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Enjoy the ride!

Improve the setup of your bike!

Ultra Brace for Tour-paks

Ultra Brace for Tour-Paks

Ergonomics: applied science concerned with designing things people use so that the people & things interact efficiently. The TB-3 makes opening a tour-pak easier. No more flop-over! ...more >> 

Wrap-around Backrest Pad

Touring Style Backrest Pad for Harley 

Add comfort and security for your passenger with this touring style backrest pad. Fits Harley Sissy Bars for Touring models. ...more>>

Premium Touring Style Backrest Pad

Touring Style Backrest Pad for Indian 

Add comfort and security for your passenger with this touring style backrest pad. Fits Indian Sissy Bars for Touring models. ...more>>

Retractable Seat Shade

Keep your back-side cool! Extremely quick-and-easy to use to keep your seat cool at stops along the way.  ...more>>

Reflective Seat Cover

Keep your back-side cool! Heat-Reflective, water-resistant, compact, durable motorcycle seat cover/shade.  ...more>>

Tour-pak Lid Grips

The compact and stylish Tour-Pak Lid Grip provides a convenient lifting point to grasp when opening the lid. Protect paint and prevent wear and tear with this sleek and unobtrusive finger-hold. ...more >> 

Lite Pressure Clutch

Reduce clutch pull up to 40%.  Models for Evolution, Twin Cam & Milwaukee-Eight w/no modification. Fits behind stock derby cover. Easy installation in 15 minutes.  ...more>>

Stock and Custom Windshields

Electra Glide  Windshields

The stock shield interferes with the natural line-of-sight.  We offer a line of regular and super-step-contoured replacements to solve the problem for Electra Glides, Street Glides & Road Kings.  ...more>>

Stock and Custom Windshields

Road Glide  Windshields

Now new updates for the Road Glide.  We offer a line of regular and super-step-contoured replacements to solve the problem for Road Glides & Tour Glides.  ...more>>

Ride in Comfort!

Improve cooling to your upper body with our Vent Kit or Vented Windshields.  You can open or close, adjust the vent for all weather conditions. Ride in comfort! ...more >>

Bagger Shades

Integrate your Bat Wing fairing with the standard 4 inch windshield. The Shade fits FLHT's from 1996 to current, and all Street Glides.  ...more>>

Ride in Comfort

Ultra Vent for Lowers

Legs ever get hot when your fairing lowers are installed?  The Ultra Vent is an open and closable air-chute that captures and directs fresh air to your legs. Compliment with Saddle Shields. ...more >>

Adjustable Freedom Wings

Adjustable and Stock Air Deflectors

Easy replacement and/or upgrade for Air Deflectors found on Ultra Classics.  Large surface directs air flow....stock and adjustable.  ...more>>

Ride in Comfort with Bottle Caddy!

Very attractive upgrade with function! Improve cooling to your legs and add a convenient easy access bottle caddy for those long rides. Ride in comfort! ...more >>

Ride in Comfort!

Adjustable Air Wings for Lowers
Another option to bring fresh air into the rider.  Adjustable Air Wings can be either opened for fresh air or closed to shut off air.  ...more>>

Air Scoop

Designed to provide heat relief for the rear cylinder and the riders of V-twin air-cooled engines with the football-shaped air cleaners. ...more>>

Mid Frame Deflector Fans

Ride in comfort! These mid frame mounted mounted fans fit touring model for MY '09 to current. ...more>>

Saddle Shields

Saddle Shield Heat Deflectors
These frame mounted polycarbonate shields position to help to re-direct heat away from your thighs. New versioin for touring models. ...more>>

Ultra Classic Wind Deflector

Stops up to 90% of wind that comes through area between Lowers and Batwing Fairing for Ultra, Street Glide, Road King & Road Glide. Adjustable.  ...more>>

Road Glide Wind Deflectors

Reduce and redirect the air flow that rises between the fairing and fork tubes. Resulting reduction in updraft dramatically reduces buffeting.  ...more>>

Aftermarket Fairing Lowers with and withtout Speaker Housings

Protect your legs and feet from the elements!  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these after-market alternative.  Option w/speaker housings.  ...more>>

Soft Lowers

Soft Lowers for Harley-Davidson

These soft lowers provide wind and mud protection for the legs and boots of riders for the Electra Glide Classic, Standard and Road King and other bikes.  ...more>>

Indian Soft Lowers

These soft lowers provide wind and mud protection for the legs and boots of riders for Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage & Chieftain 2014.  ...more>>

