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Enjoy the ride!

Items specific to this platform

Tiny LED Turn Signals

Super small, amazingly bright amber turn signal with smoked lenses.  ...more>>

Road Glide Recurve Lip Windshields

Road Glide Recurve Lip Windshields 

Functional designs that provide the Road Glide owner uncomprimised comfort from the harsh wind and the quietest ride in the industry. ...more>>

Camera Mounts

Mount your WASPcam and GoPro® cameras almost anywhere on your bike!  ...more>>

Top Dash Accent

Top Dash Accent 

Enhance your view by transforming the dull black inner fairing upper dash panel and vent into a whole new landscape for your Road Glide. ...more>>

Sun Visor

Sun Visor 

Custom Hood For Your Harley-Davidson 6.5 Boom!TM Box Infotainment system . Helps cut down on that annoying glare you receive on your Screen while trying to navigate. ...more>>

Trim and Accents

Trim and Accents 

Our sleek and streamlined trim and accent pieces give just enough attention to subtly accentuate the restyled inner fairings these new rides are recognized for. ...more>>

Headlight Trim for Project Rushmore

Headlight Trim 

New for the 2015 Road Glide. Once again first out of the gate with fresh OE quality accessories for your new pride and joy. Complete with left and right trim pieces and easy to use instructions.  ...more>>

Lighted Vent Trim

Lighted Vent Trim 

Lighted Vent Trim features 30 super bright white LEDs in a low-profile chrome or black housing to really draw attention to the front of your Road Glide.  ...more>>

Road Glide Headlight Accent

Road Glide Headlight Vent Accents 

Enhance the headlight assembly on redesigned Road Glide™ fairings with this easy-to-install ABS accent that carries a custom theme to the vent area.  ...more>>

Stock and Custom Windshields

Stock, Contour & Flare  Windshields

Now new updates for the Road Glide.  We offer a line of regular and super-step-contoured replacements to solve the problem for Road Glides & Tour Glides.  ...more>>

Road Glide Windshield Trim

Windshield Trim 

Black and chrome windshield trim for Project Rushmore Road Glides....for side and center.  ...more>>

Road Glide Windshields

Contoured Lip Windshields for 2015 Road Glides 

Expect the same Contoured Lip is known for! Available in 10, 12"" & 14" in Light and Dark Smoke. ...more>>

Windshields for Project Rushmore 2015 Road Glides!

Road Glide Windshields for 2015 Project Rushmore 

Expect the same improved stability that the Flare is known for! Available in 14" & 15" in Clear, Light and Dark Smoke. ...more>>

Run-Turn LED Light Signal Windshield Trim

Road Glide LED Windshield Trim 

Cover that unsightly area where the windshield meets the fairing and add auxiliary L.E.D. Run-Turn lights at the same time! ...more>>

Adjustable Windshield for Road Glide Fairings

Adjustable Windshields 

Adjusts in seconds with no tools. A short sport shield to a tall touring shield in a matter of seconds. ...more>>

Road Glide Fairing Pouch for Project Rushmore

Road Glide Fairing Pouch 

 Two pocket Fairing Pouch is ideal for storing mobile devices, sunglasses and other small items. Contoured for a custom fit on 2015+ Road Glides! ...more>>

Run-Turn LED Light Signal Windshield Trim

Road Glide LED Windshield Trim 

Cover that unsightly area where the windshield meets the fairing and add auxiliary L.E.D. Run-Turn lights at the same time! ...more>>

Aftermarket Fairing Lowers

Protect you legs and feet from the elements!  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these after-market alternative.  Option w/speaker housings.  ...more>>

Fairing with Single Headlight

Take your Road Glide to the next level with this custom replacement outer fairing. The fairing replaces the dual headlight configuration with a single round headlight.  ...more>>

Ajustable Road Glide Fairing Mount

Adjustable Fairing Mount for Road Glides

Dramatically increase your field of vision by lowering your fairing, while achieving a more "custom" look by varying yoru bike's silhouette. ...more>>

Adjustable Road Glide Fairing Mount

Adjustable Road Glide Fairing Mount

New Adjustable Fairing Mount allows you to mount and adjust your Road Glide fairing to suit your needs. ...more>>

Road Glide Headlight Armor

Road Glide Headlight Armor 

Protect your headlight from costly damage. With the cost of a new head light being hundreds of dollars...pretty inexpensive insurance. ...more>>

