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Items specific to this platform

Ultra Brace for Tour-paks

Ultra Brace for Tour-Paks - Ergonomics: an applied science concerned with designing things people use so that the people & things interact efficiently. Open tour-pak easier.

Fork Mounted Wind Deflectors

Fork Mounted Wind Deflectors

When you hit bad weather, Wind Deflectors keep weather from hitting you.  Cold air and rain are deflected out and away by these sleek chrome accessories.  ...more>>

Spark Plug Wire Cover
Spark Plug Wire Cover - Clean up the coil area on the Milwaukee-Eight by concealing unsightly spark plug wires.
Inner Fairing Trim Kit
Inner Fairing Trim Kit - Inner fairing trim kit includes complete chrome trim for dressing all gauges, radio faceplate, & speakers, & a gloss black dash fascia.
Adjustable Windshield for Batwing Fairings

Adjustable Windshields Adjustable Flip available for models from '96 to '15. Dual shield is perfect for wind in your face town trips or quickly turning into touring shield.

Windshield fit 2014 models

Windshield for 2014 Models - Our line of Electra Glide replacement windshields fits the new Mt. Rushmore 2014 models!

Road King Batwing Fairing

Road King Detachable Batwing Fairing - Available with/Audio System. Enjoy wind protection, good looks, premium stereo sound & flexibility to back to barebones.

New Chrome Vent Trim and Chrome Screen

Chrome Vent Screen - Now available to go with our Premium Chrome Vent Trim....stainless steel Chrome Screen. Custom and functional.

Fairing Vent Screen
Fairing Vent Screen - Fairing Vent Screen is easy to install, and adds a custom touch to the front of your fairing.
Windshield Trim for MY 2014 to current

Windshield Trim - Fit the new Project Rushmore model year 2014 Electra Glides, Street Glides and Tri-Glides.

Radiator Grills
Radiator Grills - Pop out the old and snap in the new for a classy chrome upgrade to the fairing lowers that takes just minutes.
Fairing Mount Systems

Fairing Mount Systems - Easily mount and secure an iPhone®, iPod®, smartphone, GPS or small device right off your fairing for easy access!

Dual Fairing Pouches

Dual Fairing Pouches - Get your on-bike storage convenience enhanced with these well placed pouches that add a dash of flair and a touch of chrome to your fairing.

Road Glide Headlight Accent

Road Glide Headlight Vent Accents - Enhance the headlight assembly on Road Glide™ fairings with this easy-to-install ABS accent. Also Windshield Trim!

Road Glide Fairing Pouch for Project Rushmore

Road Glide Fairing Pouch - Two pocket Fairing Pouch is ideal for storing mobile devices, sunglasses and other small items. Contoured for a custom fit on 2015+ Road Glides!

Road Glide Reflector LED Fog Light Mounts

Reflector LED Fog Light Mounts  - Replaces the OEM turn signal mount, and positions separate Reflector LED Fog Lamps and turn signals close to the fairing.

Windshields for Project Rushmore 2015 Road Glides!

Road Glide Windshields - Expect the same improved stability that the Flare is known for! Available in 14" & 15" in Clear, Light and Dark Smoke.
Project Rushmore Police Bike Audio Package

Project Rushmore Police Bike Audio Packages - Complete Audio Package for 2014 and up Police Bikes! Includes a radio, speakers, wiring & new mounting kit.

Multi-adjustable Handlebars for Project Rushmore Road Glide

Multi-adjustable Handlebars - New for the 2015 Road Glide...3 axis of adjustablity for superior comfort.

Vent Screens

Road Glide Vent Screens - Honeycomb patterns adds a custom touch to the front of your fairing. Catch or stop larger bugs and other road debris.

Project Rushmore Headlight Trim

Headlight Trim Project Rushmore- Road Glide headlight trim in chrome. OE fit and finish for easy installation. Sold in two piece set (left and right) and instructions.

Premium Fairing Vent Bezel

 Premium Fairing Vent Bezel - A clean and simple solution to update the look of the boring black vent on the new Electra Glide, Street Glide & Trike fairing. Premium version.

Fairing Vent Accent

 Fairing Vent Accent - A clean and simple solution to update the look of the boring black vent on the new Electra Glide, Street Glide & Trike fairing.

Lighted Fairing Trim

 Lighted Fairing Trim - These elemental accents will add depth & character to the time-honored Bat-wing fairing.

