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Digital Stereo Music/iPod/Bluetooth Controller & Bluetooth AUX Input Integration Terminal

  • Bluetooth digital music controller 
  • Stream music off of You-Tube
  • or
  • Bluetooth Integration Terminal 
  • Integrate cell phone, smart phone, GPS
  • Powered by bikes 12V 
  • Fits '98 to current Ultras

Part Number
plus S/H
Part Number

Digital Stereo Music/iPod/Bluetooth Controller



Bluetooth AUX Input Integration Terminal



Replacement Aux Audio Input Cable


JMDM-IPBT-HDDR: This is way cool....Stream music videos down off of You-Tube with your favorite Smartphone, and direct by Bluetooth the audio signal into the factory Harley radio, thru this new Bluetooth digital music controller.

You can also stream stereo music down off of Pandora and/or your SmartPhones's own internal music files, and direct them by Bluetooth into the Harley audio system, thru this Bluetooth enabled digital music controller.

These exciting music streaming features will work with an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Samsung NOTE or almost any Smartphone available in the marketplace today that incorporates Bluetooth as part of its design.

Our new digital music controller will also connect to a standard iPod by wire and direct the stereo music into the Harley audio system aux input, using the iPod’s own onscreen controls, while at the same time keeping the iPod fully charged.

Technicians have configured the input signal levels from the new controller, to the Harley radio, so that the system volume levels available on the highway and overall sound quality thru the entire system, is significantly better than what is available when using Harley’s own iPod adapter, XM satellite radio module OR built-in FM stereo.

The Harley radio control menu selections of bass, treble, front/rear fader, auto volume control, driver/passenger intercom, bike-to-bike CB radio and handlebar volume control, (if activated) all remain unchanged when using the Bluetooth digital music controller.

In fact, when mounted on a Harley Ultra with the optional microphone signal integration component, and linked by Bluetooth to a cell phone, the driver can actually talk on the phone thru his or her J&M or Harley brand helmet headset, without affecting the driver/passenger intercom or CB functions of the audio system (phone calls are accepted or initiated onscreen).

A Garmin Zumo can also be linked by Bluetooth to the music controller, while an iPod is simultaneously connected by wire, and when a navigation command or cell phone call is received thru the Zumo, it will automatically interrupt the iPod music signal into the system.

All of this from little black box about ½ the size of a pack of cigarettes.

Actual installation is pretty simple once you remove the fairing, everything is plug-n-play, but placement of the music controller is somewhat critical so that you don’t block or interfere with the internally mounted 2.4 ghz Bluetooth antenna.

This digital music controller Bluetooth/Smartphone/iPod kit includes all direct plug-n-play harnesses for the Harley Bagger audio system, wired extension cable for iPod, "Lightning" plug adapter for new iPhoneV, 3.5mm aux extension cable, metal mounting bracket, pre-gummed Velcro mounting strips and a complete installation, operation & easy to use Bluetooth linking instruction manual.

JM-CFBR-HRUC: This custom made Bluetooth integration terminal will integrate a Cell-Phone, Smart-Phone, Bluetooth enabled GPS unit and/or specific Radar-Detectors with the driver's (only) J&M or Harley-Davidson brand corded helmet headset.

While using the normal audio system functions on the Harley Ultra of stereo music, intercom and/or CB radio, if the cell phone receives an incoming call and the call is accepted by depressing the handlebar mounted multifunction button, (or onscreen thru a Garmin Zumo) complete connection of the driver's headset to the cell phone is automatically initiated for totally hands-free operation.

Voice-command-dialing can be activated by depressing the handlebar mounted multifunction button, which will also initiate complete connection of the driver's headset to the cell phone, for totally hands-free operation..

If the Bluetooth enabled and linked GPS unit emits any navigation commands, or the radar detector emits any beeps or braps, regardless of what else might be being heard in the headset, they will momentarily be heard in the driver’s corded helmet headset.

Once linked the first time, the Bluetooth enabled cell-phone will automatically connect/disconnect from the system, when the Harley Ultra ignition is turned on or off.

Additional linking/use scenarios are outlined in the installation/operation manual .pdf download listed below.

This is a totally plug-n-play Bluetooth cell-phone integration solution for 1998-2013 Harley, including the new RoadGlide Ultra model.

Kit includes the plug-in integration module, handlebar-mounted control switch assembly and complete installation/operation manual.

Note: Specific radar-detector adapter harnesses are available at extra cost. (please back up to the previous page to purchase these items)

JMSR-AC01: Replacement Aux Audio Input Cable Intagratr IV


Fit 98 to currrent Harley Dresser
JMDM-IPBT-HDDR Digital Stereo Music/iPod/Bluetooth Controller

For Harley Ultra
Bluetooth Cell-Phone/GPS/Radar Integration Unit

Adatper Cable

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