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Moto Guzzi V85TT & Other V-Twins


  • Engine Guard
  • Handlebar Protection
  • Handlebar Bags
  • Headlight Guard
  • Lock-it Tank Ring
  • Top Case Liners
  • Expandable Pannier Bag
  • See our V85TT Windshields

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number
Handlebar Bar (see fitment below)
$59.99 - $69.99


Engine Guard

Handlebar Protection

Headlight Guard

Lock-it Tank Ring

Top Case Inner-Liner, charcoal grey

Top Case Inner-Liner, w/Storage Pouch, charcoal grey

Top Case Luggage Liner

Expandable Pannier Bag

Reflective Sticker Kit, 2 Stickers

Reflective Sticker Kit, 4 Stickers

Sift/Brake Lever Tip Replacement
Sale $39.99 

Mud Guard Front Extension

Part Number
Windshield Adjustment Knob
Windshield Adjustment Knobs, Larger Ergonimic Style (pair)

Windshield Adjustment Knobs, Smaller Stealth Style (pair)

Part Number
Screen Protector

Moto Guzzi License Plate Frame for USA

V85TT Windshields
See our V85TT Windshields

See our Stickers.

MP-15: Motorcycles usually offer little or no storage, yet we all need a space for our garage door opener, sunglasses, Chap Stick or a rag to clean off the bugs on our visor. These Handlebar Bags are excellent for those small yet essential items. Made of 600 Denier Nylon with PVC backing and treated for high UV protection, this bag is lined and padded. Also, the waterproof zipper makes it highly water and dust protected. Double zipper pulls offer easy access. Does not block your view of gauges. See Fit List below.

Size: 14.5″ x 6″ x 2″, Weight: 8 oz. Fits:

  • Moto Guzzi V85TT
  • BMW 1200GS
  • BMW 800GS
  • BMW 9T
  • BMW XR 1000
  • Yamaha Tenere
  • Honda African Twin
  • Honda VFR 1200
  • Ducati Multi Strata
  • KTM 1190 Adventure

Size: 11″ X 6″ X 2″, Weight: 8 oz. Fits:

  • Honda 500X
  • Honda NC750
  • Honda CTX
  • Honda Shadow
  • Burgman Scooter
  • Kawasaki Versys
  • Susuki Vstrom
  • Suzuki SV
    Harley Street Bob

Size: 9″ x 5.5″ x 2″, Weight: 6 oz. Fits:
  • BMW R 1200-R1250 RT. 2005 thru 2019
  • BMW K1600 Models
  • Yamaha FJR

HB-501: Engine guards provide protection in case of an accident or fall. Custom designed for the V85TT to bolt on without drilling. All engine guards come with the required installation hardware and instructions.

HB-4212: The Handle Protection set is one of if not the strongest handlebar protection on the market. The set consists of a left and right piece that go in place of the bar end weights and connect on top of the handlebar risers. This is to be used along side the stock handlebar guards.

HB-700: Each Headlight Grille is custom designed for the V85TT providing effective protection. These grilles are recommended for both off-road riding and regular street use to protect that expensive headlight. All Headlight Grilles come with instructions and are easy to install.

HB-506: The Tank Ring is the mounting plate needed to equip your bike with one of our V85TT tank bags. The tank ring is mounted to your bike's filler cap with screws and features a magnetic base for the bag to attach to. The magnets from the bag and tank ring come together to form a strong bond only broken when deliberate force is applied. There are 5 different tank bags currently available that can be seen below.

TX-1: Class-up your top case for touring by installing our TX-1 premium inner-liner. Like other top-of-the -ine touring motorcycles, a lined top case provides the best storage solution to store your helmet and other items. The liner protects your helmet and top box from scratches and keeps other items from knocking around in the top box -- keeping things quiet and rattle free. V85TT Top Case inner-liner in charcoal grey.  Include the high quality material custom fitted liner and installation hook and lock strip. Easy installation.

TX-1P: Same as above but with integrated and attached two compartment storage pouch. 

TC-L: 600D polyester black Luggage Liner with the Moto Guzzi logo featuring practical handles for easy storage in aluminium topbox.

