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Announcing our recent offerings! (page 6)

Chronologically Listed (most recent on top)
Fairing Mask for Electra Glide

Fairing Mask - Synthetic stretch fabric protection from the elements. Fairing and companion saddlebag Lid Covers.

Adjustable Windshield for Batwing Fairings

Adjustable Windshields Adjustable Flip available for models from '96 to '15. Dual shield is perfect for wind in your face town trips or quickly turning into touring shield.

Quick Detach Luggage Racks

Quick Detach Luggage Racks New rear luggage rack in polished stainless steel and black powder-coat steel.

Slim Design Mounts

Slim Design Mounts - With a Slim Design and smooth contours, these highway peg mounts are a great fit for any motorcycle with 1-1/4" engine guards.

Saddlebag Wall Organizer

Saddlebag Wall Organizer - Convenient storage equips interior wall of your saddlebags for easy access to keys, cell phones, maps, and gloves. Fits 2014+

Trike Trunk Door Organizer

Trunk Door Organizer for Trike - This ingenious organizer helps keep smaller items conveniently located on your trunk door for easy access.
Road King Batwing Fairing

Road King & Switchback Batwing Fairing - Available w/Audio System. Enjoy wind protection, good looks, premium stereo sound & flexibility to back to barebones.

Curved Lip Windshields for Victory

Windshields for Victory - 1" taller than the factory windshield to reduce head buffeting. Manufactured from premium hard-coated polycarbonate.

Map Pouches

Map Pouches - Back by popular demand...magnetic Map Pouches in small and large.

Chrome and Gloss Black Headlight Trim Rings

Headlight Trim Rings - Add incredible style with these easy-to-install grooved trim rings. Available in Chrome or Gloss Black.

Project Rushmore Hidden Antenna Adapter

 Hidden Antenna Adapter - Allows use of some of our Hidden Antennas for model years 2014 to current.

Custom Knobs

 Custom Billet Aluminum Knobs - Replace your stock black hockey puck knob with this streamlined classic police knob of chromed billet aluminum.

Air Channel Seat Pads

Air Channel Seat Pads - Promote cool air circulation. It has tailbone relief and uses fluidized gel for comfort and vibration dampening.

Trike Fender Bra

Trike Fender Bra - Protect your rear fenders. Made in USA. Color - black.

Saddlebag Top Accents

Saddlebag Top Accents - Elegant accents attach down the top center of saddlebags to enhance the bike's contours. Also Front Kick Accents and Side Swoops.

Purse Tank Bag

Purse Tank Bag - Designed for the woman rider. It’s both a purse and tank bag.

Flush Mount Engine Guard Running Lights

Low Profile Engine Guard Lights - Low profile, durable housing with high performance LED lighting. Products are made with hand polished 316 Stainless Steel.

Project Rushmore Police Bike Audio Package

Project Rushmore Police Bike Audio Packages - Complete Audio Package for 2014 and up Police Bikes! Includes a radio, speakers, wiring & new mounting kit.

Soft Lowers for Victory Platform

Soft Lowers for Victory - Provide maximum protection against wind and water providing you with miles & miles of warm dry feet. Also stud options.

Backrest Organizers

Backrest Organizers - Fits various rider and passenger backrests. Add extra storage. Convenient organization of your items at your finger tips.

Tour-pak Luggage Liner

Tour-pak Luggage Liner - Over 2 cubic feet of storage, this 23’’ x 16’’ x 9½’’ Trunk Liner Bag allows you to fill your trunk easily.

Storage Pouch for Victory

Tank Storage Pouch - Generous storage pouch that easily accommodates your cell phone behind a clear pocket and stored other items you need handy in the main pouch.

Economy Model Tire Pressure Temperature Monitor

Economy Model Tire Pressure Temperature Monitor - Ride safe and keep tabs on your tire pressure with this new economy model as one of our new offerings!

Saddlebag Organizer Tray for Cross Country

Saddlebag Organizer Tray - Organize your items! Locks into any stock 2010 - Present Victory Cross Country Hard bag. Installs in less than 1 minute!

