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Enjoy the ride!

Bike Setup and Performance

Fairing Accent  Vent

A clean and simple solution to update the look of the boring black vent on the new Electra Glide, Street Glide & Trike fairing.  ...more>>

LED Fairing Lower Grills

LED Fairing Lower Grills 

Lighting with full-time white running lights and amber switchback turn signals when activated. ...more>>

Radiator Grills

Radiator Grills 

Pop out the old and snap in the new for a classy chrome upgrade to the fairing lowers that takes just minutes. ...more>>

Front Fender Tip

Go from down & dull to classy & chrome with our new Front Fender Trim Accent.  ...more>>

Front Fender Rail

Adds a custom clean appearance - resembles the Front Bumper of old.  ...more>>

Fender Risers

Our fender risers fit 14-18 Touring models with 21" or 23" wheels.  ...more>>

Fender Trim

Go from down & dull to classy & chrome with our new Front Fender Skirt Accent.  ...more>>

Lighted Fairing Trim

The keys to good looks are keeping it simple & highlighting the contours. These elemental accents will add depth & character to the time-honored Bat-wing fairing.  ...more>>

Cafe Fairing for Road King

Road King Cafe Fairing

Custom look cafe fairing for Road Kings. Functional smooth air flow.  Mounts to stock windshield grommets.  ...more>>

SportTech Fairing for Road Kings

Road King or Softail Detachable Fairing

Easily detachable.  Basic or models that includes storage compartment. While not losing touch with traditional styling, our fairing adds subtle & classy styling improvements.  ...more>>

Road King Batwing Fairing

Road King & "Softail Detachable Batwing Fairing

Available with Audio System. Enjoy wind protection, good looks, premium stereo sound and flexibility to back to barebones bike.  ...more>>

Road King Batwing Fairing

Road King & Switchback Batwing Fairing 

Available w/Audio System. Enjoy wind protection, good looks, premium stereo sound & flexibility to back to barebones. ...more>>

Fairing Outer Shell

This shell includes brass inserts to accept screws to mount to the inner fairing and allows use of the stock hardware.  ...more>>

Fairing Mask for Electra Glide

Synthetic stretch fabric protection from the elements or riders w/custom look for Electra Glide.  ...more>>

Fairing Bra's for Electra Glide & Road Glide

Protection from the elements or riders w/custom look for Electra Glide or Road Glide.  ...more>>

Mini Tank Bra

Mini Tank Bras

Protection from the elements or riders w/custom look for Electra Glide or Road Glide.  ...more>>

Batwing Fairing Bumper

Fairing Bumper for Batwing & Road Glide 

Never again have to deal with scuffed or chipped paint from the dangers of hauling. ...more>>

Fairing Dash Pad

A custom look...adds a recessed cockpit look to inner fairing, top stitched leather. Inner/outer fairing accents.  ...more>>

Fairing Lashes

A custom look...inner/outer fairing accents. The keys to good looks are keeping it simple & highlighting the contours.  ...more>>

Windshield Trim, Chrome Cover-UP

Beautiful windshield trim for a distinctive look and functional cover-up for storage pouches.  ...more>>

Aftermarket Vented Fairing Lowers

Ride in comfort! Protect your legs and feet from the elements!  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these after-market vented alternative..  ...more>>

Aftermarket Fairing Lowers with and withtout Speaker Housings

Protect your legs and feet from the elements!  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these after-market alternative.  Option w/speaker housings.  ...more>>

Contour Side Covers
Clean flowing contouredlook that flows into the saddlebags! ...more >>

Ride in Comfort with Bottle Caddy!

Very attractive upgrade with function! Improve cooling to your legs and add a convenient easy access bottle caddy for those long rides. Ride in comfort! ...more >>

Soft Lowers

These soft lowers provide wind and mud protection for the legs and boots of riders for the Electra Glide Classic, Standard and Road King and other bikes.  ...more>>

Teardrop Mirrors

Small, streamlined aluminum stems and heads on our Teardrop Mirrors provide a sleek custom appearance while keeping functionality intact thanks to the convex glass that improves rear visibility..  ...more>>

Windshield Mount Mirrors, Signals and Mirror Caps

Turn Signal or Ellipse mirror heads are positioned just above the upper edge of the fairing to provide great rearward visibility.  Also Mirror Caps for FLHX.  Also Blind Spot Mirrors.  ...more>>

Fairing with Single Headlight

Take your Road Glide to the next level with this custom replacement outer fairing. The fairing replaces the dual headlight configuration with a single round headlight.  ...more>>

Frame Mounted Fairing for Dyna & Switchback

Frame-Mounted Fairing for Switchback & Dyna 

Unique ABS frame-mounted fairing. Road Glide styling for the Switchback & Dyna platforms. Includes installation kit. ...more>>

