Mechanical Reverse Pulley

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Parking most anywhere is convenient! 


  • Triple-safety Mechanisms
  • Mechanical Reliability
  • Engine-driven Strength
  • Easy Installation

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number
Mechanical Reverse Pulley



Model & Model Year

Part Number
Aux. Power Swith Kit, 2014-2016 Street Glide & Road Glide



Aux. Power Swith Kit, 2014-2016 Touring (except Road King, Street Glide, Road Glide)



Aux. Power Swith Kit, 2017+ Touring (except Road King, Freewheeler, and CVO)



Aux. Power Swith Kit, CVO Models



RG-YMR:  Built for Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles. It provides a smooth, quiet, and easy to use system that allows you to park anywhere, and now everywhere is convenient.

With the Mechanical Reverse Pulley, you have the Freedom to Park Anywhere:

  • Wet Grass
  • Cramped spots
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Slopes

Put your bike in its place! Using it is a snap. Just flip the switch, release the clutch and you are backing up. Flip it again, release the clutch and you are moving down the highway. It feels so natural - you'll think you've been using it all your life. And it is completely OEM warranted for 2 years and unlimited miles.

You can rely on Yelvington delivering a quality product with military precision. The team comes from the manufacturing and competitive sides of NASCAR, NHRA and the military.

The real-world experience combined with old world craftsmanship allowed the design such that no cutting, welding or fabrication is required; a bulletproof design that is simple to install.


  • Delivers the freedom to park anywhere!
  • Easier - doesn't require getting off the bike and pushing it
  • Safer to maneuverDoesn't require any strength or balancing of heavy bike
  • Simple to learn and simple to use - you already know how to do it
  • Provides greater confidence for vertically challenged riders
  • Perfect for those who have been injured or are suffering from chronic pain, getting you back to what you love
  • Keeps you riding for many more years


  • Triple-safety mechanisms ensures intentional engagement
  • Mechanical reliability from aircraft billet aluminum, advanced polymers, high-strength steel and bronze alloys, and precision manufacturing without cuts, welds or fabrication
  • Engine-driven strength controlled by clutch and throttle with ample power for steep inclines or rough terrain
  • We have your back with our 2-year, unlimited miles warranty.
  • Supports American workers - made in the USA, by riders for riders.
  • Easy installation with no engine or gearbox modification required
  • Technical support included.


Easy to use and install!
Mechanical Reverse Pulley System

Parking most anywhere - Convenient!

Mechanical Reverse Pulley

Mechanical Reverse Pulley
Mechanical Reverse Pulley

Select your model and model year
Auxiliary Power Switch Kits


  • For 2009 and later touring bikes
  • Requires available accessory switch (similar to one shown below)

Accessory Switches

Accessory Switches

Accessory Switches

Attention: If your bike has a large-diameter aftermarket exhaust AND 13 inch shocks, please check for a minimum of 1" clearance on the right side of the axle. Some large exhausts cause a clearance issue with the axle air fitting. You will need one inch of clearance from the right side of the axle nut. If this is a problem, you may be able to use a spacer for rear exhaust mounts or switch to a 12 or 11 inch shock. Please contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions.


Convenience and Safety, Fred Walker on Jan 31, 2019 

I purchased a 2017 H-D Road King about a year and a half ago. I am 5'6" tall and pushing an 850 pound motorcycle backward is hard for me. With short legs I don't have much leverage. As soon as I heard about this REVERSE technology for a Harley I jumped on it. This REVERSE has been an absolutely wonderful addition to my bike--worth every penny. I can maneuvre on inclines, gravel and grass. Most motorcycles are designed for people 5'8" and taller. This system is perfect for us short guys and most women. It gives us that extra level of safety while enjoying a heavier long distance cruiser. This is a great product... Thanks for making my motorcycling experience much more enjoyable. I highly recommend this product...

Extended my riding years
Ace Karner on Jan 18, 2019

I have successfully installed and road tested my Reverse Pulley and I could NOT be happier. I will be tuning 75 in about a month and I was finding myself getting in more and more trouble backing my Road KIng out of bad spots. Hell I had days where moving it around in my shop was a real chore. Those days are behind me, now I look for those spots others avoid, almost always they are more convenient than the easy ones. The installation was challenging but not too bad, called for Tech a couple of times and the guys where super helpful. Would not want to ever be without it now. Do yourself a favor and come over the easy way crowd. :)

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