Saddlebag Mount Flag Mount

Saddlebag Mount Flag Holder - Made to be mounted on Harley-Davidson style hard bags without interfering with the Harley Tour-Pak trunk.

TriGlide Bumper Tail Light Set

TriGlide Bumper Tail Light Set - LED technology provides a powerful range of viewing brightness, providing you with the greatest protection.

Toe Rest Cruise Pegs

Toe Rest Cruise Pegs - These minimalist toe rest mounts attach directly to the engine guard to allow positioning of the operator's heel on the floorboard.

Fitted Modular Covers

Fitted Modular Covers - These fitted covers are modular in nature so you can cover essential elements of your motorcycle.

Tour-pak Rack in Gloss Black

Gloss Black Tour-pak Rack - The ultimate in touring flexibility, makes the convenience and protection of Tour-Pak a simple on-and-off proposition.

Ultra Brace for Indian Roadmaster Trunk

Ultra Brace for Indian Trunk Now the same ergonomics is available for the Roadmaster trunk. The TB-3I makes opening the trunk easier. No more flop-over!

Touring Seats for Dyna

Touring Seats for Dynas - Wide touring seats with or without rider adjustable & removable backrest. Ride in comfort!

Tie Down Brackets for Victory

Tie Down Brackets 

Custom Tie-Down Brackets for Victory. Works with both Victory OEM Cast or Tubular engine guards. ...more>>

Wind Deflectors for Street Glide

Street Glide Wind Deflectors - Stops up to 90% of the wind coming from up under the windshield that causes helmet buffeting, head & shoulder buffeting & mic noise.

Ultra Brace for Victory Cross Country Trunk

Ultra Brace for Victory Trunk Now the same ergonomics is available for the Cross Country trunk. The TB-3V makes opening the trunk easier. No more flop-over!

Wind Deflectors for Road Glide

Road Glide Wind Deflectors - Stops up to 90% of the wind coming from up under the windshield that causes helmet buffeting, head & shoulder buffeting & mic noise.

Wind Deflectors for Road King

Road King Wind Deflectors - Stops up to 90% of the wind coming from up under the windshield that causes helmet buffeting, head & shoulder buffeting & mic noise.

Dyna Switchback Tour-pak Rack

Tour-pak Rack for Cruisers - Take more with you for the long haul when you can now attach a touring trunk to your Dyna. Easy installation.

Luggage Rack in Chrome or Black

Luggage Rack - This elegant but simple all new six rail Luggage Rack has no weld joints, making it truly unique and clean.

Touring Seat Deluxe

Touring & Custom Seat Deluxe - Engineered specifically for all-day comfort, the 19" wide front seat sets rider back 1.75", compared to stock seat.

New Chrome Vent Trim and Chrome Screen

Chrome Vent Screen - Now available to go with our Premium Chrome Vent Trim....stainless steel Chrome Screen. Custom and functional.

Saddlebag Liners

Saddlebag Liners - Now available for the 2014 and 2015 Bagger saddlebags.  Charcoal color. Protect the inside of your bags!

Fender with Filler Panel

Fender w/Filler Panel - Alls steel smooth fender with integrated filler panel.  With or without frenched license plate pocket.

Armrests for Project Rushmore

Passenger Armrests - Now for the 2014 Touring and Tikes. Armrests can be adjusted vertically and rotated out of the way when mounting and dismounting.
Saddlebag Chap Cover w/Storage Bags

Switchback Saddlebag Chap Covers w/Storage Bags - Protect saddlebag lids; soft backside is gentle on paint, and the durable, weather-resistant exterior protects.

Multi-adjustable Handlebars for Project Rushmore Road Glide

Multi-adjustable Handlebars - New for the 2015 Road Glide...3 axis of adjustablity for superior comfort.

Lighted Exhause End Caps

Lighted Exhaust End Caps - Add lights to your pipers. Simply remove your existing end caps, install and plug into OEM wiring harness.