LED Lighted Bezel

Replace the dull black plastic on both sides of your headlight with bright white LED running lights and amber turn signals set in a very clean housing.  ...more>>

Give your Road Glide a Facelift

Give your Road Glide a facelift with our illuminated bezel with integrated run and turn signals.  Also Faceplates, stealthy Headlight Guards and Grills available.  ...more>>

Road Glide Reflector LED Fog Light Mounts

Reflector LED Fog Light Mounts 

Replaces the OEM turn signal mount, and positions separate Reflector LED Fog Lamps and turn signals close to the fairing. ...more>>

Vent Screens

Road Glide Vent Screens

Honeycomb patterns adds a custom touch to the front of your fairing. Vent screens may even catch or stop larger bugs and other road debris from entering through your fairing vent.  ...more>>

Project Rushmore Headlight Trim

Exclusive! 2015 Road Glide headlight trim in chrome. OE fit and finish for easy installation. Sold in two piece set (left and right) and instructions.  ...more>>

Give your Road Glide a Facelift

These Headlight Bezels will update your Road Glide in seconds! Gives your Road Glide a nasty aggressive look.  ...more>>

Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems 

Designed to dramatically improve headlight performance compared to stock. Installation is a snap, requiring only a few minutes & basic hand tools. ...more>>

Road Glide Tinted Lens

Road Glide Tinted Lens Cover 

Lightly tinted lens cover is a direct replacement for the clear lens cover. Simple 5 minute installation. ...more>>

Road Glide Headlighth Armor

Road Glide Headlight Guard  

These guards protect your headlight from costly damage. ...more>>

2015 Road Glide Fairing Support

 Road Glide Fairing Support 

"Invisible" Fairing Support kit allows for the removal of the outer OE vertical supports that mount to the engine guard. Do it yourself in no time! ...more>>

Hidden Road Glide Fairing Bracket

Hidden Road Glide Fairing Bracket 

This gives you a clean alternative to the existing Harley support. Non obtrusive, clean alternative to the stock bracket. ...more>>

Road Glide Wind Deflectors

Stops up to 90% of wind that comes through area between Lowers and Batwing Fairing. Adjustable.  ...more>>

Road Glide Fairing Wind Deflector

Road Glide Fairing Wind Deflectors 

Adjustable spring-loaded deflectors are easy to operate, locking securely in four positions to direct airflow just how you want it. ...more>>

Road Glide Wind Deflectors

Reduce and redirect the air flow that rises between the fairing and fork tubes. Resulting reduction in updraft dramatically reduces buffeting.  ...more>>

Multi-adjustable Handlebars for Project Rushmore Road Glide

Multi-adjustable Handlebars

New for the 2015 Road Glide...3 axis of adjustablity for superior comfort. ...more>>

Road Glide Plus 2 Handlebars

Duplicated Road Glide stock handlebars with a 2" rise for a more comfortable ride. Works with all stock cables, brake line and wiring. ...more>>

Klip Hanger Handlebars

Klip Hanger Handlebars 

A cool custom appearance, but just as important, they offer all of the comfort you can only expect from a set of truly adjustable handlebars. ...more>>

Covers, Bezel and Trim

Fills those nasty "black holes" and other gaps on your Electra Glide, Road Glide or Road King.  Trim, Switch Covers & Nacelle accents and New "gap" cover for space between heat shields...  ...more>>

Speedo & Tach Accents

Accents take minutes to install and provide an instant upgrade to the gauge housing. Available in chrome-plated or gloss black ABS.  ...more>>

Tach Speedo Bezel, Chrome for Project Rushmore

New for 2015 is this direct replacement for the OE Tach/Speedo bezel. Chrome finish to add some style to your Road Glide.  ...more>>

Instrument Surround

Our new combination Instrument Surround and Switch Cover for all Road Glides. Houses speedometer, tachometer & swith area.  ...more>>

Guage Housing

Helps with the glare from the sun by sinking the gauges. This gauge housing adds a bad ass custom look to your glide.  ...more>>

Bagless Skirts

Bagless Skirts for Baggers
Remove your saddlebags and cover the area with a custom and finished appearance.  No modification required.   Easy on/off.  Why not go's like having two bikes.  ...more>>

High Performance Speakers

High Performance Speakers and Grills

If you want to make the most dramatic change possible to the volume level and clarity of the music from your speakers, then replace those weak stock units with a set of high-performance models!  ...more>>

Speaker Grills

Speaker Grills

Feature a clean outer frame with a satin black aluminum mesh screen that offers a drastic improvement in appearance versus stock plastic. ...more>>

