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Enjoy the ride!

Improved function & performance

Antenna Hole Accent & Filler

Replace the stock rubber unit with easy snap-in installation.  ...more>>

Filtered Ear Plugs

Protect your hearing by having your riding ear plugs at your finger tips!  Also beautifully machined key fob and key ring carrying case.  ...more>>

Audio Source for Fairing

Rock Box Audio Source 

Tired of that wore out radio, but don’t want to loose the factory audio steering controls? Wired for HD controller integration and Bezel. ...more>>

Cell Phone, GPR and Radar Integration Kit

This component terminal will integrate the audio signals from a cell phone, GPS and/or radar detector with the driver's helmet headset. Great for touring. Also CB kit for handlebars.  ...more>>

Dash Mount for iPhone & IPod Touch

Integrated Dash Mounts for Iphone 

Integrate your I-product's audio with stylish dashboards tol keep your iPod secure and easily accessible for even the longest rides. ...more>> 

Satellite Radio Mounting Kits

Mount most XM or Sirius Radio receivers on the left or right handlebar position!  ...more>>

Bluetooth digital music controller

 Digital Stereo Bluetooth Controller 

Stream music videos down off You-Tube with your Smartphone & direct by Bluetooth the audio signal into the factory Harley radio. ...more>>

Harley Helmet Headset Kits

Headset kits for half, open-face and modular helmets. OEM connection. Special low noise microphone!  ...more>>

BM-20S Bluetooth Communication System

Bluetooth Communication System 

State-of-the-art intercom conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other riders. ...more>>

Bluetooth AUX Input Integration Terminal

Allows you to capture stereo music, navigation commands and/or cell phone calls , via Bluetooth, from your favorite Bluetooth enabled gadget...more>>

Safety and Convenience

Not only talk more safely on your cell phone, but also listen to the radio and passenger!  And also...Bike-to-Bike communication!!  ...more>>

Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Headsets

Wireless Bluetooth headset kits for open, full and flip-front helmets. OEM connection. No cables to get in the way!  ...more>>

Wired Intercom System

Now an affordable intercom system for your Road King.  Incorporates many of the same feature you find on the Ultra Classic  ...more>>

Audio Adapter Cables

5 & 7 pin audio adapter cables for microphone, earplug capabilities for multiple motorcycle platforms. ...more>>

Ear Plug Speaker Phones

Single and dual speakers per ear. Smallest & most comfortable for motorcycling. Comfortable inside motorcycle helmets. ...more>>

Fairing Lower/Glove Box Speaker Kits

Lower Fairing Glove Box Speakers Kits 

Convert those Electra Glide or Road Glide glove boxes in your lower fairing into speaker cabinets.  No longer do you need rear speaker pods to enjoy 4 speaker audio!  ...more>>

Amplified External Speakers

These new all-in-one 5-1/4 inch amplified speaker cans with built in digital technology produce loud, crystal clear audio as well as look great on your bike.  ...more>>

Sound Bar for Handlebars

Sound Bar Audio 

Produces exceptional sound quality from the convenience of your handlebars. ...more>>

Road King Media System

 Media System for the Road King

120 watts of power for your media player, satellite radio or portable audio device. 2 wire harness for plug-n-play installation!  ...more>>

Motorcycle Speake Systems

 Motorcyel Speaker Systems for the Road King

Listen to music on your Road King with the Chrome Speaker System.  Smart compact design installed easily onto the windshield mount or engine guards!  ...more>>

Road Radio

 Audio for the Road King

Listen to music on your Road King with the Chrome Speakers & Ipod or Road Radio with CD or tape player.  Smart compact design installed easily onto the windshield mount!  ...more>>

Amplified External Speakers

These new all-in-one 5-1/4 inch amplified speaker bullets with built in digital technology produce loud, crystal clear audio as well as look great on your bike.  ...more>>

Audio Packages and Kits

Affordable path to in-dash CD/MP3 upgrade audio. Plug-in module lets you tap into the latest audio technology! SONY CD/MP3 AM-FM Radio Packages. XM or Sirius ready adapter kits also available.  ...more>>

Radio Adapter Kits and Accessories

Universal Radio Adapter Kits & Accessories

Features of a new radio without loosing your handle bar controls. Allows plug-n-play supported Sony, Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, JVC & Clarion decks directly into your stock wiring harness.  ...more>>

Double Din Splash Guard

Marine splash guard for double din units with fixed displays. Special order item.  ...more>>

Splash Guard

Various splash guards for after-market radios.  ...more>>

Upgrade Stereo System

Plug-and-play Medallion Bagger Stereo System replaces your stock stereo on 1998-2013 Harley FLHT, FLHX and FLTR touring fairings  ...more>>

New LCD Stereo Upgrade Package

Upgrade from your factory H-D Electra Glide or Road Glide stereo system to our new LCD plug-n-play, 6-1/2" Speaker Audio upgrade system.  Plug-n-play install.  ...more>>

Dash Tweeter Kits

Tweeter Pod Kits for Electra Glide & Road Glide

Also Gauge Tweeter kits! Unlike bass, high frequency has a very hard time playing around objects in front of it like... handle bars, master cylinders, GPS units, etc. Re-experience your music for the first time.  ...more>>

Overside 6-1/2" Upgrade Speaker Kit

Oversize Upgrade Speaker Kit for Dressers

Electra Glide & Road Glide. Increase in speaker size from 6-1/2" to 7-1/4" and increase your bass, mid and high range sound quality.  Includes speaker adapters...bolt on installation!  ...more>>

6.5 Inch Speaker Adapters

6.5" Speaker Adatpers

Upgrade from your stock speaker to 6.5" with injection molded speaker adapters.  Improve sound quality and power. ...more>>

High Performance Speakers

High Performance Speakers and Grills

If you want to make the most dramatic change possible to the volume level and clarity of the music from your speakers, then replace those weak stock units with a set of high-performance models!  ...more>>

For 2014 Project Rushmore!