Soft Deflectors for Engine Guards

Attaches to engine guard. "Ultra Swivel" design offers literally unlimited rotational ability to provide leg and feet protection....more>>


Fork Mounted Wind Deflectors 

Chrome bolt-on air deflectors provide just the right amount of air. The sliding vents can be opened or closed depending on conditions. ...more>>

Wind Deflectors

Fork & Triple Tree Mounted Wind Deflectors

When you hit bad weather, Wind Deflectors keep weather from hitting you.  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these sleek chrome accessories.  ...more>>

Lower Triple Tree Wind Deflector

Fork & Triple Tree Mounted Wind Deflectors

Direct wind passing through the fork legs downward to reduce upward airflow between the tank and fairing on H-D Touring models.  ...more>>

Heel Guard

Heel Guard & Undercovers for Footboards 

Tired of a burned boot heel from contact with the heat shield?  Does your foot slide off the back of the footboard?  We have a solution to those problems.  ...more>>

LOL.....very funny!!

Improve the shift action and control with this innovative Heel/Toe Shifter on H-D Touring and Switchback models.  ...more>>

Motorized Floorboard

Motorized Floorboard 

Allows the rider to adjust their floorboards from the stock to full forward control position or anywhere in between with the push of a button. ...more>>

Footboard Relocation Kits

Footboard Relocation Kits

The Kit moves the footboards forward 2", lowering them 2" and moving the footboards downward a total of 2 ½" in the heal.  ...more>>

Switch Shift Lever

Switch-Shift Lever can be used in the toe or heel position - and whichever position you choose.  ...more>>

Folding Heel Shift Lever

Heel shift peg can quickly be tucked away with the flick of your heel.  Extended front or rear shift leverl. Also eliminator spacers.  ...more>>

Extended Brake Levers

The answer to more leg room on floorboard equipped H-D Models! Levers move the location of the brake pedal pad while flattening the angle of the pad.  ...more>>

Extended Brake Levers

The answer to more leg room on floorboard equipped H-D Models! Levers move the location of the brake pedal lower and 1" or 2" extended.  ...more>>

Lowered Kickstand

Lowered kickstand, chrome plated, a must when lowering your bike. Other kickstand accessories.  ...more>>

Lower your Electra Glide

Designed to lower the front and rear of your Electra Glide, Road Glide, Street Glide or Road King without affecting the shock angle.  Kickstand Wedge kits, Lowered kickstands, accessories...  ...more>>

Air Suspension Systems

Designed to work accordingly with its comfortable cruising and smooth handling, our system is complemented with our load-leveling technology for better highway handling...  ...more>>

Highway Mounts, Boards and Pegs

Highway Mounts/Pegs, Boards & Extension Kits

Add comfort for the long haul with this assortment of quality highway mounts, pegs and boards.  Full adjustability and compatibility with fairing lowers.  A great upgrade for the touring rider.  ...more>>

Frame Mounted Highway Pegs

Frame Mounted Highway Pegs

Add comfort for the long haul with these frame mounted highway mounts, pegs. A great upgrade for the touring rider.  ...more>>

Ride in Comfort

Engine Guards

The best, classiest, most comfortable engine guards on the market!  Add form and function to your bike.  Fold-in or fold-out build in highway pegs.  ...more>>

Passenger Foot Comfort Options

Passenger Comfort!  Tour-pak backrest pads. Retractable passenger pegs, adjustable floorboard mounts, adjusable offsets.  Easily position feet up or down. ...more>>

EZ Install Handlebar Kits

Revolutionary interlocking bolt-together, two-piece design that makes installation a breeze. Large internal radius allow easy pulling of wires.  ...more>>

Road King Handlebars

Achieve the "muscle look" without the ugly bends. These 1-1/4" bars are a narrower, more comfortable alternative to beach bars, but still provide that thicker look.  ...more>>

Adjustable and Standard Handlebars

Multi-adjustable handlebars, standard Buryly bars and Ape Hangers for Electra Glides, Street Glide and Road Kings.  ...more>>

Custom Ape Hanger Handlebars

Custom Ape Hangers & Cable Kits 

 1/4" O.D. steel handlebars provide a massive look with a style right out of the 1950's. ...more>>

Custom Ape Hangers, Custom Cable Kits

Custom Ape Hangers & Cable Kits 

Custom Ape Hangers in chrome and black for Touring Bikes. Stainless or black cable kits. ...more>>

Klip Hanger Handlebars

Klip Hanger Handlebars 

A cool custom appearance, but just as important, they offer all of the comfort you can only expect from a set of truly adjustable handlebars. ...more>>