Audio Packages and Kits

Affordable path to in-dash CD/MP3 upgrade audio. Plug-in module lets you tap into the latest audio technology! SONY CD/MP3 AM-FM Radio Packages. XM or Sirius ready adapter kits also available.  ...more>>

Radio Adapter Kits and Accessories

 Universal Radio Adapter Kits & Accessories

The features of a new radio without loosing your handle bar controls. These adapter kit allows you to plug-n-play supported Sony, Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, JVC & Clarion decks directly into your stock wiring harness.  ...more>>

Overside Speakers for Road Glide

Oversize Upgrade Speaker Kit for Dressers

Electra Glide & Road Glide. Increase in speaker size from 6-1/2" to 7-1/4" and increase your bass, mid and high range sound quality.  Includes speaker adapters...bolt on installation!  ...more>>

250W & 500W Amp Kits for Road Glides

This exciting new 4-channel 500w fairing speaker/rear amplifier kit has been design specifically for use in the RoadGlide Ultra (only) with the Harley HK radio.  ...more>>

Dash Tweeter Kits

Tweeter Pod Kits for Electra Glide & Road Glide

Also Gauge Tweeter kits! Unlike bass, high frequency has a very hard time playing around objects in front of it like... handle bars, master cylinders, GPS units, etc. Re-experience your music for the first time.  ...more>>

Sealed Glove Box Doors for Road Glide
Sealed Glove Box Doors for Road Glides

Add security, water tightness and convenience to your glove boxes! Like other premium touring bikes, these Lockable and Non-Lockable Doors allow you to lock valuable items up front. ...more >>

Glove Box Lock Kit for 2015 Road Glide

2015+ Upper Fairing Glove Box Door Lock Kit

Now for the 2015 Project Rushmore Road Glide. Add security to your upper fairing glove boxes! Like other premium touring bikes, upgrade to be able to lock up valuables in your glove boxes up top. ...more >>

Road Glide Glove Box Door Detent Kit

2015 Road Glide Upper Glove Box Holder Kit

These detents add the needed support to hold the factory glovebox doors open continuously when fully opened. ...more >>

Road Glide Glove Box Door Lock Kit
Road Glide Upper Fairing Glove Box Door Lock Kit

Add security to your Road Glide's upper fairing glove boxes! Like other premium touring bikes, upgrade your Road Glide to be able to lock up valuables in your glove boxes up top. ...more >>

Glove Box Liner
Project Rushmore Road Glide Glove Box Door Liner Kit

Practical compartment liners with felt finish, are custom fit for the Road Glide model. Installs easily. ...more >>

Glove Box Liner
Road Glide Upper Fairing Glove Box Door Liner Kit

Practical compartment liners, constructed of foam-backed material, are custom fit for the Road Glide model. Installs easily. ...more >>

Read End Lighting Conversion Kit

Rear End Lighting Conversion Kit 

Change the look of your Street Glide or Road Glide with L.E.D. Lighting. Everything you need in one package. ...more>>

Running Lights for Electra Glides and Road Glides

 Running and Driving Lights for Touring models

Halogen caliper mount, fork, turn signal and engine mount running lights will provide you with a lighting edge at night, increasing your visibility and looking great while doing it.  ...more>>

Switch Accent for MY '99 to current Road Glide

Switch Housing Trim

Polished stainless switch housing for MY '99 to current Road Glide.  ...more>>

Fairing Bra's for Road Glide

Protection from the elements or riders w/custom look for your Road Glide.  ...more>>

Road Glide Fairing Bumper

Fairing Bumper for Road Glide 

Never again have to deal with scuffed or chipped paint from the dangers of hauling. ...more>>

Brake Fender Light

Road Glide Brake Fender Light 

This new LED Tail/Brake Fender Light for Street Glides and Road Glides (U.S. models only) is a complete plug and play unit including lens, housing, LEDs, harness, connector. ...more>>

Premium Cover for Road Glide

Road Glide Cover 

All new cover for Fixed Fairing Baggers. This cover was designed specifically for the Harley-Davidson Road Glide. ...more>>

Fitted Modular Covers

Fitted Modular Covers

These fitted covers are modular in nature so you can cover essential elements of your motorcycle. ...more>>

Touring Style Backrest Pad

Add comfort and security for your passenger with this touring style backrest pad. Fits H-D Sissy Bars for Touring models. Updated styling and security.  ...more>>

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