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Items specific to this platform


Flare Style Windshields for Indian

Windshields for Indian

Innovative design features “hips” at the outer edge of the shield that re-route the air to add downforce and aid stability.  ...more>>

Curved Lip Windshields for Indian

Windshields for Indian

Cuved Lip...a unique design with a wind combination that deflects the wind blast from your face and chest area and makes your ride more comfortable and less tiring.  ...more>>

Products for the Indian Platform

Trim, accents and covers to compliment the styling of your Indian.  ...more>>

Headlight Bezel

Transforms Indian Roadmaster or Chieftain outer fairings with its sharp lines, smooth contours and sculpted headlamp visor for a true custom appearance.  ...more>>

Dash Twin Pouch Kit for Indian

Available in Desert Tan or Black. Pouch mounts securely with hook andloop to the top of the fairing dash.  ...more>>

Tank Pouch for Indian

The generous storage pouches accommodates most cell phones behind a clear pocket that allows you to swipe easily.  ...more>>

Windshield Trim

Class up the top edge of your fairing with this easy to install Windshield Trim designed specifically for the Indian Chieftain.  ...more>>

Ultra Brace for Roadmaster Trunk

Ultra Brace for Roadmaster Trunk

Ergonomics: applied science concerned with designing things people use so that the people & things interact efficiently. The TB-3I makes opening the trunk easier. No more flop-over! ...more >> 

Trunk Luggage Rack

Luggage Rack or Roadmaster Trunk

Available in Chrome or Black Satin Finish. This generous 20'' x 12½'' luggage rack easily accommodates the largest luggage bags. ...more>>

Trunk Relocator Kit

Free up space for you and your passenger by relocating the trunk 1", 2" or 3" back from the factory location. ...more>>

Quick Release Trunk Rack

Mounts directly onto trunk to allow for trunk installation on bike.   ...more>>

Quick Release Leather Trunk Rack

Mounts directly onto leather trunk to allow for trunk installation on bike.   ...more>>

Tour-pak Rack for Indian

Allows you to mount tour-pak to your Indian with style. Precision machine cut for perfect symmetrical lines.  ...more >> 

Flat Luggage Rack for Indian

The rack sits low to the fender for a streamlined look that compliments the curve of the fender.  ...more >> 

Saddle Shield for Indian

Saddle Shield for Indian 

Beat the heat with tried-and-true Saddle Shields, now available for Indian Chief, Chieftain and Roadmaster models. ...more>>

Ajustable Rider Backrest for Indian

Rider Backrests for Indian 

Plug-N-Go Driver Backrest for Indian models offers enhanced comfort for long hauls and custom styling at a price that can't be beat. Black or Tan. ...more>>

Passenger Armrests for Indian

Passenger Armrests for Indian

Provides your passenger with even more comfort for your Indian motorcycle that has a backrest. ...more>>

Saddlebag Top Trim

Accentuate the classic curves found on Indian hard saddlebags with this four-piece Saddlebag Top Trim accent.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Lid Bras for Indian

Saddlebag Lid Bras to the Indian with this custom tailored saddlebag lid protector. Made in USA.   ...more>>

Indian Trunk Lid Organizer

Keep the smaller items organized and easily accessible & mounts securely to Indian trunk lids and contains a variety of pockets for storage.   ...more>>

Top Dash Accent

Top Dash Accent

Carry the classic styling found on outer Indian fairings into the cockpit with this easy-to-install Top Dash Accent. ...more>>

Fairing Turn Signal Trim

Continuing the design-line from the OEM Chrome panel to your turn signals on the front of the Chieftain.  ...more>>

Speaker Grills

These easy to install speaker grills will set your bike apart from the pack by adding just the right amount of chrome.  ...more>>

Speaker Grills

These easy to install speaker grills will set your bike apart from the pack by adding just the right amount of chrome.  ...more>>

Phase 7 Headlight for Indian

Increase your visibility and enhance your night time riding experience with this DOT approved replacement for your halogen light.  ...more>>

