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Upgrade your Tour-Pak,
make it EASY to open and close!

  • Lid opens to optimal position, no flop-over
  • Compliments or replaces stock tether
  • Open/close the lid with one hand, easier
  • Adds stability, narrower parking profile
  • Aids in securing the tour-pak liner
  • Rattle proof design, stainless steel hardware
  • Easy to install and includes all hardware
  • Fits King, Chopped & Razor Tour-Paks
  • Fits 2014+ Tour-paks with stock tether
  • Fits new 2017+ M-8 Tour-pak with stock tether
  • Fits Roadmaster, Challenger, Pursuit, V85TT
  • Also fits our After-market Touring Trunk

Part Number
plus S&H
Ultra Brace for Harley-Davidson Tour-pak

Model Year

Ultra Brace for Indian Roadmaster, Challenger or Pursuit Trunk

Ultra Brace for Victory Cross Country Trunk

Ultra Brace for Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager Trunk

Ultra Brace for Moto-Guzzi V85TT Top-Box


Black painted Back-Plates &  Screw Heads Upgrade


Adjustable Compression Fastener

Cap Nut Hardware Upgrade

Tour-pak Plug Kit

Tour-pak Lid Grip
$39.99 - $79.99

Model Year & Finish

"Ergonomics: An applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely."

The Ultra Brace™ for tour-paks provides a functional upgrade to your touring bike allowing the lid to open to the optimal position. Compliments or replaces the stock cable or tether that goes between the tour-pak lid and body. It allows the lid to open fully but not flop over. Once you've installed an Ultra Brace, you'll never want to go back to the cable or rely on the tether; the tour-pak is that much easier to open and close. An open tour-pak with an Ultra Brace has a narrower profile to allow easier parking in your garage.  

The Ultra Brace™ is easy to install and includes all hardware and instructions. After installation, the passenger backrest covers all exterior bracket back-plates. It fits all '79 to current tour-paks, including detachable, chopped and razor tour-paks. It works especially well on tour-paks outfitted with a luggage rack or with our lid or wall-organizer and fits tour-paks with the H-D remote CD changer or automatic light accessory. 

Operation: The Ultra Brace™ allows the tour-pak to be opened/closed easily with one hand to an optimal position...right where you want it. With the tour-pak open the Ultra Brace can then be left in the unlocked position for quick access to your gear. If needed the Ultra Brace can also be put into a locked position for extra support of a full luggage rack or lid organizer. Closing the tour-pak lid is also an easy one hand motion from the unlocked position. From the locked position, simply unlock first then close the lid. Never again will you have to allow the lid to flop over or will the cable get caught outside the tour-pak. 

TB-3: Ultra Brace for the Harley-Davidson tour-pak. Silver zinc plated to match the inside of the tour-pak with stainless steel & zinc hardware (black external hardware and backplate available by request). The new TB-3 improves the bracket angle for optimal installation ease and tour-pak lid open/close operation.

TB-3I: Ultra Brace for the Indian Roadmaster, Challenger or Pursuit trunk.

TB-3V: Ultra Brace for the Victory Cross Country trunk.

TB-3K: Ultra Brace for the Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager trunk.

TB-4G: Smaller light weight Ultra Brace for Moto Guzzi V85TT Top-Box. 

TB-BP: Custom black paint applied to the outside of the two Back-plates and screw heads for a dark appearance for some custom applications. To be purchased with an Ultra Brace. Custom order.

TB-AJ: Allows you to change the TB-3 brace-arm assembly fastener compression so that you can adjust & fine tune the tightness up or down from the factory setting. Special low profile stainless/nylon hardware and hex arm included.

TB-CN: Finish off the inside of your tour-pak by completing your installation with this Cap Nut hardware upgrade.



My Brace (TB-3 Ultra Brace for tour-paks) arrived much earlier than expected, c'mon. That was a good surprise! Y'all can imagine my elation when the Brace installation was just as quick & easy as the videos showed. The included instructions were quite detailed. Although a bit spendy, when y'all consider what a replacement tour pak body, lid & hinges would cost, the price for the Brace becomes a good value! I can already see that the installed Brace takes the pressure/tension off the hinges on my 2011 Ultra Limited. Can't wait to show it to my fellow riders. Quality product, y'all. YEEHAW GIT-ER-DONE! ... It's truly unique to find a company these days that produces a product that is EXACTLY WHAT they say it is & then back it up with video sources to make it simple to utilize/install. Respectfully submitted. Lee G., April 2019

The brace works great. This is the 2nd bike I have used one on and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks. Greg K., March 2018  

"Just installed the TB-3 Ultra Brace and can't for the life of me understand why I didn't get one years ago! Easy to install, took 30-45 minutes or so. Thanks again! I have attached two pics." Philip R., April '16 

" Never really liked the cable idea. Got one of these and trust it 1000% more than the old cable." William Q., facebook, May '15

"All righty then. I just ordered the CS-WC9 for my bike. By the way, I just installed the Ultra Brace on my 2014 CVO Limited and it works great. I had installed your Ultra Brace on my 2004 Ultra after the lid flopped over and cost me better than a grand for a new tour pack. Your Ultra Brace was the first accessory I ordered for my Limited.  I cannot believe you pay 40K for a bike and it has that chinsey tether! Thanks for the added peace of mind!" Sincerely, Frank V., January '14 

"By the way, I put this (TB-3 Ultra Brace for tour-paks) on my 2005 Ultra and it was on the bike when I traded it in, 85,000 miles later.  It was the first thing I ordered for my new bike (2014 Project Rushmore Electra Glide).  I have short arms and the stock system puts the lid out of reach, this is sturdy and makes opening and closing the lid much easier." Terry D., January '14 

"This is a great add on." Joe. G. on Facebook, October '13 

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how GREAT your Ultra Brace Kit (TB-3) is and how glad I am to have one on my new bike!!!