Heated Grips

Heated Grips - Grips are made from extremely durable TPR rubber to not only grip easily but maximize heat to your fingers.

Dual Fairing Pouches

Dual Fairing Pouches - Get your on-bike storage convenience enhanced with these well placed pouches that add a dash of flair and a touch of chrome to your fairing.

Saddlebag & Tour-pak Accents

Accents - Add distinctive style and individuality to your saddlebags & Tour-Pak! Featuring a sleek and streamlined design in brilliant chrome.

Low 5" Flare Windshields

Flare Windshield Low - 5" features "hips" at the sides that re-route the wind away while adding downforce to the front to improve stability vs. stock windshield.

Saddlebag Holsters

Saddlebag Holsters - These saddlebag docking plate & belt clip style holsters will fit almost any style and year model saddlebag.

Vent Screens

Road Glide Vent Screens - Honeycomb patterns adds a custom touch to the front of your fairing. Catch or stop larger bugs and other road debris.

Saddlebag Latch Cover Inserts

Saddlebag Latch Covers, Handles & Inserts - Replace the factory reflector and really clean up the stock latch cover. Fits Project Rushmore saddlebags.

Curved Lip Windshields for Indian

Windshields for Indian - Unique design with a wind combination that deflects the wind blast from your face & chest area & makes your ride more comfortable, less tiring.

Curved Lip Windshields for Victory

Windshields for Victory - Deflects the wind blast from your face and chest area and makes your ride more comfortable and less tiring.

Project Rushmore Headlight Trim

Headlight Trim Project Rushmore- Road Glide headlight trim in chrome. OE fit and finish for easy installation. Sold in two piece set (left and right) and instructions.

Tach Speedo Bezel, Chrome for Project Rushmore

Speedo Bezel for Project Rushmore - New for 2015 is this direct replacement for the OE Tach/Speedo bezel. Chrome finish to add some style to your Road Glide.

Motorized Windshield Wiper

Motorized Windshield Wiper - Removes rain, mist, and road spray from your windshield for enhanced visibility during inclement weather.

Custom Tombstone Taillight Assembly

Custom Tombstone Taillight Assembly - Chrome LED tombstone tail lamp assembly with red bullet lamps. License plate mount bracket is metal with red lens included.

Go Pro Camera Mount for Project Rushmore

Go Pro Camera Mount - Now available for 2014 to current Project Rushmore bikes.

Chrome Saddle Shield Trim

Saddle Shield Trim - Adds a nice chrome touch to the SS-B-9 black saddle shields for MY '09 to current bikes.

Tie Down Bracket for Project Rushmore

Tie-Down Brackets, Tie Downs & Straps - Tired of searching for good places to attach tie-down straps to your FLHT or Road King? Now for Project Rushmore!

Road Glide Windshields

Contoured Lip Windshields for 2015 Road Glides - Expect the same Contoured Lip is known for! Available in 10, 12"" & 14" in Light and Dark Smoke.
Tank Pouch
Tank Pouch - Removable tank pouch for the Harley FLH and FLT models with clear pocket face.
Deep Dish Levers for 2014 to Current Models
Deep Dish Levers - Their wide, deeply dished blades greet your fingers with the shortest reach possible while still allowing the necessary range of motion.
Glove Box Lock Kit for 2015 Road Glide
Upper Fairing Glove Box Door Lock Kit - Now for the 2015 Project Rushmore Road Glide. Add security to your upper fairing glove boxes!
Fairing Vent Screen
Fairing Vent Screen - Fairing Vent Screen is easy to install, and adds a custom touch to the front of your fairing.
Passenger Armrests

Passenger Armrests - Ultimate comfort & convenience in a compact, sturdy package! Support brackets are nearly invisible & fastened between Tour-Pak lid & pad.

Headlight Cowl Kits

Headlight Cowl Kits & Accessories - Chrome, Polished or Black Powder-Coat. Multiple bike configurations. Included headlight and misc. hardware.