MP-18: Add extra capacity to your hard panniers by simply strapping on a set of our Expandable Pannier Bags. Made of strong 600 Denier Nylon with an ABS lining, they are extremely water and dust-resistant. The ABS bottom is super durable. Double zipper pulls make access quick and easy and, when pulled together, allow for a luggage-size padlock (not included) for added security. Quickly expandable and lined with a bright red nylon that helps with finding what you need, with a padded bottom protects computer or camera equipment. An adjustable and removable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry into your hotel, or to use as carry-on luggage. The handle on each end makes loading and unloading easier. A stretch bungee cord on top adds still more storage for jackets or excess clothing. Made in USA.

WH is Width High - the height just before the shield turns in

WL is Width Low - the height at the widest part near the bottom

OH is Overal Height - the overall height of the shield

RH is Relative Height - the height of the shield from top mounting hole up 

VT-E: Adjust your VT85TT windshield without tools. Ergonomically designed adjustment knobs work well with gloves. Specific design for the VT85TT with insert bushing. Will not harm bike's frame powder-coat finish.

VT-S: Similar to above but with more stealth looking knobs. 

TFT-SP: Nano Glass screen protector is made from glass and high quality plastic materials to bring you the strength and transparency of tempered glass, but with the flexibility and lightweight of plastic.


  • 9H scratch-resistance - As good as tempered glass!
  • Shatter proof
  • Flexible
  • Ultra-thin - Up to half the thickness of tempered glass
  • High transparency

RS-2: Be seen! Safety reflective warning self-adhesive sticker kit for V85TT in yellow and red. Customer pre-cut with instructions. Set of two for top box or panniers.

RS-4: Similar to above but set of four for top box and panniers. 

SBT-1: OEM replacment shift, brake lever tip.

MG-01: Front fender Mud Guard Front Extension in black with black stainless installation hardware. Helps to keep rain, dirt, mud and rocks off the front of your engine and V85TT.

LF-MG: License plate frame in plastic for USA.

More Product Photos:

Take it with you!
MP-18 Expandable Pannier Bag

Take it with you!
MP-18 Expandable Pannier Bag

Take it with you!
MP-18 Expandable Pannier Bag

Take it with you!
MP-18 Expandable Pannier Bag

Product Photos:

Ride in comfort!
Moto Guzzi V85TT

14.5" x 6" x 2"
MP-15 14.5" Handlebar Bag

14.5" x 6" x 2"
MP-15 Handlebar Bag

14.5" x 6" x 2"
MP-15 Handlebar Bag

14.5" x 6" x 2"
MP-15 Handlebar Bag

14.5" x 6" x 2"
MP-15 Handlebar Bag

Engine protection!
HB-501 Engine Guard

Engine protection!
HB-501 Engine Guard

Engine protection!
HB-501 Engine Guard

Protect your hands & knuckles!
HB-4212 Handlebar Protection

Protect your investment when off road!
HB-700 Headligth Guard

Secure your tank bag!
HB-506 Lock-it Tank Ring

Secure your tank bag!
HB-506 on Bike shown with a Tank Bag

Protect your helmet and items!
TX-1 Top Case Liner Installed

Protect your helmet and items!
TX-1 Top Case Liner w/Hook & Lock Strip

Integrated Storage Pouch
TX-1P Top Box Liner w/attached Storage Pouch

Integrated Storage Pouch
TX-1P Top Box Liner w/attached Storage Pouch

Take it with you!
TC-L Top Case Luggage Liner

Take it with you!
TC-L Top Case Luggage Liner

Take it with you!
TC-L Top Case Luggage Liner

Easy Adjustment, Glove Friendly, No Tools
VT-E Windshield Adjustment Knob Kit

VT-E Ergonimic Windshield Adjustment Knobs

Easy adjustment -- Still Glove Friendly!
VT-S Stealth Windshield Adjustment Knobs

Easy Adjustment -- Glove Friendly!
VT-S Stealth Windshield Adjustment Knobs

Easy installation!
TFT-SP Screen Protector

Be seen!
RS-4 Reflective Stickers kit

Easy installation!
SBT-1 Shift/Brake Tip

Easy installation!
MG-01 Front Mug Guard Extension

Moto Guzzi
LF-MG USA License Plate Frame Moto Guzzi

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