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Enjoy the ride!

Be seen, be safe!


See the road!

Running and Driving Lights with High Intensity

Lighting technologyfeature 10 watt high intensity LEDs that easily connect to your high beam circuit or wire directly to key on power.  ...more>>

Tiny LED Turn Signals

Super small, amazingly bright amber turn signals.  ...more>>

Tiny LED Turn Signals

Super small, amazingly bright amber turn signal with smoked lenses.  ...more>>

Fairing Vent Trim with Lighting

Vent Trim w/Lighting 

The vent trim will not affect the flow of the fairing vent. Chrome plated or black painted ABS. Available in lit or unlit version. ..more>>

LED Fairing Lower Grills

LED Fairing Lower Grills 

Lighting with full-time white running lights and amber switchback turn signals when activated. ...more>>

Headlight Cowl Kits

Chrome, Polished or Black Powder-Coat. Multiple bike configurations. Included headlight and misc. hardware. ...more >> 

Headlight Visor

Headlight Visor

Chrome 7" Glide deco headlamp visor fits lamps in chrome shells or in cowls. ...more >> 

LED Headlight Bezel

This new design is sculpted to perfectly fill the space around your headlight for a streamlined look.  ...more>>

Halo Trim Ring

Our L.E.D. Halo Trim Rings add incredible style with their grooved trim, easy installation, & low draw on your electrical system.  ...more>>

Headlight Kits and Headlight/Running Light Armor

Add improved visibility at a fraction of the cost compared to HID or incandescent headlamps. Add protection and enhanced visibility up front to your headlight and running lights.  ...more>>

Chrome and Gloss Black Headlight Trim Rings

Headlight Trim Rings

Add incredible style with these easy-to-install grooved trim rings. Available in Chrome or Gloss Black.  ...more>>

Headlight Armor

Headlight Armor 

Protect your expensive headlight from costly damage. With the cost of a new head light being hundreds of dollars...pretty inexpensive insurance. ...more>>

Headlight & Running Light Armor

Headlight & Running Light Armor 

Protect your headlight from costly damage. With the cost of a new head light being hundreds of dollars...pretty inexpensive insurance. ...more>>

Flush Mount Engine Guard Running Lights

Low Profile Mount Engine Guard Lights 

Low profile, durable housing with high performance LED lighting. Products are made with hand polished 316 Stainless Steel. ...more>>

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 Running and Driving Lights for Electra Glides

Halogen caliper mount, fork, turn signal and engine mount running lights will provide you with a lighting edge at night, increasing your visibility and looking great while doing it.  ...more>>

Running Lights for Electra Glides and Road Glides

 Running and Driving Lights for Road Glides

Halogen caliper mount, fork, turn signal and engine mount running lights will provide you with a lighting edge at night, increasing your visibility and looking great while doing it.  ...more>>

Driving Light Wiring Kit

An easy solution for connecting driving or fog lights that do not come with a wire harness by offering their wire harness kit without lights.  ...more>>

Front Signal Lights

Front Signal Light Inserts are a great way to add modern styling and class to your bike while also increasing visibility.  ...more>>

Bullet Front Turn Signal Conversion Kit

Add streamline front end...lighter and more proportionate, clean installation.  ...more>>

Mini Driving Lights

Mini Driving Lights

Halogen and LED Mini Driving Lights.  ...more>>

Deep Dish Bezel for Flat Turn Signals

Add depth & style to your stock flat pancake style turn signals. Fits 3-1/4" flat turn signals. ...more>>

Lighted Fairing Trim

The keys to good looks are keeping it simple & highlighting the contours. These elemental accents will add depth & character to the time-honored Bat-wing fairing.  ...more>>

Run-Turn LED Light Signal Windshield Trim

Road Glide LED Windshield Trim 

Cover that unsightly area where the windshield meets the fairing and add auxiliary L.E.D. Run-Turn lights at the same time! ...more>>

Windshield Turn Signal Trim

Be safe and be seen w/style.  Windshield trim with integrated sequential turn signals.  Plugs into stock harness.  ...more>>

Windshield Trim w/Turn Signals

Windshield Trim w/Turn Signals 

Add more turn signal notification...get the attention of others on the road. ...more>>


 Run-Turn Edge Accents

A nice subtle touch of chrome & additional lighting to create a unique look. Auxiliary run & turn lighting make this a must have. Installation requires no drilling or modification to the fairing.   ...more>>

Add auxiliary lighting!

