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Items specific to this platform

Windshield Trim for MY 2014 to current

Windshield Trim 

Fit the new Project Rushmore model year 2014 Electra Glides, Street Glides and Tri-Glides. ...more>>

Reverse Gear for Trikes

Reverse Gear for Trikes 

No more having your girlfriend of wife push you back out of a parking space.  Now available, reverse gear for trikes. Easy operation! ...more>>

LED Fender Blades for Trike

LED Fender Blades

One of thecleanest ways to add a splash of light to the back of your Trike. The low profile light housing sits right below the fender. ...more>>

Rear LED Light Kit

Rear LED Light Kit for Trikes 

Want to upgrade the taillights on your Trike to L.E.D.? We put everything you need in one package. ...more>>

Road Sofa for Trike

Road Sofa for Trike

We are excited to expand our line of the popular Road Sofa touring seat to the Trike models. Designed for ultimate comfort on long rides and is now available for the FLHTCUTG & FLHXXX Trike models. ...more>>

Trike Rear Light Bars

Trike Rear Light Bars 

Sculptured housings with run, turn and brake lighting.  Plug 'n play wiring. Easy to install. ...more>>

Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps

Reduce road spray from the rear tires & add some style to your trike with these great looking mud flaps. ...more>>

Fender Flairs

Fender Flairs 

Two-piece fender flares add three dimensional depth to an otherwise bland wheel opening on stock H-D Trikes. ...more>>

Side Body Accents

Side Body Accents 

Add a little chrome to the side of your trike and dress up the trunk area! ...more>>

Trike Fender Bra

Trike Fender Bra 

Protect your rear fenders. Made in USA. Color - black. ...more>>

Curved Fender Racks

Curved Fender Racks

Beautiful chrome fender rack designed specifically for the Trike. Curved styling. ...more>>

Leading Edge Fender Accents

Leading Edge Fender Accents 

Add some chrome & protect the edge of your Trike’s fenders.  ...more>>

Fender Bra Set

Fender Bra Sets

Bra set feature a SaddleHyde top with a soft under liner that prevents road debris and your passenger′s boots from damaging the fender paint. ...more>>

Top Fender Accents

Top Fender Accents

Add some character to the top side of your trikes rear fenders with these unique & noticeable accents. ...more>>

Adjustable Freedom Wings

Adjustable and Stock Air Deflectors

Easy replacement and/or upgrade for Air Deflectors found on Ultra Classics.  Large surface directs air flow....stock and adjustable.  ...more>>

Trike Wings

Provide protection to your rear fenders from bugs, rocks, and other road debris. The Trike Wings also help deflect rain and water from the riders ankles and feet.  ...more>>

Full Cover for Tri-Glide, Trike

 Full Cover for Trike 

Now a full cover for the H-D Tri-Glide. Available in three color combinations. Protection from the elements! Special XL Covers and one for the Can AM Spyder as well. ...more>>

Sun Buster for the TriGlide

Stretchable Motorcycle Cover

Custom Made in the USA to perfectly fit your exact Harley Davidson TriGlide. They are also designed for towing on an open trailer while still being compact and portable for daily use and traveling. ...more>>

Motorcycle Shades for Trikes

Trike Shade Covers

Custom Made in the USA to fit your exact Harley Davidson TriGlide. Keep your Trike out of the sun! ...more>>

No Contact Motorcycle Covers for Trike

No Contact Trike Cover 

Now available for the Tike contact motorcycle covers. ...more>>

Backrest Pad on Freewheeler Trike

Add comfort and security for your passenger with this touring style backrest pad. Fits H-D Sissy Bars for Freewheeler Trikes.  ...more>>

Armrest for Project Rushmore

Passenger Armrests for Project Rushmore 

Now for the 2014 Touring and Tikes. Adjustable and solid billet aluminum, hand-polished and triple chrome-plated! ...more>>

