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Enjoy the ride!

Items for the long (or near) haul

Headlight & Running Light Armor

Headlight & Running Light Armor 

Protect your headlight from costly damage. With the cost of a new head light being hundreds of dollars...pretty inexpensive insurance. ...more>>

Motorcycle Upright Jack

Motorcycle Bike Jack 

Use to easily upright your H-D when needed as well as leaning your bike over for maintenance. ...more>>

Upright Jack for H-D models

Upright Jack 

Use to easily upright your H-D when needed as well as leaning your bike over for maintenance. ...more>>

Dash Shelf

Need extra space for your GPS unit and other devices when on tour?  This Dash Shelf mounts easily and provides additional mounting options for your Electra Glide.  ...more>>

Gadget Mounts

Another option for mounting equipment.  Compliment your Dash Shelf with available mounts for every gadget.  Also full integration kits.  Great for touring.  ...more>>

Running Lights for Electra Glides and Road Glides

 Running and Driving Lights for Touring models

Halogen caliper mount, fork, turn signal and engine mount running lights will provide you with a lighting edge at night, increasing your visibility and looking great while doing it.  ...more>>

Let's go golfing!

Going golfing? Why not take the bike. Quick detach golf club rack.  ...more>>

Let's go camping!

Going camping? Take your grill along with you. Quick detach for touring bikes.  ...more>>

Carry your bike!

Going bicycle riding somewhere? Take your bicycle along with you. Quick detach for touring bikes.  ...more>>

Another Luggage Option!

Add yet another option to increase your luggage hauling capacity when needed.  Luagge racks or coolers can be mounted.  Silver or black.  Sport caddy attachment.  ...more>>

Waterproof Rack Bag

Waterproof Rack Bag 

Add Ultra storage capacity for the real long haul.  Works in tadem with our QDLC luggage/cooler rack.  Water-resistant nylon. ...more>>

Insulated saddlebag cooler

Saddlebag Cooler 

Turns saddlebag into an insulated cooler. Ideal to fill with cold beverages for that hot dusty road, picnic or party. ...more>>

Trailer Hitch Products & Accessories

Upgrade for the long haul!  Trailer Hitch(s), receptables, covers and wiring harnesses.  ...more>>

Trailer Hitch Products & Accessories

American Flag with LEDs. Easy installation.  ...more>>

Trailer Covers

This lightweight polyester urethane coated cover not only protects your trailer from bird droppings, tree sap, bugs and debris, but it keeps prying eyes away from your rig.  ...more>>

Tour Camping Tent

No motels availabe...or just want to be closer to nature?  Quality motorcycle camping with compact size and light weight for your ride as well.  ...more>>

Collapsable Saddlebag or Tour-pak Chair

The ultimate for use on motorcycles. Remove from the case and use in a minute. Stows in saddlebag or tour-pac.  ...more>>

Touring Bag Mounts

No sagging luggage bags.  Provides more support and balanced load for the long haul.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Gas Can

Saddlebag Can & Transfer System for Touring

Never run out of gas again!  Fits nicely in saddlebag....1 gallon capacity.  ...more>>

Alluminum Construction

  Auxillary Fuel Tank Kit for Touring

Extend your touring range between fuel stops!  All aluminum with internal baffle.  ...more>>

Falcon Seatback Bag

Falcon Seatback Bag 

Another option to increase your storage capacity for the long haul.  Add the Top Bag if needed. ...more>>

Rider Touring Took Kit

Rider Touring Tool Kit

This tool kit will help the rider perform many general maintenence tasks for 1999-13 TC-88 & 2014+ FLT models!  ...more >>

Reverse Gear for 5 and 6 Speeds

 Reverse Gear Options for H-D Touring Bikes

Back-out with EASE!  Two model options. Upgrade your Electra Glide with a reverse gear like most of the other big touring bikes.  Increase your parking options.  Now for 6-Speed...  ...more>>

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