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Enjoy the ride!

When you're riding or not...

Engine Guard Protectors

Motorycle Guard Protectors - Premium Style Kit

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>


Your Riding Skills and Safetyare about to Change Forever. Experience the #1 Selling Motorcycle Training Video!  ...more>>

Motorcycle Dolly

Motorcycle Dollys

The solution for parking in your crowded garage. Allows you to fit your ride into the tightest of spaces. ...more>>

Low Profile Valve Stems

Low Profile Valve Stems 

Available in either silver or black anodized finish. Their low profile is only 1 3/16” in length, making them fit any tight space needing a compact stance. ...more>>

Rider Touring Took Kit

Rider Touring Tool Kit

This tool kit will help the rider perform many general maintenence tasks for 1999-13 TC-88 & 2014+ FLT models!  ...more >>

Keep memories of your ride!

GoPro camera kits and accessories. Capture immersive footage of your next riding experience!  ...more>>

Custom Motor Hardware Sets

Custom Motor Hardware

Replacements for side covers, lifter blocks, timing plug, inner primary, motor mounts & rocker boxes. Header mount, point cover or generator mount, washers & nuts supplied where applicable. ...more>>

Headlight & Running Light Armor

Headlight & Running Light Armor 

Protect your headlight from costly damage. With the cost of a new head light being hundreds of dollars...pretty inexpensive insurance. ...more>>

Saddlebag Gas Can

Saddlebag Cans & Transfer System for Touring

Fits nicely in saddlebag....1 gallon capacity.  ...more>>

Fuel transfer or drain system!

Fuel Transfer & Drain System 

Easily transfer fuel from your bike to your friends. Or easily drain you tank. ...more>>

Upright Jack for H-D models

Upright Jacks for Motorcycle 

Use to easily upright your H-D when needed as well as leaning your bike over for maintenance. ...more>>

Kickstand Lift Block

Lesson the angle while your bike is on the kickstand. Lighted up the effort to lift the bike off the kickstand. ...more>>

No more sinking in soft ground or asphalt....Kick Shoe!

No more sinking in soft ground, gravel or asphalt. Installs in 5 minutes. ...more>>

New Garage Door Openers for Motorcycles

Garage Door Opener Kits 

Switch housing connects to the sender unit. Attaches anywhere on the front of the motorcycle. ...more>>

High Beam Switch Garage Door Opener

Turns your existing Bagger headlight high beam switch into a transmitter for your automatic garage door opener.  ...more >>

License Plate Storage Box

License Plate Storage Box 

Not a secure, lockable place to store important paper work or small misc. items. ...more>>

License Plate Frames

 License Plate Frames and Accessories

Lighted, laydown and multiple size license plate frames. Inspection plates. Accessories. Show chrome accessory.  ...more >>

License Plate Grab Bar Eliminator

Eliminates rear license plate bar on FLH models. Preserve the stock saddlebag support brackets when removing the license plate support tube.  ...more>>

Custom License Plate Bolts

Custom License Plate Bolts 

Army, Army Star, Marines, Air Force, POW/MIA, Fire Department, Masonic, Navy, Eagle & Flag or Special Forces. Made in USA. ...more>>

Floorboard Puck, Kickstand Pad

The only kickstand pad at your fingertips!  Stores neatly inside your HD floorboards. Keeps bike from falling on shaky ground.  ...more >>

Hide a Key Pouch

Hide a spare key on your bike...very clever.  ...more >>

Smart Battery Chargers

Much better and safer than trickle chargers...these "Smart Technology" Battery Chargers will fully charge and maintain storage voltage.  Also bike to bike jumper cables.  ...more >>

Bike to Bike Jumper Cables

Bike to Bike Jumper Cables 

For the first time ever, you can jump-start one vehicle from another by plugging directly into the Battery Harnesses! ...more>>

Oil Filter Change Funnel

Tired of the spills and drippings when changing your front mounted oil filter?  These helpers/funnels allow oil (and primary oil, transmission/crankcase oil, fuel) and filter changes to proceed with NO MESS.  ...more >>

Oil Drain Pan for Harleys

Oil Drain Pan for Baggers

Reduce mess and cleanup required when changing the fluids on your motorcycle. This reusable Drain Pan is designed specifically for the Harley-Davidson®...more >>

Total Cycle Cleaning Products

Total Cycle Cleaner - Advanced motorcycle cleaner removes dirt, gease, road grit.

Shown with two saddlebags

Make cleaning your bike easier when it comes to the saddlebags? We now offer the Saddlebag Service Stand to help.  ...more >> 

Products to aid washing your bike!

Products to assist in keeping your Bagger clean. Drying blowers, drying towels and other misc. items to help maintain your bike.  ...more >>

Garage Air Compressor

Garage Air Compressor 

12V power supply, 10 amp max current consumption, 140 watt power. 28mm cylinder diameter.  And portable stop & go model. ...more>>

Hand Air Pumps

Hand Air Pumps

This pump was designed to allow safe and simple adjustment of the front and rear air suspension on Touring motorcycles. ...more>>

Valve Stem Extension

Valve Stem Extension

It can be frustrating to reach that hard to get to tire valve stem to get the air chuck on to check and add air. eGlideGoodies has simplified this process with this Lock-On Valve Stem Extension. ...more>>

Quick Change Oil Filter/Cooler

Quick Change Oil Filter/Cooler 

Canister stays permanently mounted to the engine, you only need to remove the easy to accessed end cap to change the filter. ...more>>

Reduce operating temps...increase power!

