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Parade Flag Holders and Mounts! 


  • Parade flag holder
  • Hardware installation kits
  • One or more flags
  • Flag pole accessories

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number

Parade flag holder

(requires one of hardware kits below)



Parade flag holder, black

(requires one of hardware kits below)



Hardware kit for QDLC, MY '14 to current


Hardware kit for MY '09 to '13

Hardware kit for MY '90 to '08

Hardware kit for trailer hitch

Part Number
Add-on flag holder socket

Collapsing, telecoping flag pole

Three piece flag pole

Replacement Ball Topper for FH-FP3

FH-PF1: Display up to three full size flags easily, prominently, safely and with a very custom show look. Install our THR style trailer hitch or model specific receiver bracket(s) sold separately, to your trailer hitch or saddlebag rails. The flag holder bar with flag socket (one included with FH-PF1parade flag holder) can then be installed or removed from the bracket(s) in seconds by removing two safety pins. The trailer hitch mounted bracket will not interfere with your trailers coupler and does not need to be removed when towing. One or two more additional flag sockets can be added can be added (FH- PF92, sold separately) to accommodate up to three flags. The socket(s) accommodate up to 1 1/4” poles, and are machined at a 15 degree angle to their bases. They can be rotated to display your flags, as desired. The holder is machined from aircraft quality aluminum, and the socket from steel, then both are polished to a flawless finish and triple chrome-plated. NOTE: One of the following model specific mounting and hardware sets listed below must be ordered separately to make a complete flag holder assembly. FH-HWK10 - for any motorcycle with an existing THR style trailer hitch. FH-HW15 - For all (2008 and earlier) Harley-Davidson FL & FLH models, FH-HWK20 - For all (2009 & newer) Harley-Davidson FL & FLH models. NOTE: The use of the following items, Part# GL18010, Part# GL18008, Part# QDLC-1/9 , and Part# HF-PF1 on any un-sprung trailer hitch will void the OEM warranty. These products were not designed to handle the excessive vibration and impacts from un-sprung trailer hitches, and the products may be damaged when used on those applications.

FH-HWK20: Kit contains the chromed receiver brackets & hardware required for mounting Parade Flag Holder (or our QDLC Cooler Rack) on 2009 to 2013 later Harley® FLH or FLT models.

FH-HWK24: Similar to above for model years 2014 and later.

FH-HWK15: Kit contains the chromed receiver brackets and all hardware required for mounting the Parade Flag Holder (or our QDLC Cooler Rack) on Harley-Davidson® FLH or FLT models. Kit attaches directly to the your motorcycle’s frame, and includes complete photo-detailed instructions for easy installation. Fits 1990 to 2008.

FH-HWK10: Chrome receiver bracket bolts onto any trailer hitch and remains in place. The rack or flag holder can be attached or be removed in seconds using the locking pins. This additional bracket (racks come with one) can be used to mount on the front of your trailer or another bike so you can use your rack everywhere.   


FH-92: Order additional flag holder sockets to display two or three flags on holder PF1000. Sold individually.

FH-PFP: This collapsible telescoping flag pole goes from 18”(small enough to fit in most saddlebags) to 6 ½ feet in seconds with positive twist locks inside each section. The bottom section is 1 1/4” in diameter and slides snugly into all of our parade flag holders. Made from lightweight and strong aircraft aluminum tubing. It has a durable silver anodized finish, quick release flag mounting clips and is topped off with an attractive gold-tone finial. NOTE: Meant for parade use only and is recommended for use at a maximum speed of 25 mph. (Due to the adverse handling that a flag can cause at higher speeds as well as the load limit of the flag pole.)

FH-PF3: 3 Piece Heavy Duty Screw Together Motorcycle Parade Flag Pole Goes together in seconds. Comes with heavy wire spring clips, for quick flag changes and security in high winds. Machined from stainless steel tubing & polished to a flawless finish. Complete with custom sewn storage bag and gold tone finial. Fits inside a Harley saddle bag or tour-pak. Sections are 24”, and assembles to 72”. NOTE: While it will withstand a 100lb. load, it is recommended for use at a maximum speed of 25 miles an hour. (Due to the adverse handling that a flag can cause at higher speeds.)

See regular Flag Mounts


Add another flag!
FH-92 Add-on Flag Holder Socket

18 inches to 6 1/2 feet
FH-PFP Telecoping Flag Pole

24 inches to 72 inches
FH-PF3 Three Piece Flag Pole


Two Flag Accessories Option
Parage Flag Holder shown with Two Flags

Displays up to 3 flags!
FH-PF1 Parade Flag Holder

MY '09 to current
FH-HWK20 Hardware Kit

For MY '90 to '08
FH-HKW15 Hardware Kit

Bolt to any trailer hitch!
FH-HWK10 Trailer Hitch Hardware Kit

Select your model year hardware kit!
Parade Flag Holder with Hardware Kit

Two Flag Accessory & Telescoping Accessory
Parade Flag Holder with Two Flags

See our Parade Flag Holder Accessories
Parade Flag Holder, One Flag

Shown with accessories
Parade Flag Holder, Side View

Fits most all trailer hitches!
Example Trailer Hitch Mount Shown

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