Running Light Upgrade

Enjoy long life, lower operating temperatures, reduced draw, & color/brightness w/5035 upgrades.  ...more>>

Driving Light Bezels

Add a bit of chrome in an often over looked place with these Driving Light Bezels for Indian.  ...more>>

Soft Lowers for Indian Platform

Provide maximum protection against wind and water providing you with miles & miles of warm dry feet. Stud, embroidery & tan options.  ...more>>

Indian Soft Lowers

These soft lowers provide wind and mud protection for the legs and boots of riders for Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage & Chieftain 2014.  ...more>>

Engine Guard Protectors

Engine Guard Protectors 

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>

Heel Shift Lever for Indian

Convenience of a heel shift option without minimizing all-important floorboard space...for Indians! ...more>>

Heel Guard for Indian

No more burned boot heels or scuff marks on your heat shield!  ...and added leg comfort! ...more>>

Chrome Tappet Block Accents

Finish off the OEM chrome with this simple to install Tappet Block Accent.  ...more>>

Chrome Tappet Block Accent

Finish off the OEM chrome with this simple to install Tappet Block Accent.  ...more>>

Oil Panel Accent

Oil Panel Accent 

Chrome cover that surrounds the oil filler cap and coverts the wrinkle black base of the motor to gleaming chrome. Made from quality die-cast aluminum. ...more>>

Oil Cooler Cover

Designed to mount directly over the oil cooler on your Indian.  ...more>>

Tailight Top Trim

Some parts just design themselves! Where Indian left off, this product picks up.  ...more>>

Toe Rest Cruise Pegs

These minimalist toe rest mounts attach directly to the Indian engine guard to allow positioning of the operator's heel on the floorboard.  ...more>>

Backrest Organizers

Backrest Organizers 

Fits various rider and passenger backrests. Add extra storage. Convenient organization of your items at your finger tips. ...more>>

Tour-pak Luggage Liner

Tour-pak Luggage Liner 

Over 2 cubic feet of storage, this 23’’ x 16’’ x 9½’’ Trunk Liner Bag allows you to fill your trunk easily. ...more>>

Teardrop Mirrors

Small, streamlined aluminum stems and heads on our Teardrop Mirrors provide a sleek custom appearance while keeping functionality intact thanks to the convex glass that improves rear visibility..  ...more>>

Raised Mirror Adapters

Raising the mirror mounting position approximately 1-1/2” allows clearance from the brake master cylinder and greatly improves visibility.  ...more>>

LED Curved License Plate Frame & Mount

Direct replacement that hugs the rear fender and complements surrounding OEM chrome accents, with built-in L.E.D.'s that illuminate the license plate.  ...more>>

LED Rear Fender Strip Lights

LED Rear Fender Strip Lights 

Look great on Indian models with or without saddlebags. Function as additional run-brake lighting to significantly enhance visibility. ...more>>

Passenger Drink Holder for Indian

Passenger Drink Holder 

Our Passenger Drink Holders for Indian easily mount to the right side of the Tour Trunk and feature a quick-detach design that leaves only a small satin black bracket when not in use. ...more>>

Tie Down Brackets

Trailering your Indian just got a lot easier. Laser-cut from durable steel.  ...more>>

Drink Holder for Indian

Take your drinks with you, Chrome or Black.  ...more>>

Phone Mount for Indian

Phone mount options for your Indian platform.  ...more>>

Reciever Trailer Hitch for Indian

Trailer Hitch for Indian

Classic 1 ¼'' receiver hitch mounts directly to the bike's frame with provided graded bolts for a secure fitment. ...more>>

Indian Trike Reverse Gear

Reverse Gear for Indian Trike Kit

Back-out with EASE! Upgrade your Indian Trike with a reverse gear like most of the other big touring bikes.  Increase your parking options. ...more>>

Motorcycle Replica Gifts

Indian Replica Models & Collectables

Vintage motorcycles from the past...these gift ideas are nice handmade all metal artwork pieces that make great gifts, mementos or keepsakes.  ...more>>

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