7-1/4" Rear  Speaker Upgrade 

Powerful 6.65" speaker available for the stock 6.5" Harley rear trunk-pod speakers as installed on the 2014 Harley Ultra or Ultra Ltd. ...more>>

Speaker Grills

Speaker Grills 

Dresh up and cover your cloth speakers with these Front and Rear alluminum mesh speaker grills. ...more>>

Speaker Grills

Speaker Grills 

Add some visual punch to your speakers. With these trick, easy-to-install grills, your speakers will look as good as they sound! ...more>>

Speaker Grills

Speaker Grills

Feature a clean outer frame with a satin black aluminum mesh screen that offers a drastic improvement in appearance versus stock plastic. ...more>>

Rear Speaker Trim

Front and Rear Speaker Trim 

These bright chrome trim rings install easily over the stock black rear speakers & come complete with polished stainless hardware. ...more>>

Fairing Speaker Acoustic Pads

 Fairing Speaker Acoustic Pads

For Batwing fairing or Road Glide fairing. In-fairing acoustic pads are one of the easiest things you can do to tighten-up-the-bass and improve the overall sound quality of your fairing mounted speakers.  ...more>>

Kicker Audio Amplifier

Features ultra slim, compact design, mounts directly to the top of your bike’s factory radio & has the capability to produce the highest quality sound. ...more>>

Amplifier Systems, Kits and Speakers

Ready to get serious about your bike's sound system? Don't like the idea of giving up your saddlebags to do it? Fits inside of the fairing, consumes less power than typical systems.  ...more>>

Smart DSP Amplifier

Smart Digital Amplifier

Our newest amp design!  Featuring a smart DSP (digital) controlled power supply for massive output with any speaker load and at any volume!   ...more>>

High Power Audio

Transform your motorcycle audio experience with more teeth-clenching, high-quality sound than you'll ever need.  Amp and speaker kit.  ...more>>

250W In Fairing Amplifier Kit

Upgrade your motorcycle audio experience with 250 or 500 watts of high-quality sound.  Fit '06 to current Electra Glide batwing or Road Glide fairing.  ...more>>

Tour-pak Sub-woofer Speaker & Amp Kit

Add depth and punch to your audio system.  8" sub-woofer and 500 watt amplifier kit designed to fit into your King Tour-pak. Or more economically...Bass Booster Port Kit.  ...more>>

Speaker Pod Kits

5 1/4", 6 1/2" & 7 1/10" Speaker Pod Kits and Amplifiers. Upgrade you Bagger to the Ultra audio level.  ...more>>

Rear Speaker Wiring Kit

When adding speakers to saddle bags, lids, or a Tour-Pak. Long enough to run from the front fairing to the back of the bike. Everything you need to get your new speakers up and running.  ...more>>

Tour-pak Lid w/Integraded Speaker Pods

Add rear speaker pods w/high-quality audio that accepts 6-1/2” speakers for all-around sound. ...more>>

Saddlebag Speaker Lid System

Another audio option for the rear.  Purpose built Lid Speaker System retains classic lines of touring models.  ...more>>

Soft Saddlebag Speaker Kits

Another audio option for your Road King Classic.  Transforms your soft saddlebags and retains the look of the classic bags.  ...more>>

Shorty  Antennas

Shorty Antennas for AM/FM/WB and CB

Now available...Shorty Antennas for AM/FM/WB and now CB for the Ultra, that provide performance, functionality and that custom look in 6 to 19 inch lengths  ...more>>

Front Fairing Handlebar Antenna Mount

Fairing Handlebar Antenna Relocation Kit 

More ergonomic antenna profile!  Relocate your tour-pak or saddlebag mount antenna to the front of your bike. ...more>>

Hidden Antennas

Hidden Antennas for AM/FM/WB & CB

Going for a clean look or have a detachable Tour-Pak, these Hidden Antennas fit underneath the batwing fairing while still providing exceptional performance for AM/FM, Weather Band and CB.  ...more>>

Antenna Caps

Antenna Mount Caps 

Functional and attractive caps & spacers to fit over the tour-pak or rail antenna mounting studs when using our Hidden Antennas. ...more>>


AM/FM/CB Antenna and Rear Relocation Kits 

Innovative kits allows you to easily switch between your detachable Tour-Pak or the clean look of a stock FLHT or FLTR.. ...more>>

CB Antenna Relocation Kits

CB Antenna and Relocation Kits 

Innovative kits allows you to easily switch between your detachable Tour-Pak or the clean look of a stock FLHT or FLTR.. ...more>>

Audio Tank Pouch

Audio Tank Pouch 

Hard-core protection for your portable music device...magnets hold securely. ...more>>

iPod Kit

iPod Kit 

Connect iPod directly to your factory or aftermarket radio & provide video output. Supplies power and charges your iPod. ...more>>

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