I had read good reviews on message boards before, but never had the desire to throw that many bucks at my old tour pak. I recently purchased a new Anniversary model Road King, and outfitted it with a brand new tour pak with all the bells and whistles I could put on it, and felt that it was as good a time as any to spring for the Ultra Brace Kit. I am totally impressed with the rock solid feel of the lid and am glad to rid myself of that annoying and very intimidating cable!!!

Thank you for a fantastic product! It’s worth every penny!!" Mike C., January '13

"Awesome! Just got it installed. Thanks for such a great product. When I got my new CVO Ultra I thought that retractable tether looked awfully weak. After a friend's tether broke I decided to get your Ultra Brace. So glad I did."  Jerry R., August '12 

"It works well and is a great addition to my Tourpak. Thanks." Troy B., June '12

"Hey guys, a truly great addition to my Anniversary Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Thanks eGlideGoodies for such a great idea. Our next long distance tour will be teather free without any fear of the lid falling over due  to a broken cable. Your website made it easy for us up here in the great white north of eastern Ontario to order on-line without a problem. Thanks again." Gary C., June '09

"eGlideGoodies, A while back I had ordered the TB-2 Ultra Brace for my 2001 Classic’s King Tour Pack. I just wanted to drop you a line to say “Thanks for the great service and a truly awesome product”. The brace made a world of difference in the functionality of the tour pack lid. No more “flop over” or “slamming” when it is opened and closed, and can be done easily with one hand. As the saying goes “This is the best thing since sliced bread”. The brace was very easily installed...  All-in-all I would still give this product “2 thumbs up”. Greg W. August '09

"If you're still running a Tour-Pak with a cable, dump the cable and get this brace. The installation instructions are clear and simple. The brace will make the lid much more stable. I've also found the brace helps to reduce the 'wiggle' that the cable permitted in the lid hinges. It's a good upgrade at a fair price." 5-Stars, J&P Cycles Customer



TP-PK: If you're not riding with a passenger, removing the ~5 lbs passenger backrest pad will improve the ergonomics of opening/closing your tour-pak lid. The Tour-pak Plug Kit installs in the backrest mounting holes making the lid substantially lighter and giving the bike a more utilitarian appearance. When you're in and out of your tour-pak often, you'll immediately notice the improvement. Compliments the TB-3 Ultra Brace. Fits model year 2014+ tour-paks. Note: If you've removed your AM/FM or CB antenna, the TP-PK also plug the holes, finishing off the rear of the tour-pak. Note: This kit can also be utilized to plug holes if you decide to temporarily remove your tour-pak luggage rack.

Plugs Passenger Backrest Holes
TP-PK Tour-pak Plug Kit

See our Slim-Ergo Backrest Pad for even more ergonomic improvements when opening/closing your tour-pak. At only 6 ounces, reduces the weight of your tour-pak lid when you know you'll not be carrying a passenger.

Lightens the load on tour-pak lid!
TPBP-01 Tour-pak Slim-Ergo Pad

LG-6: The compact and stylish Tour-Pak Lid Grip companion piece provides a convenient lifting point to grasp when opening the lid. Protect paint and prevent wear and tear with this sleek and unobtrusive finger-hold that attaches to the Tour-Pak lid and latch mechanism on '14-later Tour-Paks, and the locking mechanism bolt inside '06-'13 Tour-Pak lids. One lift is all it takes to feel the difference. Chrome and gloss black.

Easy installation!
LG-6 Tour-pak Lid Grip in Chrome for MY '14+

Easy installation!
LG-6 Tour-pak Lid Grip in Chrome MY '06 - '13

Easy installation!
LG-6 Tour-pak Lid Grip in Chrome for MY '14+

Easy installation!
LG-6 Tour-pak Lid Grip in Gloss Black for MY '14+

Easy installation
LG-6 Tour-pak Lid Grip in Chrome MY '06 - '13

Easy installation
LG-6 Tour-pak Lid Grip in Gloss Black MY '06 - '13

Ultra Brace Package:

Ultra Brace
TB-3 Ultra Brace Clamshell


Ultra Brace in Operation

 Ergonomic Benefits:

Ergonomic improvement to your tour-pak!
TB-3 Ultra Brace for Tour-paks with OEM Tether

Installation 2014 to current:

Best Customer Installation:


Extremely easy to install!
Installed on H-D 2014+ Tour-pak outside liner

Easy installation!
Ultra Brace on new model year 2014+ Tour-pak

Ultra Brace with Luggage Rack and Lid Organizer
Ultra Brace on Ultra Classic w/Luggage Rack and Lid Organizer

Ultra Brace Installed
TB-2 on Electra Glide Ultra Tour-Pak

Easy installation!
TB-3I Ultra Brace for Indian Trunk

Easy Installation!
TB-3V Ultra Brace for Victory Cross Country Trunk

Easy to install!
TB-3K Ultra Brace for Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager

Easy installation!
TB-4G Ultra Brace for Moto Guzzi V85TT Top-Box

Easy installation!
TB-4G Located on Right Side of Top-Box

Custom Paint for Tour-pak Outside
TB-BP Black Painted Back-plates & Screw Heads

Adjustable Compression Fastener
TB-AJ Adjustability Upgrade

Improved appearance inside tour-pak!
TB-3 Bracket Shown w/TB-CN Cap Nut Upgrade

Installation earlier models:

Functionality & Reliability:

Ride Like a Pro, Inc. - Motorman Review:

Installation (pdf)

TB-3 Installation

American Bagger Review (pdf)

by American Bagger Magazine
Technical Installation Review

Press Release in Rider Magazine

Ultra Brace in Rider
Press Release in Rider Magaine

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