Increased surface area cools engine oil up to 20 degrees, power gains of 8-10 ft. lb., filters down to 4 microns.  Available in chrome, polished or black.  ...more >>

Oil Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench & misc. maintenance Tools

Tired of skinned knuckles and tools that don't work?  This ultra thin walled design really worked in tight spaces on your Electra Glide. Other misc. tool to maintain your Bagger! ...more >>

Adjustable Motorcycle Battery Lifter

Pivots to properly grab the battery and has six adjustable positions for smaller & larger motorcycle batteries. Aids in removal of battery from small spaces! ...more >>

Belt Tension Adjuster Tool

Allows all Electra Glides & Road Glides made from 2002 to current to properly set the tension of the belt drive and lock the cam in place with a single wrench! ...more >>

Cycle Skins for Tank, Saddlebags and Front Fender

Protection Skins 

Protect you paint while working or storing your bike. Covers for tank, saddlebags & front fender. ...more>>

Cruise Buddy

Cruise Mate & Cruise Control and Cruise Controls

Upgrade your thumb wheel to a Cruise Buddy so you can engage and disengage your throttle lock with a touch of your thumb. Also Cruise Control for Harleys.  ...more>>

Integrated Power Outlet

 Power Outlets for Side, Handlebar & Tour-pak

Upgrade your Bagger with an Integrated Power Outlet on the outside of the bike or inside your tour-pak.  Convenient hook-up location for cell phones, electric vests, audio systems and more.  ...more>>

Auxillary Handlebr Switch Kits

Auxillary Switch Kits 

Several option to choose from simple on/off toggle to multiple position lighted switches. ...more>>

Auxillary Switch Kit

Auxillary Switch Kit 

The two push button switches have red LED’s indicating when your accessories are on. Switch Block can be mounted to 1” handlebars. ...more>>

Reflective Seat Cover

Keep your back-side cool! Heat-Reflective, water-resistant, compact, durable motorcycle seat cover/shade.  ...more>>

Motorycle Cover Options

Stetchable and non-stretchable. Protect your Electra Glide at home, at work or on tour against weathering and fading.  Several models to choose from, Full, Half and No-Contract w/Frame.  ...more>>

Special on Sun Buster Motorcycle Cover

Protect your Bagger at home, at work or on tour against weathering and fading.  Several models to choose from.  ...more>>

No-Contact Motorcycle Cover

Protect you motorcycle from the elements with the Cadillac of motorcycle covers.  No contact for extreme protection...has structural frame.  ...more>>

Full Cover for Tri-Glide, Trike

 Trike Covers 

Now a full cover for the H-D Tri-Glide. Available in three color combinations. Protection from the elements! ...more>>

No Contact Motorcycle Covers for Trike

No Contact Trike Cover 

Now available for the Tike contact motorcycle covers. ...more>>

Trailer Covers

This lightweight polyester urethane coated cover not only protects your trailer from bird droppings, tree sap, bugs and debris, but it keeps prying eyes away from your rig.  ...more>>

Gas Cap Cover for Electra Glides

Tired of using your keys to access the fuel door.  This cover or push button kits attaches to your stock gas cap...quick and no key required to Fill-R-Up.  ...more>>

Tie Down Brackets

 Tie-Down Brackets, Tie Downs & Straps
Tired of searching for good places to attach tie-down straps to your FLHT or Road King?  Excellent upgade option for this situation.  Tie downs and traps also available.  ...more>>

Fairing Bra's for Electra Glide & Road Glide

Protection from the elements or riders w/custom look for Electra Glide or Road Glide.  ...more>>

Batwing Fairing Bumper

Fairing Bumper for Batwing & Road Glide

Never again have to deal with scuffed or chipped paint from the dangers of hauling. ...more>>

Do it yourself and save!

Touring Model Maintenance DVD

Learn from factory certified mechanics how to perform many maintenace/service tasks and save money.  Do it yourself!  ...more>>

Repair Manuals

Repair Manuals 

Contains hundreds of original photographs & illustrations developed from a complete disassembly and assembly. ...more>>

Clean and finished look!