Soft Lowers for the Indian Platform

Soft Lowers for Indians - Provide maximum protection against wind and water providing you with miles & miles of warm dry feet.

TriGlide Bumper

TriGlide Bumper - Triple chrome plated steel bolt-on bumper is the perfect replacement for the OEM bumper, and more.

Armrests for Project Rushmore

Passenger Armrests for Project Rushmore - Now for the 2014 Touring and Tikes. Adjustable and solid billet aluminum, hand-polished and triple chrome-plated!
New Products for the Victory Platform

Products for the Victory - New products to compliment the styling of your Victory touring bike.

Running Light Upgrade

Running Light Upgrade - Enjoy long life, lower operating temperatures, reduced draw, & color/brightness w/5035 upgrades.

New Products for the Indian Platform

Products for the Indian - New products to compliment the styling of your Indian.

Batwing Fairing for Switchback

Batwing Fairing for Switchback - Premium fairings for the Dyna Switchback. Ride in comfort! Also available with quad speaker audio.

CB Antenna System Upgrade for 2014

CB Antenan System Upgrade - For 2014 models. Corrects performance issue associated with the stock system.

AM/FM/WB Passive Hidden Antenna

AM/FM/WB & CB Hidden Passive Antenna - Now available for the 2014 models. Best Hidden Passive antennas on the market today.

WD-46 Wind Deflector

Fork Wind Deflectors - New Wind Deflectors extend the windshield's coverage for superior protection in any weather. Fits some 2014 and 2015 bikes.

1689 Passenger Drink Holder for Left Side

Left Side Passenger Drink Holder - Now for the left side...your passenger can go the extra mile with the new passenger drink holder for the Ultra Classic.

Adjustable Motorcycle Battery Lifter

Adjustable Battery Lifter - Pivots to properly grab the battery w/adjustable positions for smaller & larger batteries. Aids in removal of battery from small spaces!

Relocator Kit for 2014 Tour-paks

Tour-pak Relocator for 2014 - Trike or Electra Glide...gain extra inches to make things more comfortable for the passenger & makes climbing on/off much more easier.

Vintage Saddlebag Sets

Vintage Saddlebags - These sets are black or white and are a stock replacement for 1956-1984 models.

Sun Buster for the TriGlide

Stretchable Motorcycle Cover - Custom Made for your TriGlide. Designed for towing on an open trailer while still being compact and portable for daily use and traveling.

Adjustable Mustache Bar

Mustache Bars - This mustache bar can be moved up or down the downtubes & the bar can be rotated to provide multiple fore & aft adjustments.

Frame Mounted Highway Mounts & Pegs

Frame Mounted Highway Mounts & Pegs - Arms mount directly to the front frame down tubes. Easy to adjust to your riding style and provide maximum comfort.

BO-201 Brake Light Modulator

Brake Light Modulator - Converts your ordinary brake light into an attention-grabbing visual alert device, creating more visibility when you are braking.

GE-II Tour-pak LED Tailight Kit

Tour-pak Taillight LED Kit - Features incredibly bright LEDs. Lifetime OEM warranty against LED failure. 96 LEDs per board for unmatched performance. Plug and Play.

Saddlebag Latch Cover Inserts

Saddlebag Latch Covers, Handles & Inserts - Replace the factory reflector and really clean up the stock latch cover. Fits Project Rushmore saddlebags.

Soft Lower w/Removable Pouches

Soft Lower w/Removable Pouches - Includes a pair of removable pouches, which allows quick replacement or with optional Beverage Holder or Carry Concealed Pouch.

Alluminum Construction

Auxillary Fuel Tank Kit - New diamond plate design. Extend your touring range between fuel stops!  All aluminum with internal baffle.

Carry Concealed Pouch

Carry Concealed Pouch - Concealed Carry pouch for compacts such as Glock, Ruger & any other pistol that will fit.

Fairing Accents

Fairing Accents - Sleek and streamlined with a brilliant chrome finish, these accents are sure to add distinctive style to your outer fairing.

Take it with you!