Chrome and Gloss Black Headlight Trim Rings

Headlight Trim Rings - Add incredible style with these easy-to-install grooved trim rings. Available in Chrome or Gloss Black.

Fairing Accents

Fairing Accents - Sleek and streamlined with a brilliant chrome finish, these accents are sure to add distinctive style to your outer fairing.

Adjustable Freedom Wings

Ajustable Air Deflectors  - Now for Project Rushmore 2014 bikes. Easy replacement and/or upgrade for Air Deflectors found on Ultra Classics.

Deep Dish Levers for 2014 to Current Models
Deep Dish Levers - Their wide, deeply dished blades greet your fingers with the shortest reach possible while still allowing the necessary range of motion.

Armrests for Project Rushmore

Passenger Armrests - Now for the 2014 Touring and Tikes. Armrests can be adjusted vertically and rotated out of the way when mounting and dismounting.

Armrests for Project Rushmore

Passenger Armrests - Now for the 2014 Project Rushmore Touring and Tikes. Adjustable and solid billet aluminum, hand-polished to a flawless finish and triple chrome-plated!
WD-46 Wind Deflector

Fork Wind Deflectors - Dress your bike for comfort and style. New Wind Deflectors extend the windshield's coverage for superior protection in any weather.

Ultra Classic Wind Deflector
Wind Deflector for Ultra Classic - Stops at least 75% of wind that comes through area between Lowers and Batwing Fairing. Adjustable.
TB-3 fit new Mr. Rushmore 2014 Tour-paks

Ultra Brace for Tour-paks - Works perfectly on the new 2014 Tour-pak & stock tether. Complements or replaces the stock tether allowing you to open the lid without it flopping over onto itself.

Tour-pak Lid Grips

Tour-pak Lid Grip - The compact and stylish Tour-Pak Lid Grip provides a convenient lifting point to grasp when opening the lid. Protect paint and prevent wear and tear with this sleek and unobtrusive finger-hold.

Glove Box Storage Pouches
Storage Pouch for Fairing Lowers - Measures a generous 4 ½” x 6” x 2”, with an internal mesh pocket to allow additional secured storage.
Ultra 2014 Glove Box Lock Kit
Ultra Glove Box Door Lock Kit - Add security to your 2014+ Ultra Glove Boxes while retaining your OEM doors!
Locking Glove Box Doors for Project Rushmore
Locking Glove Box Doors w/Cup Holder Accessory - Add security to your glove boxes! These Lockable Doors allow you to lock valuable items up front.
Rushmore Glove Box Doors
Rushmore Glove Box Doors - Add security to your 2014+ Ultra Glove Boxes! Lock up valuables up front by adding new doors.
Sealed Glove Box Door for 2019 Electra Glide Standard

Glove Box Door for 2019 Electra Glide Standard 

Seal and secure you glove box area with keyed barrel lock or quick access knob. ...more>>

Glove Box Liners
Glove Box Door Liners - Protect your belongings and reduce noise and rattles on the road.
Saddlebag Lid Covers

 Saddlebag Lid Covers
Protect your 2014+ model year saddlebag with these thermoformed Lid Covers.  ...more>>

Saddlebag Liners

Saddlebag Liners - Now available for the 2014 and 2015 Bagger saddlebags.  Charcoal color. Protect the inside of your bags!

Glove Box Lock Kit for 2015 Road Glide

Road Glide Upper Fairing Glove Box Door Lock Kit - Now for the 2015 Project Rushmore Road Glide. Add security to your upper fairing glove boxes!
Glove Box Liner
Glove Box Door Liner Kit - Practical compartment liners with felt finish, are custom fit for the Road Glide model. Installs easily.
Media Door & Side Panel Accents

Media Door & Side Panel Accents - Available in Chrome or Tuxedo for 2014 bikes. Easy installation. 

Gauge Trim, Stereo Trim & Switch Panel Accent

Gauge, Stereo & Switch Panel Trim - Available in Chrome or Glass Black for 2014 bikes. Easy installation. 

Chrome Switch Panel Cover

Chrome Switch Panel Cover This trim places an attractive chrome frame around the ignition & the adjacent control switches. 

Tach Speedo Bezel, Chrome for Project Rushmore

Speedo Bezel for Project Rushmore - New for 2015 is this direct replacement for the OE Tach/Speedo bezel. Chrome finish to add some style to your Road Glide.

