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Items specific to this platform

Frame Mounted Fairing for Dyna & Switchback

Frame-Mounted Fairing for Switchback & Dyna 

Unique ABS frame-mounted fairing. Road Glide styling for the Switchback & Dyna platforms. Includes installation kit. ...more>>

Batwing Fairing for Switchback

Batwing Fairing for Switchback 

Premium fairings for the Dyna Switchback. Ride in comfort! Also available with quad speaker audio. ...more>>

FLD Switchback Replacement Windshields

Upgrade your Switchback windshield by changing the height or finish with these premium replacement shields. Extra width!  ...more>>

Chrome and Gloss Black Headlight Trim Rings

Headlight Trim Rings

Add incredible style with these easy-to-install grooved trim rings. Available in Chrome or Gloss Black or Halo style.  ...more>>

Aftermarket Fairing Lowers with and withtout Speaker Housings

Protect you legs and feet from the elements!  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these after-market alternative. Option w/speaker housings.  ...more>>

Soft Lowers

Attaches to engine guard for the OEM engine guard of Dyna Switchback. Available in plain or with pockets w/snap closure ...more>>

Soft Deflectors for Engine Guards

Attaches to engine guard. "Ultra Swivel" design offers literally unlimited rotational ability to provide leg and feet protection....more>>

Saddle Shield for Dyna models

These polycarbonate shields position to help to re-direct heat away from your for the Dyna models.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Chap Cover w/Storage Bags

Protect saddlebag lids; soft backside is gentle on paint, and the durable, weather-resistant exterior protects against road debris, boot scuffs and other dangers.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Chap Covers

Protect saddlebag lids; soft backside is gentle on paint, and the durable, weather-resistant exterior protects against road debris, boot scuffs and other dangers.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Organizer

Organize your trip packing & maximize cargo space using the various closed & mesh see-through storage pockets.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Liner Larger for Dyna Switchback

One full-size liner bag matched perfectly to the shape of FLD-style hard saddlebag.  ...more>>

Frame Mounted Highway Mounts & Pegs

Frame Mounted Highway Mounts & Pegs

Arms mount directly to the front frame down tubes. The mounts allow for an 8” range of motion. Easy to adjust to your riding style and provide maximum comfort. ...more>>

Adjustable Mustache Bar

Mustache Bars

Due to its cleverly designed clamp system, this mustache bar can be moved up or down the downtubes & the bar can be rotated to provide multiple fore & aft adjustments. ...more>>

Engine Guard Protectors

Engine Guard Protectors 

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>

Crusher Dual Exhaust for Dyna, Switchback

Crusher Power Cell Staggered Duals have a crossed flow cell that makes this pipe perform like a 2 into 1.  ...more>>

Peg Extensions for Dyna Switchback

Need more room? Our ISO-Peg Extensions are made of machined steel and chrome-plated.  ...more>>

Quicker Shift Action, Full use of Floor-board

Improve the shift action and control with this innovative Heel/Toe Shifter on H-D Touring and Switchback models.  ...more>>

Backrest for Switchback

Backrest Package for Switchback 

Passenger backrest package includes sissy bar, backrest pad, side plates and detachable docking hardware. ...more>>

Switchback Style Touring Backrest Pad

Add comfort and security for your passenger with this touring style backrest pad. Fits H-D Sissy Bars for Dyna models.  ...more>>

Backrest for Switchback

Backrest for Switchback 

Here's the easy solution for the rider who carries a passenger but doesn't like the look of conventional side plates. The Plug-N-Play bolts to the rear fender underneath the passenger seat. ...more>>

Fold Down Luggage Rack

Fold Down Luggage Rack for Switchback 

When you need to strap on a travel bag, just pull down the Folding Luggage Rack. When you don't, the rack hinges back up against the backrest, conveniently out of the way. ...more>>

Dyna Switchback Tour-pak Rack

Tour-pak Rack for Dynas, Switchback 

Take more with you for the long haul when you can now attach a touring trunk to your Dyna. Easy installation. ...more>>

Adjustable Dyna Switchback Tour-pak Rack

Adjustable Tour-pak Rack for Dyna Switchback 

Now for all Dyna platforms....adjustability to fit all side plate dimensions. Take more with you for the long haul when you can now attach a touring trunk to your Dyna. Easy installation. ...more>>

Tour-pak Rack for Sport Glide

Tour-pak Rack for Sport Glide 

Switch from a comfortable passenger backrest to load-hauling Tour-Pak® luggage in seconds. ...more>>

Touring Seats for Dyna

Touring Seats 

Wide touring seats with or without rider adjustable & removable backrest. Ride in comfort! ...more>>

Driving Lights for Switchback

Driving Lights 

LED 2 3/8’’ Driving Light Kit is available in a universal cruiser fitment to fit the H-D Switchback and Dyna bikes. ...more>>

Deep Dish Lever with Adjustable Clutch

Levers with Adjustable Clutch

Make it more comfortable to pull in the clutch side on the Switchback. ...more>>

Brake Light Flasher

See our BLF-CAN Brake Light Flasher for the Switchback model. Bee seen!  ...more>>

Kickstand Lift Block

Lesson the angle while your Dyna is on the kickstand. Lighted up the effort to lift the bike off the kickstand. ...more>>

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