Give your Road Glide a Facelift

  Road Glide Headlight Products

Give your Road Glide a facelift with our illuminated bezel with integrated run and turn signals.  Also Faceplates, stealthy Headlight Guards and Grills available.  ...more>>

Front & Rear Fender Trim

Give your Road Glide, Road King Custom, Street Glide and many CVO bikes some flash and added protection.  Also Saddlebag Accents available.  ...more>>

Lowered Kickstand

Lowered kickstand, chrome plated, a must when lowering your bike. Other kickstand accessories.  ...more>>

Kick Stand Extension

Jiffy Stand Extension kits have been ergonomically designed to simplify the deployment and retraction of the jiffy stand.  ...more>>

Lower your Electra Glide

Designed to lower the front and rear of your Electra Glide, Road Glide, Street Glide or Road King without affecting the shock angle.  Kickstand Wedge kits, Lowered kickstands, accessories...  ...more>>

Air Suspension Systems

Designed to work accordingly with its comfortable cruising and smooth handling, our system is complemented with our load-leveling technology for better highway handling...  ...more>>

Center Stands

Give yourself the same parking options as other brand touring bikes.  A true Center-Stand for Electra Glides in chrome or black.  Bolts directly to the frame and installs in less than 10 minutes. Park-n-Move allow you to easily transport your bike around garage.  ...more>>

Park 'n Move for Bike without Center Stand

Park 'n Move 

The ‘must have’ product for all motorcycle owners needing to easily move their motorcycle around the garage. ...more>>

Park 'n Move for Bike without Center Stand

Park 'n Move 

The ‘must have’ product for all motorcycle owners needing to easily move their motorcycle around the garage. ...more>>

Remove or re-install in 2 to 3 minutes

Quick Detach Kit for Fairing Lowers
Great for seasonal riding conditions! This kit installs in minutes and then allows you to remove or re-install your lower leg fairings in 2 to 3 minutes, NO TOOLS REQUIRED!!.  ...more>>

Chrome Switch Cover Sets

Switch cover set is easily installed and does not require any rewiring. Features a chrome finish.   ...more>>

Fairing Rocker Switch Kits

Includes backlit switch symbols...custom chrome or black fit perfectly in inner fairing...  ...more>>

Radio Accents, Switch Covers, Misc. Covers & Heat Shields

Fills those nasty "black holes" and other gaps on your Electra Glide, Road Glide or Road King.  Trim, Switch Covers & Nacelle accents and New "gap" cover for space between heat shields...  ...more>>

LED Speedo & Tach Bezels

Speedo, Tach & other Gauge Bezels 

For you speedo and tach and other gauges...assorted L.E.D. and regular Speed and Tach Bezels.  Available in Chrome or Gloss Black. ...more>>

Switch Housings in Chrome

Chrome Switch Housings 

These Show Chrome housings will accept stock '96-'13 H-D switches. Also Brake & Clutch Control Dress-up kits. ...more>>

Chrome Dresser Cover

Chrome right & left side covers oil tank on '65 - '84 FLH Dressers. Knobs, brackets & hardware ...more>>

Undercovers for Floorboards

Floorboard Undercovers 

The underside of floorboards is an often-overlooked detail. Black ABS plastic, snap-in-place inserts smooth out the underside of your floorboards. ...more>>

Synthetic Saddlebag Lid Covers

Synthetic stretch fabric and heavy duty elastic trim stretch installation. 100% Manufactured in USA  ...more>>

Fender with Filler Panel

Alls steel smooth fender with integrated filler panel.  With or without frenched license plate pocket.  ...more>>

Fill the gap!

Clean up the rear of your dresser by filling the gap. Chrome ABS or Fiberglass models.  Also add an additional lighting options!  ...more>>

Bagless Fender Skirts

Remove your saddlebags and cover the area with a custom and finished appearance.  No modification required. Easy on/off. Why not go's like having two bikes.  ...more>>

Bagless Skirts

Bagless Skirts for Baggers

Remove your saddlebags and cover the area with a custom and finished appearance. No modification required. Easy on/off. Why not go's like having two bikes.  ...more>>

Bagless Products

Spruce up your bike when running with or without your saddlebags! Side Covers, Shock Covers, Kits and more.  ...more>>

License Plate Grab Bar Eliminator

Eliminates rear license plate bar on FLH models. Preserve the stock saddlebag support brackets when removing the license plate support tube.  ...more>>

Muffler and Exhaust Systems

Upgrade the quality, performance and exhaust sound of your Electra Glide, Road Glide or Road King with various slip-on Muffler Systems.  Several to choose from.  ...more>>

Lighted Exhause End Caps

Lighted Exhaust End Caps 

Add lights to your pipers. Simply remove your existing end caps, install and plug into OEM wiring harness. ...more>>

EFI Performance Module

The total answer to electronic fuel injection tuning.  Use in conjuction with our Powermaster slip on mufflers.  ...more>>