Mount Rushmore Windshield Trim

Mount Rushmore Windshield Trim - Polished stainless steel windshield trim for 2014 model years. No plating to crack or chip. Three styles. 

Add auxiliary lighting!

 Mirrors LED Stem Covers - Add some auxiliary lighting to your handlebars easily with our new Lighted Mirror Stem Covers.

Saddlebag Latch Cover Inserts

Saddlebag Latch Covers, Handles & Inserts - Replace the factory reflector and really clean up the stock latch cover. Fits Project Rushmore saddlebags.

Liner goes with Gas Can!

Saddlebag Liner for Gas Can - Single companion bag liner for use when our Gas Can is stowed in your FLH-style saddlebag. 

2014 Hidden Trailer Hitch Design!

2014 Rushmore Trailer Hitch - Completely Hidden Harley-Davidson Trailer Hitch for 2014 and newer FLH/FLT Touring Models. 

Trailer Hitch for Trikes

Trailer Hitch for 2014 Trikes - When you need to take more, for the long haul tour. Receiver hitch designs.

Wall Organizer for Project Rushmore

Tour-pak Wall Organizer - Convenient storage net wraps the interior walls of your King Tour-Pak for easy access to keys, cell phones, maps, and gloves.

Relocator Kit for 2014 Tour-paks

Tour-pak Relocator Kit - Moves the Tour-Pak® back either 1", 2" or 3" to provide more room for your passenger.

Tour-pak Relocator for 2014 Tour-Paks

Tour-pak Relocator Kit - Moves the Tour-Pak® back either 1-1/4" or 2-1/4" to provide more room for your passenger.

Quicker Shift Action, Full use of Floor-board

Quick Shift Heel/Toe Shifter - Now available for the FLHTK Ultra Limited model. Improve the shift action and control with this innovative Heel/Toe Shifter.

Extended Brake Levers

 Extended Brake Lever - The answer to more leg room on floorboard equipped H-D Models! Levers move the location of the brake pedal pad while flattening the angle of the pad.

Detachable Tour-pak Rack for Project Rushmore
Two-Up & Solo Tour-pak Detachable Racks - Now available for the Project Rushmore...2014 bikes. Change your riding style in less than 60 seconds!
2014 Docking Hardware
Docking Hardware - Project Rushmore...MY 2014 Docking Hardware kits now available.

Project Rushmore Retroradio Kit

Radio Adapter Kit - Radio install kit for 2014+. Includes new control module, anodized mounting plate, radio support bracket and removable splash cover.

CB Antenna System Upgrade for 2014

CB Antenan System Upgrade - For 2014 models. Corrects performance issue associated with the stock system.

AM/FM/WB Passive Hidden Antenna

AM/FM/WB & CB Hidden Passive Antenna - Now available for the 2014 models. Best Hidden Passive antennas on the market today.

Most powerful speakers available!!!
Speaker Upgrade - Most powerful speaker available! 6.65" speakers designed as exact size component/replacements on the 2014 Harley StreetGlide or Ultra.
For 2014 Project Rushmore!
Rear  Speaker Upgrade - Powerful 6.65" speaker available for the stock 6.5" Harley rear trunk-pod speakers as installed on the 2014 Harley Ultra or Ultra Ltd.
Speaker Pods for Project Rushmore

Tour-Pak Speaker Pods  - Now for 2014+ tour-paks! These pods hold 6 1/2" speakers, giving your stereo system a richer and deeper sound.

Project Rushmore Speaker Lid Upgrade

Lid Speaker Upgrade - These are the most powerful speakers you can buy for your Project Rushmore Speaker Lids.
Saddlebag Organizer

Saddlebag Organizers - Store small items and organize the interior of your hard saddlebags.  Tools, pouches...hard shelf, several product options.

Saddlebag Wall Organizer

Saddlebag Wall Organizer - Convenient storage equips interior wall of your saddlebags for easy access to keys, cell phones, maps, and gloves. Fits 2014+

Fits 2014 Project Rushmore Bikes!

Saddlebag Organizer Tray - Covers the full length and width. When you need to get to the item at the bottom of the saddlebag, simply lift the tray out with one hand.

Fits model year 2014 to current

Hard Saddlebag Organizer Tray - Top Shelf Saddlebag Organizer. Hard Bag for right or left side bags. Fits all 2014 models with factory hard bags.

Upgrade slin-on mufflers and accessories!

 Slip-On Mufflers, EFI Modules & Free Flow Filters - Upgrade the quality, performance and exhaust sound of your Electra Glide, Road Glide or Road King with Stainless Performance Oval or Powermaster Mufflers.