Add some auxiliary lighting to your handlebars easily with our new Lighted Mirror Stem Covers.  ...more>>

Signal Mirrors

Rider safer....Signal Mirrors ensure that drivers riding too close or in your "blind spot" can still see your signaling intentions.  ...more>>

Raised Mirror Adapters

Raising the mirror mounting position approximately 1-1/2” allows clearance from the brake master cylinder and greatly improves visibility.  ...more>>

Windshield Mount Mirrors, Signals and Mirror Caps

Turn Signal or Ellipse mirror heads are positioned just above the upper edge of the fairing to provide great rearward visibility.  Also Mirror Caps for FLHX.  Also Blind Spot Mirrors.  ...more>>

Traction Control Braking

The TCB Brake System offers a retro fit brake system that is similar to ABS  or Anti-Lock brakes. Help reduce wheel lock-up mechanically.  ...more>>

Accessory Fused Terminal

Accessory Fused Terminal 

Adding multiple electronic accessories to your bike and need an easy solution? Our Accessory Fused Terminal is just the answer.  ...more>>

Plug-in Lighting Control Modules

BE SAFE!  BE SEEN! Be heard! An assortment of plug-in and wired modules to allow for front running lights, spot-light blinkers and much more.  Simple wiring.  ...more>>

Tour-pak LED Lens Kit

High intensity LED light Bars for brake lights, running lights and turn signals. Long lasting advance supper bright LED lights to increase visibility on the road. ...more>>

Lower Tour-pak Lens Kit

Convert your Classic into an Ultra Classic! Smoke and cred, available with LEDs.  Fits model years '06 to '13. ...more>>

Smoke Tour-pak Lens Kits

Smoke and clear, also available with LEDs.  Fits model years '73 to current.  Customize your tour-pak!  ...more>>

Tour-pak & Saddlebag Light Kits

 Light Kits for Tour-Pak, Saddlebags & Glove Boxes

Don't be left in the dark! Interior light kits for tour-pak, glove boxes and to illuminate saddlebags.  Bulb or LED white light. ...more >>

Tour-pak & Saddlebag Light Kits

 Light Kits for Tour-Pak, Saddlebags & Glove Boxes

Don't be left in the dark! Interior light kits for tour-pak, glove boxes and to illuminate saddlebags.  Bulb or LED white light. ...more >>

Tour-Pak Luggage Racks

Luggage Racks, Lid & Guard Rails with Lights in Red or Smoke

A nice upgrade for riders needing extra luggage capacity.  Air Wing LED Luggage Racks & models that provide a more functional "flat" base for heavy cargo for the rear, tour-paks and saddlebag lids.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Lid Rails w/LED's

BE SAFE! BE SEEN! Mounts easily, simple electric hook-up. LED's.  Also for tour-paks.  ...more>>

LED Rear Saddlebag Accents

Additional lighting where it counts for a stylish, functional add-on just begging for attention. Designed as auxiliary Run-Brake lights for your saddlebags, these accents illuminate in red.  ...more>>

LED Saddlebag Hinge Covers

Ditch the factory saddlebag hinge reflectors for these ultra-bright form-fitted replacements that offer significantly increased visibility.  ...more>>

LED Inserts for Saddlebag Supports

LED Inserts for Saddlebag Supports

Dress up the rear of your bike and add some additional lighting by filling in the rear facing opening on touring models. ...more>>

Filler Panels Lights

Add visibility and style to your 2009-up H-D Touring model with the new all red, LED Filler Panel Lights!  ...more>>

Luggage Rack LED Light Kit

Luggage Rack LED Light Bar 

This quick addition to the Air Wing Tour Pak® Luggage Rack adds an additional running and brake light that demands attention ...more>>

GE-II Tour-pak LED Tailight Kit

Tour-pak Taillight LED Kit 

Features incredibly bright LEDs. Lifetime OEM warranty against LED failure. 96 LEDs per board for unmatched performance. Plug and Play. ...more>>

Tour-pak Lid Light

Additional rear lighting is always a good thing & our Tour-Pak Lid Light delivers a triple dose of run-turn-brake functionality to significantly enhance rider visibility for trailing motorists. ...more>>

Backrest Light Strip

Cleanest way to add more light to the back of your bike. Low profile light strip fits between your backrest & tour pack to blend right in; adds bright sequential turn signals, running lights, & center brake light. ...more>>

Tour-pak Rear Lighting Options

Rearward Lighting enhances stock side lights or hi intensity LED Bulbs help warns drivers behind you of your deceleration. Also tour-pak & saddlebag rail lighted trim. ...more>>