Passenger Armrests for Tri-Glide

Trike Armrests

Travel in comfort and style with these passenger armrests.  Swing away design with built in cup holder.  Now available for regular AND detachable tour-paks.  Also passenger hand rails.  ...more>>

Relocator Kit for 2014 Tour-paks

2014 Trike Tour-pak Relocator Kit

Travel in comfort and style with our Passenger Armrests designed specifically for Tri-Glide. Passengers can enjoy added comfort on those long rides. ...more>>

TriGlide Tour-pak Relocator Kit

Trike Tour-pak Relocator Kit

Travel in comfort and style with our Passenger Armrests designed specifically for Tri-Glide. Passengers can enjoy added comfort on those long rides. ...more>>

Trike Saddlebags

Trike Saddlebags

Add additional storage at your fingertips.  Contoured to fit under passenger's legs.  Fits Trike models. ...more>>

Sealed Glove Box Doors

Several options. Add security, water tightness and convenience to your glove boxes! Three styles, flush-mount hinged-side, hinged-bottom & removable. ...more >>

Trike Trunk Door Organizer

This ingenious organizer helps keep smaller items conveniently located on your trunk door for easy access. ...more >>

Ultra Brace for Tour-paks

Ultra Brace for Trike Tour-Paks

Ergonomics: applied science concerned with designing things people use so that the people & things interact efficiently. The TB-3 makes opening a tour-pak easier. No more flop-over! ...more >> 

Tire Pressure Monitor System for Trikes

Tire Pressue Monitor System for Trikes

Completely wirelss with unique valve cap sensors for real time monitoring of tire pressue & temperature. ...more>>

Audio Packages and Kits

Affordable path to in-dash CD/MP3 upgrade audio. Plug-in module lets you tap into the latest audio technology! SONY CD/MP3 AM-FM Radio Packages. XM or Sirius ready adapter kits also available.  ...more>>

True Dual Exhaust

True Dual Exhaust 

Crusher Duals with Power Cell integrate a unique crossover for increased horsepower and torque. Adapter kit for Tikes. ...more>>

Passenger Floorboard Comfort Kit

Passenger Floorboard Comfort Kit 

Your passenger can choose multiple positions, allowing them to personalize the floorboard to suit their comfort needs. ...more>>

Tour-pak & Saddlebag Light Kits

Tour-pak Light Kit for Trikes 

Don't be left in the dark! Interior light kits for tour-pak, glove boxes and to illuminate saddlebags.  Bulb or LED white light. ...more >>

Trailer Hitch for Trikes

Trailer Hitch for Trikes

When you need to take more, for the long haul tour. Receiver hitch designs. ...more >>

Brake Pulsating Controller on Trike

Pulsating Brake Controller 

Take control of your brake light! Touch brake...pulsates then remains brightly lit. Also other control modules. ...more>>

TriGlide Bumper

TriGlide Bumper & Pedal Cover

Triple chrome plated steel bolt-on bumper is the perfect replacement for the OEM bumper, and more. ...more>>

Trike Bumper Accents

TriGlide Bumper Accents

Dress up your H-D Trike bumper brackets with these awesome Chrome Accents! ...more>>

TriGlide Bumper Tail Light Set

TriGlide Bumper Tail Light Set

LED technology provides a powerful range of viewing brightness, providing you with the greatest protection. ...more>>

Trike Trunk Liner Bag Set

 Trike Trunk Liner Bag Set 

Rugged contoured set of packing bags that fit neatly into your Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Trike trunk. ...more>>

Parking Brake Pedal Cover

Parking Brake Pedal Cover

Chrome billet aluminum parking brake pedal cover features a knurled top surface for superior boot grip and easy attachment with one screw. ...more>>

Exhaust Accents

Trike Exhaust Trim 

Chrome-plated accent piece trims the exhaust openings in the trunk fascia, and adds a touch of brightwork to the rear of the bike. ...more>>

License Plate Frames

Offers full coverage of the license plate with a clean design styled to complement Tri Glide trunks.  ...more >>

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