show them off and hopefully drum up some business for you guys." 


Terry T., July-'03


"I showed my local HD dealership’s salesman the Ultra Vents.  He was very taken with the product quality and operation of the vents installed on my Ultra, as were several other employees.  Everybody was very impressed.  While I was at the dealer at least 8 to 10 people stopped to look and inquire.  ...all I know is that your vents work and my legs, ankles and feet are VERY happy!"


Terry, T., July-'03

"The ride went very well, thank you.  I rode up to King, NC with the Ultra  Vents closed because it was only 52ºF, and it felt good to have them closed.  Coming back, I rode with the vents open as the temp had climbed to about 68ºF.  I leaned forward to put my hand down at the lowers while underway , and could feel that strong flow of air coming in.  This is a really great idea you came up with!"
Ed W., May-'03
"I sent this to Motorcycle Consumers News....  After suffering with a right hot leg when riding with the lower fairing in place, I decided to try Eglidegoodies Ultra Vent (single, right side only).  ...after installing it, IT WORKS!  The cost is $179.99 (for the single unit) and it takes about 45 minutes to install it.  I was also impressed with their follow up....  I will be ridding to Milwaukee and back (from Arizona) and look forward to not having a medium rare right leg on the journey.  I thought other riders of this model who like to keep the lowers in place ( I do) may have an interest in this product."
Tom R., May-'03
"I installed the two Ultra Vents this weekend.  All went well.  I can install each one in 30-45 minutes now.  The I did not install this weekend.  I want to use the pop rivets and the pop rivet gun we have here at work.  I think you are right to say that the pop rivets will give the installation the "factory install look".  If I get a chance I will install the brace this week after work."
"I installed the ultra brace last night.  Both Ultra Vents and Ultra Brace are working well. I am glad that I used the pop rivets for the Ultra Brace.  The installation looks great."
Don K., May-'03
"Thanks for the e-mail. All suppliers should be as responsive as you are.  I really like the , it is sooooo much better than the cable. I don't think I mentioned to you that about two years ago, as I had the lid open, getting on my stuff, engine idling, the cable gave up, lid destroyed, out nearly $500. THAT'S why I like your brace!"
Rick L., February-'03
"I was on my Ultra Classic going East on 58 towards Barstow and the wind blew the lid up.  I thought I'd lost it but was able to stop in time.  The bike was all over the place.  I had forgot to check the locks on the lid.  I was lucky that time.  The will help if this situation ever happens again..."
Alan R., March-'03
"I recently purchased an Ultra Brace from my local Harley Davidson dealer.  I am pleased with the product and installation instructions were straight forward and easy to follow.  I used the pop rivet option and have a very professional result."
Hugh P., September-'03

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