White Cup Holder - New to our line...this quality style cup holder is now offered in white.
Ultra Classic Wind Deflector
Wind Deflector for Ultra Classic - Stops at least 75% of wind that comes through area between Lowers and Batwing Fairing. Adjustable.
Most powerful speakers available!!!
Speaker Upgrade - Most powerful speaker available! 6.65" speakers designed as exact size component/replacements on the 2014 Harley StreetGlide or Ultra.
For 2014 Project Rushmore!
Rear  Speaker Upgrade - Powerful 6.65" speaker available for the stock 6.5" Harley rear trunk-pod speakers as installed on the 2014 Harley Ultra or Ultra Ltd.
Saddlebag Speaker Kit
Saddlebag Speaker Kit - These new 7.25" subs provide the ultimate in bass response & low-frequency audio power.

A must Gadget Mount if you commute!

EZ Toll Pass Holder - An easy-to-attach device that will securely hold an I-Pass™, E-Z Pass™ or other tollway transponders without obstructing the rider's view or grip.
Indian Soft Lowers
Soft Lowers for Indian - Fits Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage & Chieftain 2014. Comes with pockets, studs or fog light cutouts.

Project Rushmore Speaker Lid Upgrade

Lid Speaker Upgrade - These are the most powerful speakers you can buy for your Project Rushmore Speaker Lids.
Police Solo or Buddy Seat Rail

Police Solo or Buddy Seat Rail  Chrome handrail is a direct mount on buddy seats. It is a custom application for police style solo seats.

Adjustable Freedom Wings

Ajustable Air Deflectors  - Now for Project Rushmore 2014 bikes. Easy replacement and/or upgrade for Air Deflectors found on Ultra Classics.

BM-20S Bluetooth Communication System

Bluetooth Communication System - State-of-the-art intercom conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other riders.

Fuel Management for 2014

Fuel Management - Revolutionize fuel management for all new Harley-Davidson models now using the HDLAN (CAN Bus) system.

Police License Plate Bolts

Police License Plate Bolts - To Protect and Serve. Made in USA. 1" Diameter, 1/4" x 20 thread. Sold as pair!

Run-Turn LED Light Signal Windshield Trim

LED Windshield Trim - Cover that unsightly area where the windshield meets the fairing and add auxiliary L.E.D. Run-Turn lights at the same time!

Windshield Trim for MY 2014 to current

Windshield Trim - Fit the new Project Rushmore model year 2014 Electra Glides, Street Glides and Tri-Glides.

Horizontal Tour-pak Wall Mounts

Horizontal Tour-pak Wall Mount - Easy to attach to the wall. Quick and easy to put the tour pack onto the mount. Both mounts work with all Tour Packs.

Coat & Helmet Rack

Coat & Helmet Rack - Easy to attach to the wall. Place to hang your jacket & helmet.

Trike Trunk Liner Bag Set

Trike Trunk Liner Bag Set - Rugged contoured set of packing bags that fit neatly into your Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Trike trunk.

Add auxiliary lighting!

 Mirrors LED Stem Covers - Add some auxiliary lighting to your handlebars easily with our new Lighted Mirror Stem Covers.

Mount Rushmore Windshield Trim

Mount Rushmore Windshield Trim - Polished stainless steel windshield trim for 2014 model years. No plating to crack or chip. Three styles. 

Relocator Kit  for Touring Models and TriGlides

Relocator Kit for Tour-pak - This handy kit moves the Tour-Pak back 1", 2" or 3" to provide more room for your passenger. 

Liner goes with Gas Can!

Saddlebag Liner for Gas Can - Single companion bag liner for use when our Gas Can is stowed in your FLH-style saddlebag. 

Saddlebag Liner Set

Saddlebag Liner Set - Four-piece liner set includes one full-size liner bag, one vertically oriented half-size liner & two quarter-sized horizontally oriented liner bags. 

2014 Hidden Trailer Hitch Design!

2014 Rushmore Trailer Hitch - Completely Hidden Harley-Davidson Trailer Hitch for 2014 and newer FLH/FLT Touring Models. 

Electra Glide Saddlebag Chair

The Kermit Chair - The ultimate for use on motorcycles. Remove from the case and use in a minute. Stows in saddlebag or tour-pac. 