Plug-In Adjustable Backrest

The most economical Driver Backrest in the industry.  Adjustable height.  Great touring comfort!  ...more>>

Adjustable Rider Backrests

The most adjustable rider backrests in the industry.  Fully adjustable, also folds down for passenger mounting.  Several styles available.  ...more>>

Rider Backrests

Add back support for the long haul. Also has adjustability for different riding positions. Several styles available.  ...more>>

Police Air Bladder Seat Backrest

Police Seat Backrest 

Excellent ergonomic product for discriminating owners of Harley Police bikes with air bladder solo seat. Fits with absolutely no modifications. ...more>>

Multipurpose Driver and Passenger Backrest

Driver & Passenger Backrest 

Multipurpose for Driver and Passenger. Easily adjusts back and forth. Incorporated luggage rack. ...more>>

Back Rests and Sissy Bars

Add comfort and security for your passenger with these detachable sissy bars, back rests & integrated luggage rack.  Multiple varieties available.  ...more>>

Touring Style Backrest Pad

Add comfort and security for your passenger with this touring style backrest pad. Fits H-D Sissy Bars for Touring, Sportster, Dyna & Softail models.  ...more>>

Tour-pal Slim-Ergo Backrest Pad

Slim-Ergo Backrest Pad 

Lighten the load on your tour-pak lid when you ride without a passenger. ...more>>

Backrest Organizers

Backrest Organizers 

Fits various rider and passenger backrests. Add extra storage. Convenient organization of your items at your finger tips. ...more>>

Passenger Comfort!

Travel in comfort and style with these passenger armrests.  Swing away design with built in cup holder.  Now available for regular AND detachable tour-paks.  Also passenger hand rails.  ...more>>

Road Sofa or Cyclepedic Seat

For the ultimate in luxury and comfort, there's nothing like these touring seats!  Designed for H-D's entire line or touring motorcycles .  ...more>>

OEM Replacement Seat Cover

Replacment OEM Seat Cover

Have a worn or hole in your Project Rushmore version Electra Glide? Instead of replacing the entire seat or having an expensive repair....replace the cover with this brand new, OEM seat cover. ...more>>

Seat Pads for the Electra Glide and Road Glide

Seat Pads for H-D Electra Glides & Road Glides

Designed specifically for the Electra Glide and Road Glide, these Seat Pads reduce fatigue by minimizing thigh and buttocks pressure points. Polymer or Gel.  ...more>>

Foam Lever Grips

These foam lever sleeves slide over the brake and clutch levers providing gentle comfort. Fits Most Brake / Clutch Levers.  ...more>>

Adjustable Levers

Adjustable Levers

Easily adjust lever to bar reach for individual riders. CNC machined from high quality aluminum. Available in black, chrome...more>>

Reduced Reach Levers

Reduced Reach Levers

Reduces reach 1″ less then stock, smoother, easier operation. Great for riders that are use to theolder cable clutches or with smaller hands.  ...more>>

Easier Operation

Slim Levers and Trigger Levers for Clutch and Brake
These levers are slimmer or have triggers and make it easier to operate the clutch and brake. They incorporate inovative needle bearings in the pivot to reduce friction for smoother operation...more>>

Simplify Turn Signal Actuation

Makes turn signal actuation simple for rides...even while manipulating clutch or brake.  ...more>>

Hand Deflectors!

Tired of rocks stinging you in the hands? Hands freezing from the windchill factor? And your gloves just aren't doing the job for you... Made of Lexan® polycarbonate.  ...more>>

Heated Grips

Grips are made from extremely durable TPR rubber to not only grip easily but maximize heat to your fingers.  ...more>>

Grips, Warmers and Accessories

Keep you hands warm in the winter! Various Grips, Guards, Warmers and Accessories for your Electra Glide, Road Glide or Road King.  ...more>>

Cruise Mate

Cruise Mate and Cruise Controls

Upgrade your thumb wheel to a Cruise Mate so you can engage and disengage your throttle lock with a touch of your thumb. Also Cruise Control for Harleys.  ...more>>

Cruise Assists

Comfort while touring. Let your hand do all the work...not your grip!  ...more>>

Engine Guard Kick Outs

Engine Guard Kick Outs 

Extend your Engine Guardsfor whatever reason you’ve got: like room for forward controls or Motorized Floorboards, extending your highway pegs, etc. ...more>>

Kick Stand Extension

Jiffy Stand Extension kits have been ergonomically designed to simplify the deployment and retraction of the jiffy stand.  ...more>>

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