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Items specific to this platform

Vintage and Classic Windshields

Early Model Year Windshields

Vintage and classic windshields for the FLH and Electra Glides. Multiple styles, heights and finishes! ...more >> 

Tour Glide Windshields

Tour Glide Windshields

Vintage and classic windshields for the 1980 - 1995 Tour Glide. Multiple styles, heights and finishes! ...more >> 

FXRT/FXRP Replacement Windshields

Upgrade your Sport or Police windshield by changing the height or finish with these premium replacement shields. With or without recurve!  ...more>>

Headlight Cowl Kits

Chrome, Polished or Black Powder-Coat. Multiple bike configurations. Included headlight and misc. hardware. ...more >> 

Windshield Bag for Vintage Bikes

Windshield Bag 

Convenient storage up front! Available in white or black for early model year 1960 - 1984 FL models. ..more>>

Ultra Brace for Tour-paks

Ultra Brace for Tour-Paks

Ergonomics: applied science concerned with designing things people use so that the people & things interact efficiently. The TB-3 makes opening a tour-pak easier. No more flop-over! ...more >> 

Used Tour-pak Side Lens Kit

Used Red Lens pair for early model year tour-pak. Slight scratches on underneath sides. ...more >> 

Early Model Year Tour-pak

Used but excellent condition early model year tour-pak. White color and no cracks or chips. Includes lock and key! ...more >> 

Vintage Saddlebag Sets

These sets are black or white and are a stock replacement for 1956-1984 models.! ...more >> 

Engine Air Scoop

Forces air to rear cylinder to help keep cool. Mounts on left side ...more>>

Brake Caliper Cover Kit

Chrome brake caliper covers for front and rear calipers and include mount studs. ...more>>

Chrome Dresser Cover

Chrome right side covers oil tank on '65 - '84 FLH Dressers. Knobs, brackets & hardware. ...more>>

Chrome Dresser Cover

Chrome left side on '70 - '84 FLH Dressers. knobs, brackets & hardware.  ...more>>

Under Seat Frame Cover

Clear up that dark area underneath your seat. Covers oil tank and battery frame.  ...more>>

Early model saddlebag lock & hook kit

This kit replaces the lock on one saddlebag for 1970 - 1980 FLH models...more>>

Classic Tour-Pak Liner

Liners for Classic Tour-pak

Protect your stowed gear and upgrade your Tour-Pak for the classic model year Electra Glide.  ...more>>

Lower Kits

Lowering Kits

More economical than buying shorter rear shocks. Black Finish: 1 -1/2" Ride Height. Fits FLH & FLT 1985-1996 . ...more>>

Oil Change Handler

Easy way to direct the oil from the oil tank when performing an oil change.  A funnel doesn't work well...can't handle the flow.  ...more>>

On-Board Oil Drip Catcher

Stays with your motorcycle to capture and absorb oil leaks dripping from the engine to keep your bike and garage floor clean.  ...more>>

Engine Guard Protectors

Engine Guard Protectors 

Protect your chrome from scratches or insurance if you ever have a "tip-over".  Or to cover previous scratches. ...more>>

Custom Motor Hardware Sets

Custom Motor Hardware

Replacements for side covers, lifter blocks, timing plug, inner primary, motor mounts & rocker boxes. Header mount, point cover or generator mount, washers & nuts supplied where applicable. ...more>>

Vintage Mufflers


Mufflers for vintage and classic bikes, 1961 - 1984. Fishtail, turnout, chrome, slash cut. ...more>>

Police Solo or Buddy Seat Rail

Police Solo or Buddy Seat Rail 

Chrome handrail is a direct mount on buddy seats. It is a custom application for police style solo seats. ...more>>

Dash Panel Lens Hardware Kit

Dash Panel Lens Hardware Kit 

Dash panel lens hardware kit includes the dash support, lens and hardware. ...more>>

Brake Pedal Pad

Brake Pedal Pad 

Black Brake Pedal Pad. ...more>>

Contact Us for Vintage & Classic Parts

Contact Us 

If you do not see the parts you need for your Classic or Vintage H-D, email us and we'll handle it for you:

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