Wall Organizer for Project Rushmore

Tour-pak Wall Organizer - Convenient storage net wraps the interior walls of your King Tour-Pak for easy access to keys, cell phones, maps, and gloves.

Premium Mini Boards

Premium Mini Boards - Compact board combines the size & convenience of a peg with the comfort of a full sized floor board!

Two larger pouches instead of three!

Dual Pouch Windshield Bag - Two large pouches instead of three! Designed to fit 3.5" or taller windshield, easy to install by loosening the screws that hold the windshield.

Keep memories of your ride!

Camera Kits - GoPro camera kits and accessories. Capture immersive footage of your next riding experience!

Camera Mounts

Camera Mounts - Simple elegant design! Positions for H-D right or left controls, windshield or handlebar. Provide best video or photos possible!

Custom Motor Hardware Sets

Custom Motor Hardware - Chrome or stainless steel. Replacements for side covers, lifter blocks, timing plug, inner primary, motor mounts & rocker boxes & misc.

Quicker Shift Action, Full use of Floor-board

Quick Shift Heel/Toe Shifter - Now available for the FLUK Ultra Limited model. Improve the shift action and control with this innovative Heel/Toe Shifter.

Satellite Radio Mounting Kits

 Satellite Radio Mounting Kits - Mount most XM or Sirius Radio receivers on the left or right handlebar position!

Motorized Floorboard
Motorized Floorboard - Allows the rider to adjust their floorboards from the stock to full forward control position or anywhere in between with the push of a button.
Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System
Tire Pressure Monitor - Updated popular TireGard™ Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System with an all new easier to read universal display.
Steering Dampers for Baggers
Steering Dampers for Dressers - The first and only steering damper system for the Harley-Davidson Dresser models. Helps with front end wobble.
Ultra 2014 Glove Box Lock Kit
Ultra Glove Box Door Lock Kit - Add security to your 2014 and later Ultra Glove Boxes! Lock up valuables without having to go back to your tour-pak or saddlebags.
New BCS Python Drink Holder
Python Drink Holder - We call it the PYTHON because of its extreme strength & holding ability. Complete with all necessary components w/ring & mug in either 20 or 34 oz.
LED Speedo & Tach Bezels
LED Speedo & Tach Bezels - Bathe your speedo and tach in blue light with these L.E.D. Speed and Tach Bezels.  Available in Chrome or Gloss Black.
Aftermarket Vented Fairing Lowers

 Aftermarket Vented Lowers - Ride in comfort! Protect your legs and feet from the elements! Cold air & rain are deflected away by these after-market vented alternative.

Lighted Fairing Trim

Lighted Fairing Trim - The keys to good looks are keeping it simple & highlighting the contours. These elemental accents add depth & character to the Bat-wing fairing.

Handler Mount Clocks and Thermometer
Handlebar Mount Clocks & Thermometers -  Ever wonder what if you are going to make it there on time but can’t check your watch because it is covered by your gloves or jacket?
Reduced Gear Ratio Reverse Gears
Reduced Reverse Gear Ratio -  Our MB line's new gear ratio will reduce the backing speed about 11% making backing up easier to handle.
Detachable Tour-pak Rack for Project Rushmore
Two-Up & Solo Tour-pak Detachable Racks - Now available for the Project Rushmore...2014 bikes. Change your riding style in less than 60 seconds!
Adjustable two-up Luggage Rack
Adjustable Two-Up Luggage Rack - Expands your options at the push of a button. This rack offers style, function and practicality in one.Chrome & Gloss Black.
No Contact Motorcycle Covers for Trike
No Contact Trike Cover - Now available for the Trike contact motorcycle covers.
Tri-Pouch System with Clear Digital Buddy Pouch
Tri-Pouch System - All new “digital buddy” pocket. This new Tri-Pouch incorporates a large 7” x 4” clear device pocket on the generous 8” x 4” x 2” center compartment.
Headlight & Running Light Armor
Headlight & Running Light Armor - Protect your headlight from costly damage. With the cost of a new head light being hundreds of dollars...pretty inexpensive insurance.
Fender Bra Set

Fender Bra Sets - Bra set feature a SaddleHyde top with a soft under liner that prevents road debris and your passenger′s boots from damaging the fender paint.