LED Light Bar

BE SAFE! BE SEEN! Mounts easily, simple electric hook-up. LED's, functions as a tail and brake light. Flexible LED light Strips.  Mounts to Tour-Pak.  Also for saddlebags.  ...more>>

Trike Rear Light Bars

Trike Rear Light Bars 

Sculptured housings with run, turn and brake lighting.  Plug 'n play wiring. Easy to install. ...more>>

LED Rear Bumper Insert

LED Rear Bumper Insert 

Our new Rear Bumper Insert is the true model of form & function. ...more>>

Rear Fender Strip Lights

Add additional Run-Brake L.E.D. lighting to your rear end! The gently curved chrome housings sit perfectly in the contour of the rear fender skirt, but also look great on most any full-length fender. ..more>>

Fender Tip Lights

Next generation LED front and rear Fender Tip Lights. Multiple colors and finishes. ...more>>

Custom Tombstone Taillight Assembly

Chrome LED tombstone tail lamp assembly with red bullet lamps. License plate mount bracket is metal with red lens included. ...more>>

Rear Turn Signal Options

Streamlined rear turn signal bar is dramatically different than other turn signal bars. Sleeker & narrower than the stock piece, also gives you the option of relocating license plate below the taillight.  LED bulb kits. ...more>>

Panacea Lights

LED Conversions, Panacea Kits adn Laydown Lens.  Allows your rear taillight & turn signals to work together as running lights, brake lights & turn signals! ...more>>

Brake Fender Light

Road Glide & Street Glide Brake Fender Light 

This new LED Tail/Brake Fender Light for Street Glides and Road Glides (U.S. models only) is a complete plug and play unit including lens, housing, LEDs, harness, connector. ...more>>

Saddlebag LED Lamp Kit

Saddlebag lamp kit includes a set of red LED lamps with red lens and the Touring electrical connection update kit.  ...more>>

Air Horns

 Horns for HD Touring Platform

These Air & Electric Horns give a loud warning blast of up to 128 decibels to provide additional safety. Easy installation. Uses stock horn button.  Also hidden models.  ...more >>

Keep Deers Away!

Deer Alert for Electra Glides
Deer are the number one animal causing human deaths in this country!  Increase the riding safety of your Electra Glide with this most effective electronic operating deer alert.  ...more >>

Tire Pressuer Monitor System

 Tire Pressure Monitor System 

Completely wireless with unique valve cap sensors for real time monitoring of tire pressure & temperature. For motorcycles, trikes and w/trailers. ...more>>

Portable Air Compressor

Stop & Go Air Compressor 

Measures 4" x 2" x 6" for carrying on your bike. 12V compressor unit with 66" power cord. Also garage air compressor. ...more>>

Prolong the life of your tires!

On-board Air Compressor for Baggers
Maintain safe tire pressure, fix flats and adjust shock load using this on-board 250 PSI air compressor/pump while on the road or in your own garage.  ...more >>

Motorized Windshield Wiper

Motorized Windshield Wiper 

Removes rain, mist, and road spray from your windshield for enhanced visibility during inclement weather. ...more>>

Better visibility when it rains!

 Motorcycle Two-Sided Windshield Wiper Blade
Ride with more visibility when it's raining.  Two-side Windshield Wiper blade has a handle for easy manual operation.  Nice safety upgrade.  ...more >>

Fairing Rocker Switch Kits

Includes backlit switch symbols...custom chrome or black fit perfectly in inner fairing...  ...more>>

LED Handlebar Switch Wiring Kits

LED Handlebar Switch Wiring Kits 

Available in chrome or black. Ready to install for FL, Softail and Dyna models. ...more>>

Master Cylinder Aux. Switch

LED Master Cylinder Auxillary Switches 

Cast zinc alloy with a black powder coat finish. Complete with two switches for auxiliary lighting functions. Comes with all needed mounting hardware and wiring. ...more>>

Multi-purpose Light & Flare

Light Stick 

Saddlebag or Tour Pak Light & an LED Safety Flare you attach it to a provided disk to place behind your bike as a bright safety beacon. ...more>>

Lighted Exhause End Caps

Lighted Exhaust End Caps 

Add lights to your pipers. Simply remove your existing end caps, install and plug into OEM wiring harness. ...more>>

TriGlide Bumper Tail Light Set

TriGlide Bumper Tail Light Set

LED technology provides a powerful range of viewing brightness, providing you with the greatest protection. ...more>>

Trailer Hitch Products & Accessories

American Flag with LEDs. Easy installation.  ...more>>

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