Light Force Clutch Slave Cylinder

A new clutch slave cylinder for the 2017 and up Touring models to help combat the heavy and horrible feeling clutch lever.  ...more>>

Variable Pressure Clutch

Reduce clutch pull up to 50%.  Models for Evolution, Twin Cam, Screaming Eagle engines.  Fits behind stock derby cover. Easy installation.  ...more>>

Narrow Profile Outer Primary Covers

Narrow Profile Outer Primary Covers 

1" narrower than the stock outer primary that will allow easier reach to the ground and is shaped to slim the bike profile on the left side. ..more>>

Plus One Oil Pan

Plus 1 Oil Pan 

Increase oil capacity by 1 or 1.5 quarts and reduce engine running temperatures. ...more>>

Custom Motor Hardware Sets

Custom Motor Hardware

Replacements for side covers, lifter blocks, timing plug, inner primary, motor mounts & rocker boxes. Header mount, point cover or generator mount, washers & nuts supplied where applicable. ...more>>

Engine Cooling Fan System

This Engine Cooling System will improve your bike’s engine heat issues, reduce oil temperatures and improve engine performance. ...more>>

Reverse Gear for 5 and 6 Speeds

 Reverse Gear Options for H-D Touring Bikes

Back-out with EASE!  Two model options. Upgrade your Electra Glide with a reverse gear like most of the other big touring bikes.  Increase your parking options.  Now for 6-Speed...  ...more>>

Easy Steering Rake Kit

Sterring Rake Kit 

Adds 5+ degrees to the stock rake which creates a large reduction in trail. Users often report that it's like having power steering. ...more>>

Steering Dampers for Baggers

Steering Dampers for Dressers 

The first and only steering damper system for the Harley-Davidson Dresser models. Helps with front end wobble. ...more>>

Stabilizing Systems for Dressers

  Stabilizer Systems for Baggers

Minimize side-to-side movement and stabilize your bike for a better ride.  ...more>>

Detachable Racks and Relocator Kits for Sissy Bars/Tour-paks

Fixed, Detachable racks/kits & Docking hardware, move the Tour Pak back to provide more room for passenger. Added space makes things more comfortable, makes climbing on & off easier.  ...more>>

Trailer Hitch Products & Accessories

Upgrade for the long haul!  Trailer Hitch(s), receptables, covers and wiring harnesses.  ...more>>

Another Luggage Option!

Add yet another option to increase your luggage hauling capacity when needed.  Luagge racks or coolers can be mounted.  Silver or black.  Sport caddy attachment.  ...more>>

Tie Down Brackets

 Tie-Down Brackets, Tie Downs & Straps
Tired of searching for good places to attach tie-down straps to your FLHT or Road King?  Excellent upgade option for this situation.  Tie downs and traps also available.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Extensions

Saddlebag Extensions 

Wrap around auxiliary run and turn signal lights built in! Chrome with red lenses or black with smoked lenses. Bolt on securely, plug-n-play wiring. ...more>>

Engine Guard Protectors

Engine Guard Protectors 

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>

Headlight Cowl Kits

Chrome, Polished or Black Powder-Coat. Multiple bike configurations. Included headlight and misc. hardware. ...more >> 

Stock Oil Cooler Relocation Bracket

Oil Cooler Relocation Bracket allows you to easily move your stock oil cooler and cover back and closer to the frame. ...more >> 

Oil Coolers

Oil Coolers, fan assisted and non-fan assisted. Run your engine cooler during the summer season. ...more >> 

Coolant Pump Cover

Coolant Pump Cover 

Pop out the old and snap in the new for a classy chrome upgrade to the fairing lowers that takes just minutes. ...more>>

Mesh Air Dam

Mesh Air Dam and Oil Cooler Cover 

The Mesh Airdam gives the lower frame and dull factory oil cooler a completely custom look. ...more>>

Frame Quick Repair Kit

Frame Quick Repair Kits 

Cost a fraction of what it would be to replace the whole support frame. New improved version.  ...more>>

Fairing Lock Kit

Fairing Lock Kits 

These Locks are the perfect way to add additional security to your investment. These locks install in minutes and feature stainless steel construction for a durable finish that lasts!  ...more>>

Quick Change Oil Filter/Cooler

Quick Change Oil Filter/Cooler 

Canister stays permanently mounted to the engine, you only need to remove the easy to accessed end cap to change the filter. ...more>>

Trailer Hitches

Trailer Hitches 

Entirely new seris of receiver trailer hitches for the H-D touring bikes and Trike. Take what you need on the long haul! ...more>>

Softail Saddlebag Conversion Brackets

Softail or Dyna Saddlebag Conversion Brackets (Softail & Fatboy & Dyna). All hardware included. ...more>>

Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps in black or white! ...more>>

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