Saddlebag Gas Can & Transfer System

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Never run out of GAS again! 

  • Add 35-40 miles to your ride!
  • Twin-pack, 70-80 miles 
  • Fit perfectly, takes up little space  
  • Regular without spout
  • Spill proof container and spout
  • Tight rubber seal
  • Spout stores inside body 
  • Holds 1-gallon, Twin-pack 2-gallons
  • Fits right and left saddlebags
  • Fits hard or leather bags
  • Also Liner available as companion
  • 6" wide x 7" deep x 10.25" tall
  • Ride w/confidence!
  • Also see transfer system...

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number
Saddlebag Can/Liner


Saddlebag Gas Can


Saddlebag Gas Can w/Internal Spout, single

Out of Stock 



Large Saddlebag Gas Can w/Two Spouts


Premium Saddlebag Gas Can with Internal Spout, single

Ships in December 2021


Saddlebag Liner (each) for RDA-1, FDA-I or FDA-S

Part Number
Transfer System


Fuel Transfer/Drain System

FDA-I: Single saddlebag gas can. High Density Polyethylen (HDPE). Holds 1 gallon.

FDA-S: Single saddlebag gas can with removable internal spout. Open, attach spout and pour. High Density Polyethylen (HDPE). Holds 1 gallon.

FDA-L: Single large saddlebag gas can with two openings and two spouts (one for a back-up if needed). Open, attach spout and pour. Holds 2 gallons for the longer haul.

RDA-1: Ever have that sick feeling of running out of gas at 1 am in the morning and don't know where the next gas station is? FINALLY there is some really cheap insurance to this dilemma. The "Saddlebag Gas Can" is designed specifically for your Harley Davidson saddlebags. It fits in the left and right side of HD hard bags and leather bags. Your riding pleasure and confidence goes way up knowing you have an extra gallon of gas sitting in your bags in case of that possibility of running out. The number one worry of most riders is how much gas do I have and where is the next gas station? Those days are OVER!

The Patented Gas Can holds an impressive one gallon of gas and thereby extending your ride up to 35-40 miles. Put one in each saddlebag and you can go an amazing 70-80 miles down the road! Custom made to fit perfectly right in that back "hard to reach" corner of the bag, it takes up hardly any space at all. The self venting spout with automatic shutoff feature stores inside the can. The RDA-1 Gas Can is EPA and CARB certified in all states. Meeting these standards makes this gas can 100% VAPOR PROOF AND 100% SPILL PROOF! No need to worry about fumes or gas in your bags.

Built to last a lifetime and made of the highest quality materials, the RDA-1 Gas Can will give you the confidence and piece of mind to REALLY enjoy the ride and not worry about where the next gas station is.

SBL-S714: FLH SADDLEBAG LINER (for use gas can). Single companion bag liner for use when our Gas Can is stowed in your FLH-style saddlebag. Made from light, but durable PVC lined 150-denier polyester with sturdy zippers that permit over packing but keep the elements away from your cargo. Great for trips, overnighters, organizing your tools or cleaning supplies. Simply lift your liners out of the saddlebags to move your cargo easily into the hotel, campground or to unload fast once you're home. Measures: 15 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 5 3/4". NOTE: gas can not included.

See all Saddlebag Liners


Put Freedom & Peace of mind back into the RIDE. Be prepared for those times when you or your Buddy may run low or out of fuel while on a ride. Quick, safe and easy way to transfer fuel from one bike to another without the need of siphoning, carrying or searching for fuel. It also provides for a quick, safe and easy way to drain your tank.

Fits all fuel injected Harleys® from 2001 and newer (except V-Rods®) come factory equipped with a Quick Connect Check Valve at the bottom of the Fuel Tank. This Quick Connect is attached to the fuel line that sends fuel to the fuel injection that powers your engine.

No tools required. No modifications or permanent attachments are needed to your bike. Entire connectioni and disconnection takes only seconds. Transfers fuel at a rate of roughly one quart very 20 seconds. Will not tall engine while in use. Comes complete with its own storage pouch. Small & compact size store anywhere. One year OEM limited warranty.

RDA-1 Side View

RDA-1 Spout Extended

Saddlebag Can

For the long haul!
FDA-I Saddlebag Gas Can

For the long haul!
FDA-S Saddlebag Gas Can w/Internal Spout

For the long haul!
FDA-L Large Single Saddlebag Gas Can

Holds 1-gallon
RDA-1 Saddlebag Gas Can

Fits nicely in back of Saddlebag!
RDA-1 Saddlebag Gas Can

Fits H-D Bagger Hard Saddlebags

Fits Road King Classic and Custom Saddlebags

Takes up little space in saddlebag

For the long haul!
FDA-I Installed in Saddlebag

Solid Construction!
Dimensions: 6" wide x 7" deep x 10.25" tall

Liner goes with Gas Can!
SBL-S714 Saddlebag Liner for our Saddlebag Gas Can

Transfer or Drain System

Share fuel when needed!
FUL-T1 Transfer or Drain System

Transfer to friends bike!
FUL-T1 Transfer or Drain System

Drain your tank!
FUL-T1 Transfer or Drain System

Easy to store!
FUL-T1 Transfer or Drain System

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