 Add a clean and finished look to your touring bike's front forks.  Available in triple plated chrome or aluminum finish.  Also Head Bolt Covers.  ...more>>

Ear Plug Key Fob

Protect your hearing by having your riding ear plugs at your finger tips!  Beautifully machined key fob and key ring carrying case.  ...more>>

Driver Drink Holders

Driver & Passenger Drink Holders 

Large 34 oz., small 20 oz. drink holders for handlebars, clutch/brake mount, tour-pak speaker housing or our AM-24 armrests. ...more>>

Cup and Drink Holders

Cup and Drink Holders for Rider and Passenger

Who says you can't take it with you? Several Premium and economical cup/drink holders for the H-D touring platform to choose from.  ...more>>

Crash Bar Bottle, Holder and Bag

Crash Bar Bag 

This combination bag includes the water bottle holder and water bottle and a separate compartment for additional storage. ...more>>

Engine Guard Protectors

Motorycle Guard Protectors - Premium Style Kit

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>

Engine Guard Protectors

Engine Guard Protectors - Plastic Slip-On

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>

Engine Guard Protectors

Engine Guard Protectors - Metal Circular

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>

Footboard Guards

Footboard Guards 

Protection for the underneath of your footboards in a side drop or high lean angle turn. Black powder-coat. ...more>>

Collapsable Saddlebag or Tour-pak Chair

The ultimate for use on motorcycles. Remove from the case and use in a minute. Stows in saddlebag or tour-pac.  ...more>>

Electra Glide Saddlebag Chair

The ultimate for use on motorcycles. Remove from the case and use in a minute. Stows in saddlebag or tour-pac.  ...more>>

Helmet Visors

Shade you eyes while on tour! Visors to fit most helmets in black & smoke...more>>

Flip-Up Face Shield

Flip Up Face Shield for 10Series/40Series DOT Helmets.  ...more>>

Frame Quick Repair Kit

Frame Quick Repair Kits 

Cost a fraction of what it would be to replace the whole support frame. New improved version.  ...more>>

Flag Mounts and Flags

Multiple options to mount flags on your touring bike.  Saddle bag guard, tour-pak, license plate...universal.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Mount Flag Mount

Made to be mounted on Harley-Davidson style hard bags without interfering with the Harley Tour-Pak trunk.  ...more>>

Parade Flag Holder

Parade flag holder and hardware installation kits for frame or trailer hitch. Accessories.  ...more>>

Better visibility when it rains!

Motorcycle Two-Sided Windshield Wiper Blade

Ride with more visibility when it's raining.  Two-side Windshield Wiper blade has a handle for easy manual operation.  Nice safety upgrade.  ...more >>

Better visibility when it rains!

Motorcycle Two-Sided Windshield Wiper Blade

Ride with more visibility when it's raining.  Two-side Windshield Wiper blade has a handle for easy manual operation.  Nice safety upgrade.  ...more >>

Motorized Windshield Wiper

Motorized Windshield Wiper 

Removes rain, mist, and road spray from your windshield for enhanced visibility during inclement weather. ...more>>

Antenna Caps

Antenna Caps 

Functional and attractive caps to fit over the tour-pak or rail antenna mounting studs when using our Hidden Antennas. ...more>>

H-D Gas Tank Collectable

Ceramic collectable of Harley-Davidson fuel tank.  ...more>>

Motorcycle Replica Gifts

Vintage motorcycles from the past...these gift ideas are nice handmade all metal artwork pieces that make great gifts, mementos or keepsakes.  ...more>>

eGlideGoodies Riding Shirts

eGlideGoodies Apparel 

Riding shirts & caps for around town or the long haul. Now long sleeve T-Shirts. ...more>>

Face Gaiter with Filter

Face Gaiter with Filter 

Use during this Coronavirus period & also in times heavy traffic, dirt or other air pollution. Take care of your lungs and breath easy. ...more>>

Glove Farkle Fingers

Glove Farkle Fingers for Touch Screens 

Farkle Fingers will make any pair of gloves touch-screen friendly. Just pull them over the tips of your gloves and you'll be able to use any touch-screen device. ...more>>

eGlideGoodies Stickers

eGlideGoodies Stickers, Magnets & Patches 

Hologram and regular stickers with removable adhesive that's ideal for motorcycles cars and trucks. Also magnets & iron-on or sew-on Patches. ...more>>

Rain Gators

Rain Gators 

Compact and easy to wear w/water resistant nylon. Use if your bike doesn't have lowers or if you lowers are not installed. ...more>>

Pants Clips

Pants Clips 

Keep you pants down to aid in keeping cold air from flowing up pants leg while riding. ...more>>

P-Clamp, Chrome or Black Versions

Assorted P-Clamps 

From 7/8" up to 1-5/8" in chrome or one size in black. ...more>>

Easy Reach Seat Knob

Easy Reach Seat Knob 

Replace it with this knob and you can easily remove the seat in seconds without tools. ...more>>

Master Cylinder Aux. Switch

LED Master Cylinder Auxillary Switches 

Cast zinc alloy with a black powder coat finish. Complete with two switches for auxiliary lighting functions. Comes with all needed mounting hardware and wiring. ...more>>

Leather Lever Laces

A thicker leather material gives these Leather Lever Laces a fresh look and firmer feel.  ...more>>

Manual, Paper-work and Records Pouch

Finally a nice organizer for your H-D manuals, paper-work and records. ....more>>

Harley Hard Hat

Harley Hard Hat

Not a motorcycle helmet but a personal safety cap for use in your shop or work. Out of production.

Metal Garage Sign

Metal Garage Sign & Wall Artwork 

Lazer-cut and stamped metal design artwork of the eG logo, then black power-coated to last or painted. Display in your garage with your bikes. ...more>>

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