Road Glide Headlight Armor
Road Glide Headlight Armor - Protect your headlight from costly damage. With the cost of a new head light being hundreds of dollars...pretty inexpensive insurance.
2014 Docking Hardware
Docking Hardware - Project Rushmore...MY 2014 Docking Hardware kits now available.
FXRT/FXRP Replacement Windshields

Replacement Windshields for FXRT/FXRP - Upgrade your Sport or Police windshield by changing the height or finish with these premium replacements. With or without recurve!

Passenger Backrest
Passenger Backrest & Pad - Economical backrest & pad combo now offered. Provide passenger comfort and security. Fit MY '09 and up.
Switch Housings in Chrome

Chrome Switch Housings - These Show Chrome housings will accept stock '96-'13 H-D switches. Also Brake & Clutch Control Dress-up kits.

FLD Switchback Replacement Windshields

Replacement Windshields for FLD - Upgrade your Switchback windshield by changing the height or finish with these premium replacement shields. Extra width!

Custom Road Glide Bezels

Custom Bezels - Injection mold ABS plastic for precise fitting and smooth finish. Direct replacement for stock Road Glide bezel, no modification needed.

Ride in comfort!

Vented Windshields  - Improve cooling to your upper body like the new 2014 Project Rushmore bikes. Adjust the vent for all weather conditions. Ride in comfort!
Fork Mounted Wind Deflectors

 Fork Mounted Wind Deflectors  - Black bolt-on air deflectors provide just the right amount of air. The sliding vents can be opened or closed depending on conditions.

Saddlebag Safe (Vault)

Saddlebag Safe - Once installed, the entire side bag cannot be removed without first removing the vault itself. Barrel or combination lock options.

Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems - Designed to dramatically improve headlight performance compared to stock. Installation is a snap, requiring only a few minutes & basic hand tools.

Full Length Saddlebag Organizer Tray

Saddlebag Organizer Tray - Covers the full length and width. When you need to get to the item at the bottom of the saddlebag, simply lift the tray out with one hand.

Custom License Plate Bolts

Custom License Plate Bolts - Army, Army Star, Marines, Air Force, POW/MIA, Fire Department, Masonic, Navy, Eagle & Flag or Special Forces. Made in USA.

Heel Guard for Streamliner Boards

Heel Guard - Now available for Street Glide & CVO, bikes with Streamliner Footboards. Comfort and stop burning you boots! 

Power/Charging System

Power/Charging System - Ultimate Cellphone & GPS charging system with a 3" 6' wire, 12 volt power socket, on/off switch, LED indicator light & USB Port.

New Passive Hidden AM/FM/WB Antenna

Passive Hidden Antenna - Best hidden AM/FM/WB antenna to eliminate the rear mounted antenna on your Harley. Passive version (no 12v connection required).

Passenger Storage Pouches

Passenger Storage Pouches - Room for your essential items such as a cell phone, sunglasses, or iPod. Availabe for bikes with or without armrests.

TB-3 fit new Mr. Rushmore 2014 Tour-paks

Ultra Brace for Tour-paks - Works perfectly on the new 2014 Tour-pak & stock tether. Complements or replaces the stock tether allowing you to open the lid without it flopping over onto itself.

Custom Road Glide Bezels

Custom Bezels - These Headlight Bezels will update your Road Glide in seconds! Gives your Road Glide a nasty aggressive look.

Windshield fit 2014 models

Windshield for 2014 Models - Our line of Electra Glide replacement windshields fits the new Mt. Rushmore 2014 models!

Send us an email to if you are looking for a product we do not presently offer.

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