Passenger Drink Holder for 2014

Passenger Drink Holder - Now you & your passenger can go the extra mile with the new passenger drink holders for the H-D Tour-Pak.

Fuel Management for 2014

Fuel Management - Revolutionize fuel management for all new Harley-Davidson models now using the HDLAN (CAN Bus) system.

Trailer Hitch Products & Accessories

Trailer Hitch Products & Accessories - Upgrade for the long haul!  Trailer Hitch(s), receptables, covers and wiring harnesses.

Road Sofa LS Model

Road Sofa LS - There's nothing like touring on a Harley. Now, with the addition of Road Sofa LS, trips can be as comfortable as the bike is stylish.

Multipurpose Driver and Passenger Backrest

Driver & Passenger Backrest - Now for MY 2014, multipurpose for Driver and Passenger. Easily adjusts back and forth. Incorporated luggage rack.

Cup and Drink Holders

Cup and Drink Holders for Rider and Passenger

Who says you can't take it with you? Switch Mount or Handlebar...cup/drink holders for the H-D touring platform to choose from.  ...more>>

Extended Saddlebaqs

Saddlebag Extensions w/LED - What's better than the look of extended saddlebags? Extended saddlebags with wrap around auxiliary run and turn signal lights built in! 

Tie Down Bracket for Project Rushmore

 Tie-Down Brackets, Tie Downs & Straps - Tired of searching for good places to attach tie-down straps to your FLHT or Road King?  Excellent upgade option for this situation.  Tie downs and traps also available.

Saddlebag & Tour-pak Accents

Accents - Add distinctive style and individuality to your saddlebags & Tour-Pak! Featuring a sleek and streamlined design in brilliant chrome.

Fitted Modular Covers

Fitted Modular Covers - These fitted covers are modular in nature so you can cover essential elements of your motorcycle.

Saddlebag Safe (Vault)

Saddlebag Safe - Once installed, the entire side bag cannot be removed without first removing the vault itself. Barrel or combination lock options.

Project Rushmore Hidden Antenna Adapter

Hidden Antenna Adapter - Allows use of some of our Hidden Antennas for model years 2014 to current.


Tour-pak Light Accent - Add sleek styling and extend your Tri-Line theme to the rear of Harley Tour-Paks with this chrome-plated ABS three-piece kit.

Chrome Switch Cover Sets

Chrome Switch Cover Sets - Switch cover set is easily installed and does not require any rewiring. Features a chrome finish.

Fender Tip Lights

LED Fender Tip Lights - Next generation LED front and rear Fender Tip Lights. Multiple colors and finishes.

Coolant Pump Cover

Coolant Pump Cover - Pop out the old and snap in the new for a classy chrome upgrade to the fairing lowers that takes just minutes.

Speaker Grills

Speaker Grills - Add some visual punch to your speakers. With these trick, easy-to-install grills, your speakers will look as good as they sound!

Rear Speaker Trim

Front and Rear Speaker Trim - These bright chrome trim rings install easily over the stock black rear speakers & come complete with polished stainless hardware.

Lower Triple Tree Wind Deflector

Triple Tree Mounted Wind Deflectors - Direct wind passing through the fork legs downward to reduce upward airflow between the tank and fairing on H-D Touring models.

Speaker Grills

Speaker Grills - Feature a clean outer frame with a satin black aluminum mesh screen that offers a drastic improvement in appearance versus stock plastic.

Saddlebag Filler Panels

Saddlebag Filler Panels  - Now for model year 2014+! Elegantly fill the wide-open gap and exposed hardware in the rear saddlebag support.

Glove Box Speakers 6-1/2"

 6-1/2" Fairing Lower Speakers  - Complete kit includes speaker adapters, grilles, 2 ohm speakers and all required wiring to go in fairing lowers!

Bagless Fender Skirts

Bagless Fender Skirts for Baggers - Remove your saddlebags and cover the area with a custom and finished appearance. Why not go's like having two bikes.

Relocator Kit for Tour-paks, Project Rushmore

Adjustable Relocator Kit - Give passenger the freedom they deserve. Allows adjustment of the Tour-Pak from 1" forward to 3" back from the stock position without tools.

Smoked Tour-pak Lens Kits

Smoke and clear, also available with LEDs.  Fits model years 2014 to current.  Customize your tour-pak!  ...more>>

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